AEW Dark Elevation Results (9/5/22): Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir vs. Madison Rayne & Queen Aminata

AEW Dark Elevation Results 9/5/22
The NOW Arena
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

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Commentary Team: (Excalibur & Matt Menard)

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts 

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: (23-13) Julia Hart vs. (0-2) Alice Crowley 

Hart is playing mind games with Crowley. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Crowley applies a wrist lock. Hart grabs Crowley’s hair. Hart backs Crowley into the turnbuckles. Crowley ducks a clothesline from Hart. Crowley with forearm shivers. Short-Arm Reversal by Hart. Hart pulls Crowley down to the mat. Hart with The Standing MoonSault for a one count.

Crowley rocks Hart with a forearm smash. Hart SuperKicks Crowley. Hart sends Crowley face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Hart tees off on Crowley. Hart with a knife edge chop. Hart is choking Crowley with her boot. Crowley goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Hart lands back on his feet. Hart with another SuperKick. Hart connects with The Sliding Lariat. Hart makes Crowley tap out to The Hartless Lock.

Winner: (24-13) Julia Hart via Submission 

Second Match: (23-7) Tony Nese & (7-4) Josh Woods w/Mark Sterling vs. (0-1) Jordan Kross & (0-1) Renny D

Tony Nese and Jordan Kross will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Nese with a waist lock go-behind. Nese flexes his muscles. Strong lockup. Nese backs Kross into the turnbuckles. Nese with a gut punch. Kross reverses out of the irish whip from Nese. Nese side steps Kross into the turnbuckles. Nese thrust kicks the midsection of Kross. Nese with a knee lift. Nese with a Mid-Kick. Nese sweeps out the legs of Kross. Nese applies a front face lock. Nese tags in Woods. Double Irish Whip. Nese with a corner clothesline. Woods with clubbing knee strikes.

Woods tags in Nese. Nese kicks Kross in the gut. Nese poses for the crowd. Nese pie faces Kross. Kross with heavy bodyshots. Nese drives Kross face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Nese tags in Woods. Nese with a Running Bulldog across the top strand. Woods with The Bridging German Suplex for a two count. Nese dumps Renny out of the ring. Nese with The Slingshot Pescado. Woods with a Rising Knee Strike. Woods and Nese connects with their Olympic Slam/NeckBreaker Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: (24-7) Tony Nese & (8-4) Josh Woods via Pinfall 

Third Match: (31-7) Serena Deeb vs. (0-3) Nikki Victory

Victory ducks a clothesline from Deeb. Victory with forearm shivers. Victory with a diving corner clothesline. Victory follows that with a Flying Crossbody Block. Deeb regroups on the outside. Victory with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Victory rolls Deeb back into the ring. Deeb with Three Dragon Screw Leg Whips on the middle rope. Deeb with The Swinging NeckBreaker for a two count. Deeb unloads two knife edge chops. Deeb uppercuts Victory. Deeb finally takes off her robe.

Deeb toys around with Victory. Deeb with a side headlock takeover. Deeb grapevines the legs of Victory. Deeb puts her knee on Victory’s back. Deeb fish hooks Victory. Deeb continues to pie face Victory. Deeb with a short-arm lariat. Deeb applies a wrist lock. Victory with forearm shivers. Victory sends Deeb to the corner. Deeb side steps Victory into the turnbuckles. Deeb with a Sunset Flip. Deeb sits on Victory’s back. Deeb pulls back Victory’s arms which forces her to verbally submit.

Winner: (32-7) Serena Deeb via Submission 

Fourth Match: (34-22) Private Party vs. (0-4) Brandon Gore & (0-7) JDX 

Isiah Kassidy and JDX will start things off. JDX blocks a boot from Kassidy. Quen attacks JDX from behind. Private Party gangs up on JDX. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown. Fist Drop/Standing Frog Splash Combination. JDX avoids The Shotgun Meteora. Kassidy and Gore are tagged in. Gore with two clotheslines.

Kassidy rolls under a clothesline from Gore. Quen with The Missile Dropkick. JDX with a corkscrew elbow strike. Private Party hits The Silly String. Gore punches Kassidy in the back. Matt Hardy appears on the stage. Kassidy puts Gore on the top turnbuckle. Kassidy with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Private Party connects with The Gin N Juice to pickup the victory. After the match, Hardy gives a standing ovation for Private Party.

Winner: (35-22) Private Party via Pinfall

Fifth Match: (13-31) Skye Blue vs. (43-24) Diamante 

Standing Switch Exchange. Blue with a flying mare takeover. Blue with a Rolling Crucifix for a two count. Blue applies a wrist lock. Diamante decks Blue with a back elbow smash. Blue side steps Diamante into the turnbuckles. Blue with a back bridge cover for a two count. Diamante with forearm shivers. Diamante sends Blue to the corner. Diamante launches Blue over the top rope. Blue with a forearm smash. Diamante answers with a shoulder block. Diamante dropkicks Blue off the ring apron. Diamante pats herself on the shoulder. Diamante rolls Blue back into the ring. Diamante with an elbow drop. Diamante repeatedly drives her knee into Blue’s ribs. Diamante applies a rear chin lock. Blue with elbows into the midsection of Diamante.

Diamante drives Blue face first into the canvas for a two count. Blue with heavy bodyshots. Blue with forearm shivers. Diamante drives her knee into the midsection of Blue. Diamante with clubbing blows to Blue’s back. Diamante with a leaping back elbow smash. Blue avoids The Hesitation Dropkick. Forearm Exchange. Diamante reverses out of the irish whip from Blue. Blue with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takeover. Blue with a Rising Knee Strike. Blue follows that with a Running Dropkick for a two count. Diamante dodges The Leg Lariat. Diamante with Three German Suplex’s for a two count. Blue denies The Shiranui. Blue SuperKicks Diamante. Diamante with a forearm smash. Blue ducks a forearm from Diamante. Diamante goes for The Cazadora Bulldog, but Blue counters with The Twisting Flatliner to pickup the victory.

Winner: (14-31) Skye Blue via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: (75-33) Nyla Rose & (15-7) Marina Shafir w/Vickie Guerrero vs. (1-1) Madison Rayne & (0-12) Queen Aminata 

Marina Shafir and Madison Rayne will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Shafir denies the inside cradle. Shafir sends Rayne back first into the canvas. Shafir applies a wrist lock. Shafir kicks out the legs of Rayne. Shafir repeatedly kicks Rayne in the face. Wrist Lock Exchange. Rayne rocks Shafir with a forearm smash. Rayne applies a side headlock. Shafir sends Rayne to the corner. Rayne decks Shafir with a back elbow smash. Rayne kicks Shafir in the chest. Rayne with a Missile Dropkick. Rayne gets distracted by Vickie. Rayne with a forearm smash. Shafir drops Rayne with The Big Boot. Shafir drags Rayne to the corner. Shafir tags in Rose. Rose with an elbow drop. Rose and Shafir whips Rayne into the turnbuckles. Shafir with a shoulder tackle. Rose with a Senton Splash for a two count. The referee tells Aminata to get out of the ring.

Rayne decks Rose with a JawBraker. Rayne tags in Aminata. Aminata ducks a clothesline from Rose. Aminata HeadButts Rose. Forearm Exchange. Rose bodyslams Aminata. Rose with a Leg Drop. Rose sends Aminata to the corner. Rose with a cheap shot to Rayne. Shafir chokes Aminata behind the referee’s back. Rose is choking Aminata with her boot. Rose tags in Shafir. Shafir with forearm shivers. Following a snap mare takeover, Shafir kicks Aminata in the back. Aminata denies The Judo Throw. Aminata with clubbing elbow smashes. Aminata drops Shafir with a Flatliner. Shafir tags in Rose. Rose goes for a Running Splash, but Aminata gets her knees up in the air. Aminata tags in Rayne. Ryane ducks a clothesline from Rose. Rayne with a chop/forearm combination. Rayne with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Rose denies The Leaping DDT. Rayne goes for a Sunset Flip, but Rose blocks it. Rose with a forearm smash. Rose tags in Shafir. Rose knocks Aminata off the apron. Shafir and Rose connects with their DDT/Flapjack Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: (76-33) Nyla Rose & (16-7) Marina Shafir via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez