AEW Rampage Results (3/4/22): Sammy Guevara vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Darby Allin

AEW Rampage
March 4, 2022
Addition Financial Arena
Orlando, Florida

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Commentary Team: (Excalibur, Chris Jericho, TAZ and Ricky Starks)

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts 

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: (41-25) Sammy Guevara (c) vs. (11-5) Andrade El Idolo vs. (54-18-1) Darby Allin In A Triple Threat Match For The AEW TNT Championship 

Idolo bails out to the floor after the bell rings. Guevara drops down on the canvas. Allin with a Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Idolo kicks Guevara in the face. Allin with a running elbow smash. Guevara with a running shoulder block. Guevara follows that with an Apron Enzuigiri. Allin with The CodeRed for a two count. Rollup Exchange. That leads us to a quick standoff in the center of the ring. Allin applies a side headlock. Allin with a side headlock takeover. Guevara whips Allin across the ring. Guevara leapfrogs over Allin. Guevara backflips over Allin. Guevara dropkicks Allin. Guevara pops back on his feet. Guevara with a knife edge chop. Guevara puts Allin on the top turnbuckle. Allin denies The SuperPlex. Guevara with a Pump Knee Strike. Guevara with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Guevara goes for The SuperPlex, but Idolo counters with The Tower Of Doom for a two count. Idolo dumps Allin ribs first on the top rope. Idolo whips Allin and Guevara with a leather belt.

Idolo dumps Allin ribs first on the top turnbuckle pad. Idolo dumps Guevara throat first on the steel barricade. Idolo rolls Guevara back into the ring. Idolo stomps on Allin’s back. Idolo stomps on the midsection of Guevara. Idolo poses for the crowd. Idolo hits The Three Amigos into the turnbuckles. Allin slaps Idolo in the face. Allin kicks the left knee of Idolo. Allin headbutts the midsection of Idolo. Idolo with a Uranage BackBreaker. Idolo with The Double MoonSault for a two count. Idolo follows that with The Shotgun Meteora for a two count. Chop/Forearm Exchange. Idolo kicks Allin in the face. Palm Strike Exchange. Allin and Guevara are lighting up Idolo’s chest. Idolo with an Inside Out Lariat. Idolo catches Allin in mid-air. Guevara SuperKicks Allin.

Guevara with the irish whip. Allin launches Guevara over the top rope. Allin sends Guevara crashing to the outside. Allin goes for The Coffin Splash, but Idolo gets his knees up in the air. Idolo bodyslams Allin. Idolo gets crotched on the top turnbuckle. Allin gives Idolo the belt treatment. Allin gets Guevara tied up in the tree of woe. Guevara with The Coast to Coast Dropkick. Allin lands The Suicide Dive. Second Rollup Exchange. Guevara kicks Idolo in the face. Idolo with The Big Boot. Idolo rolls Guevara over for a two count. Idolo with a Deadlift One-Arm PowerBomb for a two count. Idolo decks Allin with a back elbow smash. Allin kicks Idolo in the face. Allin with The Flipping Stunner. Guevara connects with The GTH. Allin dumps Guevara out of the ring. Allin delivers The Coffin Drop for a two count. Guevara plants Idolo with The Swanton Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still AEW TNT Champion, (42-25) Sammy Guevara via Pinfall 

Second Match: (1-0) Keith Lee vs. (4-26) JD Drake 

Lee plays mind games with Drake after the bell rings. Chop/Grizzly Magnum Exchange. Lee sends Drake to the corner. Drake dives over Lee. Drake ducks a clothesline from Lee. Lee delivers The Pounce. Drake regroups on the outside. Lee with a gut punch. Lee with a forearm smash. Second Chop/Grizzly Magnum Exchange. Lee resets the referee’s ten count. Lee pulls Drake out of the ring. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Lee HeadButts Drake. Lee slams Drake’s head on the time keepers table. Lee is lighting up Drake’s chest. Drake with a Top Rope Stunner. Lee attacks the midsection of Drake.

Drake with a knee lift. Drake with a short-arm lariat. Lee HeadButts Drake. Drake side steps Lee into the turnbuckles. Drake with a chop/forearm combination. Short-Arm Reversal by Drake. Drake a blistering chop. Drake with a Running Boot. Drake follows that with a Running Cannonball Strike. Drake lands The MoonSault for a one count. Lee puts Drake on the top turnbuckle pad. Drake scores a right jab. Lee catches Drake in mid-air. Lee connects with The Big Bang Catastrophe to pickup the victory. After the match, The Wingmen gangs up on Lee. Lee plants Bononi with The Spirit Bomb. Lee sends Avalon crashing into The Wingmen on the outside. Lee has a stare off with Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs and Orange Cassidy.

Winner: (2-0) Keith Lee via Pinfall 

Third Match: (17-5) Serena Deeb vs. (0-12) Leila Grey In A 5 Minute Professor’s Rookie Challenge 

Grey bails out to the floor. Grey is playing mind games with Deeb by letting the clock run. Deeb pulls Grey out of the ring. Deeb with a Hangman’s NeckBreaker on the middle rope. Deeb makes Grey tap out to a Standing Front Chancery. After the match, Deeb applies The Serenity Lock. Hikaru Shida storms into the ring to make the save. Shida viciously whips Deeb with a kendo stick. Shida had to be restrained by the security team.

Winner: (18-5) Serena Deeb via Submission 

Updated AEW Revolution 2022 Match Card 


– Kris Statlander vs. Leyla Hirsch 

– HOOK vs. QT Marshall

– The House Of Black vs. PAC, Pentagon Jr. and Erick Redbeard w/Alex Abrahantes In A 6-Man Tag Team Match 

1.) Hangman Page (c) vs. Adam Cole For The AEW World Championship 

2.) CM Punk vs. MJF In A Dog Collar Match 

3.) Britt Baker (c) w/Rebel & Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa For The AEW Women’s World Championship 

4.) The Jurassic Express (c) w/Christian Cage vs. reDRagon vs. The Young Bucks In A Triple Threat Match For The AEW World Tag Team Championship 

5.) Keith Lee vs. Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Christian Cage In A Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match 

6.) Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston 

7.) Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin and Sting vs. The AHFO (Andrade El Idolo, Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy) In A Texas Tornado Trios Match 

8.) Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley 

9.) Jade Cargill (c) w/Mark Sterling vs. Taynara Conti For The AEW TBS Championship 

Fourth Match: (12-4) Christian Cage vs. (24-7) Ethan Page. The Winner Will Enter The Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Page backs Cage into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Cage with a haymaker/uppercut combination. Page tees off on Cage. Page poses for the crowd. Cage kicks Page in the face. Cage with a diving uppercut for a one count. Cage applies a side headlock. Page whips Cage across the ring. Page drops down on the canvas. Cage launches Page over the top rope. Cage with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Cage puts Page on the ring apron. Page sends Cage crashing into the steel barricade. Cage avoids the referee’s ten count. Page transitions into a ground and pound attack. Page with a forearm smash. Page dumps Cage out of the ring.

Cage rolls Page over for a two count. Page clotheslines Cage. Page slams Cage’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Page with a straight right hand. Page is choking Cage with his boot. The referee admonishes Page. Haymaker Exchange. Page denies The Tornado DDT. Page with The Iconoclasm. Page with The Delayed Vertical Suplex. Page applies a waist lock. Back Elbow Smash Exchange. Cage slams Page’s head on the steel ring steps. Cage hits The Tornado DDT on the floor. Cage rolls Page back into the ring. Cage transitions into a corner mount. Cage thrust kicks the midsection of Page. Cage with The Sunset Flip for a two count.

Cage stands on the back of Page’s neck. Cage with The Slingshot Uppercut. Page decks Cage with a back elbow smash. Cage drops Page with The Reverse DDT for a two count. Page responds with The Slingshot Cutter for a two count. Cage ducks a clothesline from Page. Cage uses the top rope as a weapon. Cage with The Diving HeadButt for a two count. Cage goes for The Spear, but Page counters with The Pounce for a two count. Cage denies The Ego’s Edge. Cage crawls under Page. Cage Spears Page for a two count. Page denies The Killswitch. Page rakes the eyes of Cage. Page sends Cage shoulder first into the steel ring post. Page goes for The Ego’s Edge, but Cage lands back on his feet. Cage connects with The Killswitch to pickup the victory. After the match, The Jurassic Express has a standoff with The Young Bucks and reDRagon. Jungle Boy wipes out the field with The SomerSault Plancha to close the show.

Winner: (13-4) Christian Cage via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez