NWA Powerrr Results (4/1/22): La Rebellion vs. The End

NWA Powerrr Results 4/1/22
Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee

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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Kamille vs. Madi Wrenkowski 

Wrenkowski is playing mind games with Kamille. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kamille with a side headlock takeover. Kamille works on the left shoulder of Wrenkowski. Kamille applies a hammerlock. Wrenkowski decks Kamille with a back elbow smash. Wrenkowski with a drop toe hold. Wrenkowski toys around with Kamille. Wrenkowski grabs a side headlock. Kamille with a waist lock go-behind. Wrenkowski uses the top rope as a weapon. Wrenkowski drops Kamille with The Flatliner for a one count. Wrenkowski hyperextends the left elbow of Kamille for a one count. Wrenkowski repeatedly slams the left hand of Kamille on the canvas. Wrenkowski gets Kamille tied up in the ropes. Wrenkowski tugs on Kamille’s hair. The referee admonishes Wrenkowski.

Wrenkowski with two overhand chops. Wrenkowski talks smack to Kamille. Kamille dumps Wrenkowski out to the ring apron. Kamille with clubbing blows to Wrenkowski’s chest. Kamille whips Wrenkowski. Wrenkowski avoids The Pump Kick. Wrenkowski pulls Kamille down to the mat. Wrenkowski repeatedly stomps on Kamille’s chest. Wrenkowski goes into the lateral press for a two count. Wrenkowski applies The Dragon Sleeper. Wrenkowski with forearm shivers. Kamille ducks a clothesline from Wrenkowski. Kamille with a Belly to Back Suplex. Kamille with a Swinging Arm-Ringer. Kamille drives Wrenkowski face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Kamille repeatedly stomps on Wrenkowski’s chest. Kamille hits The Spinning NeckBreaker for a two count. Wrenkowski rakes the eyes of Kamille. Wrenkowski with a knee lift. Wrenkowski connects with The Reality Check for a two count. Wrenkowski is displaying her frustration. Kamille avoids The Reality Check. Kamille plants Wrenkowski with The Spear. After the match, Kamille celebrates with Thomas Latimer.

Winner: Kamille via Pinfall 

– While Pope acknowledges that Matt Cardona is the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, sooner or later he’ll be holding the gold. He sympathizes with Trevor Murdoch’s recent tirades.

– Chris Adonis tells Kyle Davis that he’s a solo act now. He’s looking to recapture the NWA National Championship.

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– Cyon tells May Valentine that Tyrus taught an important lesson, having motivation from defeat. Cyon is looking forward to bodyslamming Tyrus and getting a rematch for the NWA Worlds Television Championship.

Second Match: Rodney Mack vs. Magic Jake Dumas 

The referee tells Dumas to get rid of his hat before the bell rings. Dumas lights up a cigarette. Dumas blows the smoke into Mack’s face. Mack puts out the cigarette. Dumas rakes the eyes of Mack. Dumas punches Mack in the back. Dumas slams Mack’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Dumas unloads three knife edge chops. Short-Arm Reversal by Mack. Mack with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Mack whips Dumas across the ring. Mack scores the elbow knockdown Mack whips Dumas into the turnbuckles.

Mack with a Back Body Drop. Dumas heads to the outside. Dumas continues to rake the eyes of Mack. Dumas and Mack are brawling on the outside. Mack with a reverse hammer throw into the steel ring steps. Mack slams Dumas head on the ring stairs. Mack rocks Dumas with a forearm smash. Mack jams Dumas face against the steel ring steps. Mack kicks Dumas in the gut. Mack tees off on Dumas. Mack with clubbing shoulder blocks. Dumas grabs the hat to distract the referee. Dumas blows the tobacco into Mack’s eyes. Dumas rolls Mack over with a handful of tights to pickup the victory.

Winner: Magic Jake Dumas via Pinfall 

Third Match: The Cardonas vs. The Ill Begotten

Mike Knox and Jeremiah Plunkett will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Knox backs Plunkett into the turnbuckles. Plunkett ducks a clothesline from Knox. Plunkett with a straight right hand. Strong lockup. Knox sends Plunkett face first into the canvas. Knox with the elbow drop. Knox tags in VSK. Knox with a straight right hand. Double Irish Whip. VSK with a Running European Uppercut. Knox levels Plunkett with The Body Avalanche. VSK with a Flying European Uppercut for a two count. VSK punches Freeman. VSK uppercuts Plunkett. Following a snap mare takeover, VSK uppercuts the back of Plunkett’s neck. VSK talks smack to Plunkett. VSK with a knee drop. Plunkett with heavy bodyshots.

VSK kicks Plunkett in the gut. VSK thrust kicks the left knee of Plunkett. VSK with a Flipping NeckBreaker for a two count. Knox punches Plunkett. VSK tags in Knox. Knox with two haymakers. Knox with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Knox tags in VSK. Knox bodyslams Plunkett. Knox bodyslams VSK on top of Plunkett. Leg Drop/Standing MoonSault Combination for a two count. VSK with two knee drops. VSK poses for the crowd. VSK goes for another knee drop, but Plunkett ducks out of the way. Knox and Freeman are tagged in. Freeman ducks a clothesline from Knox. Freeman with forearm shivers. Freeman with two clotheslines. Freeman is fired up. VSK kicks Freeman in the back. Knox with a Running Crossbody Block. Knox tags in VSK. Knox hits The Twisting DDT. VSK connects with The Frog Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Cardonas via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Nick Aldis vs. Deonte Marshall

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Aldis applies a side headlock. Marshall whips Aldis across the ring. Aldis drops Marshall with two shoulder tackles. Aldis with a forearm smash. Aldis uppercuts Marshall. Marshall ducks a clothesline from Aldis. Marshall goes for a Running Crossbody Block, but Aldis counters with a Vertical Suplex. Marshall decks Aldis with a back elbow smash. Aldis hits The Tombstone PileDriver. Aldis makes Marshall tap out to The King’s Lynn Cloverleaf.

Winner: Nick Aldis via Submission 

Fifth Match: La Rebellion (c) vs. The End For The NWA World Tag Team Championship 

The Briscoes joins the commentary team for this match. The End attacks La Rebellion before the bell rings. Bodyslam Party. Assisted Death Valley Driver for a two count. Bestia with heavy bodyshots. Parrow repeatedly throws Bestia into the turnbuckles. Parrow with clubbing blows to Bestia’s back. Parrow with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Parrow tags in Odinson. Odinson with clubbing uppercuts. Bestia is throwing haymakers at Odinson. Odinson runs Bestia into the turnbuckles. Haymaker/Uppercut Exchange. Bestia kicks Odinson in the face. Odinson with a leaping european uppercut. Odinson with an Elevated Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count. Odinson continues to uppercut Bestia. Odinson tags in Parrow. Parrow levels Bestia with The Body Avalanche. Bestia attacks the midsection of Parrow.

Bestia goes for a Running Crossbody Block, but Parrow counters with The Fallaway Slam for a two count. Parrow tags in Odinson. Odinson stomps on Bestia’s chest. Odinson with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Odinson is putting the boots to Bestia. Odinson tags in Parrow. Parrow with a Running Senton Splash for a two count. The referee tells Wolf to get out of the ring. Parrow goes for The Chokeslam, but Bestia lands back on his feet. Bestia is displaying his fighting spirit. Parrow Chokeslams Bestia. Parrow goes for a PowerBomb, but Bestia blocks it. Parrow tosses Bestia out of the ring. Bestia with two overhand chops. Parrow rolls Bestia back into the ring. Wolf punches Parrow in the back. Bestia drops Parrow with The Cutter. Wolf and Odinson are tagged in. Wolf ducks a clothesline from Odinson. Wolf with a flying forearm smash. Wolf with a SpringBoard Forearm.

Wolf follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Wolf with a basement dropkick. Wolf SuperKicks Parrow. Assisted Belly to Belly Suplex into Parrow. Double Irish Whip. Bestia with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Wolf clotheslines Odinson. Bestia hooks the outside leg for a two count. Bestia applies a front face lock. Double Irish Whip. Wolf with a running forearm smash. Odinson with a flying uppercut off Wolf’s back. Odinson dropkicks Wolf. Bestia dropkicks the right knee of Odinson. Parrow falls on Odinson’s back. Bestia ducks a clothesline from Parrow. Bestia lands The Suicide Dive. Parrow puts Wolf on the top turnbuckle. Wolf denies The SuperPlex. Wolf starts biting Parrow’s forehead. Wolf with an Apron Enzuigiri. Wolf connects with The 450 Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, La Rebellion taunts The Briscoes to close the show.

Winner: Still NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebellion via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez