WWE Raw Results (6/6/22): Rhea Ripley vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Liv Morgan vs. Piper Niven

June 6, 2022
Resch Center
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Commentators: (Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Segment

Cody Rhodes: I fought against one of the very best superstar wrestlers in the history of our game, Seth Rollins. Yeah, I don’t like him either. The chapter, the trilogy, it’s been written. The book is closed. It’s in the archives. I am officially done with Seth Rollins. So with that in mind, I want to talk about what’s above me. The Money In The Bank Briefcase, more so, the contract inside has alluded me my entire career. And certainly, I am a little banged up at the moment. But in four weeks’ time, if somehow, someway I was able to climb the ladder, I was able to grab that briefcase, I was able to cash that sucker in and become the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion.

Seth Rollins: I still do not like you. But after what you put yourself through last night, you have earned my respect. And the world is saying maybe one of the gutsiest performances in the history of this industry, and that’s the truth. Because you are, without a doubt, the toughest person I have ever been in this ring with. And I know I’m the last person you need to hear this from. But Dusty is very, very proud of his baby boy right now. You came out here the night after WrestleMania to show me respect. You shook my hand. I came out here for no other reason than to return the favor.

Rollins heads to the backstage area. Rhodes starts waving goodbye to the audience. Rollins viciously attacks Rhodes on the stage with the sledgehammer to close this segment.

First Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Dana Brooke For The WWE 24/7 Championship

Becky kicks Brooke in the gut. Becky uppercuts Brooke. Becky talks smack to Brooke. Becky punches Brooke in the back. Becky gets distracted by the 24/7 Crew. Brooke rolls Tozawa over and becomes the 24/7 Champion. Becky says that nobody is winning titles in her matches anymore. Becky demands that Brooke puts her title on the line right now. Becky with a toe kick. Becky hits The Exploder Suplex. Becky repeatedly kicks Brooke in the back. Becky with another Exploder Suplex. Becky kicks Brooke in the face. Becky delivers her third Exploder Suplex of the match. Becky gets distracted by Asuka. Becky takes a swipe at Asuka.

Brooke rolls Becky over for a two count. Becky clotheslines Brooke. Brooke side steps Becky into the turnbuckle. Brooke kicks Becky in the gut. Brooke dropkicks Becky. Brooke with forearm shivers. Brooke sends Becky to the corner. Brooke with a Handspring Back Elbow Smash. Brooke drops Becky with The Running Bulldog for a two count. Brooke drags Becky to the corner. Brooke goes for The Swanton Bomb, but Becky ducks out of the way. Becky with The Big Boot. Becky goes for The Uranage Slam, but Brooke counters with the jackknife hold to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke via Pinfall 

Miz TV With Special Guest: Maryse, Matt Riddle and Tommaso Ciampa 

Second Match: Matt Riddle vs. The Miz w/Maryse 

This match started during the commercial break. Miz drops Riddle with The Kitchen Sink. Miz applies a rear chin lock. Riddle with heavy bodyshots. Miz drives his knee into the midsection of Riddle. Riddle slaps Miz in the chest. Riddle with forearm shivers. Riddle with combo sumo strikes. Riddle teep kicks Miz into the ropes. Riddle ducks a clothesline from Miz. Riddle with an Overhead Kick. Riddle pops back on his feet.

Riddle with two flying forearm smashes. Miz denies The Exploder Suplex. Riddle Powerslams Miz. Riddle hits The Draping DDT. Miz denies The RKO. Miz regroups on the outside. Riddle goes for The PK, but Maryse pulls Miz out of the way. Riddle runs after Miz. Riddle rips off Miz’s pants. Miz with a running elbow smash. The referee gets distracted by Maryse. Miz grabs Maryse’s purse. Riddle connects with The RKO to pickup the victory.

Winner: Matt Riddle via Pinfall 

Third Match: The Usos vs. The Street Profits In A Championship Contenders Match 

Jimmy Uso and Angelo Dawkins will start things off. Dawkins immediately knocks Jey off the ring apron. Dawkins rolls Jimmy over for a one count. Dawkins with the backslide cover for a two count. Dawkins ducks a clothesline from Jimmy. Dawkins with a corkscrew elbow strike for a two count. Dawkins tags in Ford. Double Irish Whip. Double Flapjack for a two count. Jimmy regroups on the outside. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey kicks Ford in the gut. Jey drives Ford back first into the turnbuckles. Jey with clubbing shoulder blocks. Jey is throwing haymakers at Ford. Ford with a chop/haymaker combination. Jey whips Ford across the ring. Ford dropkicks Jey. Dawkins tags himself in. Double Irish Whip. Double Shoulder Tackle. Assisted MoonSault for a two count. The Usos are trying to regain their composure. Dawkins tags in Ford.

Ford applies a waist lock. Ford with a Belly to Back Suplex. Ford whips Jey across the ring. Ford clotheslines Jey over the top rope. Ford with a Flying Cannonball Senton off the steel ring steps. Street Profits has complete control of the commercial break. Dawkins applies an arm-bar. Jimmy made the blind tag. Jey reverses out of the irish whip from Dawkins. Double SpineBuster. Jimmy stomps on Dawkins chest. Jimmy uppercuts Dawkins. Jimmy uses the middle rope as a weapon. Jey delivers a cheap shot behind the referee’s back. Jimmy stomps on the left hand of Dawkins. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jimmy buries his shoulder into the midsection of Dawkins. Jey with a flying forearm smash for a two count. Jey transitions into a ground and pound attack. Jey talks smack to Dawkins. Jey uppercuts Dawkins. Jey tags in Jimmy.

Wish Bone Attack. Jimmy is raining down haymakers in the corner. Jimmy with The Running Stinkface. Jimmy stomps on Dawkins chest. Jimmy sends Dawkins to the apron. Dawkins with forearm shivers. Dawkins blocks a boot from Jimmy. Jimmy with a Spinning Enzuigiri. Jey clotheslines Dawkins behind the referee’s back. Jimmy tags in Jey. The Usos whips Dawkins into the steel ring steps. Jey with a Pop Up Samoan Drop for a two count. Ford decks Jey with a back elbow smash. Ford launches Jey over the top rope. Ford with The Slingshot Pescado. Jimmy with The Suicide Dive. Dawkins lands The SomerSault Plancha. Dawkins rolls Jey back into the ring. Dawkins hits The Cash Out. Dawkins tags in Ford. Ford connects with The Frog Splash for a two count. Ford punches Jey in the back. Jey with a reverse hammer throw into the steel ring post. Jey whips Ford into the ringside barricade. Ford avoids The SuperKick. Ford dumps Jey into the time keepers area. Ford gets back in the ring at the count of nine to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Street Profits via Count-Out 

Fourth Match: Dominik Mysterio w/Rey Mysterio vs. Veer Mahaan 

Standing Switch Exchange. Veer with two waist lock takedowns. Dominik escapes the grip. Dominik mocks Veer. Dominik sends Veer tumbling to the floor. Veer runs after Dominik. Dominik is playing mind games with Veer. Dominik dropkicks Veer off the ring apron. Dominik with forearm shivers. Veer shoves down Dominik. Veer launches Dominik to the apron. Dominik repeatedly kicks Veer in the chest. Dominik with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Dominik with a Leg Drop. Veer responds with a Leaping Body Block. Veer kicks Dominik in the gut. Veer punches Dominik in the back. Dominik clings onto the top rope. Dominik with two shoulder blocks. Veer knocks Dominik off the apron. Veer poses for the crowd. Veer throws Dominik into Rey. Veer teep kicks Rey. Veer has complete control of the match during the commercial break.

Veer applies the nerve hold. Dominik with heavy bodyshots. Veer drives his knee into the midsection of Dominik. Dominik side steps Veer into the turnbuckles. Veer with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle pad. Dominik with clubbing blows to Veer’s back. Veer reverses out of the irish whip from Dominik. Veer catches Dominik in mid-air. Dominik applies a waist lock. Veer decks Dominik with a back elbow smash. Dominik sends Veer shoulder first into the steel ring post. Dominik hits The 619. Dominik lands The Frog Splash for a two count. Veer puts Dominik on the top turnbuckle. Veer denies The Tornado DDT. Veer connects with The Million Dollar Arm. Veer with a Seated Senton. Veer goes for The Cervical Clutch, but Rey counters with a basement dropkick which causes the disqualification. After the match, Rey dropkicks Veer to the floor. Rey nails Veer with The 619.

Winner: Veer Mahaan via Disqualification 

The Judgment Day Segment 

Fifth Match: Omos w/MVP vs. Cedric Alexander 

Alexander is throwing haymakers at Omos. Omos connects with The Choke Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Omos via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: Ezekiel vs. Otis Dozovic w/Chad Gable 

Ezekiel side steps the collar and elbow tie up. Ezekiel with a knife edge chop. Ezekiel with forearm shivers. Dozovic reverses out of the irish whip from Ezekiel. Dozovic with a Body Block. Dozovic with a Discus Back Elbow. Dozovic punches Ezekiel in the back. Dozovic sends Ezekiel face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Dozovic punches Ezekiel in the chest. Dozovic talks smack to Ezekiel. Dozovic with clubbing shoulder blocks. Dozovic with The Exploder Suplex for a two count. Dozovic tugs on Ezekiel’s hair.

Dozovic applies the cravate. Ezekiel sends Dozovic face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Ezekiel with a chop/forearm combination. Dozovic shrugs off two short-arm lariats. Dozovic goes for a Bodyslam, but Ezekiel lands back on his feet. Ezekiel with a Jumping Knee Strike. Ezekiel connects with The Rolling Crucifix to pickup the victory. After the match, Ezekiel challenges Kevin Owens to a rematch for next weeks edition of Raw. Owens accepts Ezekiel with the cavate he admits that he’s Elias. Ezekiel obliges. Ezekiel says that he pulled a play out of The Kevin Owens playbook, meaning that he lied. Ezekiel nails Owens with a Jumping Knee Strike.

Winner: Ezekiel via Pinfall 

Updated WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Match Card 

1.) Bianca BelAir (c) vs. Rhea Ripley For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Seventh Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Liv Morgan vs. Piper Niven w/Nikki Cross In A Fatal Four Way Match. The Winner Will Battle Bianca BelAir For The Raw Women’s Championship At Money In The Bank 

Bianca BelAir was watching this match from the ringside area. Ripley and Morgan engages in rockers punches. Bliss jumps on Niven’s back. Niven backs Bliss into the turnbuckles. Niven throws Bliss into the canvas. Niven slams Bliss head on the top turnbuckle pad. Ripley had a brief standoff with Niven. Forearm Exchange. Short-Arm Lariat Exchange. Ripley ducks a clothesline from Niven. Ripley SuperKicks Niven. Niven fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Niven hammers down on the back of Ripley’s neck. Niven goes for a Bodyslam, but Ripley lands back on her feet. Ripley with clubbing blows to Niven’s back. Ripley goes for The O’Connor Roll, but Niven holds onto the ropes. Niven decks Ripley with a back elbow smash. Bliss and Morgan pulls Niven out of the ring. Bliss and Morgan slams Niven’s head on the ring apron. Morgan ducks a clothesline from Ripley. Morgan applies a waist lock. Ripley drops Bliss with The Big Boot. Ripley sends Morgan back first into the canvas. Morgan with heavy bodyshots. Morgan with a JawBreaker. Morgan follows that with a Rising Knee Strike.

Ripley denies The Running Hip Attack. Morgan with three sharp elbow strikes. Ripley with The Ripcord Lariat. Ripley poses for the crowd. Bliss dropkicks the left knee of Ripley. Bliss with a knee lift. Bliss talks smack to Ripley. Double Throat Hold. Ripley drives her knee into the midsection of Bliss. Ripley punches Bliss in the back. Ripley slams Bliss head on two turnbuckle pads. Ripley repeatedly stomps on Bliss chest. Bliss delivers her combination offense. Ripley punches Bliss in the back. Ripley sends Bliss face first into the canvas. Ripley stomps on Bliss chest. Ripley stands on Bliss back. Ripley goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Morgan counters with a toe kick. Running Dropkick/DDT Combination. Bliss rocks Morgan with a forearm smash. Ripley catches Morgan in mid-air. Morgan with a Missile Dropkick off the apron. Niven with The Running Senton Splash on the floor.

Niven has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Niven with Two Seated Sentons. Niven applies a straight jacket hold. Niven with The Ripcord Lariat for a two count. Niven sends Blis to the corner. Niven levels Bliss with The Body Avalanche. Morgan with The Jersey CodeBreaker. Ripley shoves Morgan into the canvas. Morgan ducks a clothesline from Ripley. Morgan dropkicks Ripley. Bodyshot Exchange. Morgan kicks Ripley in the face. Morgan with a Flying Hurricanrana. Bliss kicks Ripley in the face. Niven drops Morgan with The Pounce. Bliss with The Sunset Bomb. Niven with a Running Splash for a two count. Morgan kicks Niven in the chest. Morgan with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Morgan ducks a clothesline from Niven. Niven with a Running Body Block.

Niven hits The SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Niven HeadButts Bliss. Niven goes for The Vader Bomb, but Ripley gets in the way. Ripley hammers down on the back of Niven’s neck. Bliss and Morgan with The Tower Of Doom. Tandem Covers for a two count. Rollup Exchange. Bliss kicks Morgan in the gut. Bliss drops Morgan with The DDT. Bliss drags Morgan to the corner. Bliss goes for The Twisted Bliss, but Morgan gets her knees up in the air. Niven dumps Bliss out of the ring. Morgan with The SpringBoard CodeBreaker. Morgan goes for The Oblivion, but Cross gets in the way. Bliss clotheslines Cross. Morgan side steps Niven into the turnbuckles. Niven catches Morgan in mid-air. Niven connects with The Piper Driver for a two count. Niven with two sharp elbow strikes to Ripley. Ripley plants Niven with The Rip Tide to pickup the victory.

Winner: Rhea Ripley via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez