WWE NXT Results – May 24, 2017

May 24, 2017
Allstate Arena
Chicago, Illinois

– NXT Takeover: Chicago Video Package

First Match: Aleister Black vs. Curt Hawkins 

Hawkins is talking smack to Black. Hawkins kicks Black in the gut. Black moonsaults over Hawkins. Black sits in the middle of the ring. Black with a vicious leg strike to Hawkins. Hawkins tosses Black to the ring apron. Hawkins goes for the slingshot suplex, but Black blocks it. Black kicks Hawkins in the chest. Black goes for a Double Stomp, but Hawkins ducks out of the way.

Black drops Hawkins with a running strike to the jaw. Black goes for Black Mass, but Hawkins rolls out of the ring. Black is chasing Hawkins. Hawkins drives Black back first into the ring apron. Hawkins stomps on Black back. Hawkins with a snap mare followed by a knee to the back. Hawkins applies a rear chin lock. Black with a leg lariat to the chest of Hawkins. Black connects with a Springboard Moonsault. Black drops Hawkins with Black Mass to pickup the victory.

Winner: Aleister Black via Pinfall 

NXT Takeover Chicago Recap

NXT Takeover Theme Songs Were Over Throne by Hacktivist and Judas by Fozzy. We get a video package from the DIY/Authors of Pain Tag Team Ladder Match. Also the stunning conclusion as Tomasso Ciampa stabbed Johnny Gargano in the back.

We also get a video of Ember Moon sitting in the Allstate Arena talking about being left out of the NXT Women’s Championship Match. Chicago was a proving ground for her. Moon is still sporting a sling. Moon wanted Asuka to retain the NXT Women’s Championship, so she can rip away what means the most to Asuka. Moon says that Battle Scars will last forever. Then we saw a recap of the Ruby Riot/Nikki Cross/Asuka Triple Threat NXT Women’s Championship Match.

Roderick Strong/Eric Young Recap.

Second Match: The Velveteen Dream vs. “All Ego” Robert Anthony 

*Check out my interview with Patrick Clark aka The Velveteen Dream.

Dream applies a side headlock. Dream drops Anthony with a shoulder tackle. Dream leapfrogs over Anthony. Dream connects with a dropkick. Anthony responds with a forearm smash. Dream drives Anthony to the corner. Dream goes into the ground and pound attack.

Dream with a clubbing axe handle to the back of Anthony. Dream rams his knee across the back of Anthony’s neck. Dream slaps Anthony in the face. Dream connects with a Springboard Clothesline. Dream follows that up with a neck breaker. Dream ascends to the top rope. Dream connects with the Velveteen Drop to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream via Pinfall 

– Video Recap of the Classic Tyler Bate/Pete Dunne WWE UK Championship Match. Also recap of the Hideo Itami/Bobby Roode WWE NXT Championship Match

Third Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Wesley Blake 

Blake and McIntyre goes into the collar and elbow tie up. McIntyre blocks an arm-ringer attempt from Blake. McIntyre with a running shoulder tackle to Blake. McIntyre applies a side headlock. Blake lands a knife edge chop. McIntyre with a big boot across the jaw of Blake. McIntyre lands another knife edge chop. Blake kicks McIntyre in the gut. Blake lands a couple blows to the back of McIntyre. McIntyre plants Blake with a over the head belly to belly suplex. Blake drives McIntyre shoulder to the top rope. Blake connects with a lariat for a one count. Blake with a clubbing back elbow to the back of McIntyre. Blake applies an Kimura Lock.

McIntyre brings Blake to the top turnbuckle. Blake with a top rope hurricanrana. Blake gets McIntyre in the Cross Armbreaker, but McIntyre reaches the bottom rope. Blake continues to work on the shoulder of McIntyre. McIntyre tosses Blake out of the ring. McIntyre and Blake trades shots. McIntyre with a Big Boot to Blake. McIntyre with a series of haymakers to Blake. McIntyre connects with a flying forearm. McIntyre with a single axe handle off the top rope. McIntyre plants Blake with the Spinebuster for a two count. Blake with a knee strike to McIntyre.

Blake sends McIntyre shoulder first to the steel ring post. Blake rolls McIntyre up for a two count. Blake gets McIntyre in the Cross Face. McIntyre powers out of the submission hold. McIntyre connects with the Reverse Alabama Slam for a two count. McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT, but Blake counters with the Arm Breaker for a two count. Blake ascends to the top rope. McIntyre gets back on his feet. Blake drops McIntyre crotch first on the top turnbuckle. Blake gets McIntyre in the Tree of Woe. McIntyre with a Over the Head Belly to Belly Suplex from the Top Turnbuckle. Blake ducks a big boot from McIntyre. McIntyre headbutt’s Blake. McIntyre connects with the Claymore to pickup the victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez