WWE SmackDown Live Results – January 9, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live
January 9, 2018
Legacy Arena
Birmingham, Alabama

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

AJ Styles, Renee Young, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon In-Ring Segment: 

Renee is interviewing Styles. Was Daniel Bryan’s decision last week fair? Every time Styles steps foot in this ring, he takes pride in what he does. He makes mistakes and he’s human. If Styles thought Bryan would’ve taken him seriously he would not have said what he said. Styles was being sarcastic. There’s a chance he could lose the title. Is there a chance he could beat the crap out of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens? You can beat on that. His plan is to hit Owens and Zayn fast and hard so he has the advantage.

The longer the match, the better their chances to win. Styles says that the decision is not fair. Neither is life. Owens and Zayn  have non-title victories over him.  Is Bryan playing favorites? A few people believe it, but he does not know what Bryan is thinking. Could Shane McMahon be playing favorites as well? Styles wants nothing to do with Shane and Bryan. He cannot let those idiots win the title.

Owens and Zayn joins the conversation. Look everybody we have the remorseful, AJ Styles. It will be a miracle to win when it is one versus two. Heaven doesn’t give miracles to people like Styles.  He has zero chance of walking out of the handicap match with the WWE Title. When it’s all said and done, at the end of the night, Owens and Zayn will be the first ever Co-WWE Champions. They will turn The House that AJ Styles built into the Kevin and Sami Show.

The Yep Movement has invaded Birmingham.  Shane McMahon appears on the stage. Is it fair he has to defend the title in a handicap match? He says nope. Why would Daniel Bryan make that decision in the first place? Why would Bryan give the Kevin and Sami Show another chance to become champion? Shane will back the decision for now. Tonight’s main event will be Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton and AJ Styles. 

First Match: Becky Lynch w/Charlotte Flair and Naomi vs. Ruby Riott w/The Riott Squad 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Becky with a Hip Toss TakeOver to Ruby. Becky follows that with Two Waist Lock TakeDowns. Becky applies a front facelock. Ruby heads to the middle rope to create separation. Becky clotheslines Ruby. Becky is quickly distracted by Sarah Logan. Becky creates distance with a back elbow strike. Becky tosses Ruby out of the ring. Becky tells Ruby to bring it. Becky lands a Flying Forearm Smash off the ring apron.

Becky rolls Ruby back into the ring. Becky connects with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Becky follows that with two deep arm-drags. Becky with a Leaping Shoulder Block for a two count. Becky applies an arm-bar. Ruby sends Becky to the corner. Becky side steps Ruby into the turnbuckles. Ruby repeatedly stomps on Becky’s chest. Ruby kicks Becky in the back.

Following a snap mare takeover, Ruby applies a Modified Abdominal Stretch. Becky delivers multiple bodyshots. Ruby drives Becky face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Ruby starts attacking Becky ribs. Ruby applies a Waist Lock. Ruby transitions into a Body Scissors Hold. Ruby rolls Becky over for a two count. Becky uppercuts Ruby. Becky connects with a SpringBoard Leg Lariat.

Becky fires up with a series of haymakers. Ruby drops Becky with a Hair Whip for a two count. Ruby rams her knee into Becky’s ribs. Ruby goes back to the Abdominal Stretch. Becky with a series of forearm shivers to Ruby. Becky lands a Spinning Heel Kick. Becky follows that with two Exploder Suplex’s Ruby drops Becky with a Big Boot. Becky locks in the DisArmHer which forces Ruby to tap out.

Winner: Becky Lynch via Submission 

Second Match: The Ascension vs. The Bludgeon Brothers 

The Ascension attacks The Bludgeon Brothers before the bell rings. Harper explodes out of the corner with a Big Boot. Harper knocks Konnor off the ring apron. Harper tags in Rowan. Harper slaps Rowan in the face. Rowan runs through Viktor with the Body Avalanche. The Bludgeon Brothers plants Vitkor with a SitOut PowerBomb to pickup the victory. After the match, Harper SuperKicks Konnor. The Bludgeon Brothers drops Konnor with The Double Crucifix PowerBomb.

Winner: The Bludgeon Brothers via Pinfall 

Third Match: Zack Ryder vs. Mojo Rawley in a First Round Match In The Vacated WWE United States Championship Tournament 

Bobby Roode joins the commentary team for this match. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Mojo sends Ryder to the corner. Ryder dropkicks Mojo for a one count. Mojo rolls himself out of the ring. Mojo drives Ryder back first into the turnbuckles. Ryder kicks Mojo in the jaw. Mojo knocks Ryder off the second rope. Mojo transitions into a ground and pound attack.

Mojo with the lateral press for a two count. Mojo is absolutely destroying Ryder. Mojo applies a Cravate. Mojo goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Ryder counters with a neck breaker. Ryder decks Mojo with a back elbow strike. Ryder kicks Mojo in the chest. Ryder delivers a series of forearm smashes.

Ryder goes for The Broski Boot, but Mojo rolls himself out of the ring. Ryder lands a knife edge chop. Ryder transitions into a Corner Mount. Mojo regains momentum with an Atomic Drop. Mojo with a Running Haymaker to the back of Ryder’s neck. Mojo connects with The Running Elbow Smash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mojo Rawley via Pinfall 

Shelton Benjamin, Chad Gable and Daniel Bryan In-Ring Segment: 

Does anyone here knows what it takes to be a winner? The hours of training, neglecting your family and friends, to chase one goal. To hold the championships high and show the world that it is possible if you are wiling to make the sacrifice. Just because Alabama won a National Championship, it does not make the people in Birmingham, winners. All they did was sit on their couches. Georgia was robbed due to a bad referee call, just like they were robbed last week.

Gable and Benjamin set the tag titles free from The Uso Penitentiary. They had all that excitement from winning. Why was that referee in the match? Jealousy. That man is no hero, he’s a thief. He stole their dream and he’s a tattle tale. He calls him a rat and snitch. A crime was committed last week and they demand justice. Snitches gets stitches. Gable wants generic referee number two to come out and free the tag titles.

Daniel Bryan joins the conversation. Bryan understands where Gable and Benjamin is coming from. He has an issue with them ripping management.  Referees are representatives of  management. There’s a rule every WWE Superstar needs to learn. The referee’s decision is final. Gable and Benjamin pinned the wrong Uso. Is this Dr. Phil? At the Royal Rumble, it will be The Usos vs. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable in a Two out of Three Falls Match For The WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship. 

Fourth Match: Rusev Day vs. Breezango 

English and Fandango will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. English applies a side headlock. English drops Fandango with a shoulder tackle. Fandango responds with a Hip Toss. Fandango lays English flat on the top rope. Breezango lands Stereo Boots which sends English crashing to the outside. Breeze and Rusev are tagged in. Rusev kicks Breeze in the gut. Rusev is putting the boots to Breeze in the center of the ring.

Breeze decks Rusev with an enuzigiri. Rusev knocks Breeze off the ring apron. Rusev tags in English. English bounces Breeze head on the apron. English rolls Breeze back into the ring. English with a Knee drop for a two count. English applies a rear chin lock. Coming out of the commercial break, Breeze gets back to a vertical base. English ducks a clothesline from Breeze. English delivers a thrust kick.

English goes for a Flying Senton, but Breeze ducks out of the way. Breeze tags in Fandango. Fandango is lighting up English chest. Fandango connects with a Back Body Drop. English kicks Fandango in the chest. Rusev makes the blind tag. Fandango dropkicks English. Rusev with two leg lariats to Fandango. Rusev drops Fandango with a Spinning Heel Kick. Rusev tosses Breeze out of the ring. Breezango with a Dropkick/Crossbody Block Combination for a two count. Rusev decks Breeze with a massive leg lariat. Fandango rolls Rusev over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Breezango via Pinfall 

Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment: 

Fifth Match: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura 

Orton and Owens will start things off. Orton uppercuts Owens. Orton sends Owens to the corner. Owens kicks Orton in the jaw. Orton goes for The RKO, but Owens blocks it. Owens is showing his frustration on the outside. Orton bounces Owens head on the ringside barricade. Orton rolls Owens back into the ring. Owens is putting the boots to Orton. Owens applies a front face lock. Owens tags in Zayn. Zayn delivers a series of haymakers. Orton drives Zayn head to the canvas. Orton follows that with the Garvin Stomp. Orton applies a wrist lock. Orton tags in Nakamura.

Following a snap mare takeover, Nakamura lands a knee drop. Nakamura drops Zayn with a Spinning Heel Kick. Nakamura with multiple buzzsaw kicks to Zayn. Nakamura connects with The Good Vibrations. Nakamura tags in Styles. Styles goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Zayn blocks it. Zayn tags in Owens. Styles applies a waist lock. Owens breaks up the hold. Styles connects with a Hurricanrana. Styles follows that with The Phenomenal Blitz. Styles with a Running Forearm Smash to Owen.s Styles goes for The Styles Clash, but Zayn drags Owens out of the ring. Owens and Zayn starts heading to the backstage area. Shane McMahon restarts the match.

We have ourself a pier six brawl on the stage. Coming out of the commercial break, Zayn has Styles in a rear chin lock. Styles gets back to a vertical base. Zayn applies a side headlock. Owens and Zayn are double teaming Styles. Owens transitions into a ground and pound attack. Owens with a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Owens goes back to the rear chin lock. Owens and Styles are trading back and forth shots. Styles connects with the Ushigoroshi. Styles makes the hot tag to Orton.

Orton with two clotheslines to Zayn. Orton follows that with a PowerSlam. Orton hits the IEDDT. Orton goes for the RKO, but Zayn blocks it. Owens hits Styles and Orton with a steel chair to cause the disqualification. Shane comes out once again. Now it’s a No CountOut, No Disqualification Match. Anything Goes. Styles repeatedly hits Owens in the back with the steel chair.

Their brawl spills to the backstage area. Zayn starts running away from Nakamura and Orton. Nakamura and Orton sends Zayn face first to the steel ring post. Orton hits Zayn in the face with the ring steps. Orton launches Zayn over the announce table. Orton with a Belly to Back Suplex on the table. Orton rolls Zayn back into the ring. Nakamura connects with The Kinshasa. Orton plants Zayn with The RKO to pickup the victory.

Winner: AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez