GFW Impact Wrestling Results – October 5, 2017

GFW Impact Wrestling
October 5, 2017
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Eli Drake In-Ring Promo: 

First Match: Chris Adonis vs. Hector Garza Jr. 

Garza dodges a clothesline from Adonis. Eli Drake joins the commentary team for this match. Garza kicks Adonis in the leg. Garza follows that with a SuperKick for a two count. Garza is all over Adonis. Garza applies a front face lock. Adonis responds with a Top Wrist Lock. Adonis gets Garza shoulders pinned to the mat for a two count. Garza is trying to create separation. Adonis with a Bridging Cover for a two count. Adonis starts bending the fingers of Garza. Garza delivers a leg lariat. Garza connects with a Hurricanrana that sends Adonis out of the ring.

Garza follows that with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Adonis drives Garza face to the ringside mats. Adonis applies a rear chin lock coming out of the commercial break. Garza gets back to a vertical base. Adonis clotheslines Garza for a two count. Adonis lands a Leg Drop. Adonis with a perfectly placed knee strike to the back of Garza. Adonis connects with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Adonis drops Garza with a knife edge chop. Adonis walks over Garza ribs.

Adonis goes for the cover, but Garza kicks out. Adonis applies a Bow and Arrow Stretch. Adonis plants Garza with a SpineBuster. Johnny Impact arrives to the Impact Zone. Adonis goes for the Adonis Lock, but Garza blocks it. Garza whips Adonis to the turnbuckles.

Garza fires up with a series of clotheslines. Garza delivers the Missile Dropkick for a two count. Garza misses on the SpringBoard MoonSault. Johnny Impact attacks Drake to cause the disqualification. Impact shoves a referee. Impact is throwing haymakers at Garza. Impact goes back to the ground and pound attack on Adonis. Impact is getting held back by GFW Referee’s and Security.

Winner: Chris Adonis via Disqualification 

– Jim Cornette announces that Johnny Impact will take on Hector Garza Jr on next weeks edition of GFW Impact. The winner of the match will go on to face Eli Drake for the GFW Global Championship at GFW Bound for Glory. 

Moose’s Scavenger Hunt For Bobby Lashley 

LAX Backstage Segment: 

Second Match: oVe vs. Trey Miguel & John Bolland 

Jake Crist will start things with Miguel. Miguel with a Waist Lock Go-Behind to Jake. Jake transitions into a side headlock. Jake drops Miguel with a shoulder tackle. Miguel leapfrogs over Jake. Following a long waist lock exchange, Jake rams his shoulders to the midsection of Miguel. Jake connects with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count.

Jake follows that with a Leaping Neck Breaker. Jake tosses Bolland out of the ring. Dave drops Miguel and Bolland with a SpringBoard MoonSault to the outside. Bolland catches Jake in mid-air. Bolland goes for a Delayed BodySlam, but Jake lands back on his feet. Jake makes the tag to Dave. oVe double teams Miguel. oVe drops Miguel with Total Elimination to pickup the victory.

Winner: oVe via Pinfall 

Sienna, KM, Gail Kim, Allie, Taryn Terrell and Karen Jarrett In-Ring Segment: 

– Sienna is inducting herself into the 2017 GFW Hall of Fame. Sienna calls herself the greatest Knockout’s Champion of all-time. Gail says that she’s not having it with Sienna’s disrespect. Taryn Terrell is the only reason why Gail is not the Knockout’s Champion. Taryn says that it’s time for a history lesson. The longest reigning Knockout’s Champion in history is, Taryn Terrell.  

Gail has never defeated her before. Allie says that she deserves a title shot as well. Karen Jarrett joins the festivities. First piece of business, nobody will be honoring Sienna at Bound for Glory. Second piece of business, At GFW Bound for Glory, Sienna will put her Knockout’s Championship on the line against Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell and Allie. Good luck ladies. 

Third Match: Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley and Andrew Everett vs. Sonjay Dutt, Matt Sydal and Petey Williams 

Dutt and Konley will start things off. Quick waist lock exchange. Dutt drops Konley with a shoulder tackle for a one count. Konley applies a wrist lock. Dutt transitions into an arm-bar. Dutt ducks a clothesline from Konley. Dutt connects with a Standing Hurricanrana. Dutt sets up for the Spinning DDT, but Lee attacks Dutt from behind. This leads us to a pier six brawl in the center of the ring. The Carolina Boys are delivering a flurry of running haymakers. Williams, Dutt and Sydal reverses out of the Irish Whips. Trifecta Dropkicks sends Lee, Konley and Everett out of the ring. Dutt with a MoonSault off the ring apron. Sydal and Williams follows that with Suicide Dives in Stereo.

Dutt makes the tag to Williams. Williams gets Konley tied in the tree of woe. Williams stomps on Konley’s gut. Williams tags in Sydal. Double MoonSault gets a two count. Dutt with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike to the midsection of Konley. Williams is cutting the ring in half. Everett kicks Dutt in the back. Konley knocks Dutt of the ring apron. Lee and Everett are mauling Dutt on the outside. Konley with the cover for a two count. Konley tags in Lee. Lee stomps on Dutt’s shoulder. Lee steps on Dutt’s ribs.

Lee makes the tag to Everett. Everett dropkicks Dutt for a one count. Everett is talking smack to Williams. Konley lands a Leaping Knee Drop for a two count. Konley continues to isolate the shoulder of Dutt. Dutt delivers a Big Boot. Dutt shoves Konley into Lee. Dutt connects with a Spinning DDT while kicking Lee and Everett in the process. Dutt tags in Williams.

Williams with a SlingShot CodeBreaker to Lee. Williams follows that with a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Williams plants Konley with a SitOut FaceBuster. Everett accidentally hits Konley with the SpringBoard MoonSault. Williams tags in Sydal. Everett drops Sydal with a Pele Kick. Sydal has Everett perched on the top turnbuckle. Sydal with a Standing Hurricanrana to Everett. Sydal lands the Shooting Star Press to pickup the victory.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and Matt Sydal via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: El Texano Jr. & El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. James Storm & Ethan Carter III 

Texano and Storm will start things off. Texano blindsides Storm before the bell rings. Texano is stomping on Storm’s chest in the corner. Texano delivers a flurry of haymakers. Texano is mauling Storm. Storm drops Texano with three consecutive back elbow strikes. Storm drives Texano head to the canvas. Storm applies a wrist lock. Storm refuses to tag in EC3. Texano with a big haymaker to Storm. Storm responds with a Leaping Lariat. EC3 tags himself in. Texano punches EC3 in the jaw. Texano tags in Fantasma. EC3 with an Axe Handle Strike to Fantasma. EC3 lands a knife edge chop. EC3 connects with a Snap Vertical Suplex. Storm tags himself in. Storm is teeing off on Fantasma.

Texano kicks Storm in the back. Fantasma SuperKicks Storm. Fantasma and Texano are cutting the ring in half. Texano with a cover on Storm for a two count. Following a snap mare takeover, Texano applies a Sitting Abdominal Stretch. Storm gets back to a vertical base. Storm leapfrogs over Texano. Storm tags in EC3. EC3 drops Texano with a Jaw Breaker. EC3 with a FlapJack to Texano. EC3 ducks a clothesline from Fantasma. EC3 dropkicks Fantasma out of the ring. EC3 slips out of the Fireman’s Carry Position. EC3 plants Texano with the TK3 for a two count.

EC3 with a Knee Lift to Texano. Fantasma kicks EC3 behind the referee’s back. Texano repeatedly stomps on the back of EC3. Texano applies a rear chin lock. EC3 is elbowing the gut of Texano. Texano tags in Fantasma. Fantasma dropkicks EC3 for a two count. Fantasma lands the Helluva Kick. Fantasma slaps EC3 in the chest. Fantasma drops EC3 with a Leaping Double Knee Strike. EC3 is lighting up Fantasma’s chest in the corner. Texano with a right kick to EC3. Fantasma has EC3’s shoulders pinned to the mat for a two count. Fantasma goes back to the rear chin lock. EC3 explodes out of the corner with a Running Clothesline.

Pagano makes his way to the ringside area. Brian Hebner is trying to calm down Storm. Fantasma with a Running Knee Strike to EC3. Coming out of the commercial break, Texano is in the ring with EC3. Texano dropkicks EC3. Fantasma kicks EC3 in the ribs. Fantasma with a series of Open Hand Palm Strikes to EC3. Pagano and Texano drives EC3 crotch first to the steel ring post. Texano connects with a Jaw Breaker. Texano bodyslams EC3. Fantasma misses on the Frog Splash. EC3 with a Running FaceBuster to Fantasma. EC3 finally makes the hot tag to Storm. Storm with an Atomic Drop to Fantasma. Up and Over Goes Storm. Storm delivers a Leaping Enziguri from the ring apron.

Storm with a Leaping Neck Breaker/DDT Combination for a two count. Storm is distracted by Pagano. Texano SuperKicks Storm. Fantasma drops Storm with a knife edge chop. Fantasma plants Storm with a WheelBarrow Code Breaker for a two count. Storm has Fantasma staggering on the top turnbuckle. Texano with a leg lariat to the back of Storm’s knee. EC3 hits Storm, Texano and Fantasma with the Tower of Doom. Texano drags Storm out of the ring. Fantasma accidentally knocks Texano down with the Suicide Dive. Storm goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Fantasma counters with a Crossbody Block. Fantasma uses Pagano for leverage to pickup the victory.

Winner: El Texano Jr. & El Hijo Del Fantasma via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez