AEW Dark Elevation Results (1/10/22): The Dark Order vs. Private Party & The Blade

AEW Dark Elevation Results 1/10/22
Prudential Center
Newark, New Jersey

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Commentary Team (Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight, Eddie Kingston and Mark Henry)

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts 

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: (2-1) Jay Lethal & (26-36) Sonny Kiss vs. (0-1) Jaden Valo & (0-0) Chris Steeler 

Jay Lethal and Chris Steeler will start things off. Steeler with clubbing blows to Lethal’s back. Steeler with a straight right hand. Short-Arm Reversal by Lethal. Lethal blocks a boot from Steeler. Lethal clotheslines Steeler. Lethal with a knife edge chop. Lethal applies a front face lock. Lethal tags in Kiss. Steeler reverses out of the irish whip from Kiss. Kiss with a Senton Splash. Lethal with a basement dropkick. Kiss follows that with The Standing MoonSault. Steeler fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Steeler tags in Valo.

Kiss ducks a clothesline from Steeler. Kiss with a running forearm smash. Steeler kicks Kiss in the chest. Steeler stomps on the left foot of Kiss. Steeler with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Valo repeatedly stomps on the midsection of Kiss. Valo with the elbow drop for a two count. Kiss reverses out of the irish whip from Valo. Kiss nails Steeler with The Pump Kick. Valo slaps Kiss in the chest. Lethal prevents Kiss from hitting the ropes. Kiss dodges The Big Boot. Kiss with The Roundhouse Kick. Kiss tags in Lethal. Kiss with a Rolling Head Kick. Lethal lands The Suicide Dive. Steeler runs interference. Kiss with The Rolling Elbow. Valo with a shoulder block. Lethal dives over Valo. Lethal connects with The Lethal Injection to pickup the victory.

Winner: (3-1) Jay Lethal & (27-36) Sonny Kiss via Pinfall 

Second Match: (55-22) Nyla Rose & (19-15) Emi Sakura w/Vickie Guerrero vs. (4-8) Skye Blue & (0-2) Tina San Antonio 

Emi Sakura and Skye Blue will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Blue blocks a boot from Sakura. Blue rolls Sakura over for a two count. Blue applies a waist lock. Sakura tugs on Blue’s hair. Sakura does a Dosey Do routine with Blue. Sakura with the greco roman eye poke. Blue with forearm shivers. Blue ducks a clothesline from Sakura. Blue with a knee lift. Vickie trips Blue from the outside. Sakura with a Senton Splash. Sakura tags in Rose. Rose uses the middle rope as a weapon.

Rose whips Blue across the ring. Blue denies The Samoan Drop. Blue SuperKicks Rose. Blue tags in San Antonio. San Antonio with a running clothesline. Rose with a Side Walk Slam. Rose tags in Sakura. Double Splash. We Will Rock You Chops. San Antonio with forearm shivers. Rose pulls Sakura away from the turnbuckles. Rose attacks San Antonio from behind. Sakura with a Running Crossbody Block into the turnbuckles for a two count. Blue kicks Sakura in the face. Rose hits The SpineBuster. Sakura tags in Rose. Rose kicks San Antonio in the gut. Rose connects with The Beast Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: (56-22) Nyla Rose & (20-15) Emi Sakura via Pinfall 

Third Match: (36-10) FTR vs. (0-0) Pat Brinks & (0-0) Myles Hawkins 

Cash Wheeler and Myles Hawkins will start things off. Wheeler is playing mind games with Hawkins. Wheeler applies a wrist lock. Wheeler transitions into a side headlock. Hawkins whips Wheeler across the ring. Wheeler drops Hawkins with a shoulder tackle. Wheeler flexes his muscles. Test Of Strength. Wheeler applies a top wrist lock. Hawkins grabs a side headlock. Wheeler sends Hawkins into the ropes. Hawkins with a shoulder tackle. Hawkins applies a wrist lock. Wheeler with a gut punch. Wheeler tags in Harwood. Wheeler whips Hawkins across the ring. Drop Toe Hold/Running Elbow Drop Combination.

Harwood slams Hawkins head on the top turnbuckle pad. Harwood unloads two knife edge chops. Harwood sends Hawkins to the corner. Hawkins dives over Harwood. Hawkins with a SpringBoard Corkscrew Body Press. Hawkins applies a wrist lock. Hawkins tags in Brink. Assisted Shoulder Tackle for a one count. Brink applies a wrist lock. Brink tags in Hawkins. Hawkins kicks the left wrist of Harwood. Harwood with two uppercuts. Harwood with the irish whip. Harwood dropkicks Hawkins. Harwood starts favoring his left shoulder. Wheeler knocks Brink off the ring apron. FTR connects with The Big Rig to pickup the victory.

Winner: (37-10) FTR via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: (25-11) Leyla Hirsch & (39-19) Red Velvet vs. (0-3) Notorious Mimi & (0-1) B3cca

Red Velvet and Notorious Mimi will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Velvet with two deep arm-drags. Velvet whips Mimi across the ring. Velvet with a leg lariat. Mimi tags in Becca. Velvet with a Japanese Arm-Drag. Velvet repeatedly stomps on Becca’s chest. Velvet is choking Becca with her boot. Velvet tags in Hirsch. Hirsch with The Shotgun Meteora. Hirsch hits The Pop Up Back Drop Driver.

Becca tags in Mimi. Mimi with a JawBreaker. Mimi slams Hirsch’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Mimi tags in Becca. Hirsch with a Double Vertical Suplex. Hirsch tags in Velvet. Velvet dodges The Big Boot. Velvet with two diving clotheslines. Velvet with a drop toe hold. Hirsch made the blind tag. Velvet with The Running Meteora. Velvet connects with The Spinning Heel Kick. Hirsch makes Mimi tap out to The Cross-Arm-Breaker. After the match, Velvet starts rolling her eyes at Mimi.

Winner: (26-11) Leyla Hirsch & (40-19) Red Velvet via Submission 

Fifth Match: (35-16) Will Hobbs vs. (0-0) Ryan Clancy 

Hobbs drops Clancy with a Running Body Block. Hobbs puts Clancy on the top turnbuckle. Hobbs with clubbing blows to Clancy’s chest. Hobbs sends Clancy tumbling to the floor. Hobbs with a Big Biel Throw. Hobbs makes Clancy tap out to The Torture Rack.

Winner: (36-16) Will Hobbs via Submission 

Sixth Match: (38-26) QT Marshall w/The Factory vs. (0-6) Zack Clayton 

Clayton punches Marshall before the bell rings. Clayton tees off on Marshall. Clayton sends Marshall to the corner. Marshall decks Clayton with a back elbow smash. Clayton with a Back Body Drop. Clayton dropkicks Marshall. Clayton clotheslines Marshall over the top rope. Clayton is fired up. Clayton whips Marshall into the steel barricade. Clayton rolls Marshall back into the ring. Clayton gets distracted by The Factory. Marshall dropkicks Clayton. Marshall starts choking Clayton. Clayton is throwing haymakers at Marshall. Marshall reverses out of the irish whip from Clayton.

Marshall scores the elbow knockdown. Marshall punches Clayton. Clayton with forearm shivers. Clayton with two clotheslines. Marshall kicks Clayton in the gut. Marshall goes for a bodyslam, but Clayton lands back on his feet. Standing Switch Exchange. Marshall goes for The O’Connor Roll, but Clayton holds onto the ropes. Clayton ducks a clothesline from Marshall. Clayton Powerslams Marshall. Clayton blocks a boot from Marshall. Marshall with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Marshall poses for the crowd. Clayton with The SuperPlex. Clayton hits The Fisherman’s Buster. Clayton argues with the referee. Marshall connects with The Rolling Crucifix to pickup the victory.

Winner: (39-26) QT Marshall via Pinfall 

Seventh Match: (8-4) Andrade El Idolo w/Jose The Assistant vs. (0-1) Avery Good 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Idolo with a waist lock go-behind. Idolo applies a side headlock. Good whips Idolo across the ring. Idolo drops Good with a shoulder tackle. Idolo grabs a side headlock. Good with heavy bodyshots. Idolo sends Good to the corner. Good with a deep arm-drag. Idolo with a corner clothesline. Idolo repeatedly stomps on Good’s chest. Idolo slaps Good in the chest. Idolo backs Good into the turnbuckles. Idolo kicks Good in the gut. Idolo with a forearm smash. Idolo with a Snap Vertical Suplex into the turnbuckles. Idolo makes Good tap out to The La Muerte.

Winner: (9-4) Andrade El Idolo via Submission 

Eight Match: (35-12) The Acclaimed vs. (0-1) Kevin Matthews & (0-0) Joey Ace 

Max Caster and Joey Ace will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Caster applies a wrist lock. Caster tags in Bowens. The Acclaimed works on the left wrist of Ace. Caster kicks the left elbow of Ace. Bowens unloads two knife edge chops. Ace reverses out of the irish whip from Bowens. Bowens dives over Ace. Bowens leapfrogs over Ace. Bowens applies a side headlock. Ace whips Bowens across the ring. Bowens thrust kicks the midsection of Ace. Bowens kicks Ace in the chest. Bowens ducks a clothesline from Ace. Bowens with a Ripcord NeckBreaker. Bowens poses for the crowd. Bowens with forearm shivers. Bowens backs Ace into the turnbuckles. Bowens tags in Caster. Double Vertical Suplex. Caster with two uppercuts. Caster tags in Bowens.

Bowens stomps on Ace’s chest. Bowens with a forearm smash. Bowens goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Ace lands back on his feet. Ace with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Caster and Matthews are tagged in. Matthews with two clotheslines. Matthews scores the elbow knockdown. Matthews dropkicks Bowens. Matthews is fired up. Caster side steps Matthews into the turnbuckles. Bowens with a running forearm smash. Caster with a leaping back elbow smash. Bowens follows that with a running haymaker. Matthews reverses out of the irish whip from Bowens. Bowens knocks Ace off the ring apron. Matthews decks Caster with a back elbow smash. Caster bodyslams Matthews. Matthews with a Back Body Drop. Matthews tags in Ace. Caster dropkicks Ace in mid-air. Caster tags in Bowens. Bowens with a chop/jab combination to Matthews. Bowens SuperKicks Matthews. Bowens tags in Caster. The Acclaimed connects with The Mic Drop to pickup the victory.

Winner: (36-12) The Acclaimed via Pinfall 

Ninth Match: (33-19) Dante Martin vs. (0-0) Action Andretti 

Wrist Lock Exhange. Dante whips Andretti across the ring. Dante drops down on the canvas. Dante leapfrogs over Andretti. Dante dropkicks Andretti. Andretti sends Dante into the ropes. Andretti ducks under a chop from Dante. Andretti with a SpringBoard Enzuigiri. Andretti with a Corner Spear. Following a snap mare takeover, Andretti with The Standing Shooting Star Press for a one count. Andretti goes for a SpringBoard Crossbody Block, but Dante ducks out of the way. Dante with a running forearm smash. Dante scores the elbow knockdown. Dante spins Andretti around. Dante with a Reverse Suplex. Dante connects with The Nose Dive to pickup the victory.

Winner: (34-19) Dante Martin via Pinfall 

Tenth Match: (6-0) The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver and Preston Vance) vs. (35-33) Private Party & (43-24) The Blade w/Matt Hardy In A 6-Man Tag Team Match

The HFO attacks The Dark Order before the bell rings. Private Party repeatedly stomps on Silver’s chest. Reynolds kicks Kassidy in the gut. Reynolds applies a wrist lock. Kassidy with The Spinning Enzuigiri. Hangman’s NeckBreaker/Flying Double Foot Stomp Combination. Quen hits The Fosbury Flop. Kassidy rolls Reynolds over for a two count. Kassidy applies a front face lock. Quen tags himself in. Quen bodyslams Reynolds. Quen goes for The Standing MoonSault, but Reynolds ducks out of the way. Hardy attacks Reynolds from behind. Quen tags in Kassidy. Kassidy stomps on Reynolds chest. Private Party gangs up on Reynolds. Reynolds launches Quen over the top rope. Kassidy drops Reynolds with The Silly String for a two count. Kassidy tags in Blade.

Blade with a straight right hand. Blade talks smack to Reynolds. Forearm Exchange. Blade stops Reynolds in his tracks. Reynolds dumps Blade out of the ring. Reynolds tags in Vance. Vance with two clotheslines. Vance sends Blade to the corner. Vance with Two Pump Kicks. Vance hits The SpineBuster. Vance applies The Full Nelson Lock. Hardy trips Vance from the outside. Blade Powerslams Vance for a two count. Vance decks Blade with a back elbow smash. Vance with a flying shoulder tackle. Silver and Kassidy are tagged in. Silver with two clotheslines. Silver with Two Big Biel Throws. Silver flexes his muscles. Kassidy attacks Silver from behind. Kassidy whips Silver across the ring. Silver with The Liger Bomb for a two count. Reynolds ducks a clothesline from Blade. Reynolds with a Pop Up Knee Lift. Quen dropkicks Reynolds. Quen pops back on his feet. Vance denies The Silly String. Silver blasts Quen off the apron. Dark Order connects with The Swinging Crucifix Slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: (7-0) The Dark Order via Pinfall 

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