Lucha Underground Results (8/15): A Snake Scorned

Lucha Underground Results (8/15)

Lucha Underground
August 15, 2018
The Temple
Boyle Heights, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

– The show starts with Papa Cueto getting an invitation to Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie’s Wedding. Kobra Moon wants an opportunity at The Trios Championship. Cueto tells Moon to shut up. A woman’s scorned is a sight he likes to see. Cueto grants Moon the title match.

First Match: Matanza vs. Saltador w/Paul London

Saltador goes for a shoulder tackle, but Matanza stands still. Saltador with a series of open hand chops. Saltador is throwing forearms at Matanza. Saltador with a Spinning Back Kick. Saltador dropkicks the chest of Matanza. Saltador slides under Matanza. Saltador rams his shoulders into the midsection of Matanza. Matanza catches Saltador in mid-air. Matanza connects with a Spinning Belly to Back Suplex. Matanza plants Saltador with The Wrath Of Gods to pickup the victory.

Winner: Matanza via Pinfall

Killshot, The Mack and Son of Havoc Backstage Segment: 

Killshot doesn’t respect Son Of Havoc. Killshot says that he’s trying to turn The Mack against him. After Killshot becomes the Gift Of The Gods Champion, he hopes Mack and Havoc can do their job. Killshot finally admits that he doesn’t like Havoc. Mack is trying to calm down Havoc.

– Next week on Lucha Underground, Pentagon Dark will defend his title against Brian Cage in a Last Man Or Machine Standing Match.

Second Match: El Dragon Azteca Jr (c) vs. Killshot For The Gift Of The Gods Championship 

Azteca with a Spinning Back Kick to Killshot. Azteca blasts Killshot with a Knife Edge Chop. Azteca goes for a Sunset Flip PowerBomb, but Killshot blocks it. Azteca with a Spin Out Hurricanrana that sends Killshot to the floor. Killshot with a SlingShot Double Foot Stomp to the back of Azteca. Killshot drops Azteca with a Flying Pescado for a two count. Azteca is throwing forearms at Killshot. Killshot grapples around Azteca. Killshot with a wrist lock takedown. Killshot wraps his leg around the right shoulder of Azteca.

Killshot with a Crucifix Cover for a two count. Killshot applies a rear chin lock. Azteca side steps Killshot into the steel ring post. Killshot slaps Azteca in the face. Azteca bounces Killshot head on the top turnbuckle pad. Azteca delivers a Step Up Enzuigiri. Azteca follows that with a FrankenSteiner off the ring apron. Azteca rolls Killshot back into the ring. Azteca with the cover for a two count. Azteca with a Running Discus Lariat. Killshot responds with a Running European Uppercut. Azteca fires back with a Running SuperMan Punch. Azteca chases Killshot around the ringside area.

Azteca with a Flying Leg Drop for a two count. Azteca places Killshot on the top turnbuckle. Killshot rocks Azteca with a Leg Lariat. Azteca kicks Killshot in the chest. Azteca and Killshot are trading back and forth shots. Azteca with a Bicycle Kick. Killshot is pissed. Killshot connects with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Killshot lands a Flying Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Killshot brings his combination offense to Azteca. Killshot with a Discus Elbow Smash. Azteca responds with a Discus Forearm Smash. Killshot with a Running Knee Strike. Azteca plants Killshot with a Spinning Tornado DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still The Gift Of The Gods Champion, El Dragon Azteca Jr via Pinfall 

Aerostar & Drago Segment: 

Aerostar fought hard to set Drago free. Drago says that he doesn’t deserve this second chance. Drago did things with The Reptile Tribe that can never be forgiven. Kobra Moon pulled the strings, not Drago. Now those strings have been severed. Drago is no longer deserving of Aerostar’s friendship. Drago must go. Aerostar says that they’ll meet again. Drago is not so sure.

Third Match: Killshot, The Mack and Son of Havoc (c) vs. The Reptile Tribe For The Lucha Underground Trios Championship 

Daga and Moon are double teaming Mack. Snake drops Havoc with a shoulder tackle. Havoc leapfrogs over Snake. Havoc is trying to play mind games with Snake. Havoc dropkicks Snake. Daga unloads multiple slaps. Daga talks smack to Havoc. Mack rocks Daga with a straight right hand. Moon with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Mack responds with a dropkick. Snake thrust kicks the midsection of Mack. Mack lands a deep arm-drag. Mack ducks a clothesline from Snake. Mack with a Leaping Leg Lariat. Snake reverses out of the irish whip from Mack. Snake SuperKicks Mack. Snake spits at Killshot.

Killshot fires back with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Mack locks in a Super Boston Crab. Daga grabs the bottom rope to create separation. Mack with a SomerSault Plancha. Killshot with a Bicycle Kick to Daga. Killshot wipes out the field with a Flying Pescado. Havoc delivers an Asai MoonSault. Killshot stops Moon in her tracks. Killshot punches Moon. Killshot goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Moon counters with a Knee Strike. Snake clotheslines Killshot. Moon follows that with an Assisted HeadScissors TakeOver on the floor. Snake and Moon continues to double team Killshot. Moon with a Leaping Senton Splash for a two count. Havoc kicks Snake out of the ring. Daga with a series of bodyshots. Havoc drops Daga with a HandSpring Cutter for a two count.

Snake goes for a PowerBomb, but Havoc lands back on his feet. Havoc with a Standing Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Havoc cartwheels over Snake. Killshot SuperKicks Snake. Daga responds with an Inside Out Lariat. Mack with a Spin Kick to Daga. Moon with a BackStabber. Mack kicks Killshot in the gut. Mack connects with The Stunner. Mack goes for another SuperKick, but Snake blocks it. Mack with an Samoan Drop. Mack follows that with a Standing MoonSault for a two count. Snake has Mack perched on the top turnbuckle. Snake lands The Cheeky Nandos Kick. Snake PowerBombs Mack. Snake locks in The Stretch Muffler. Havoc breaks the submission hold. Havoc with a Double Suicide Dive. Havoc with a Leaping Enzuigiri. Killshot launches Havoc off the top turnbuckle. Snake plants Havoc with The Get Out Of Here to pickup the victory.

Winner: Lucha Underground Trios Champions, The Reptile Tribe via Pinfall 

Brian Cage & Pentagon Dark In-Ring Segment: 

Cage says that he’s not a machine, he’s a machine. Pentagon from behind SuperKicks Cage. Pentagon and Cage starts brawling all over the temple. Pentagon delivers an open hand chop. Pentagon lays out the inside house band. Cage attacks Pentagon with a broken guitar piece. All hell is breaking loose. Cage bodyslams a cameraman. Now action spills to the top of the cat walk. Pentagon and Cage are trading back and forth shots.

Pentagon targets the left hamstring of Cage. Cage uppercuts Pentagon. Cage goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Pentagon lands back on his feet. Cage negates The Package PileDriver. Cage blasts Pentagon with a Jumping Knee Strike. The brawl finally returns to the ringside area. Pentagon repeatedly hits Cage with a steel chair to close out the show.

– Next week, The Mack will battle Mil Muertes in the first ever Haunted House Match.

Author: Josh Lopez