Impact Wrestling Results – April 26, 2018

Impact Wrestling
April 26, 2018
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Austin Aries Town Hall: 

First Match: Brian Cage vs. Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Cage shoves Lee out of the ring. Lee tells Cage to bring it. Lee kicks Cage in the gut. Lee applies a side headlock. Cage drops Lee with a shoulder tackle. Lee is talking strategy with Konley. Cage blocks another boot from Lee. Cage with a Running Uppercut. Cage follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Cage with a Fallaway Slam to Lee. Lee uses the referee as an protective shield. Lee decks Cage with a Forearm Smash. Lee sends Cage to the ring apron.

Konley trips Cage behind the referee’s back. Lee bites the thumb of Cage. Lee with a Big Boot to Cage. Lee delivers a Running Double Foot Stomp. Lee hits The PK. Lee rolls Cage back into the ring. Lee connects with a Bridging German Suplex for a two count. Lee is mauling Cage in the corner. Cage walks into multiple forearms and buzzsaw kicks. Cage is pissed. Cage fires back with a series of lariats.

Cage with an Inverted PowerSlam. Lee kicks Cage in the jaw. Cage responds with a PowerSlam. Cage takes a swing at Konley. Cage goes for a MoonSault, but Lee ducks out of the way. Lee blasts Cage with the Sliding Dropkick. Cage drives Lee knee first to the apron. Cage drops Konley with a Discus Lariat on the floor. Cage with a DeadLift Vertical Suplex to Lee. Cage plants Lee with The Drill Claw to pickup the victory.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall 

Eddie Edwards & Tommy Dreamer Segment: 

Eddie Edwards Brawl With oVe. Sami Callihan & Alisha Edwards Hospital Segment: 

DJZ Vignette: 

Second Match: Moose vs. Braxton Sutter 

Sutter talks smack to Moose after the bell rings. Sutter smacks Moose in the face. Moose responds with a Biel Throw. Moose delivers multiple knife edge chops. Sutter kicks Moose in the jaw. Moose sends Sutter crashing to the outside with a Standing Dropkick. Sutter throws Moose shoulder first to the steel ring steps.

Moose gets back in the ring at the count of eight. Sutter with a Bicycle Kick to Moose. Sutter follows that with a Turnbuckle Suplex for a one count. Sutter starts paint brushing Moose. Moose is showing his fighting spirit. Moose HeadButts Sutter. Moose decks Sutter with a Running Back Elbow Strike. Moose delivers a Hesitation Dropkick. Moose Spears Sutter to pickup the victory.

Winner: Moose via Pinfall 

Matt Sydal Backstage Interview: 

LAX Clubhouse Segment: 

Third Match: Allie (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie For The IMPACT Knockouts Championship 

Taya clotheslines Allie before the bell rings. Taya transitions into a ground and pound attack. Taya with a Biel Throw to Allie. Taya is putting the boots to Allie on the bottom rope. Taya kicks the back of Allie’s leg. Taya with a Double Leg Drop. Taya levels Allie with a Big Boot. Taya bounces Allie’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Taya blasts Allie with Open Hand Chops. Taya continues to demolish Allie in the corner.

Allie creates distance with a Turnbuckle FlatLiner. Allie goes for a Basement Dropkick, but Taya ducks out of the way. Allie drives Taya’s head to the canvas. Allie fires up with a series of clotheslines. Allie with a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Taya responds with a Saito Suplex for a two count. Taya goes for The Road To Valhalla, but Allie blocks it. Allie ducks a clothesline from Taya. Allie connects with The BSE. Allie plants Taya with The CodeBreaker to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still The IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Allie via Pinfall 

Su Yung & Rosemary In-Ring Segment: 

KM & Fallah Bahh Segment: 

Eddie Edwards Attacks Sami Callihan:

Jimmy Jacobs & Kongo Kong Video Package: 

Eli Drake & Scott Steiner In-Ring Promo: 

Fourth Match: Eli Drake & Scott Steiner (c) vs. LAX For The IMPACT World Tag Team Championship 

Winner: Still IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, Eli Drake & Scott Steiner via Pinfall 

Austin Aries & Pentagon Jr In-Ring Segment: 

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Author: Josh Lopez