WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Results

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble
April 27, 2018
King Abdullah Sports City Stadium
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: John Cena vs. Triple H 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. HHH and Cena starts shoving each other. HHH and Cena engages in a greco roman lock. HHH kicks Cena in the gut. HHH drops Cena with a shoulder tackle. HHH mocks Cena. Cena reverses out of the irish whip. Cena with a shoulder tackle of his own. HHH side steps Cena into the turnbuckles. HHH with a big haymaker to Cena. HHH bounces Cena’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. HHH delivers a big right hand. Cena rolls HHH over for a one count. Cena clotheslines HHH for a two count. HHH repeatedly whips Cena back first across the turnbuckles. Cena fires back with multiple strikes. HHH applies a Sleeper Hold.

Cena ducks a clothesline from HHH. Cena with Two Leaping Shoulder Tackles. Cena goes for a Spinning Side Slam, but HHH counters with a deep arm-drag. HHH and Cena are trading back and forth shots. HHH with a Jumping Knee Breaker for a two count. Cena gets HHH in position for the Attitude Adjustment. Cena takes down HHH with a Spinning Side Slam. Cena goes for The Five Knuckle Shuffle, but HHH counters with a Belly to Back Suplex. HHH connects with The Five Knuckle Shuffle for a two count.

Cena launches HHH over the top rope. Cena sends HHH shoulder first to the steel ring post. Cena rolls HHH back into the ring. Cena goes for a Flying Leg Drop, but HHH counters with a PowerBomb for a two count. Following a long punching exchange, Cena locks in the STF. HHH drops Cena with a SpineBuster for a two count. HHH transitions into a Corner Mount. Cena responds with the Spinning Side Slam.

Cena finally hits The Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena connects with The Attitude Adjustment for a two count. Cena goes for another Attitude Adjustment, but HHH counters with a Pedigree for a two count. HHH with a Sunset Flip Cover for a two count. Cena reapplies the STF. HHH responds with a Crippler Cross Face. Cena catapults HHH face first to the top turnbuckle pad. Cena plants HHH with The Attitude Adjustment to pickup the victory.

Winner: John Cena via Pinfall 

Second Match: Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Kalisto For The WWE Cruiserweight Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Alexander applies a wrist lock. Kalisto reverses the hold. Kalisto lands a deep arm-drag. Alexander responds with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Kalisto shows off his athleticism. Kalisto with a HeadScissors TakeOver of his own. Kalisto lowers the top rope which sends Alexander to the outside. Kalisto lands a SlingShot Seated Senton. Kalisto rolls Alexander back into the ring. Kalisto goes for a Flying Double Foot Stomp, but Alexander ducks out of the way. Alexander sends Kalisto to the ring apron. Alexander decks Kalisto with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Alexander delivers a SomerSault Plancha.

Alexander rolls Kalisto back into the ring. Alexander with the cover for a two count. Alexander applies a waist lock. Kalisto is trying to create separation. Alexander dropkicks Kalisto for a two count. Alexander goes back to the waist lock.  Alexander with two waist lock takedowns to Kalisto. Up and Over Goes Kalisto. Kalisto blasts Alexander with a Jumping Enzuigiri. Kalisto follows that with a Flying Crossbody Block. Kalisto thrust kicks the midsection of Alexander. Kalisto hits a Basement Hurricanrana. Kalisto connects with a Standing Tornado DDT for a two count.

Alexander throws Kalisto back first to the turnbuckles. Kalisto with a Back Elbow Smash to Alexander. Alexander responds with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Alexander with a right hand to Kalisto. Kalisto kicks Alexander in the jaw. Kalisto goes for a FrankenSteiner, but Alexander blocks it. Kalisto with a Seated SpringBoard Spanish Fly for a two count. Alexander and Kalisto are trading back and forth shots. Alexander uppercuts Kalisto. Alexander rocks Kalisto with a Discus Back Elbow Smash. Alexander goes for a Lumbar Check, but Kalisto counters with a Hurricanrana. Alexander turns a Salida Del Sol into a Lumbar Check to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander via Pinfall 

Third Match: #WOKEN Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. The Bar For The Vacated WWE RAW Tag Team Championship 

Hardy and Cesaro will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Hardy backs Cesaro into the turnbuckles. Hardy and Cesaro are trading chants in the center of the ring. Hardy drops Cesaro with a shoulder tackle. Hardy tags in Bray. Hardy and Bray with a Swinging Neck Breaker/Shoulder Block Combination to Cesaro. Bray uppercuts Cesaro. Cesaro kicks Bray in the jaw. Cesaro tags in Sheamus. The Bar repeatedly stomps on Bray’s chest. Sheamus levels Bray with a Big Boot. Bray responds with a Lariat. Bray tags in Hardy. Stereo Back Elbow Smashes from Hardy and Bray. They follow that with their Running Leg Drop/Senton Combination.

Cesaro runs into a right hand from Hardy. Hardy with a Corner Clothesline to Sheamus. Hardy with a Neck Breaker for a one count. Hardy kicks Sheamus in the gut. Sheamus blocks The Twist of Fate. Hardy decks Sheamus with a Back Elbow Smash. Cesaro attacks Hardy behind the referee’s back. Sheamus clotheslines Hardy. Sheamus rolls Hardy out of the ring. Cesaro delivers a big haymaker on the floor. Sheamus with a Flying Lariat to Hardy. Sheamus applies a front facelock. Sheamus tags in Cesaro. The Bar are cutting the ring in half. The Bar with Stereo Thrust Kicks for a two count. Cesaro applies an arm-bar. Cesaro tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with a Running Knee Drop for a two count. Sheamus applies a rear chin lock. Hardy gets back to a vertical base.

Hardy drops Sheamus with a Jaw Breaker. Sheamus tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with a Running European Uppercut to Hardy. Cesaro follows that with a Gut Wrench Suplex for a two count. Sheamus kicks Hardy from the ring apron. Cesaro with the lateral press for a two count. Cesaro knocks Bray off the ring apron. Hardy rolls Cesaro over for a two count. Cesaro tags in Sheamus. The Bar with their Flying Clothesline/Back Breaker Combination for a two count. Hardy and Sheamus are trading stiff bodyshots.

Hardy creates distance with a Side Effect. Hardy finally tags in Bray. Bray is demolishing Cesaro in the corner. Bray with a Body Avalanche to Cesaro. Bray with a Running Shoulder Block for a two count. Bray goes for The Sister Abigail, but Sheamus counters with a High Knee Strike. Cesaro goes for the cover, but Bray kicks out. Cesaro tags in Sheamus. The Bar connects with a Diving Clothesline/White Noise Combination for a two count. Hardy lays out Cesaro with a Twist of Fate. Sheamus throws Hardy out of the ring. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick, but Bray stops him in his tracks. Bray connects with The Sister Abigail. Bray tags in Hardy. Hardy and Bray plants Sheamus with The WheelBarrow Twist Of Fate to pickup the victory. 

Winner: New WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, #WOKEN Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Jinder Mahal w/Sunil Singh For The WWE United States Championship 

Jinder with right hands to Hardy. Hardy responds with a Jaw Breaker. Hardy with a Basement Dropkick to Jinder. Jinder rolls himself out of the ring. Hardy with a Crossbody Block off the ringside barricade. Sunil Singh tries to attack Hardy. Jinder with a clubbing crossface to Hardy. Jinder delivers a series of SlingShot Knee Drops. Jinder whips Hardy back first across the turnbuckles. Jinder with a Neck Breaker to Hardy. Jinder with a Running Knee Drop for a two count. Jinder applies a half nelson chin lock. Jinder drives Hardy’s head to the canvas. Jinder applies a rear chin lock. Jinder blocks the Twist of Fate. Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline.

Jinder ducks a clothesline from Hardy. Jinder goes for a Double Knee GutBuster, but Hardy counters with a Double Leg Drop for a two count. Hardy kicks Jinder in the jaw. Hardy goes for The Whisper In The Wind, but Jinder ducks out of the way. Jinder’s legs gives out. Hardy with the cover for a two count. Hardy kicks Jinder in the chest. Hardy drops Jinder with an Inverted Mule Kick. Hardy with a Rebound Dropkick to Jinder. Hardy takes off his t-shirt. Hardy knocks Singh off the ring apron. Jinder goes for The Khallas, but Hardy rolls him over for a two count. Hardy connects with The Twist Of Fate. Hardy lands The Swanton Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE United States Champion, Jeff Hardy via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. The Usos For The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship 

Jey Uso and Rowan will start things off. Jey with multiple haymakers. Jey ducks a clothesline from Rowan. Rowan dropkicks Jey. Rowan with a SlingShot Knee Drop. Rowan tags in Harper. Harper with a bodyshot to Jey. Harper uppercuts Jey. Frequent tags from The Bludgeon Brothers. Rowan is demolishing Jey in the corner. Rowan with a PumpHandle Back Breaker to Jey. Rowan follows that with a Running Splash for a two count. Rowan applies a Vice Grip. Rowan drops Jey with a back elbow smash. Rowan slaps Jey in the chest. Jey sends Rowan shoulder first to the steel ring post.

Harper tags himself in. Harper goes for a Big Boot, but Jey ducks out of the way. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy fires up with Over The Rope Planchas. Jimmy with a Flying Crossbody Block fro a two count. Jimmy avoids The Discus Lariat from Harper. Jimmy decks Harper with a Step Up Enzuigir. Jimmy hits The Running StinkFace. Harper responds with a Running Back Elbow Strike. Harper goes for a PowerBomb, but Jimmy lands back on his feet.

Jimmy tags in Jey. The Usos delivers Two Stereo Enzuigiri’s from the ring apron. The Usos follows that with Two Stereo SuperKicks. Jey lands The Uso Splash for a two count. Rowan with a Spinning Heel Kick to Jey on the floor. Rowan takes down Jimmy with a Running Crossbody Block. Harper tags in Rowan. Harper slaps Rowan in the face. Rowan with a Body Avalanche to the back of Jimmy. The Bludgeon Brothers plants Jimmy with The Reckoning to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Bludgeon Brothers via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe In A Fatal Four Way Ladder Match For The WWE Intercontinental Championship 

Miz kicks Balor in the gut. Rollins and Joe are exchanging blows in the corner. Balor a Sunset Flip into a Basement Dropkick. Balor with a Knife Edge Chop to Joe. Joe responds with a Running Back Elbow Strike. Joe decks Balor with The Step Up Enzuigiri. Rollins kicks Joe in the jaw. Rollins with a Double BlockBuster to Miz and Joe. Rollins goes for The Ripcord Knee Strike, but Balor blocks it. Rollins also blocks The 1916. Rollins dropkicks Balor. Rollins lands Two Suicide Dives. Miz and Rollins drives a ladder into the midsection of Joe. Balor with a Double SomerSault Plancha. Joe hits Balor with the ladder. Joe rolls the ladder into the ring. Rollins with a Chop/Forearm Combination to Joe. Joe drop toe holds Rollins to the ladder.

Joe blasts Balor with a knife edge chop. Joe irish whips Balor to the corner. Joe with a Running Knee Strike. Joe goes for a PowerBomb, but Balor counters with a Double Leg TakeDown. Balor with a Standing Double Foot Stomp on the ladder. Miz knocks Balor off the ladder. Miz drops Balor with a Big Boot. Miz goes for The Skull Crushing Finale, but Rollins blocks it. Rollins sends Miz face first to the ladder. Rollins clotheslines Miz over the top rope. Rollins and Balor are fighting for position on the ladder. Miz and Joe sends Rollins and Balor crashing into the ropes. Miz begs for mercy. Miz wants to form an alliance. Joe HeadButts Miz. Joe bodyslams Balor on the ladder. Joe throws Rollins back first across the ladder.

Balor with a SlingBlade to Joe. Balor follows that with a Shot Gun Dropkick. A ladder falls on Joe’s stomach. Balor sets up for The Coupe De Grace. Joe knocks Miz off the ring apron. Joe hits The Tower Of Doom. Miz attacks Joe from behind. Miz connects with a Skull Crushing Finale on the ladder. Miz bounces Rollins head on the rung of the ladder. Miz sends Rollins crashing to the canvas. Miz and Balor are trading ack and forth shots. Miz ducks a clothesline from Balor. Miz with a Neck/Back Breaker Combination to Balor.

Miz drops Rollins with an Implant DDT. Miz starts hitting everybody with the ladder. Balor decks Miz with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Balor lands The Coupe De Grace on the ladder. Joe with a Discus Forearm Smash to Balor. Balor responds wit an Over Head Kick. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Balor rolls through into a Standing Coupe De Grace. Balor fights out of The Electric Chair Position. Joe delivers a Uranage Slam. Balor knocks Joe off the ladder. Rollins springboards onto the ladder. Rollins snatches the title away from Balor to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins 

Seventh Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura For The WWE Championship 

Nakamura applies a wrist lock. Styles reverses the hold. Nakamura kicks Styles in the chest. Nakamura rolls himself out of the ring. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Styles applies a side headlock. Nakamura backs Styles into the ropes. Nakamura smacks Styles in the face. We have a quick stalemate in the corner. Nakamura continues to play mind games with Styles. Nakamura tells Styles to bring it. Nakamura with a Knee Lift to Styles. Styles leapfrogs over Nakamura. Styles dropkicks Nakamura. Styles bounces Nakamura’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Styles blasts Nakamura with a knife edge chop. Following a snap mare takeover, Styles kicks Nakamura in the back for a two count.

Nakamura kicks Styles in the face. Nakamura goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Styles holds onto the ropes. Nakamura sweeps the legs of Styles. Nakamura is putting the boots to Styles on the bottom rope. Nakamura delivers Two Knee Strikes from the outside. Nakamura rolls Styles back into the ring. Nakamura with the cover for a one count. Nakamura drives his knee into the midsection of Styles. Nakamura connects with a Good Vibrations. Nakamura with a Knee Drop for a one count. Nakamura applies a rear chin lock. Nakamura goes for a Release Exploder Suplex, but Styles lands back on his feet. Styles dumps Nakamura with a WheelBarrow FaceBuster.

Styles with multiple lariats to Nakamura. Styles with a Sliding Forearm Smash. Styles hits The Ushigoroshi for a two count. Nakamura negates The Styles Clash. Nakamura drops Styles with a Spinning Heel Kick. Nakamura is trying to wear down Styles with more knee strikes. Nakamura with Reverse Falcon Arrow to Styles. Nakamura goes for The Kinshasa, but Styles rolls him over for a two count. Styles locks in the Calf Crusher. Nakamura crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Nakamura clocks Styles with a Step Up Enzuigiri.

Nakamura deposits Styles on the top turnbuckle. Nakamura with a Turnbuckle Knee Strike for a two count. Styles sends Nakamura crashing to the canvas. Styles and Nakamura are trading back and forth shots. Styles blasts Nakamura with The Phenomenal Blitz. Nakamura gets Styles trapped in the Cross Arm Breaker. Styles gets Nakamura into a pinning predicament for a two count. Styles delivers a Pele Kick. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Nakamura ducks out of the way.

Nakamura with a low blow behind the referee’s back for a two count. Nakamura goes for The Kinshasa, but Styles counters with a Leaping Forearm Smash. The action spills to the outside. Styles tackles Nakamura over the German Announce Table. Styles throws Nakamura back first to the ringside barricade. Unfortunately the referee calls for the bell. After the match, Styles losses his cool. Styles hits Nakamura with a steel chair. Styles takes down Nakamura with a SlingShot Phenomenal Forearm.

Match Results: Double CountOut, but still WWE Champion, AJ Styles 

Eight Match: The Undertaker vs. Rusev w/Aiden English In A Casket Match 

Rusev is trying to play mind games with Taker. Taker is throwing haymakers at Rusev. Taker rolls Rusev back into the ring. Rusev repeatedly stomps on Taker’s chest. Taker launches Rusev to the corner. Taker unloads vicious strikes. Taker applies a wrist lock. Taker drops Rusev with a shoulder tackle. Taker delivers The Old School. Rusev rolls over the casket. Taker whips Rusev back first to the ringside barricade. Taker bounces Rusev head on the announce table. Taker with a Running Leg Drop on the apron. Taker rolls Rusev into the casket.

Aiden English gets in Taker’s way. Rusev drops Taker with The Machka Kick. Rusev is putting the boots to Taker on the bottom rope. Rusev rams his shoulders into the midsection of Taker. Rusev and Taker are trading back and forth shots. Rusev with a Spinning Heel Kick to Taker. Rusev taunts the crowd. Rusev stomps on Taker’s back. Rusev locks in The Accolade. Taker sat up. Taker goes for a ChokeSlam, but Rusev lands back on his feet. Following another haymaker exchange, Taker ducks a clothesline from Rusev. Taker connects with The ChokeSlam. English attacks Taker from behind. Taker ChokeSlams English. Taker follows that with a TombStone Pile Driver. Taker rolls Rusev Day into the casket to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Undertaker 

Ninth Match: Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns In A Steel Cage Match For The WWE Universal Championship 

Reigns goes for a SuperMan Punch, but Brock counters with a series of German Suplex’s. Brock follows that with an F5. Brock goes for another F5, but Reigns lands back on his feet. Reigns fires back with Two SuperMan Punches. Brock avoids The Spear from Reigns. Reigns kicks Brock in the chest. Reigns starts scaling the cage. Brock sends Reigns crashing to the canvas with a Back Elbow Smash. Reigns attacks the hamstring of Brock. Reigns PowerBombs Brock.

Reigns repeatedly throws Brock face first to the steel. Reigns connects with Three Spears for a two count. Heyman slams the cage door on Reigns face. Brock hits The F5 for a two count. Heyman rolls a steel chair into the ring. Brock takes out his gloves. Reigns catches Brock off guard with another Spear for a two count. Reigns is mauling Brock with the steel chair. Reigns drops Brock with a SuperMan Punch. Reigns Spears Brock out of the cage. Brock’s feet hit the floor first to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar via Cage Escape 

Tenth Match: The Greatest Royal Rumble Match  

1.) Daniel Bryan eliminated by Big Cass

2.) Dolph Ziggler eliminated by Kurt Angle

3.) Sin Cara eliminated by Dolph Ziggler

4.) Curtis Axel eliminated by Mark Henry

5.) Mark Henry eliminated by Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler

6.) Mike Kanellis eliminated by Mark Henry

7.) Hiroki Sumi eliminated by Mark Henry

8.) Viktor eliminated by Daniel Bryan

9.) Kofi Kingston eliminated by Elias

10.) Tony Nese eliminated by Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

11.) Dash Wilder eliminated by Hornswoggle

12.) Hornswoggle eliminated by Tony Nese

13.) Primo Colon eliminated by Kurt Angle

14.) Xavier Woods eliminated by Elias

15.) Bo Dallas eliminated by Kurt Angle

16.) Kurt Angle eliminated by Elias

17.) Scott Dawson eliminated by Bobby Roode

18.) Goldust eliminated by Bobby Roode

19.) Konnor eliminated by Elias

20.) Elias eliminated by Bobby Lashley

21.) Luke Gallows eliminated by Rey Mysterio

22.) Rhyno eliminated by Roderick Strong

23.) Drew Gulak eliminated by Tucker Knight

24.) Tucker Knight eliminated by Big E

25.) Bobby Roode eliminated by Baron Corbin

26.) Fandango eliminated by Mojo Rawley

27.) Chad Gable eliminated by Apollo Crews

28.) Rey Mysterio eliminated by Baron Corbin

29.) Mojo Rawley eliminated by Randy Orton

30.) Tyler Breeze eliminated by Mojo Rawley

31.) Big E eliminated by Braun Strowman

32.) Karl Anderson eliminated by Randy Orton

33.) Apollo Crews eliminated by Randy Orton

34.) Roderick Strong eliminated by Baron Corbin

35.) Randy Orton eliminated by Elias

36.) Heath Slater eliminated by Braun Strowman

37.) Babatunde eliminated by Braun Strowman

38.) Baron Corbin eliminated by Randy Orton

39.) Titus O’Neil eliminated by Braun Strowman

40.) Dan Matha eliminated by Braun Strowman

41.) Braun Strowman

42.) Tye Dillinger eliminated by Braun Strowman

43.) Curt Hawkins eliminated by Braun Strowman

44.) Bobby Lashley eliminated by Braun Strowman

45.) The Great Khali eliminated by Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley

46.) Kevin Owens eliminated by Braun Strowman

47.) Shane McMahon eliminated by Braun Strowman

48.) Shelton Benjamin eliminated by Chris Jericho

49.) Big Cass eliminated by Braun Strowman

50.) Chris Jericho eliminated by Braun Strowman

Winner: Braun Strowman

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Author: Josh Lopez