WWE 205 Live Results – October 31, 2017

WWE 205 Live
October 31, 2017
Norfolk Scope Arena
Norfolk, Virginia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa 

Tozawa lands a Helluva Kick. Tozawa delivers a series of forearm smashes in the corner. Tozawa with a Head Scissors TakeOver. Tozawa punches Gulak in the jaw. Coming out of the sunset flip, Tozawa kicks Gulak in the chest. Tozawa follows that with a Leaping Senton Splash. Tozawa repeatedly stomps on Gulak’s chest. Tozawa goes for a Suicide Dive, but Gulak ducks out of the way. Gulak is regaining his composure on the outside. Gulak and Tozawa are trading back and forth shots.

Tozawa side steps Gulak into the turnbuckles. Gualk with a back elbow strike to Tozawa. Gulak explodes out of the corner with a Running Lariat. Gulak is ramming Tozawa’s face across the bottom rope. Gulak with a Corner Clothesline for a two count. Gulak applies a Sitting Chin Bar. Tozawa gets back to a vertical base. Tozawa with a Hurricanrana to Gulak.

Tozawa dishes out a spinning heel kick to the midsection of Gulak. Tozawa levels Gulak with a Back Drop Driver. Tozawa ascends to the top turnbuckle. Gulak wisely heads to the outside. Tozawa takes out Gulak with a Suicide Dive for a two count. Tozawa applies a front face lock. Tozawa goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Gulak blocks it. Gulak with a Throat Chop to Tozawa. Gulak rolls Tozawa over for a two count. Tozawa drops Gulak with a Spinning RoundHouse Kick. Tozawa lands the Senton Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Akira Tozawa via Pinfall 

Second Match: THE Brian Kendrick w/Jack Gallagher vs. Rich Swann w/Cedric Alexander 

Kendrick is talking smack to Swann. Swann drop toe holds Kendrick face to the canvas. Swann continues to play mind games with Kendrick. Kendrick drives his knee to the midsection of Swann. Swann side steps Kendrick into the turnbuckles. Swann pokes Kendrick in the eyes. Swann leapfrogs over Kendrick. Swann with a Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors TakeOver. Kendrick responds with back to back forearm smashes in the corner. Kendrick leapfrogs over Swann. Swann SomerSaults over Kendrick. Swann delivers a Big Dropkick. Kendrick tosses Swann out of the ring. Kendrick with a Baseball Slide Dropkick that sends Swann to the announce table. Swann gets back into the ring at the count of seven.

Kendrick with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Kendrick applies a Standing Cravate. Kendrick whips Swann sternum first across the turnbuckles for a two count. Kendrick is applying pressure to the back of Swann’s neck. Swann gets back to a vertical base. Kendrick goes for the Captain’s Hook, but Swann lands back on his feet. Swann with a Leaping Clothesline to Kendrick. Kendrick kicks Swann in the jaw. Swann responds with a Standing FrankenSteiner for a two count. Up and Over Goes Kendrick.

Swann lands a Leg Lariat for a two count. Kendrick connects with a Reverse Suplex for a two count. Kendrick locks in the Captain’s Hook. Swann places his boot under the bottom rope to create separation. Kendrick and Swann are fighting for position on the top turnbuckle. Kendrick plants Swann with an Avalanche Butterfly Suplex for a two count. Swann with a rolling crucifix for a two count. Swann SuperKicks Kendrick. Swann follows that with a SomerSault Plancha. Alexander knocks Gallagher off the ring apron. Kendrick bounces Swann’s head on the top turnbuckle. Kendrick goes for Slice Bread #2, but Swann counters with a Spinning RoundHouse Kick. Swann lands a Phoenix Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Rich Swann via Pinfall 

Third Match: Ariya Daivari vs. Tony Nese vs. Gran Metalik vs. Mustafa Ali in a Fright Night Fatal Four Way Match 

Ali is passing out candy before the bell rings. Daivari attacks Ali from behind. Metalik with a Hurricanrana to Daivari. Nese kicks Metalik in the gut. Ali levels Nese with a Pop Up Basement Dropkick. Metalik SuperKicks Daivari off the ring apron. Ali with a double leg takedown to Metalik. Ali and Metalik are showing off their athleticism. Nese blindsides Ali. Daivari bounces Metalik’s head on the top turnbuckle. Ali throws a Pumpkin at Nese face. Nese is refusing to eat a candy bar. Daivari goes for a Back Body Drop, but Ali blocks it. Daivari connects with a SpineBuster for a two count. Metalik with a Back Elbow Strike to Daivari. Daivari drives Metalik face to the canvas. Daivari is toying with the Norfolk Crowd. Daivari starts taunting Metalik with a Luchador Mask.

Ali paint brushes Daivari. Daivari places Ali on the top turnbuckle. Ali HeadButts Daivari. Ali puts the Luchador Mask on the Skeleton Mannequin. Metalik with a SpringBoard Basement Dropkick for a two count. Nese drags Metalik out of the ring. Daivari and Nese are wearing out Ali with Candy Corn Kendo Sticks. Nese gets Ali tied in the tree of woe. Nese throws a collection of pumpkins to the midsection of Ali while doing sit up’s at the same time. Metalik goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Nese counters with a Kendo Stick Shot for a two count. Ali tosses Daivari out of the ring. Ali with an enziguri from the ring apron. Daivari is spilling candy over Ali’s body on the outside.

Nese inadvertently sends Daivari crashing into the Apple Bin. Metalik with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block to Nese. Ali is shoving a chocolate candy bar down Nese’s throat. Metalik SuperKicks Nese. Ali goes for the cover, but Metalik breaks up the pin attempt. Metalik and Ali are trading back and forth shots. Metalik connects with a Tilt-A-Whirl Wheel Barrow Gut Buster for a two count. Metalik follows that with a SpringBoard Sunset Flip PowerBomb/SuperPlex to Nese and Ali. Daivari from out of nowhere lands a Frog Splash for a two count. Daivari rolls a table into the ring. Metalik throws a pumpkin at Daivari. Nese places 100 candy corns on the table. Metalik with a Back Body Drop that sends Nese crashing through the table for a two count. Ali lands a Broomstick Leg Drop to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez