WWE RAW Results – July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017
Talking Stick Resort Arena
Phoenix, Arizona

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Enzo In-Ring Promo: 

Over the past year, Enzo has been knocked out cold on pay per views, beaten up in hotel rooms, gone through Sensitivity Training, and many other things and it happened while Big Cass had his back. For 5 years, Cass stood behind him. Cass didn’t have his back, he looked past him. He knew that Enzo was a silver tongued son of a gun on the mic and tonight, he’s going platinum. Enzo runs his mouth week after week and he gets back up after every beating. Cass never had his back so what’s the worst thing that he or Conor McGregor can do?  Knock him out cold on a pay per view?  It’s already been done. He’s not the biggest, the baddest, or the strongest, but Enzo is one of the toughest guys to walk through the ropes in a long long time.

Enzo knows who he is. It’s because he’s a Certified G. Confidence is something you can’t teach. Enzo is confident in who he is and his abilities. Enzo is grateful for everyone who is wearing his merchandise. It helps him put food on his table. He believes in the good that he’s doing. Enzo is physical proof that his mouth has never dug a hole so deep that he couldn’t climb himself back out of it. He walks into the room with confidence and he walks out with confidence. Enzo knows where he’s going.

He’s going to the top. Enz has walked out of holes way taller than seven feet. Cass is nothing more than a seven foot catchphrase that he wrote. Enzo says there’s nobody in this business who goes harder bouncing a check than Enzo Amore. Cass is where the money’s at? Don’t be mad and don’t be surprised that next quarter when the merchandise check reads zero dimes. That’s unless he starts wearing a shirt that says CassHole. Enzo and Cass were brothers. They would ride or die. That part of him is dead because it rolled down his face with one gangster tear. It’s about Enzo being all he can be and all eyes on me.

– Big Cass is being interviewed by Charly Caruso in the backstage area. Cass says that Enzo has a great ability to take for a long time, while saying absolutely nothing. Cass says that Enzo won’t be walking after Sunday. Enzo attacks Cass from behind. Referee’s and Agents separates both men. 

First Match: Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks 

Bayley and Nia Jax will starts things off. Nia gets Bayley in a Fireman’s Carry Position, but Bayley gets back on her feet. Nia HeadButts Bayley. Nia repeatedly stomps on the chest of Bayley. Bayley returns the favor. Bayley lands a series of dropkicks to Nia. Nia bounces Bayley head on the top turnbuckle. Bayley lands a big boot. Bayley tags in Sasha. Bayley and Sasha connects with a stereo dropkick to Nia. Sasha lands a forearm smash. Sasha drives Nia into the turnbuckles. Sasha dropkicks Nia out of the ring. Nia knocks Bayley off the steel ring steps. Nia follows that with a running knee strike. Bayley is heading to the backstage area with the medical team. Bliss applies a rear chin lock. Sasha gets back on her feet. Sasha connects with a Thou Lez Press. Sasha is teeing off on Bliss in the corner. Sasha whips Bliss head to the canvas for a two count. Bliss responds with a big boot. Sasha attacks Nia who’s on the ring apron.

Sasha goes for a double knee strike, but Bliss ducks out of the way. Bliss tags in Nia. Nia plants Sasha with a Back Breaker. Nia lands a series of elbow drops to the back of Sasha for a two count. Bliss and Nia are cutting the ring in half. Bliss rams her knee across the back of Sasha’s neck. Nia gets Sasha trapped in the Bear Hug. Sasha fires back with more forearm smashes. Nia launches Sasha to the other side of the ring. Nia tags in Bliss. Bliss repeatedly drives Sasha’s head to the canvas. Bliss goes for the cover, but Sasha kicks out at two. Bliss uppercuts Sasha. Bliss continues to apply pressure to the back of Sasha. Bliss and Sasha are trading back and forth shots. Bliss goes for a double knee strike, but Sasha ducks out of the way. Sasha connects with the Shining Wizard. Sasha with a leg lariat that knocks Nia off the ring apron. Sasha gets Bliss trapped in the Bank Statement which forces Bliss to tap out.

Winner: Bayley & Sasha Banks via Submission 

– Braun Strowman wants Kurt Angle to give him competition. Angle says that there’s a collection of superstars who are already booked for the show. Strowman says that by the end of the night he’s going in the ring looking for competition. Angle is a smart, so he should figure this out. 

– We get a video package for the upcoming Samoa Joe/Brock Lesnar WWE Universal Title Match at WWE Great Balls of Fire. 

Second Match: Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar w/Alicia Fox 

Alexander says that he feels like a broken record. He has said that it is over between him, Noam Dar, and Alicia Fox. Alexander tells Dar to come to the ring so he can send him to Alicia Fox in a matching neck brace. Dar walks to the ringside area with the returning Alicia Fox. Alexander lands a series of right hands immediately after the bell rings. Dar whips Alexander to the ring apron. Alexander connects with a SpringBoard Clothesline. Dar rolls out of the ring. Alicia Fox gets in the way of Alexander.

Alexander goes for a leg scissors takedown, but Dar kicks Alexander in the chest. Dar goes for the cover, but Alexander kicks out at two. Dar drives his knee to the wrist of Alexander. Dar applies an arm-bar. Alexander gets back to a vertical base. Dar with a leg lariat to the shoulder of Alexander. Alexander responds with a knife edge chop. Alicia hops on the ring apron to distract Alexander. Dar goes for the School Boy, but Alexander counters with the LumBar Check to pickup the victory.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via Pinfall 

Miz TV with Special Guest: Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater, Rhyno and Kurt Angle 

Miz brought the ratings last week and he exposed The Ball Family for what they are. Overhyped and Over Exposed. Lonzo Ball will be the biggest bust in NBA history and he will let down more people than Steve Nash ever did. Miz knows talent. He took Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel from background stars in Marine 5 to the Miztourage. Miz calls LaVar Ball the biggest loser. Miz can’t believe that people want Dean Ambrose to represent the Big Baller Brand. All Ambrose represents is wasted potential. When Dean Ambrose first came to WWE, everyone saw the promise. He had toughness in the ring. He had an unorthodox charisma. Ambrose was going to be the next Roddy Piper. He was going to be the breakout star of the Shield. Instead we got wacky Dean Ambrose who would rather tell jokes than deal with the truth. Ambrose can’t handle success. Every time Ambrose was a top dog or main eventer, he caved under the pressure.  Everyone saw it. That’s the pressure that Miz revels in and flourishes in. Ambrose can’t take the Intercontinental Title and make it relevant because that’s Miz’ job. The WWE Universe can laugh at all of Ambrose jokes ,but the biggest joke of them all will be Dean Ambrose. 

Ambrose comes out to interrupt Miz and The Miztourage. After that trainwreck last week, he thought we would never see another MizTV segment. Now Miz has hiw own goon squad. Everything Miz said about him is true. Miz has him figured out so well.  Miz probably knows that he’s going to go through his bodyguards and kick his ass. Ambrose will get his rematch and why not have it right now. Heath Slater and Rhyno come out on the stage. Slater doesn’t mean to be rude or disrespectful, but the last man to beat Miz in the ring wasn’t Dean Ambrose, it was Heath Slater. He’s never had a singles title opportunity. Slater has a family and he has kids. He hates having to tell his kids that daddy’s got this. He doesn’t know if he’s got this or if everything is going to be okay. Slater wants this opportunity and he needs this opportunity. He’s earned this opportunity, for his kids.

Ambrose tells Slater to wait his turn and get to the back of the line. When Miz hands goes up, your mouth goes shut. Ambrose will get his rematch when Miz tells him. Slater won’t get his title match. Kurt Angle comes out. Miz doesn’t get to say when and where he competes, Kurt does. Miz tells Kurt to talk to Corey Graves about his personal problems and get out of his business. Angle tells Miz to be careful what he says. Miz will do Kurt a favor. He’ll defend his title on Sunday. Miz wants Kurt to tell him who he has to face at Great Balls of Fire, Heath Slater or Dean Ambrose. How about both? Ambrose will get his rematch on Sunday, but Miz will have to defend the title right now against Heath Slater. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true. 

Third Match: The Miz (c) w/Maryse & The MizTourage vs. Heath Slater w/Rhyno for the WWE Intercontinental Championship 

Ambrose joins the commentary team for this match. Slater and Miz goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Slater with a quick rollup for a one count. Miz applies a waist lock. Slater floats over into a front face lock. Slater follows that with a wrist lock takedown for a one count. Slater applies a side headlock. Miz kicks Slater in the gut. Miz with a side headlock takeover. Slater gets back to a vertical base. Miz drops Slater with a running shoulder tackle. Slater responds with a hip toss for a two count. Slater goes back to a side headlock. Slater drops Miz with another shoulder tackle. Miz goes for a hip toss, but Slater counters with a back slide for a two count. Slater follows that with a inside cradle for another two count. Miz drops Slater with a knee lift. Miz goes for the knife edge chop, but Salter ducks out of the way. Slater lands a series of jabs and knife edge chops in the corner. Slater rips off Miz’s button down shirt. Slater connects with an inverted atomic drop. Slater goes for the jack knife cover, but Miz kicks out at two. Miz rolls out of the ring. Slater lands more jabs coming out of the commercial break. Miz responds with a neck breaker for a two count. Miz splits his pants.

Slater and Miz are trading back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Miz kicks Slater in the knee. Miz plants Slater with a DDT for a two count. Miz catapults Slater throat to the bottom rope. Miz tosses Slater out of the ring. Rhyno gets in the way of The Miztourage. Miz drives Slater sternum first into the ringisde barricade. Miz drops Slater with a Big Boot for a two count. Miz lands a series of IT Kicks. Slater responds with a Flap Jack. Slater tees on Miz with more rapid fire jabs. Slater drops Miz with a leaping knee strike. Miz drives Slater back first into the turnbuckles. Slater goes for the Victory Roll, but Miz kicks out at two. Slater whips Miz face first to the top turnbuckle. Slater connects with the neck breaker for a two count.

Miz side steps Slater to the corner. Miz lands the Awesome Clothesline. Miz ascends to the top turnbuckle. Slater plants Miz with a PowerSlam off the ring apron. Axel distracts Slater. Rhyno knocks Axel off the ring apron. Bo Dallas attacks Rhyno from behind. The Miztourage whips Rhyno back first into the barricade. Miz connects with the Skull Crushing Finale to pickup the victory. After the match, The Miztoruage are attacking Slater. Dean Ambrose storms to the ring to make save. Ambrose goes for the Dirty Deeds, but Miz rolls out of the ring. Axel with a clubbing axe handle to the back of Ambrose. MizTourage plants Ambrose with a Double Neck Breaker. Miz lands another Skull Crushing Finale on Ambrose.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz via Pinfall 

–  Titus O’Neil stops by to talk to Apollo Crews. Titus says that Braun Strowman talked about not having competition so this is the perfect opportunity for Apollo Crews. Crews mentions the fact that he just had a child. Nobody knew about Kalisto until he was thrown in a dumpster. Then he talks about how Apollo’s daughter can ask him about defeating the monster. Titus gets Apollo to believe that Crews Can’t Lose.

The Shattered Truth 

– Kurt Angle announces that Cesaro & Sheamus will put their Raw Tag Team Titles on the line at WWE Great Balls of Fire against The Hardy Boyz in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match. Cesaro will take on Finn Balor later on tonight. Cesaro and Sheamus reminds Kurt that they are the bar. 

Fourth Match: Curt Hawkins vs. Seth Rollins 

Hawkins should be out here facing Braun Strowman and give him a run for his money. Last week, the people in Los Angeles got it wrong. They didn’t believe in Curt Hawkins and it hurt his feelings. Do the dummies in Phoenix get it?  Will Hawkins lose tonight? Rollins takes the mic and he has a question for the people of Phoenix. Who thinks Curt Hawkins needs to shut the hell up? Rollins cheap shots Hawkins before the bell rings. Rollins lands a Thrust Kick to the gut of Hawkins. Rollins follows that with the Rain Trigger to pickup the victory.

After the match, Rollins. calls out Bray Wyatt. Bray was everywhere, but when Rollins is looking for a fight, Bray is nowhere to be found. Rollins knows that Bray’s here and he will talk a little truth. Bray says that Rollins needs to be saved. Neither Rollins or the WWE Universe needs to be saved. His mistakes, transgressions and sins. Rollins embraces them because they made him the man he is today. If Bray want to talk about his vanity, you better be worried about his wrath. There will be a cleansing, but not of his soul. It will be of Bray’s mystique when he proves that Bray is not a God. There will be one question left after Sunday. Is Bray a man or a coward?

Winner: Seth Rollins via Pinfall 

Samoa Joe & Brock Lesnar Sit-Down Interview: 

Fifth Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Neville 

Ali applies a waist lock. Neville responds with a waist lock takedown. Ali floats over into a front face lock. Ali drops Neville with a shoulder tackle. Neville nips up. Neville rakes the eyes of Ali. Ali kicks Neville in the chest. Ali follows that with a dropkick and a hurricanrana. Ali dives over Neville. Ali with a Flying Crossbody for a two count. Neville rams Ali to the turnbuckles. Ali lands a boot to the jaw of Neville. Ali sets up for the 450 Splash, but Neville hits Ali in the back. Neville goes for a Avalanche Release Suplex off the top rope, but Ali gets back on his feet. Ali plants Neville with a Spike DDT for a two count.

Ali ascends to the top turnbuckle. Neville launches Ali face first to the barricade. Neville heads to the outside to break up the referee’s ten count. Neville tosses Ali back into the ring. Neville repeatedly stomps on the chest of Ali. Neville talks smack to the Phoenix Crowd. Neville with a SlingShot Stomp to the back of Ali’s neck. Neville sends Ali chest first to the canvas. Ali regains momentum with a forearm smash. Ali side steps Neville into the turnbuckles. Ali goes for the Roll Through Neck Breaker, but Neville counters with a nasty lariat. Neville gets Ali trapped in the Rings of Saturn which forces Ali to tap out.

Winner: Neville via Submission 

Bray Wyatt Promo: 

Alexa Bliss Backstage Interview: 

Sixth Match: Cesaro w/Sheamus vs. Finn Balor 

Balor and Cesaro goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Balor applies a side headlock. Cesaro gets back to a vertical base. Balor with a basement dropkick to he knee of Cesaro. Balor kicks Cesaro in the chest. Balor goes back to the side headlock. Cesaro ducks a clothesline from Balor. Cesaro connects with a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker. Cesaro with a clubbing blow to the back of Balor. Cesaro uppercuts Balor in the corner. Balor fires up with a series of right hands. Cesaro immediately knocks down Balor with a clothesline for a one count. Cesaro applies an arm-bar. Cesaro goes for the sunset flip, but Balor counters with the Basement Dropkick. Balor lands a knife edge chop. Balor follows that with a running knife edge chop. Balor continues to light up Cesaro chest in the corner. Balor repeatedly lands SlingShot Stomps to the chest of Cesaro. Sheamus hops on the ring apron to distract Balor. Cesaro whips Balor head to the middle turnbuckle. Cesaro starts stomping on Balor chest in the corner. Cesaro lands a slew of knife edge chops. Cesaro uppercuts Balor. Balor responds with another knife edge chop. Cesaro tosses Balor out of the ring.

Cesaro with a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Cesaro starts working on the shoulder of Balor. Balor fires up with a forearm smash. Balor rams his shoulders to the gut of Cesaro. Balor goes for a sunset flip, but Cesaro counters with a vertical suplex for a two count. Cesaro follows that with a Springboard European Uppercut. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Balor counters with a double leg takedown. Balor lands a Double Stomp to the chest of Cesaro. Balor lands a big boot in the corner. Balor fires up with a series of running back elbow strikes. Balor with a Basement Dropkick that sends Cesaro to the outside. Balor follows that with the Penalty Kick. Balor rolls Cesaro back into the ring. Balor plants Cesaro with the SlingBlade. Balor sets up for the Turnbuckle Basement Dropkick, but Elias Samson appears on the stage strumming his guitar.

Cesaro drops Balor with a Elevated Uppercut for a two count. Cesaro follows that with a running uppercut in the corner. Balor responds with a Standing Enziguri that sends Cesaro crashing to the outside. Balor sets up for the SomerSault Plancha, but Samson trips Balor behind the referee’s back. The Hardy’s starts brawling with Sheamus and Samson on the outside. Balor tosses Cesaro out of the ring. Balor connects with the Somersault Plancha on the outside. Cesaro dumps Balor knee first into the ring apron. Matt drops Samson with the Twist of Fate. Sheamus Brouge Kicks Matt. Jeff drops Sheamus with a flying clothesline off the ring apron. Cesaro drops Jeff Hardy with a running european uppercut. The rapid fire sequence continues as Balor lands a Basement Dropkick that sends Cesaro back first into the ringside barricade. Balor rolls Cesaro back into the ring. Balor connects with the Coup De Grace to pickup the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor via Pinfall 

Seventh Match: Braun Strowman vs. Apollo Crews w/Titus O’Neil 

Crews ducks a clothesline from Strowman. Crews lands a series of forearms. Strowman launches Crews to the corner. Crews dodges another clothesline. Crews lands a flurry of jabs in the corner. Crews applies a side headlock. Strowman drops Crews with a Big Boot. Strowman tosses Crews out of the ring. Strowman says that Crews is not competition. Crews gets back into the ring at the count of seven. Strowman applies a vice grip. Strowman lands a clubbing blow to the chest of Crews. Strowman with a massive lariat to the chest. Strowman talks smack to Titus O’Neil. Strowman kicks Crews out of the ring. Titus wants Crews to back into the ring. Crews slaps Strowman in the face. Crews whips Strowman face off the top rope. Crews connects with a leaping enziguri. Crews with a Basement Dropkick to Strowman. Crews goes for the Standing Moonsault, but Strowman kicks him in mid-air.

Strowman plants Crews with three Running PowerSlams to pickup the victory. After the match, Strowman goes for another PowerSlam, but Titus gets in the way. Titus gets into the ring and talks smack to Strowman. Titus lands a series of right hands to Strowman. Strowman clotheslines Titus. Strowman plants Titus with a PowerSlam. Strowman launches Crews to the back of the ambulance. Strowman signals for the ambulance to drive away, but nothing is happening. Strowman goes to the front of the ambulance and Roman Reigns emerges and punches Strowman. Strowman sends Roman into the ambulance and the ringside barrier. Strowman whips Reigns onto the stage. Reigns uppercuts Strowman. Reigns drives Strowman to the LED screen. Reigns Spears Strowman off the stage through the table.

Winner: Braun Strowman via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez