AEW Dynamite Results (6/29/22): The Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Jericho Appreciation Society

AEW Dynamite
June 29, 2022
Little Caesars Arena
Detroit, Michigan

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Commentary Team: (Excalibur, Jim Ross, TAZ and Tony Schiavone)

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts 

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: (28-9) Ethan Page w/Dan Lambert vs. (60-21-2) Orange Cassidy w/Best Friends 

The referee has ejected Best Friends from the ringside area because they didn’t have a manager’s license. Pockets Pose. Cassidy ducks a clothesline from Page. Page pulls Cassidy down to the mat. Page walks over Cassidy’s chest. Cassidy pops back on his feet. Cassidy ducks under two clotheslines from Page. Cassidy dropkicks Page. Cassidy flexes his muscles. Misfired Bodyslams. Cassidy sends Page into the ropes. Cassidy drops down on the canvas. Cassidy leapfrogs over Page. Page goes for a Hip Toss, but Cassidy counters with a deep arm-drag. Cassidy lands The Suicide Dive. Cassidy rolls Page back into the ring. Cassidy with The Flying Crossbody Block for a one count. Page hammers down on the back of Cassidy’s neck. Cassidy sends Page to the corner. Cassidy denies The Powerslam. Page drops Cassidy with a running shoulder tackle. Page mocks Cassidy.

Page delivers a gut punch. Page with The Delayed Vertical Suplex. Cassidy rolls Page over for a one count. Page with The Big Boot. Lambert toys around with Cassidy behind the referee’s back. Page with two forearm smashes. Page repeatedly stomps on Cassidy’s chest. Page rocks Cassidy with a forearm smash. Page takes a victory lap. Page with boxing elbows. Page whips Cassidy across the ring. Page scores the elbow knockdown. Page stomps on the right hand of Cassidy. Page slams Cassidy’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Page with clubbing shoulder blocks. Page with a Pendulum BackBreaker for a two count. Page punches Cassidy. Page with the irish whip. Cassidy side steps Page into the turnbuckles. Page denies The Sunset Flip. Page with a Roundhouse Kick. Page hits The Twisting Vertical Suplex for a two count.

Cassidy denies The Ego’s Edge. Page with a forearm smash. Page goes for The Ego’s Edge, but Cassidy counters with a Hurricanrana into the middle turnbuckle pad. Cassidy sends Page chest first into the turnbuckles. Cassidy trips Page. Lambert trips Cassidy from the outside. Page with a big haymaker. Page with The Press Powerslam for a two count. Page is raining down haymakers. Page gives the crowd the middle finger salute. Page goes for a PowerBomb, but Cassidy counters with The Stundog Millionaire. Cassidy goes for a Bodyslam, but Page lands back on his feet. Cassidy drops Page with The Spinning DDT for a two count. Cassidy is playing mind games with Lambert. Cassidy ducks a clothesline from Page. Cassidy spits orange juice into Lambert’s eyes. Cassidy delivers Two Orange Punches. Cassidy bodyslams Page to pickup the victory.

Winner: (61-21-2) Orange Cassidy via Pinfall 

Second Match: (66-26) Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage vs. (13-83) Serpentico 

Luchasaurus HeadButts Serpentico. Luchasaurus with a Wheelbarrow Suplex. Luchasaurus connects with The Extinction. Luchasaurus makes Serpentico tap out to The Snare Trap. After the match, Luchasaurus pulls Serpentico out of the ring. Luchasaurus Chokeslams Serpentico on the floor.

Winner: (67-26) Luchasaurus via Submission 

Third Match: (61-30) Max Caster & (22-15) The Gunn Club w/Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn vs. (1-1) Danhausen & (33-6-1) FTR In A 6-Man Tag Team Match 

Austin Gunn and Cash Wheeler will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Austin with an arm-drag takeover. Strong lockup. Wheeler applies a side headlock. Austin reverses the hold. Wheeler whips Austin across the ring. Austin drops Wheeler with a shoulder tackle. Wheeler drops down on the canvas. Austin leapfrogs over Wheeler. Austin sweeps out the legs of Wheeler. Wheeler with a Back Body Drop. Wheeler ducks a clothesline from Austin. Wheeler with The Atomic Drop. Wheeler slaps Austin in the ass. Wheeler with a deep arm-drag. Wheeler applies an arm-bar. Wheeler tags in Harwood. Harwood kicks Austin in the gut. Harwood slams Austin’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Harwood unloads two knife edge chops. Harwood with a Vertical Suplex. Harwood with a Leg Drop for a one count. Simultaneous tag to Danhausen.

Double Irish Whip. Double Drop Toe Hold. Danhausen with a running elbow drop for a one count. Austin slaps Danhausen in the chest. Austin sends Danhausen to the corner. Austin tags in Colten. Colten repeatedly stomps on Danhausen’s chest. Colten with the irish whip. Danhausen kicks Colten in the face. Danhausen with a Headscissors Takeover. Danhausen with Two Hip Tosses. Colten clotheslines Danhausen. Colten transitions into a ground and pound attack. Colten tags in Caster. Double Hammer Throw into the turnbuckles. Caster applies The Cobra Clutch. Caster scores the elbow knockdown. Caster with a knee drop for a two count. Caster tags in Austin. Austin and Caster repeatedly stomps on Danhausen’s chest. Austin taunts FTR. Austin tags in Colten. Colten slams Danhausen’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Colten whips Danhausen into the turnbuckles. Colten tags in Caster. Caster with a flying haymaker. Caster applies a rear chin lock.

Caster and Gunn Club continues to cut the ring in half. Danhausen with heavy bodyshots. Danhausen with a Northern Lights Suplex. Caster tags in Colten. Colten stops Danhausen in his tracks. Caster and Colten tees off on Danhausen. Colten dropkicks Danhausen. Austin made the blind tag. Austin hooks the outside leg for a two count. Austin applies a front face lock. Austin goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Danhausen lands back on his feet. Danhausen crawls under Austin. Danhausen tags in Harwood. Harwood unloads a flurry of right jabs and haymakers. FTR with a German Suplex Party. Wheeler with The Slingshot Pescado. Harwood follows that with Three German Suplex’s to Austin. Short-Arm Reversal by Harwood. Austin ducks a clothesline from Harwood. Misfired Hip Tosses. Austin with a Twisting NeckBreaker. Harwood tags in Danhausen. Danhausen with The Pump Kick. The referee gets distracted by Billy. Danhausen goes for The GTS, but Anthony Bowens gets in the way. Bowens inadvertently clock Austin with the crutch. Danhausen proceeds to get the pinfall over Austin. After the match, The Gunn Club walks out on their father following a brief shoving contest.

Winner: (2-1) Danhausen & (34-6-1) FTR via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: (33-0) Jade Cargill (c) w/Stokley Hathaway & Kiera Hogan vs. (0-14) Leila Grey For The AEW TBS Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Cargill applies a courting hold. Cargill with clubbing blows to Grey’s chest. Cargill with Muay Thai Knee Strike. Cargill bodyslams Grey. Cargill kicks Grey in the face. Cargill does a crossover routine in the corner. Grey kicks Cargill in the face. Cargill catches Grey in mid-air. Cargill with The Fallaway Slam. Cargill pops back on her feet. Cargill uppercuts Grey. Cargill talks smack to the crowd. Grey rolls Cargill over for a two count. Grey with forearm shivers. Cargill denies The Running Bulldog. Cargill nails Grey with The Pump Kick. Cargill connects with The Jaded to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still AEW TBS Champion, (34-0) Jade Cargill via Pinfall 

Lineup For This Weeks AEW Rampage 

– The Young Bucks (c) vs. Hirooki Goto & Yoshi Hashi For The AEW World Tag Team Championship

– Toni Storm vs. Nyla Rose

– The Royal Rampage. The Winner Will Get A Shot At The Interim AEW World Championship

Fifth Match: (0-0) The Jericho Appreciation Society w/Taynara Conti vs. (0-0) The Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz and Wheeler Yuta) w/William Regal In A Bloods & Guts Match 

The Jericho Appreciation Society has the numbers advantage in this match. William Regal joins the commentary team for this match. Sammy Guevara and Claudio Castagnoli will start things off. Claudio trips Guevara in mid-air. Claudio goes for a GutWrench Suplex, but Guevara lands back on his feet. Claudio catches Guevara in mid-air. Guevara with clubbing blows to Claudio’s back. Claudio drives Guevara back first into the turnbuckles. Claudio with three running uppercuts. Guevara with a knife edge chop. Guevara with a forearm smash. Claudio answers with a chop/uppercut combination. Claudio throws Guevara into the ropes. Guevara starts climbing up the cage. Guevara with elbows into the midsection of Claudio. Claudio gets Guevara’s legs tied up in the ropes. Claudio with the irish whip. Guevara decks Claudio with a back elbow smash. Guevara showcases his athleticism. Guevara is throwing haymakers at Claudio. Guevara backs Claudio against the steel. Claudio uppercuts Guevara. Claudio tosses Guevara into the other ring. Claudio whips Guevara across the ring. Claudio goes for The Pop Up Uppercut, but Guevara counters with The Cutter. Guevara kisses Conti. Claudio with a double leg takedown. Claudio delivers The Giant Swing. Daniel Garcia is the next entrant.

Garcia attacks Claudio from behind. Garcia kicks Claudio in the gut. Garcia with clubbing blows to Claudio’s back. Guevara repeatedly stomps on Claudio’s chest. JAS gangs up on Claudio in the corner. Claudio with a gut punch/uppercut combination. Garcia and Guevara takes a ride on The Uppercut Train. Guevara drops Claudio with The Pump Knee Strike. Double Vertical Suplex. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown. Claudio with a Double Vertical Suplex. Guevara punches Claudio in the back. Garcia kicks Claudio in the face. Garcia puts his leg on the back of Claudio’s neck. Garcia wraps his durag around Claudio’s neck. Guevara is choking Claudio with his boot. Guevara slams Claudio’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Haymaker Exchange. Wheeler Yuta is the next entrant. Yuta with two forearm smashes. Yuta ducks a clothesline from Garcia. Yuta with a series of german suplex’s. Uppercut/German Suplex Combination to Guevara. Stereo Durag Chokes. Claudio with a Biel Throw. Yuta is putting the boots to Guevara. Claudio throws Garcia into the steel. Jake Hager is the next entrant.

Hager catches Yuta in mid-air. Hager with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Claudio and Hager tosses Garcia and Yuta into opposite rings. That leads us to a huge standoff with the former tag team partners. Second Haymaker Exchange. Hager whips Claudio across the ring. Claudio ducks a clothesline from Hager. Claudio with The SpringBoard European Uppercut. JAS are mauling Claudio in the corner. Garcia transitions into a corner mount. Hager with a straight right hand. Hager with a running shoulder block. Yuta kicks Hager in the chest. Uppercut Exchange. Yuta with The Missile Dropkick. Claudio slams Guevara’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Yuta and Hager get tangled up in the ropes. Hager with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex to Claudio. Hager is raining down haymakers. Jon Moxley is the next entrant. Moxley flings a chair into Hager’s face. Moxley kicks Garcia in the gut. Moxley side steps Guevara into Garcia.

Moxley with a series of corner clotheslines. Moxley with The X-Plex to Guevara. Moxley fish hooks Garcia. Moxley with a clubbing crossface. Moxley transitions into a ground and pound attack. Claudio with a Running Bulldog into a chair. Moxley rams Garcia’s face against the steel. Yuta with a drop toe hold into the chair. Moxley repeatedly stabs Garcia with a fork. Garcia is busted open. Claudio dumps Guevara into the other ring. Claudio uses the middle rope as a weapon. Running Lariat/SpineBuster Combination to Garcia. Assisted Cutter to Guevara. Yuta with The Flying Splash. BCC with Stereo 12×6 elbows. Angelo Parker is the next entrant. Parker desperately tries to hide from The BCC.Claudio with a GutWrench Suplex. Yuta bodyslams Parker. Uppercut Party. Hager with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Hager with clubbing blows to Claudio’s back. Hager launches Claudio over the top rope. Chop Exchange. Hager is choking Claudio with his boot. Parker is throwing haymakers at Moxley. Hager smashes the right knee of Claudio with a steel chair. Garcia reverses out of the irish whip from Yuta. Garcia with a Shotgun Dropkick. Hager continues to attack Claudio with the chair. Ortiz is the next entrant.

Ortiz with a series of clotheslines. Guevara reverses out of the irish whip from Ortiz. Ortiz ducks a clothesline from Guevara. Ortiz clotheslines Parker. Ortiz with an Inside Out Lariat to Guevara. Yuta punches Garcia in the back. Ortiz PowerBombs Guevara. Claudio with three sharp elbow strikes. Claudio punches Gager. Yuta is choking Garcia with his boot. Yuta stomps on Garcia’s face. Yuta throws Garcia into the steel. Moxley drops Parker with a PileDriver. Ortiz delivers multiple chair shots. Moxley is mauling Hager in the corner. Claudio with a corner mount. Garcia kicks Claudio in the gut. JAS has Claudio crotched on the top rope. JAS whips Moxley into the steel. Matt Menard is the next entrant. Menard with multiple running chair shots. JAS gangs up on Moxley. 2.0 with a Double DDT to Ortiz. Guevara with a Vertical Suplex on the chair. Parker is busted open. Menard tees off on Moxley. Menard sends Moxley face first into the steel. Menard jams Moxley’s face against the steel. Menard with a knife edge chop. Yuta rakes the eyes of Garcia. Santana is the next entrant.

Santana brings a table and a barbed wire baseball bat into the ring. Santana with a corner clothesline. Santana unloads a series of knife edge chops. Santana denies The Discus Lariat. Santana kicks Garcia in the face. Standing Switch Exchange. Santana with The Back Drop Driver. Santana with The Uranage Slam. Santana starts favoring his left knee. Parker runs Yuta into the steel. Claudio with a Pop Up Uppercut to Guevara. Moxley stabs Menard with a fork and skewers. Yuta is raining down haymakers. Menard is busted open. Menard attacks Moxley with the barbed wire bat. Garcia and Yuta are trading palm strikes in between the two rings. Chris Jericho is the next entrant. Jericho hits Claudio with Floyd. Ortiz is throwing haymakers at Jericho. Ortiz drops Jericho with The DDT. Ortiz is choking Jericho with a chair. Guevara with The Flying Cutter. Yuta with a Release German Suplex. Yuta hits The Pain Thriller. Hager with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Claudio with a Burning Hammer. Second Uppercut Exchange. Jericho nails Claudio with The CodeBreaker. Jericho poses for the crowd. Eddie Kingston is the final entrant.

Kingston with clubbing kendo stick shots as he walks towards Jericho. Kingston viciously whips Jericho with the kendo stick. Hager attacks Kingston from behind. JAS gangs up on Kingston. Ortiz with rapid fire chair shots. Conti gives Jericho a bottle rubbing oil. Ortiz sets up a table in between the two rings. Kingston flings a chair into Hager’s face. Moxley and Yuta levels Garcia with The Doomsday Device. Claudio with a Running Boot to Menard. Kingston and Ortiz PowerBombs Hager through the table. Yuta is choking Garcia with his boot. Kingston HeadButts Garcia. Kingston jams Garcia’s face against the steel. Yuta pours thousands of thumbtacks in the second ring. Claudio starts ripping off the canvas in the first ring. Moxley with The X-Plex into the thumbtacks. Guevara with a Hurricanrana to Claudio. Guevara with The Pump Kick. Guevara SuperKicks Kingston. Parker starts hanging upside down from one of the steel trusses. Moxley applies The Bulldog Choke. Jericho breaks up the submission hold. Jericho delivers a Judas Effect that sends Moxley crashing into the thumbtacks. Moxley is busted open. Jericho launches Moxley over the top rope. Jericho with two haymakers. Moxley starts biting Jericho’s forehead. Jericho denies The Death Rider. Jericho with a low blow. Jericho with a DDT into the tacks.

Jericho drags Moxley’s back against the tacks. Jericho applies The Walls of Jericho. Kingston throws thumbtacks at Jericho. Kingston tees off on Jericho. Kingston launches Jericho into the steel. Jericho blinds Kingston with the fire extinguisher. Conti lays out the referee at ringside. Conti gives Jericho the keys to escape the cage. Conti gets into a massive brawl with Ruby Soho. Jericho and Kingston climbs up to the top of the structure. Kingston is throwing haymakers at Jericho. Kingston starts biting Jericho’s forehead. Kingston drops Jericho with The Spinning Back Fist. Guevara attacks Kingston from behind. Guevara presses Kingston’s face against the steel. Kingston with a low blow to Guevara. Kingston sends Guevara crashing through the AEW platform at ringside. Kingston and Jericho struggles to get back on their feet. Kingston and Jericho are trading back and forth shots. Kingston tears apart Jericho’s fishnet shirt. Ground and Pound Exchange. Jericho reapplies The Walls Of Jericho. Claudio with a Running Boot. Claudio connects with The Giant Swing on top of the structure. Menard attacks Claudio from behind. Menard is raining down haymakers. Claudio denies a PowerBomb. Kingston applies The Stretch Plum on Jericho. Claudio makes Menard tap out to The Sharpshooter.

Winner: (1-0) The Blackpool Combat Club via Submission 

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Author: Josh Lopez