WWE 205 Live Results – August 22, 2017

WWE 205 Live
August 22, 2017
Barclays Center
Brooklyn, New York

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik vs. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak 

Alexander and Nese will start things off. Collar and elbow tie up. Nese flex’s in the middle of the ring. Alexander applies a wrist lock. Nese reverses the hold. Alexander uses his athleticism to land a single leg takedown. After a standing switch exchange, Alexander connects with a HandSpring Leg Scissors TakeOver. Alexander follows that with a Dropkick. Nese backs himself in between the ropes to create separation. Alexander mocks Nese. Nese tags in Gulak. Gulak kicks Alexander in the gut. Gulak lands a knife edge chop. Gulak connects with the side headlock takeover. Alexander lands a haymaker across the chin of Gulak. Alexander tags in Metalik. Alexander and Metalik connects with a Double Hip Toss.

Alexander lands a sliding leg lariat. Metalik goes for the cover, but Gulak kicks out at the count of two. Metalik uses his athleticism to play mind games with Gulak. Metalik with a Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Metalik follows that with a Missile Dropkick. Gulak drops Metalik with a Open Hand Strike. Gulak tags in Nese. Metalik tosses Gulak out of the ring. Metalik connects with a SpringBoard MoonSault to the outside. Metalik rolls Nese back into the ring. Metalik is distracted by Gulak. Nese runs through Metalik with a Back Elbow Strike for a two count. Nese repeatedly stomps on Metalik’s chest. Nese gets Metalik tied in the tree of woe. Nese was setting up for ab crushers, but Alexander gets in the way. Nese is yelling at Alexander.

Metalik school boys Nese for a two count. Nese whips Metalik to the corner. Nese with a running forearm smash that knocks Alexander off the ring apron. Nese and Metalik are fighting for position on the top turnbuckle. Metalik dumps Nese on the canvas. Metalik connects with a High Crossbody Block. Alexander and Gulak are tagged in. Alexander lands a series of clotheslines. Alexander knocks Nese off the ring apron. Alexander with a Discus Back Elbow Strike to Gulak. Alexander follows that with a Corner Spear. Alexander lands a enziguri from the ring apron.

Alexander connects with the SpringBoard Clothesline for a two count. Gulak responds with a Big Boot. Gulak explodes out of the corner with a running lariat. Metalik makes the blind tag. Alexander lands a thrust kick to the midsection of Gulak. Metalik connects with a Leaping Basement Dropkick. Metalik follows that with a SpringBoard Splash for a two count as Nese breaks up the pin attempt. Alexander drops Nese with a HandSpring Enziguri. Metalik tags in Alexander. Metalik and Alexander connects with Stereo SomerSault Planchas to the outside. Gulak with a inside cradle for a two count. Alexander plants Gulak with the Lumbar Check to pickup the victory.

Winner: Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik via Pinfall 

Gentleman’s Duel with Jack Gallagher and THE Brian Kendrick 

There are people out there who push their buttons and the person who does it for him is Brian Kendrick. A duel is how gentlemen settle things. Kendrick hasn’t been a gentleman lately. Gallagher has been called a clown and he was disrespected by Kendrick.Maybe it’s true that he has been a gentleman too long. Sometimes, you need to knock someone out. Gallagher will show how much of a fighter he is. Kendrick appears on the TitanTron. Kendrick calls Gallagher pathetic. Gallagher surrounds himself with toys and ridiculous props. He’s proving Kendrick right.

 Gallagher is nothing more, but a mustache twirling clown.  You expect him to play duel with him? Kendrick is a fighter. A clown has duels. Kendrick found a suitable opponent for Gallagher. A clown comes down to the ring. Gallagher HeadButts The Clown. Gallagher is destroying the clown with all the weapons on the table. Gallagher clears the table. Kendrick attacks Gallagher from behind with William The 3rd. Kendrick PowerBombs Gallagher through a table. Kendrick challenges Gallagher to a No Disqualification Match for next week’s WWE 205 Live. 

Second Match: Neville (c) vs. Akira Tozawa w/Titus O’Neil for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship 

Neville applies a waist lock. Tozawa transitions into an arm-bar. Neville backs Tozawa into the ropes. Neville applies a wrist lock. Tozawa reverses the hold. Tozawa lands a knife edge chop. Neville with a side headlock takeover to Tozawa. Neville drops Tozawa with a shoulder tackle for a one count. Neville applies a sitting Cravate. Neville goes for the cover, but Tozawa kicks out at the count of two. Neville stomps on Tozawa chest. Tozawa goes for the Shining Wizard, but Neville blocks it. Neville goes for the Spinning Heel Kick, but Tozawa catches Neville’s boot. We have a stale mate in the corner. Tozawa fires off more knife edge chops. Tozawa follows that with a series of forearms. Tozawa is stomping on Neville’s chest.

Neville goes for the SunsetFlip, but Tozawa counters with a Shining Wizard. Neville rolls himself out of the ring. Tozawa goes for the Suicide Dive, but Neville ducks out of the way. Neville drives Tozawa’s injured shoulder to the second rope. Neville connects with the Garvin Stomp. Neville continues to apply pressure to the shoulder of Tozawa. Neville applies a deep hammer lock. Neville with a Double Axe Handle Strike for a two count. Tozawa with a sunset flip for a two count. Tozawa fires off more forearm strikes. Neville responds with a Basement Dropkick. Neville follows that with a MoonSault to the outside.

Neville drives Tozawa shoulder to the LED Board. Tozawa gets back into the ring at the count of nine. Neville launches Tozawa back first into the ringside barricade. Tozawa knocks Neville off the top turnbuckle. Neville rolls himself out of the ring to create separation. Tozawa with a Helluva Kick to Neville. Tozawa follows that with the Suicide Dive. Tozawa lands a Big Boot on the apron. Tozawa drops Neville with a Flying Cannonball off the apron. Tozawa goes for the cover, but Neville kicks out at the count of two. Tozawa lands a spinning heel kick to the midsection of Neville. Tozawa connects with the Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Tozawa goes for the Senton Bomb, but Neville sends Tozawa crashing crotch first on the top turnbuckle.

Neville and Tozawa are trading back and forth shots on the top rope. Neville plants Tozawa with a SuperPlex. Tozawa somehow rolls Neville over for a two count. Neville connects with a lariat. Neville follows that with a Fireman’s Carry FaceBuster. Neville with a Running Leg Lariat for a two count. Neville repeatedly slaps Tozawa in the face. Tozawa drops Neville with a big forearm strike. Tozawa with a schoolboy cover for a two count. Tozawa lands another Spinning Heel Kick. Tozawa slides under Neville. Neville goes for the Rings of Saturn, but Tozawa escapes. After a rolling crucifix exchange, Tozawa drops Neville with a enziguri. Tozawa goes for the Senton Bomb, but Neville ducks out of the way. Neville locks in the Rings of Saturn which forces Tozawa to tap out.

Winner: Still WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville via Submission 

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Author: Josh Lopez