WWE 205 Live Results (7/24): Hideo Itami vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak vs. TJ Perkins

WWE 205 Live Results (7/24)

WWE 205 Live
July 24, 2018
The Ford Center
Evansville, Indiana

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Transcription by Josh Lopez


First Match: Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher 

Drake Maverick joins the commentary team for this match. Gallagher drives his knee into the midsection of Tozawa. Gallagher applies a top wrist lock. Gallagher transitions into a Full Nelson Lock. Following a snap mare takeover, Gallagher drops Tozawa with a shoulder tackle. Gallagher catches Tozawa in mid-air. Tozawa fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Tozawa turns a Sunset Flip into a PK. Tozawa follows that with a Senton Splash. Tozawa repeatedly stomps on Gallagher’s chest. Gallagher with a single leg takedown to Tozawa. Gallagher transitions into a ground and pound attack.

Tozawa unloads two knife edge chops. Tozawa rocks Gallagher with a right jab. Tozawa knocks Gallagher off the ring apron. Gallagher gets Tozawa trapped under the ring skirt. Gallagher delivers multiple bodyshots. Gallagher rolls Tozawa back into the ring. Gallagher with the lateral press for a one count. Gallagher applies a Cravate. Gallagher kicks Tozawa in the chest. Gallagher bodyslams Tozawa for a two count. Gallagher applies an arm-bar. Gallagher works on his joint manipulation game. Tozawa quickly crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Gallagher stomps on Tozawa’s fingers. Gallagher mocks Tozawa.

Tozawa is pissed. Tozawa blasts Gallagher with a Spinning Heel Kick. Tozawa follows that with a Windmill RoundHouse Kick. Tozawa ascends to the top turnbuckle. Gallagher rolls himself out of the ring. Tozawa lands a Suicide Dive. Tozawa connects with a Missile Dropkick for a two count. Gallagher goes back to the arm-bar. Tozawa creates distance with a Hurricanrana. Tozawa locks in a Modified Octopus Stretch. Gallagher with a Tilt-A-Whirl Side Slam. Gallagher PowerBombs Tozawa for a two count. Gallagher goes for a Corner Dropkick, but Tozawa ducks out of the way. Tozawa hits The Shinning Wizard. Tozawa and Gallagher are fighting for position on the top turnbuckle. Tozawa sends Gallagher crashing to the canvas. Tozawa plants Gallagher with The Senton Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Akira Tozawa via Pinfall 

Second Match: The Lucha House Party vs. Chris Robinson & Ryan Depolo

Lince Dorado and Depolo will start things off. Dorado ducks a clothesline from Depolo. Depolo mocks The Lucha House Party. Dorado slaps Depolo in the chest. Dorado applies a wrist lock. Depolo reverses the hold. Dorado transitions into a side headlock. Depolo whips Dorado to the corner. Dorado slides under Depolo. Dorado with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Dorado blocks multiple strikes from Depolo. Dorado SuperKicks Depolo. Dorado drops Depolo with a Corner Clothesline. Dorado follows that with a Bronco Buster.

Dorado tags in Kalisto. Kalisto with The Tower Of Lucha. Kalisto kicks Depolo in the ribs. Kalisto tags in Dorado. Dorado kicks Depolo in the gut. Depolo reverses out of the irish whip from Dorado. Dorado blasts Depolo with a Spinning Heel Kick. Robinson is running interference. Kalisto decks Robinson with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Dorado connects with a Double Rewind. Dorado makes the blind tag to Kalisto. Dorado takes out Robinson with a SomerSault Plancha. Kalisto plants Depolo with The Salida Del Sol to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Lucha House Party via Pinfall

Third Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak vs. Hideo Itami vs. TJ Perkins in a Fatal Four Way Match. The Winner Will Get A Future WWE Cruiserweight Title Opportunity 

Gulak immediately attacks Ali after the bell rings. Gulak and Itami are putting the boots to Ali in the corner. Perkins is not ready to compete at this moment. Ali slips over the back of Perkins. Ali clotheslines Itami. Gulak responds with a sumo strike. Ali kicks Gulak in the chest. Perkins with a Spinning Heel Kick to Ali. Gulak whips Perkins into the ropes. Ali ducks a clothesline from Gulak. Ali rocks Perkins with a Forearm Smash. Ali catapults Gulak into Perkins. Ali rolls Gulak over for a two count. Itami kicks Ali in the back. Itami wants Ali to respect him. Itami with an irish whip to Ali. Ali kicks Itami in the jaw. Ali knocks Gulak off the ring apron. Itami clocks Gulak in mid-air. Itami with a Running Knee Lift for a one count.

Itami is pissed. Itami grabs Perkins by his hair. Perkins rolls himself out of the ring. Ali rolls Itami over for a two count. Ali ducks a clothesline from Itami. Ali with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Ali follows that with a Spinning Heel Kick. Gulak with an Inside Out Lariat. Gulak applies a Cravate. Gulak slams Ali’s head on the canvas. Gulak with a Front Suplex for a two count. Perkins begs for mercy. Gulak is trying to calm down Itami. Ali eats a Triple Back Drop. Itami with a Corner Clothesline to Ali. Gulak goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Perkins rolls him over for a two count. Itami, Gulak and Perkins engages in a shoving contest. Ali wipes out the field with a Flying Crossbody Block.

Ali is lighting up Perkins chest. Perkins locks in a Double Cobra Twist. Gulak transitions into a Gory Special. Gulak and Perkins are trading back and forth covers. This leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Itami shoves Perkins into Gulak. Itami stomps on the back of Ali’s head. Itami gets Ali in The Electric Chair Position. Ali sends Itami sternum first to the turnbuckles. Ali hits a Top Rope FrankenSteiner. Ali dodges a Spinning Back Fist from Itami. Ali fires up with two clotheslines. Ali dropkicks Itami. Perkins kicks Ali in the gut. Ali side steps Perkins into the turnbuckles. Ali decks Perkins with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Ali connects with a Roll Through X-Factor.

Ali ducks a clothesline from Gulak. Ali with a Tilt-A-Whirl Tornado DDT for a two count. Gulak with a High Toss to Ali. Perkins with another Spinning Heel Kick. Itami drops Perkins with a Big Boot. Ali SuperKicks Itami. Perkins goes for The Detonation Kick, but Ali lands back on his feet. Both men are knocked down after a Double Crossbody Block. Gulak wants Itami to shake his hand. This leads us to nasty strike exchange. Gulak with a Brain Buster for a one count. Itami responds with a RoundHouse Kick. Itami with a Falcon Arrow for a one count. Gulak and Itami are trading forearm smashes.

This brawl spills to the outside. Gulak with a Knife Edge Chop to Itami. Itami responds with a Open Palm Strike. Itami kicks Gulak in the chest. Perkins takes out the left knee of Ali. Perkins with a Rebound Dropkick. Gulak and Itami drives Perkins back first to the ringside barricade. Ali takes out Gulak and Itami with a SomerSault Plancha. Ali rolls Perkins back into the ring. Ali connects with a Tornado DDT. Ali follows that with The 054 for a one count. Itami slams Ali’s head on the steel ring steps. Itami rocks Ali with a Hesitation Dropkick. Itami whips Ali face first across the steel ring post. Itami rolls Ali back into the ring. From behind, Gulak sends Itami face first to the ring post. Gulak applies The GuLock. Ali proceeds to pass out.

Winner: Drew Gulak via Submission 

Author: Josh Lopez