WWE Raw Results (4/18/22): Cody Rhodes vs. Kevin Owens

April 18, 2022
KeyBank Center
Buffalo, New York

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Commentators: (Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Jerry The King Lawler)

Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Segment 

Seth Rollins: Oh, Welcome to Monday Night Rollins. Oh, it’s a party out here tonight. And nobody wants to party alone because I got an invitation to make an invitation for my WrestleMania Backlash opponent himself. Mr. Nightmare, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, come on down, let’s have a chat baby. No, don’t stop on my account, come on. Cody! Cody! Cody! Yeah. This is him, the man of the hour. Cody, how does it feel to be on top of the world, baby, come on? Give it up for the Nightmare.

Cody Rhodes: Allow me to stand on ceremony for a moment because this just, it all feels so familiar. Familiar as in you and I in this ring, in this city. For those who don’t know the story, I would say that Buffalo is Rhodes country. But, familiarity and admiration are certainly strangers, you’ve invited me out here, please, what do you want to talk about?

Seth Rollins: Oh, Cody. There has been, in fact, a lot on my mind since WrestleMania. And Buffalo, as memory serves me right, might be Rhodes country, but this is about respect, man. I came out here to tell you how much I respect you. Don’t ever do that to me again. This was gonna go one direction, but now it’s going another. You see, I was going to tell you how much respect I had for your family name, for your brother, for your daddy, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. I was going to tell you how much respect I had for you and your long journey. You went away, you worked hard, you came back as The American Nightmare. But instead, I want to remind you, all that hard work you put in is nothing because Seth Freakin’ Rollins made you a star in one night at WrestleMania, baby. Oh, you don’t like that? It’s the truth.

Cody Rhodes: A lot of foreplay here and a lot of pretense. Why don’t we just dispense with the pleasantries, why don’t you do me a favor and just get to the point?

Seth Rollins: The point is that at WrestleMania, you had an unfair advantage. You came in as Mr. McMahon’s surprise opponent. Oh, Mr. Cody Rhodes, coming back after all this time. I didn’t have the proper time to prepare and so I lost. That’s a tough pill for me to swallow. And what’s even tougher is that some of these people out here and maybe even you, think that that means that you’re better than me. And that is something that I can’t live because that’s not the truth.

The fact is, I am better than Cody Rhodes in every single possible way. You may be the flavor of the month, but you’re not the future of this industry. I talk the talk, better than you. I walk the walk, better than you. I most certainly dress the dress, drip the drop, better than you. But most importantly, Cody, you came back to the WWE to fulfill your family’s legacy, to win the WWE Championship and that’s an admirable goal. I have been to the top of the mountain, I have been the WWE Champion and that makes me better than you.

Cody Rhodes: Forgive me, I’m going to correct you, not only have you been to the mountaintop. From my understanding, you’ve been to the mountaintop four times. Four times and me, none. But if all of that, that whole diatribe, that whole tantrum, it doesn’t change what happened at WrestleMania. And in my absence, for the last six years, I did have a management position. I learned a little something called mediation. You could sit here all day and tell me how great you are, then I tell you how great I am, we could go back and forth, why don’t we involve a neutral party, a third party, why don’t we ask the good folks of Buffalo? So it won’t be settled by you or I. We’ll settle it right here. Buffalo, do you think that I am better than Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins: Alright, shut up. You think it’s so easy. You all think it’s so easy. You think it’s so easy that you stand in the middle of the ring, and someone walks out, and you can just beat them. You think it’s that simple. Well, you know what, I got an idea.  How about we put the shoe on the other foot tonight? How about in the main event tonight, you stand in the middle of this ring, and you wait to face a surprise opponent, hand picked by Seth Freakin’ Rollins. How about that? What do you say, since it’s so easy?

Cody Rhodes: Look at me. I think you already know the answer. I think they already know the answer. I didn’t come back to WWE to run from challenges, so absolutely yes.

First Match: Sasha Banks & Naomi (c) vs. Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan For The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Sasha Banks and Rhea Ripley will start things off. Ripley avoids a dropkick from Sasha. Ripley dropkicks Sasha. Ripley sends Sasha to the corner. Ripley with clubbing shoulder blocks. Morgan tags himself in. Morgan with a Running Hip Attack. Following a snap mare takeover, Assisted Splash for a one count. Sasha with a JawBreaker. Sasha denies The SpringBoard CodeBreaker. Sasha blocks a boot from Morgan. Sasha with a knee lift. Sasha tags in Naomi. Double Wrist Lock. Double Sole Food. Double Mid-Kick for a two count. Naomi tags in Sasha. Sasha with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count. Naomi knocks Ripley off the ring apron. Sasha tags in Naomi. Sasha and Naomi with a Double Bulldog into the steel ring post. Ripley catches Sasha in mid-air. Ripley uses Sasha’s legs as a weapon. Morgan with The Wing Snapper into the ring post. Ripley delivers The Rip Tide into the ringside barricade.

Ripley and Morgan has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Ripley applies a bodyscissors hold. Naomi rolls Ripley over for a two count. Ripley clotheslines Naomi. Ripley tags in Morgan. Assisted Flying Bulldog for a two count. Morgan hooks the outside leg for a two count. Naomi with The Rolling Crucifix for a two count. Morgan kicks Naomi in the gut. Morgan with a Pump Knee Lift. Morgan with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Naomi avoids The Oblivion. Ripley made the blind tag. Naomi thrust kicks the midsection of Morgan. Morgan PowerBombs Naomi. Ripley hits with The Rip Tide for a two count. Ripley sends Sasha to the apron. Naomi ducks a clothesline from Ripley. Naomi with a SpringBoard Enzuigiri. Sasha and Naomi connects with their CodeBreaker/SitOut Full Nelson Bomb Combination to pickup the victory. After the match, Ripley snaps on Morgan. Morgan is trying to calm down Ripley. Ripley attacks Morgan from behind. Ripley transitions into a ground and pound attack. Ripley plants Morgan with The Rip Tide.

Winner: Still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks & Naomi via Pinfall 

Second Match: Veer Mahaan vs. Jeff Brooks 

Veer sends Brooks into the turnbuckles. Veer with heavy bodyshots. Veer with a Big Biel Throw. Brooks is displaying his fighting spirit. Veer drops Brooks with a shoulder tackle. Veer with a Side Walk Slam. Veer connects with The Western Lariat. Veer with a Seated Senton. Veer makes Brooks tap out to The Cervical Clutch. After the match, Veer locks in another Cervical Clutch. Veer had to be restrained by the referees and WWE Producers.

Winner: Veer Mahaan via Submission 

The Kevin Owens Show With Special Guests: Ezekiel & Chad Gable 

Third Match: Chad Gable vs. Ezekiel 

Ezekiel with a flying haymaker after the bell rings. Ezekiel repeatedly stomps on Gable’s chest. Ezekiel with a Big Biel Throw. Ezekiel kicks Gable out of the ring. Ezekiel with a knife edge chop. Ezekiel dumps Gable chest first on the steel ring steps. Ezekiel rolls Gable back into the ring. Ezekiel with a Sliding Forearm Smash for a two count. Ezekiel unloads two knife edge chops. Gable reverses out of the irish whip from Ezekiel. Gable blocks a boot from Ezekiel. Gable with Two Dragon Screw Leg Whips. Gable viciously attacks the left knee of Ezekiel.

Gable with The Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Gable applies a leg lock. Gable skins the cat. Ezekiel kicks Gable in the gut. Ezekiel with a knife edge chop. Ezekiel whips Gable across the ring. Ezekiel clotheslines Gable. Ezekiel with a straight right hand. Gable reverses out of the irish whip from Ezekiel. Ezekiel with a push kick. Gable hits The Exploder Suplex. Gable stomps on Ezekiel’s chest. Gable goes for The MoonSault, but Ezekiel puts his foot up in the air. Ezekiel connects with The SpineBuster. Ezekiel applies the single leg crab. Otis Dozovoic attacks Ezekiel from behind which causes the disqualification.

Winner: Ezekiel via Disqualification 

Fourth Match: Randy Orton & Matt Riddle vs. The Street Profits 

Randy Orton and Angelo Dawkins will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Orton applies a side headlock. Dawkins whips Orton across the ring. Orton drops Dawkins with a shoulder tackle. Orton poses for the crowd. Dawkins drops down on the canvas. Dawkins leapfrogs over Orton. Dawkins with a corkscrew elbow strike. Orton kicks Dawkins in the gut. Orton uppercuts Dawkins. Orton tags in Riddle. Following a snap mare takeover, RK-BRO delivers The Garvin Stomp. Assisted Floating BRO for a two count. Riddle applies a side headlock. Ford made the blind tag. Dawkins whips Riddle across the ring. Dawkins drops down on the canvas. Ford dropkicks Riddle. Ford mocks Orton. Ford hooks the outside leg for a two count.

Ford applies a wrist lock. Ford with a Belly to Back Suplex. Ford ascends to the top turnbuckle. Riddle with an Avalanche Spanish Fly. Street Profits regains control of the match during the commercial break. Riddle with heavy bodyshots. Forearm Exchange. Ford with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Riddle responds with The Roundhouse Kick. Ford tags in Dawkins. Riddle uses his feet to create separation. Riddle tags in Orton. Orton with two clotheslines. Orton ducks a clothesline from Dawkins. Orton Powerslams Dawkins. Riddle with a Pump Knee Strike to Ford. Stereo Draping DDT’s. Orton is fired up. Orton tags in Riddle. Riddle prepares for The RKO. Riddle gets distracted by The Usos entrance music. Ford dropkicks Orton off the apron. Dawkins with a forearm smash. Dawkins sends Riddle to the corner. Dawkins puts Riddle on his shoulders. Ford tags himself in. The Street Profits connects with The Doomsday BlockBuster to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Street Profits via Pinfall 

Edge & Damian Priest Promo 

Fifth Match: Finn Balor (c) vs. Austin Theory For The WWE United States Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Balor applies a wrist lock. Theory kicks Balor in the gut. Theory grabs a side headlock. Balor whips Theory across the ring. Theory drops Balor with a shoulder tackle. Balor with a knife edge chop. Balor with clubbing shoulder blocks. Balor is lighting up Theory’s chest. Balor with the irish whip. Balor with a corner clothesline. Theory with a Pendulum BackBreaker. Theory transitions into a ground and pound attack. Theory hooks the outside leg for a two count. Theory applies a rear chin lock. Balor gets back to a vertical base. Balor with a JawBreaker. Theory sweeps out the legs of Balor. Theory with a Draping NeckBreaker on the floor.

Theory has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Theory goes back to the rear chin lock. Theory repeatedly stomps on Balor’s chest. Balor kicks Theory in the face. Balor scores the forearm knockdown. Theory reverses out of the irish whip from Balor. Balor with a flying forearm smash. Balor with a double leg takedown. Balor follows that with a Double Foot Stomp. Balor with a running chop. Short-Arm Reversal by Theory. Theory with a Spinning Side Walk Slam. Theory talks smack to Balor. Theory with two short-arm clotheslines. Balor ducks a clothesline from Theory. Balor drops Theory with a DDT. Balor kicks Theory in the ribs.

Theory denies The Vertical Suplex. Theory slams Balor’s head on the top rope. Theory goes for The Roll Through Dropkick, but Balor counters with a SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Balor with a chop/hamstring combination. Theory nails Balor with a throat thrust. Balor slams Balor’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Balor repeatedly stomps on Theory’s chest. Balor hits The SlingBlade. Balor delivers The Shotgun Dropkick. Balor prepares for The Coupe De Grace. Balor gets crotched on the top turnbuckle. Theory connects with a SpringBoard Spanish Fly for a two count. Balor denies The A-Town Down. Balor with a Spin Out Elbow Drop. Balor clotheslines Theory over top rope. Balor lands The SomerSault Plancha. Balor rolls Theory back into the ring. Balor goes for The Coupe De Grace, but Theory ducks out of the way. Theory plants Balor with The A-Town Down to pickup the victory. After the match, Theory celebrates with Mr. McMahon and select members of the RAW Roster.

Winner: New WWE United States Champion, Austin Theory via Pinfall 

Updated WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Match Card 

1.) Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ronda Rousey In An I Quit Match For The WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

2.) Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

3.) RK-BRO (c) vs. The Usos (c) In A Winner Takes All Tag Team Championship Unification Match

4.) Edge w/Damian Priest vs. AJ Styles

Sixth Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Kevin Owens 

Rhodes grabs the left leg of Owens. Rhodes backs Owens into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Owens applies a side headlock. Owens with a waist lock go-behind. Owens kicks Rhodes in the gut. Owens goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Rhodes lands back on his feet. Owens blocks the drop down uppercut. Owens slams the right shoulder of Rhodes on the canvas. Owens mocks Rhodes. Owens punches Rhodes in the back. Owens with a knife edge chop. Owens repeatedly stomps on Rhodes chest. Rhodes dumps Owens out of the ring. Rhodes knocks Owens off the ring apron. Rhodes goes for The Suicide Dive, but Owens with a forearm smash. Owens with a Fallaway Slam into the ringside barricade. Owens poses for the crowd. Owens has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Owens applies a rear chin lock. Rhodes with heavy bodyshots. Rhodes skins the cat. Rhodes with a running forearm smash. Rhodes dropkicks Owens.

Owens reverses out of the irish whip from Rhodes. Rhodes dives over Owens. Owens avoids the deep arm-drag. Owens with a Senton Splash for a two count. Owens stomps on Rhodes back. Owens with a double sledge. Owens with a knife edge chop. Owens follows that with a Pendulum BackBreaker. Owens applies the backbreaker stretch. Owens repeatedly kicks Rhodes in the back. Owens fish hooks Rhodes. Forearm Exchange. Owens kicks Rhodes in the gut. Owens with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Rhodes with a Counter GourdBuster. Owens denies The Cross Rhodes. Owens kicks Rhodes in the gut. Owens drops Rhodes with The DDT for a two count. Owens goes for The Swanton Bomb, but Rhodes gets his knees up in the air. Rhodes clotheslines Owens over the announce table. Rhodes gets distracted by Seth Rollins. Rhodes has Owens perched on the top turnbuckle. Owens denies The SuperPlex. Rhodes and Owens are trading back and forth shots.

Owens HeadButts Rhode. Owens lands The Frog Splash for a two count. Owens hits The Swanton Bomb for a two count. Rhodes with an inside cadle for a two count. Owens drives his knee into the midsection of Rhodes. Owens whips Rhodes across the ring. Owens goes for The Pop Up PowerBomb, but Rhodes counters with a Hurricanrana. SuperKick Exchange. Rhodes with an Inside Out Lariat. Owens connects with The Pop Up PowerBomb for a two count. Owens drags Rhodes to the corner. Owens ascends to the top turnbuckle. Haymaker Exchange. Rhodes with clubbing blows to Owens back. Owens denies The SuperPlex. Owens with a back elbow smash. Rhodes with a leaping forearm smash. Owens delivers The Avalanche Fisherman’s Suplex for a two count. Rhodes had his foot placed on the bottom rope. Rhodes with a Back Body Drop on the apron. Rollins tells Owens to get his fat ass back into the ring. Owens shoves Rollins and proceeds to walk out on the match. After the match, Rhodes was visibly frustrated with the proceedings. Rhodes poses on the top turnbuckle. Rollins sends Rhodes crashing to the outside as the show goes off air.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via Count-Out 

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Author: Josh Lopez