Impact Wrestling Results – October 19, 2017

Impact Wrestling
October 19, 2017
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact 

Impact starts things off with a quick ground and pound attack. Impact lands the Shining Wizard. Impact continues to tee off on Adonis. Adonis with a clubbing blow to the back of Impact. Adonis with a knife edge chop to Impact. Impact responds with a flurry of kicks. Adonis connects with the Back Body Drop. Adonis stomps on Impact’s head. Adonis applies a Bear Hug Submission Hold. Impact creates separation with an enziguri. Adonis drops Impact with the SpineBuster for a two count.

Adonis taunts the crowd in the Impact Zone. Adonis locks in the Adonis Lock. Impact heads to the ropes to create separation. Adonis is arguing with the referee. Impact with a sunset flip for a two count. Impact delivers a series of haymakers in the corner. Impact kicks Adonis in the jaw. Impact with the Moonlight Drive for a two count. Impact follows that with a SpringBoard Leg Lariat for another two count.

Adonis and Impact are fighting for position on the top turnbuckle coming out of the commercial break. Adonis goes for the SuperPlex, but Impact blocks it. Impact sends Adonis crashing to the canvas. Impact lands the CountDown to pickup the victory. After the Impact gets into a brawl with Eli Drake. Impact repeatedly hits Drake in the back with a leather belt. Adonis is putting the boots to Impact. Drake transitions into a ground and pound attack. Drake is choking Impact with his button down t-shirt. Hector Garza Jr storms into the ring with a steel chair to make the save.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall 

– Alberto El Patron will be making his Impact Wrestling return at Bound for Glory. 

Second Match: El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. James Storm vs. El Texano Jr vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Ethan Carter III in a Fatal Five Way Match 

A pier six brawl ensues after the bell rings. Storm bounces Fantasma head on the ring apron. Storm is choking Fantasma on the outside with his boot. EC3 bodyslams Fantasma. Storm switches his focus to Texano. EC3, Storm and Edwards are triple teaming Fantasma. Storm with the cover for a one count. Edwards stomps on Texano’s back. Storm delivers a series of forearm shivers in the corner. EC3 clotheslines Texano. Storm lands a Wrecking Ball Dropkick.

EC3 and Edwards with a Double Suplex to Texano. EC3 tells Storm to calm down. Edwards dishes out a knife edge chop to Fantasma. Texano runs through Edwards and Storm with a Double Shoulder Block. Fantasma connects with a back breaker. Edwards launches Fantasma to the ring apron. Following an enziguri, Fantasma with a Flying Crossbody Block to Edwards for a two count. Edwards gets Fantasma tied in the tree of woe. EC3 lowers the top rope which sends Texano crashing to the outside. Storm and Edwards plants Fantasma with a Double Stomp/Back Stabber Combination.

EC3 and Storm are arguing with each other. EC3 shoves Edwards into Storm. Edwards drives his knee to the midsection of EC3. Texano from behind connects with the SpineBuster. Storm responds with a Neck Breaker. Fantasma takes out Storm with a Missile Dropkick. EC3 with the TK3 to Fantasma. EC3 and Texano are knocked down after running into each other. Storm and Texano are trading back and forth shots.

Fantasma launches Storm out of the ring. Fantasma side steps Texano face first to the top turnbuckle pad. Fantasma with a flurry of clotheslines to EC3 and Edwards. Edwards HeadButts Fantasma. Texano whips Edwards face first to the steel ring post. EC3 goes for the One Percenter, but Fantasma counters with The Thrill To Kill for a two count. Texano wants Storm to attack Fantasma’s father. Fantasma kicks a chair out of Storm’s hands. Texano knocks Fantasma off the ring apron. Texano goes to score the pinfall over EC3.

Winner: El Texano Jr. via Pinfall

Third Match: Andrew Everett w/Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley vs. Dezmond Xavier 

Xavier is already distracted by Lee and Konley on the outside. Everett attacks Xavier from behind. Following a snap mare takeover, Xavier ducks a clothesline from Everett. Xavier goes for a Leg Scissors TakeOver, but Everett lands back on his feet. Xavier drops Everett with the Bicycle Kick. Lee takes out Xavier’s legs behind the referee’s back. Everett goes for the cover, but Xavier kicks out at two. Everett rams his knee across the face of Xavier. Everett stomps on Xavier’s gut. Everett connects with a Vertical Suplex.

Everett follows that with a Leg Drop for a two count. Xavier creates distance a forearm smash. Everett responds with a dropkick. Everett tosses Xavier out of the ring. This allows Lee and Konley to put the boots to Xavier on the outside. Everett walks over Xavier’s ribs. Everett goes for a Standing MoonSault, but Xavier gets his knees up.

Xavier delivers a Leaping Cutter to Everett. Xavier is unleashing a flurry of strikes to Everett. Xavier knocks Konley off the ring apron. Xavier launches Everett out of the ring. Xavier with a SomerSault Plancha Everett and Konley. Lee hops on the steel ring steps to further distract Xavier. Everett drops Xavier with an enziguri. Xavier side steps Everett sternum first to the turnbuckles. Xavier delivers a Back HandSpring Kick to pickup the victory.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier via Pinfall 

oVe & LAX Segments: 

Grado, Joseph Parks and James Mitchell In-Ring Segment: 

– Grado will be taking on Abyss in a Monsters Ball Match at Bound for Glory. 

– We get a video package on the rivalry with American Top Team & Moose.

American Top Team, Moose & Stephan Bonnar In-Ring Segment: 

Fourth Match: Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary 

Rosemary with a ground and pound attack to Taya after the bell rings. Rosemary connects with the Body Avalanche. Rosemary launches Taya to the other side of the ring. Rosemary with a Northern Lights Suplex. Rosemary is holding onto Taya’s ankle. Taya and Rosemary are trading back and fort shots on the ring apron. Taya drives Rosemary face first to the top turnbuckle. Taya is putting the boots to Rosemary in the corner. Taya delivers a stiff bodyshot. Taya is applying pressure to the back of Rosemary’s neck.

Following a irish whip, Rosemary dishes out a back elbow strike. Rosemary locks in the Tarantula. Taya deposits Rosemary on the outside. Taya with a Flying Crossbody Block off the ring apron. Taya sends Rosemary into the steel ring post. Taya kicks Rosemary in the ribs. Taya with the cover for a two count. Taya applies a half nelson arm-bar. Taya drives Rosemary’s head to the canvas. Taya connects with a Saito Suplex. Taya follows that with a Running Double Knee Strike.

Rosemary responds with a Release German Suplex. Taya and Rosemary are in a forearm exchange. Rosemary with a leg lariat to Taya. Taya delivers a series of roundhouse kicks. Rosemary goes for the Red Wedding, but Taya counters with a Northern Lights Suplex. Taya lands a Double Stomp to the midsection of Rosemary to pickup the victory. After the match, Taya goes for The Road Valhalla, but Rosemary blocks it. Rosemary spits red mist into Taya’s eyes. Rosemary challenges Taya to a First Blood Match at Bound For Glory. Rosemary screams Bloody Mary at Taya.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez