Lucha Underground Results (8/22): Last Man Or Machine Standing

Lucha Underground Results (8/22)

Lucha Underground
August 22, 2018
The Temple
Boyle Heights, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

– The show starts with El Dragon Azteca Jr and Melissa Santos. Santos talks about missing Fenix. Azteca picks up her spirits. Azteca says that Fenix was lucky to have her. Santos calls Azteca a great friend.

– Famous B returns. Make sure to call him 123-GET-FAME !!!

First Match: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. The Mack in a Haunted House Match 

Catrina viciously attacks Melissa Santos before the bell rings. Mack ducks a clothesline from Muertes. Mack is throwing haymakers at Muertes. Mack with a Running Enzuigiri. Muertes responds with a ChokeSlam. Muertes is putting the boots to Mack. Muertes repeatedly hits Mack with a kendo stick. Muertes is beating down Mack with a crow bar and garbage can. Mack with a Big Boot to Muertes. Mack follows that with a Back Elbow Strike. Mack goes for a Sunset Flip, but Muertes stands still.

Muertes PowerSlams Mack. Muertes drives a pumpkin into Mack’s back. Muertes fish hooks Mack. Mack slides under Muertes. Mack kicks Muertes in the gut. Mack with a Spinning Back Kick. Mack connects with a Leaping DDT. Mack is scaling up the ropes. Muertes attacks Mack from behind. Muertes Spears Mack through the cage wall. Mack tumbles to the floor. Muertes with an Implant DDT on the floor. Muertes rolls a table into the ring.

Muertes with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count. Muertes cuts Mack wide open with a knife. Mack is bleeding bad. Mack with a SpineBuster through the table. Muertes spears Mack through the spooky table for a two count. Muertes goes for a FlatLiner, but Mack counters with a series of elbow strikes. Mack delivers Three Stunners. Muertes rocks Mack with a nasty haymaker. Muertes plants Mack with an Avalanche FlatLiner through the table to pickup the victory. After the match, Catrina refuses to give the lick of death to Mack.

Winner: Mil Muertes via Pinfall 

Second Match: “The Savage” Jake Strong vs. Aerostar 

Strong has the obvious size advantage. Aerostar unloads multiple kicks. Aerostar side steps Strong into the turnbuckles. Strong with a Vertical Suplex. Strong plays to the crowd. Strong whips Aerostar to the corner. Aerostar kicks Strong in the jaw. Aerostar with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Aerostar ducks a clothesline from Strong.

Aerostar rolls Strong over for a two count. Aerostar delivers a Missile Dropkick for a two count. Strong sends Aerostar to the ring apron. Aerostar with a Leaping Enzuigiri. Strong launches Aerostar off the top turnbuckle. Strong applies The Savage Lock which forces Aerostar to tap out. After the match, Strong refuses to let go of the hold. Drago storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: “The Savage” Jake Strong via Submission 

– Next Week on Lucha Underground, we’ll see the official wedding for Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie.

– In two weeks Johnny Mundo will battle Pentagon Dark for The Lucha Underground Championship.

– Ricky Mundo kills Johnny Mundo’s Agent.

Third Match: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Brian Cage in a Last Man Or Machine Standing Match For The Lucha Underground Championship 

Cage attacks Pentagon before the bell rings. All hell is breaking loose inside the temple. Cage bodyslams Pentagon on the floor. Cage starts ripping off Pentagon’s mask. Cage whips Pentagon face first across the steel ring post. Pentagon breaks a beer bottle over Cage’s head. Cage responds with a nasty lariat. Cage cuts Pentagon wide open with the beer bottle. Cage rolls Pentagon back into the ring. Cage goes for a PowerBomb, but Pentagon lands back on his feet. Cage blocks a SuperKick from Pentagon. Cage goes for a Discus Lariat, but Pentagon counters with a Running Death Valley Driver through the table in the corner.

Pentagon blasts Cage with a steel chair. Cage PowerBombs Pentagon into the steel guard rail. Pentagon delivers a garbage can shot. Cage creates distance with trash can lid shots. Cage puts Pentagon through two tables with a Vertical Suplex off the second rope. Pentagon avoids the referee’s ten count. Pentagon decks Cage with a Leaping Enzuigiri. Pentagon fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Pentagon lands a nasty chair shot. Pentagon connects with another Death Valley Driver off the ring apron through the table on the floor.

Cage gets up at the count of nine. Pentagon attacks the right hamstring of Cage. Cage drops Pentagon with a Discus Lariat. Cage follows that with The Drill Claw. Cage has Pentagon perched on the top turnbuckle. Pentagon with an Mexican Destroyer through a table. Pentagon sets up a chair contraption in the center of the ring. Pentagon unloads two hamstring shots. Pentagon plants Cage with The Pentagon Driver through eight chairs. Pentagon delivers Two Sacrifices for good measure. Pentagon with a Curb Stomp through cinder blocks to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still Lucha Underground Champion, Pentagon Dark 

Author: Josh Lopez