WWE 205 Live Results – January 9, 2018

WWE 205 Live
January 9, 2018
Legacy Arena
Birmingham, Alabama

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: TJ Perkins vs. Gran Metalik 

Metalik slaps Perkins in the chest. Metalik follows that with a knife edge chop. Perkins kicks Metalik in the gut. Perkins with a clubbing blow to the back of Metalik. Metalik leapfrogs over Perkins. Perkins SomerSaults over Metalik. Metalik with a drop toe hold that sends Perkins face first to the canvas. Metalik with a rolling cover for a two count. Metalik applies an arm-bar. Perkins responds with a Head Scissors Leg Lock. Metalik escapes and hits the Basement Dropkick. Metalik goes for a Stinger Splash, but Perkins ducks out of the way. Metalik with a HandSpring Arm-Drag that sends Perkins out of the ring.

Metalik lunges over the steel ring steps. Metalik with a Flying Hurricanrana on the floor. Metalik rolls Perkins back into the ring. Perkins has Metalik perched on the top turnbuckle. Perkins repeatedly stomps on Metalik chest. Perkins delivers a Hesitation Dropkick for a one count. Perkins follows that with a back elbow strike for a two count. Perkins applies a rear chin lock. Perkins with a SpringBoard Forearm Smash for a two count. Perkins is ramming his boot across Metalik face. Perkins bodyslams Metalik. Perkins with a SlingShot Senton for a two count.

Following a snap mare takeover, Perkins connects with the face wash. Perkins applies a Bow and Arrow Stretch. Perkins goes for a Back Body Drop, but Metalik lands back on his feet. Metalik rolls Perkins over for a two count. Perkins launches Metalik face first to the top turnbuckle pad. Perkins with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Metalik fights out of the third chin lock of the match.

Perkins and Metalik are trading back and forth shots. Perkins goes for a SuperPlex, but Metalik counters with a SunsetFlip PowerBomb. Metalik SuperKicks Perkins. Metalik follows that with a Reverse SlingBlade. Metalik lands a SpringBoard Missile Dropkick for a two count. Perkins blocks the Metalik Driver.

Perkins starts grabbing Metalik mask. Metalik goes for a HandSpring Cutter, but Perkins counters with a Basement Dropkick. Perkins hits The Double Knee GutBuster for a two count. Perkins goes for the Detonation Kick, but Metalik blocks it. Metalik decks Perkins with an enzuigiri. Metalik lands a Flying Elbow Drop. Metalik plants Perkins with The Metalik Driver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Gran Metalik via Pinfall 

Jack Gallagher & Hideo Itami Segment: 

Second Match: Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese w/Enzo Amore 

Nese is flexing in the center of the ring. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Nese applies a wrist lock. Alexander responds with a single leg trip. Nese drops Alexander with a Running Elbow Strike. Nese with ground and pound attack to Alexander. Nese fires off a big forearm smash. Nese lands a knife edge chop. Alexander connects with a Leg Scissors TakeOver. Alexander follows that with a dropkick. Nese is trying to regain his composure on the outside. Nese takes out the legs of Alexander. Nese deposits Alexander sternum first on the barricade. Nese rolls Alexander back into the ring.

Nese with the lateral press for a two count. Nese applies a Cravate. Nese with a Hair Whip for a two count. Enzo is talking smack to Alexander. Alexander creates distance with a jaw breaker. Nese responds with a clothesline for a two count. Nese stomps on Alexander chest. Nese rocks Alexander with a massive haymaker in the corner. Nese whips Alexander back first across the turnbuckles. Alexander decks Nese with a Back Elbow Strike. Alexander sends Nese face first to the middle turnbuckle pad. Alexander delivers the PK from the ring apron.

Alexander connects with a SlingShot FlatLiner. Alexander follows that with a SomerSault Plancha for a two count. Alexander goes for The Lumbar Check, but Nese blocks it. Nese rolls Alexander over for a two count. Alexander with a SpringBoard Clothesline for a two count. Nese with a Cavalcade of Kicks to Alexander. Alexander goes for a HandSpring RoundHouse Kick, but Nese counters with a GutBuster for a two count.

Alexander slaps Nese in the chest. Nese responds with another vicious forearm smash. Alexander uppercuts Nese. Nese goes for a PumpHandle PowerSlam, but Alexander lands back on his feet. Alexander ankle starts giving out. Alexander rolls Nese over to pickup the victory. After the match, Alexander drops Enzo with The Lumbar Check.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez