IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/28/22): Rich Swann vs. Kushida

IMPACT Wrestling Results 7/28/22
Old Forester’s Paristown Hall
Louisville, Kentucky

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Commentary Team (Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt) 

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Eddie Edwards w/Kenny King vs. Ace Austin w/Chris Bey 

Edwards attacks Austin from behind. Edwards with heavy bodyshots. Edwards with a forearm smash. Edwards HeadButts Austin. Austin with two toe kicks. Edwards answers with a greco roman eye poke. Edwards sends Austin to the corner. Austin with a drop toe hold. Austin kicks Edwards in the back. Austin with The La Magistral for a one count. Austin with a deep arm-drag. Austin applies an arm-bar. Austin delivers the papercut. Edwards regroups on the outside. Austin showcases his agility on the apron. Austin kicks Edwards in the face. Edwards dodges The Polish Hammer. Austin gets distracted by King. Edwards with a clubbing forearm across the back of Austin’s head. Edwards with a knife edge chop. Edwards punches Austin. Edwards rolls Austin back into the ring. Edwards fish hooks Austin. Austin with a gut punch. Austin two forearm smashes. Austin ducks a clothesline from Edwards. Edwards with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Edwards with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count. Edwards follows that with a blistering chop. Edwards scores a right jab.

Edwards puts Austin on the top turnbuckle. Edwards is lighting up Austin’s chest. Austin with hammer elbows. Austin with The Victory Roll for a two count. Edwards goes for The Blue Thunder Bomb, but Austin lands back on his feet. Austin rolls under a clothesline from Edwards. Austin drives his knee into the midsection of Edwards. Edwards applies a waist lock. Austin with two sharp elbow strikes. Edwards avoids The Spinning Heel Kick. Austin with two knee lifts. Austin dropkicks Edwards. Austin with a forearm smash. Edwards reverses out of the irish whip from Austin. Edwards with another Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Austin holds onto the ropes. Austin sends Edwards tumbling to the floor. Austin hits The Fosbury Flop. Austin rolls Edwards back into the ring. Austin with a SpringBoard Famouser for a two count. Edwards side steps Austin into the turnbuckles. Austin kicks Edwards in the face. Edwards with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Edwards with The Backpack Stunner for a two count. Austin denies The Boston Knee Party. Austin delivers The House Of Cards.

Austin gets distracted by King. King gets into a shoving contest with Bey. Austin kicks King off the ring apron. Bey lands The SomerSault Plancha. Bey and King starts brawling towards the backstage area. Austin decks Edwards with a back elbow smash. Austin with a Spinning Heel Kick. Edwards with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex into the turnbuckles. Edwards has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Edwards applies a wrist lock. Edwards with two knife edge chops. Edwards with a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Austin kicks out of multiple pinning predicaments. Forearm Exchange. Edwards toys around with Austin. Austin with a gut punch. Austin with forearm shivers. Austin sends Edwards to the corner. Edwards launches Austin over the top rope. Austin with a leaping forearm smash. Edwards dodges The SpringBoard Windmill Kick. Edwards with a Running Lariat. Austin avoids The Boston Knee Party. Austin side steps Edwards into the turnbuckles. Austin with The SpringBoard Windmill Kick for a two count. Austin goes for The Fold, but Edwards counters with a Pop Up PowerBomb. Edwards connects with The Tiger Driver for a two count. Edwards plants Austin with The Die Hard Driver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall 

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Second Match: Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid vs. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice 

Trey Miguel and Zicky Dice will start things off. Miguel dodges The Polish Hammer. Miguel shoves Dice into Swinger. Miguel sends Dice into the ropes. Miguel drops down on the canvas. Miguel leapfrogs over Dice. Dice lunges over Miguel. Dice taunts Miguel. Miguel dropkicks the left knee of Dice. Miguel with a Reverse Tiger Feint Kick. Miguel with an arm-ringer on the top rope. Miguel follows that with a sliding dropkick. Miguel tags in Kid. Double Basement Dropkick. Dice regroups on the outside. Dice and Swinger put on bedazzled face masks. Miguel knocks Swinger off the ring apron. Kid stomps on Dice’s back. Kid with a palm strike. Kid tags in Miguel. Meeting Of The Minds. Miguel dumps Dice out of the ring. Miguel lands The Suicide Dive. Miguel gets distracted by Swinger.

Dice with a Running Lariat. Dice rolls Miguel back into the ring. Dice slams Miguel’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Dice tags in Swinger. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown. Swinger with a running fist drop for a two count. Swinger kicks Miguel in the gut. Swinger tags in Dice. Dice with a gut punch. Dice with forearm shivers. Dice punches Miguel in the back. Dice whips Miguel across the ring. Miguel ducks a clothesline from Dice. Miguel with a Handspring Enzuigiri. Miguel tags in Kid. Kid with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Kid with a palm strike to Swinger. Kid with a Spinning Back Kick. Kid kicks Dice in the chest. Kid with a Leaping NeckBreaker. Swinger kicks Miguel in the back. Dice knocks Miguel off the apron. Dice and Swinger goes for their BackBreaker/Flying Sledge Combination, but Kid ducks out of the way. Miguel hits The Flying Meteora. Kid connects with The Frog Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid via Pinfall 

Third Match: Tiffany Nieves vs. Jada Stone 

Tasha Steelz joins the commentary team for this match. Stone ducks a clothesline from Nieves. Stone applies a waist lock. Nieves pulls Stone down to the mat. Nieves stands on Stone’s hair. Nieves bodyslams Stone for a two count. Nieves kicks Steelz in the chest. Nieves with a Seated Senton. Nieves stomps on Stone’s back and chest. Stone with a drop toe hold into the top turnbuckle pad. Stone matrix under a clothesline from Nieves. Stone blocks a boot from Nieves. Stone with a Roundhouse Kick.

Stone SuperKicks Nieves for a two count. Stone goes for The Split Legged MoonSault, but Nieves ducks out of the way. Nieves avoids The Running Cannonball Strike. Nieves connects with The DDT to pickup the victory. After the match, the lights go out in the building. Killer Kelly makes her way down to the ring. Nieves talks smack to Kelly. Nieves shoves Kelly. Kelly nails Nieves with The Pump Kick. Kelly makes Nieves pass out to a Top Wrist Lock Choke. Kelly with a Corner Dropkick to Stone. Kelly plants Stone with The Double Underhook GourdBuster.

Winner: Tiffany Nieves via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Josh Alexander vs. Mahabali Shera w/Raj Singh 

Quick shoving contest. Shera blocks the deep arm-drag. Shera goes for a Bodyslam, but Alexander lands back on his feet. Alexander punches Shera in the back. Alexander applies The Cobra Twist. Shera with a Big Biel Throw. Shera whips Alexander across the ring. Alexander kicks Shera in the chest. Alexander with two short-arm clotheslines. Alexander clotheslines Shera over the top rope. Alexander unloads two knife edge chops. Shera with a gut punch. Shera with a straight right hand. Shera rolls Alexander back into the ring. Alexander slams Shera’s head on the top rope. Alexander with two knee kicks.

Alexander with a forearm smash. Alexander follows that with clubbing blows to Shera’s back. Alexander with a Running Crossbody Block through the ropes. Alexander rolls Shera back into the ring. Singh pulls Alexander off the ring apron. Singh shoves Alexander towards the steel ring steps. Alexander is pissed. Shera with heavy bodyshots. Alexander scores the ankle pick. Alexander makes Shera tap out to The Ankle Lock. After the match, Sami Callihan plants Singh with The Cactus Driver #98. Callihan says that sooner or later, Steve Maclin will have a date with The Death Machine.

Winner: Josh Alexander via Submission 

Fifth Match: Rich Swann vs. Kushida 

Swann wants Kushida to shake his hand. Kushida obliges. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kushida with a single leg takedown. Kushida applies a toe and ankle hold. Kushida grapples around Swann. Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Kushida applies a full nelson lock. Kushida with a flying mare takeover. Kushida goes for a hammerlock, but Swann counters with a wrist lock. Kushida with the headscissors neck lock. Swann answers with the headscissors escape. That leads us to a quick standoff in the center of the ring. Back to the collar and elbow tie up. Side Headlock Exchange. Swann whips Kushida across the ring. Kushida drops Swann with a shoulder tackle. Swann drops down on the canvas. Swann leapfrogs over Kushida. Swann cartwheels over Kushida. Kushida with a deep arm-drag. Kushida with a leg sweep for a one count. Misfired Dropkicks. Double Dropkick. Double Kickup. Swann side steps two sprawling dropkicks from Kushida. Kushida applies a wrist lock. Swann with a wrist lock takedown. Swann with a knife edge chop. Kushida answers with Two Shotei’s. Swann regroups on the outside.

Kushida has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Kushida stomps on Swann’s face. Kushida applies a hammerlock. Kushia pulls back the right shoulder of Swann. Kushida hyperextends the left shoulder of Swann. Kushida repeatedly kicks Swann in the back. Kushida with an arm-ringer. Swann reverses out of the irish whip from Kushida. Swann dropkicks Kushida. Swann with a blistering chop. Kushida with forearm shivers. Swann answers with two palm strikes. Swann thrust kicks the midsection of Kushida. Following a snap mare takeover, Swann repeatedly kicks Kushida in the back. Swann dropkicks Kushida to the floor. Chop Exchange. Swann inadvertently chops the steel ring post. Swann kicks the left shoulder of Kushida. Kushida kicks Swann in the gut. Swann with a straight right hand. Swann transitions into a corner mount. Swann scores a right jab. Kushida with repeated hamstring kicks. Swann kicks Kushida in the face. Swann applies a rear chin lock. Kushida with elbows into the midsection of Swann. Swann ducks a clothesline from Kushida Both men are knocked down after a Double Crossbody Block.

Kushida with clubbing shoulder kicks. Swann reverses out of the irish whip from Kushida. Kushida with a Running Crossbody Block. Kushida ducks a clothesline from Swann. Kushida with an Overhead Kick. Kushida with a Running Shotei. Kushida follows that with a Running Arm-Breaker. Kushida applies The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Swann puts his foot on the bottom rope which forces the break. Kushida with a Guillotine/Hammerlock Combination. Kushida dropkicks the left shoulder of Swann. Swann with The Spinning Heel Kick. Swann blocks The Fastball. Swann with a Spinning Back Fist. Kushida with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Swann decks Kushida with a back elbow smash. Swann SuperKicks Kushida. Swann drops Kushida with a NeckBreaker. Swann delivers The Kick Back for a two count. Swann goes for The Phoenix Splash, but Kushida ducks out of the way. Kushida with a Running Shoulder Kick. Kushida with a Hip Toss. Kushida follows that with a Cartwheel Dropkick. Swann denies The Hoverboard Lock. Swann with a German Suplex. Kushida kicks Swann in the face. Kushida ascends to the top turnbuckle. Swann with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Swann with a Leaping FrankenSteiner. Swann ascends to the top turnbuckle. Kushida with a Handspring Kick. Kushida hammers down on the back of Swann’s neck. Kushida makes Swann tap out to The Hoverboard Lock.

Winner: Kushida via Submission 

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Author: Josh Lopez