WWE 205 Live Results – March 13, 2018

WWE 205 Live
March 13, 2018
Bankers Life FieldHouse
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Akira Tozawa & Hideo Itami vs. The Lucha House Party w/Kalisto 

Tozawa and Dorado will start things off. Dorado with a single leg pick to Tozawa. Dorado applies a front facelock. Dorado transitions into a wrist lock. Dorado avoids a roundhouse kick from Tozawa. Tozaw applies a wrist lock. Dorado reverses the hold. Dorado drops Tozawa with a shoulder tackle. Dorado handstands over Tozawa. Tozawa lands a deep arm-drag. Dorado responds with an arm-drag of his own. Tozawa with a leg sweep for a one count. Stereo Dropkicks leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Dorado dropkicks Tozawa. Dorado applies a wrist lock. Dorado tags in Metalik.

The Lucha House Party delivers a Double Hip Toss. Metalik kicks Tozawa in the back for a one count. Tozawa fights out of the Fireman’s Carry Position. Tozawa applies a waist lock. Metalik decks Tozawa with a Back Elbow Smash. Tozawa responds with a Hurricanrana. Tozawa tags in Itami. Metalik levels Itami with a Spinning Heel Kick. Metalik goes for a HandSpring Roundhouse Kick, but Itami ducks out of the way. Metalik with a SlingShot Arm-Drag to Itami. Metalik follows that with a dropkick. Metalik tags in Dorado. Stereo Dropkicks from Lucha House Party. Dorado with a Standing MoonSault for a two count. Dorado applies an arm-bar. Dorado blasts Itami with a knife edge chop. Dorado leapfrogs over Itami. Dorado tells Itami to bring it.

Dorado hits a Running Hurricanrana. Itami regains momentum with a Knee Lift. Itami with Buzzsaw Kick across the chest of Dorado. Itami drops Dorado with a Big Boot. Itami tags in Tozawa. Tozawa is lighting up Dorado’s chest. Tozawa takes down Dorado with a Left Jab. Tozawa repeatedly stomps on Dorado’s chest in the corner. Tozawa and Itami are cutting the ring in half. Itami with a Back Elbow Smash for a two count. Itami delivers multiple knee drops. Itami whips Dorado to the turnbuckles. Itami tags in Tozawa. Tozawa and Itami with a Double Knee/Enzuigiri Combination to Dorado.

Tozawa lands a Missile Dropkick for a two count. Tozawa applies a rear chin lock. Dorado gets back to a vertical base. Tozawa and Dorado are trading back and forth shots. Both men are laid out by a Double Big Boot. Dorado tags in Metalik. Metalik with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block to Itami. Metalik follows that with a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker. Metalik slaps Itami in the chest. Metalik SuperKicks Itami. Metalik connects with a Reverse SlingBlade. Metalik lands a Missile Dropkick. Metalik is distracted by Tozawa. Dorado takes out Tozawa with a Flying Crossbody Block off Metalik’s back. Metalik decks Itami with a Jumping Enzuigiri. Metalik goes for a SpringBoard Double Foot Stomp, but Itami ducks out of the way. Itami kicks the hamstring of Metalik. Itami connects with the Dragon Sleeper Knee to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa via Pinfall 

Second Match: Jack Gallagher vs. Murphy Myers 

Drake Maverick joins the commentary team for this match. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Gallagher shoves Myers. Gallagher backs Myers into the ropes. Gallagher is staring a hole through Myers. Gallagher works on his joint manipulation game. Following a snap mare takeover, Gallagher drops Myers with a shoulder tackle. Myers goes for a leapfrog, but Gallagher catches him in mid-air. Gallagher dumps Myers face first on the top rope. Gallagher with a Running Back Elbow Strike. Gallagher follows that with a BodySlam.

Gallagher delivers a Garvin Stomp. Gallagher connects with the Arm-Ringer. Gallagher bounces Myers jaw on the apron. Gallagher stares at Maverick. Myers fires back with multiple forearm smashes. Myers sends Gallagher crashing to the outside. Gallagher avoids a Baseball Slide Dropkick from Myers. Gallagher gets Myers trapped under the ring skirt. Gallagher is demolishing Myers on the outside. Gallagher rolls Myers back into the ring. Gallagher drops Myers with The Massive HeadButt to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jack Gallagher via Pinfall 


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Third Match: Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong in a Semifinal Round Match In The Vacated WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Strong rolls over Alexander for a one count. Strong and Alexander are in a deep grappling exchange. This leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Strong applies a side headlock. Alexander backs Strong into the turnbuckles. Drew Gulak is watching the match from the backstage area. Strong dives over Alexander. Alexander delivers a Head Scissors TakeOver. Alexander follows that with a dropkick for a one count. Alexander applies a front facelock. Strong with a clubbing blow to the back of Alexander. Strong blasts Alexander with a knife edge chop. Alexander responds with a Forearm Smash. Strong kicks Alexander in the gut. Alexander levels Strong with a Back Body Drop. Strong is favoring his knee in the corner.

Strong launches Alexander to the ring apron. Alexander creates distance with a straight right hand. Alexander goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Strong trips him in mid-air. Strong fires off another knife edge chop. Strong repeatedly stomps on Alexanders chest. Strong connects with a Butterfly Suplex for a two count. Strong applies a rear chin lock. Strong transitions into a Seated Abdominal Stretch. Alexander with bodyshots to Strong. Alexander ducks a clothesline from Strong. Alexander goes for The Neuralyzer, but Strong counters with a dropkick for a two count. Strong transitions into a ground and pound attack.

Strong stomps on Alexanders shoulder. Strong is mauling Alexander in the center of the ring. Strong applies a rear chin lock. Alexander gets back to a vertical base. Strong and Alexander are trading back and forth shots. Alexander whips Strong sternum first into the turnbuckles. Alexander kicks Strong in the face. Alexander uppercuts Strong. Alexander drop toe holds Strong into the middle turnbuckle pad. Alexander delivers a Running Boot from the apron. Alexander connects with a SlingShot Flatliner. Strong wisely rolls himself out of the ring. Alexander lands a SomerSault Plancha. Alexander follows that with a SpringBoard Clothesline for a two count.

Strong  is trying to create distance with multiple kicks. Alexander with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Alexander goes for The Lumbar Check, but Strong blocks it. Alexander rams his shoulders into the midsection of Strong. Alexander with a Rolling Crucifix for a two count. Strong rocks Alexander with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Strong with a Half Nelson Back Breaker for a two count. Alexander fights out of the Fireman’s Carry Position. Strong levels Alexander with a Knee Lift. Strong goes for The Olympic Slam, but Alexander counters with a deep arm-drag. Alexander follows that with The Neuralyzer. Alexander connects with The Lumbar Check for a two count. Alexander is showing his frustration.

Strong and Alexander exchanges blows on the apron. Strong locks in the Torture Rack. Strong dumps Alexander back first on the steel ring post. Alexander gets back in the ring at the count of nine. Strong rocks Alexnader with a Jumping Knee Strike. Strong delivers a SuperPlex for a two count. Strong continues to attack the lower back of Alexander. Following a forearm exchange, Alexander lands a spinning heel kick. Alexander goes for a Discus Back Elbow Smash, but Strong counters with another Jumping Knee Strike.

Strong hits End of Heartache for a two count. Alexander creates distance with a Nasty Back Elbow Smash. Strong with a knife edge chop to Alexander. Alexander responds with a Uppercut. Strong and Alexander engages in rockers punches. Alexander goes for a Lumbar Check, but Strong lands back on his feet. Alexander negates the Strong Hold. Strong decks Alexander with his third Jumping Knee Strike of the match. Alexander catches Strong off guard with the inside cradle to pickup the victory.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez