NWA USA Results (11/26/22): Kerry Morton vs. Colby Corino

NWA USA Results 11/26/22
Frederick J Sigur Civic Center
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: The Pope & JTG vs. The Miserably Faithful w/Father James Mitchell & Sal Rinauro

JTG and Gaagz The Gimp will start things off. Gimp is playing mind games with JTG. JTG tags in Pope. Gimp talks strategy with Judais. Gimp drop steps into a side headlock. Pope whips Gimp across the ring. Gimp runs into Pope. Pope drops Gimp with a shoulder tackle. Gimp drops down on the canvas. Gimp stops Pope in his tracks. Gimp sticks his tongue out. Pope continues to zip Gimp’s mask. Pope with a straight right hand. Pope tags in JTG. Pope with a Body Avalanche. JTG bodyslams Gimp for a one count. Gimp shoves JTG. Gimp with a greco roman eye poke. Gimp applies The Sleeper Hold. JTG sends Gimp back first into the canvas. JTG nails Gimp with a Pump Kick. JTG with a NeckBreaker for a two count. Gimp rolls away from JTG. Judais tags himself in.

JTG whips Gimp across the ring. Gimp ducks a clothesline from JTG. JTG goes for a Dropkick, but Rinauro pulls Gimp out of the ring. Judais drops JTG with The Big Boot. Judais uses the middle rope to choke JTG. Judais fish hooks JTG. Rinauro delivers a cheap shot behind the referee’s back. Judais is choking JTG with his knee. Judais with clubbing shoulder blocks. Judais tags in Gimp. Gimp with a double handed chop. Gimp with clubbing palm thrust. Gimp applies a greco roman throat hold. Gimp rocks JTG with a forearm smash. Gimp tags in Judais. Judais stomps on JTG’s chest. JTG with elbows into the midsection of Judais. JTG with a straight right hand. Judais reverses out of the irish whip from JTG. JTG with a knee lift.

Judais answers with a knee lift. Judais tags in Gimp. Gimp buries his knee into the midsection of JTG. Gimp with clubbing shoulder blocks of his own. JTG kicks Gimp in the face. JTG hits The Reverse SlingBlade. JTG uses his feet to create separation. JTG tags in Pope. Pope clotheslines Gimp. Pope with a double handed chop. Pope with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Pope sweeps out the legs of Gimp. Pope with a Fist Drop. Pope unloads a series of Bionic Elbows. Pope with the greco roman eye poke. Pope tees off on Gimp. Pope whips Gimp across the ring. Rinauro continues to run interference. Pope with a DDT/NeckBreaker Combination. Pope and JTG blocks The Double Chokeslam. Pope and JTG clotheslines Judais over the top rope. Pope connects with The Elijah Express to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Pope & JTG via Pinfall 

– May Valentine had a backstage interview with a brand new tag team, Damage and Carnage. They are here to wreck shop.

– Austin Idol Vignette.

– Samantha Starr is looking forward to living up to the legacy of her mother, Baby Doll.

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Second Match: Natalia Markova vs. Ella Envy With Kenzie Paige As The Special Guest Referee

Envy whispers something in Paige’s ear after the bell rings. Paige checks Markova for any foreign objects. Envy side steps the collar and elbow tie up. Paige stops Markova in her tracks. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Envy backs Markova into the turnbuckles. Paige is yelling at Markova. Stalemate in the corner. Paige is curtailing the rules in favor of her tag team partner. Markova slaps Envy in the chest. Markova tells Envy to bring it. Markova with an overhand chop. Paige checks on Envy in the corner. Envy blinds Markova with hair spray. Envy with a hair pull takedown for a two count. Envy with a back chop. Envy stomps on Markova’s back and chest. Envy is choking Markova with her boot. Envy repeatedly stomps on Markova’s chest.

Envy with clubbing blows to Markova’s back. Envy with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a one count. Envy applies a rear chin lock. Markova decks Envy with a JawBreaker. Markova with two overhand chops. Markova sends Envy to the corner. Envy dodges The Beautiful Destruction. Envy scores the ankle pick. Envy stands on the right knee of Markova. Envy viciously bends the right ankle of Markova. Envy wraps the right leg of Markova around the bottom rope. Forearm Exchange. Paige shoves Envy into Markova. Paige drags Envy on top of Markova for a two count. Markova with a Counter Vertical Suplex. Markova with forearm shivers. Markova with the irish whip. Markova connects with The Beautiful Destruction to pickup the victory.

Winner: Natalia Markova via Pinfall 

Third Match: Kerry Morton (c) w/Ricky Morton vs. Colby Corino w/Homicide For The NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Corino starts things off with a Running Dropkick. Corino with a Running Cannonball Strikes. Corino is raining down haymakers. Corino repeatedly drives his knee into Morton’s chest. Corino slams Morton’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Corino with clubbing shoulder blocks. Corino applies a wrist lock. Corino sends Morton to the corner. Morton dives over Corino. Standing Switch Exchange. Corino decks Morton with a back elbow smash. Morton Powerslams Corino for a two count. Morton applies a rear chin lock. Morton with heavy bodyshots in the corner. Morton drives his knee into the midsection of Corino. Corino with a flying forearm smash. Corino with a BackBreaker on the top turnbuckle. Corino SuperKicks Morton off the ring apron. Corino drags Morton back into the ring. Corino goes into the lateral press for a two count.

Corino punches Morton in the back. Corino buries his shoulder into the midsection of Morton. Corino with a straight right hand. Corino whips Morton across the ring. Corino with The Kitchen Sink for a two count. Corino applies a waist lock. Corino stomps on Morton’s back. Corino with a Flipping Senton Splash for a two count. Corino chops Morton. Corino with a Back Body Drop. Corino poses for the crowd. Corino with a knife edge chop. Corino sends Morton into the ropes. Morton with an inside cradle for a two count. Corino fights out of the fireman’s electric chair position. Morton goes for a German Suplex, but Corino counters with an arm-drag takeover.

Corino with The Tilt-A-Whirl BackBreaker. Corino with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Corino applies a rear chin lock. Morton decks Corino with a JawBreaker. Morton with a Spinning Back Fist. Morton thrust kicks the midsection of Corino. Morton with a Twisting NeckBreaker for a two count. Corino clings onto the top rope. Morton rocks Corino with a forearm smash. Short-Arm Reversal by Corino. Misfired Clotheslines. Lariat Exchange. Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline. Homicide taunts Ricky at ringside. Corino tackles Morton out of the ring. Corino gives Homicide a fist bump. Homicide answers with a middle finger salute. Morton hits The Draping DDT. Morton connects with The Kiss It Goodbye to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kerry Morton via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez