WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (8/6/21): Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
August 6, 2021
Amalie Arena
Tampa Bay, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Sasha Banks, Bianca BelAir, and Zelina Vega Segment

Sasha Banks: The Boss is back in business, which means, it is boss time on Friday Night SmackDown. And as Sasha Banks, I came back for my spotlight that I deserve. I am back for my spotlight that I created. And I promise you, I will never let anybody steal my spotlight ever again. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been watching Bianca make a mistake, after a mistake, so of course while Carmella and Zelina were coming out taking liberties of Bianca, I decided to make a statement and rescue our SmackDown Women’s Champion. Because let’s face it, Bianca would be nothing without me. There would be no ESPY Awards, there would be no chilling with Megan The Stallion, and there would be no main event at WrestleMania. Did you see it? When Bianca started crying before our match because she was standing in the ring across the greatest of all time. Any other athlete would have thanked me from turning them to a rookie to the reigning champion. But, no, Bianca had to diss me. There was no gratitude, there was no thank you coming out of her mouth. Instead, while I was sitting at home, I was thinking about the disrespect that she was showing me, week after week. So much so, that I came back here for Friday Night SmackDown, for one reason only, to make Bianca pay.

Bianca BelAir: You’re not even going to be standing or talking all that when I come get in that ring. And you think that I’m nothing with you? Girl, Uh-Uh. Because, the last time I checked, you were literally begging me to choose you after I won the Royal Rumble, so that we could main event WrestleMania and make history together. We, you and I. So, it’s not even that you want credit, you just don’t want me to shine. And don’t get it twisted, I’ve been shining and representing. Aww, where are you going? Was it something that I said? Oh, what are you gonna do, take another four months off?

Sasha Banks: I can do whatever I want, when I want, because when you’re a legend, when you’re legendary, you always stand out.

Bianca BelAir: Yes, Yes, I will give you that one. Yeah, you are one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. So, you know what? If you want this, if you want this, it’s on.

Zelina Vega: Bianca, look at me when I’m talking to you. Is that ugly little braid tied a little too tight? Are you lost? Because I can help find you in this very situation. You see, last week…

Bianca BelAir: Uh-Uh, don’t you even think about taking a step in this ring.

Zelina Vega: Fine, I’ll stand right here. But let me remind you, you know, before Sasha swooped in, like the ratchet little vulture that she is, you accepted my challenge. Zelina Vega, I am the moment. So, Mija, so what you want to do?

Sasha Banks: Yeah, Bianca, are you gonna accept her challenge? What are you gonna do?

Bianca BelAir: She wasn’t even talking to you. Oh, no, no, no, she was talking to me, because I’m the champ. So I’ll see you at SummerSlam. And, Zelina, I ain’t forgot about the word that I gave you. So, I’ll fight you, tonight.

First Match: Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. Dominik Mysterio w/Rey Mysterio 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Jey backs Dominik into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Dominik ducks a clothesline from Jey. Dominik is throwing haymakers at Jey. Jey applies a side headlock. Dominik whips Jey across the ring. Jey drops Dominik with a shoulder tackle. Dominik drops down on the canvas. Dominik leapfrogs over Jey. Dominik dropkicks Jey. Dominik applies a wrist lock. Dominik with a forearm smash. Dominik with a Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Jey answers with a cross chop. Jey with a Pendulum BackBreaker for a two count. Jey bodyslams Dominik. Jey talks smack to Dominik. Dominik with two haymakers. Jey uppercuts Dominik. Dominik regroups on the outside. Jey slams Dominik’s head on the ring apron. Jey shoves Dominik into the ringside barricade. Dominik with a running forearm smash. Dominik avoids the leg sweep.

Dominik with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Dominik hits The Sliding Sunset Flip PowerBomb into the barricade. Jey regains control of the match during the commercial break. Jey applies a rear chin lock. Dominik with heavy bodyshots. Jey ducks a clothesline from Dominik. Jey drops Dominik with The Pop Up NeckBreaker for a two count. Dominik avoids The Running Stinkface. Jey goes for The Samoan Drop, but Dominik lands back on his feet. Dominik ducks a clothesline from Jey. Dominik with a Running NeckBreaker for a two count. Dominik with The Quebrada for a two count. Dominik blocks a boot from Jey. Dominik dodges The Step Up Enzuigiri. Dominik sends Jey face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Dominik delivers The Chop Block. Dominik connects with The 619. Rey intercepts Jimmy with The Seated Senton off the steel ring steps. Dominik dives over Jey. Jey SuperKicks Dominik. Jey plants Dominik with The USO Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jey Uso via Pinfall 

Second Match: Shinsuke Nakamura w/Rick Boogs vs. Apollo Crews w/Commander Azeez In A Championship Contenders Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Standing Switch Exchange. Nakamura kicks Crews in the gut. Crews dodges The PK. Crews thrust kicks the midsection of Nakamura. Nakamura reverses out of the irish whip from Crews. Crews dodges The RoundHouse Kick. Crews drops Nakamura with a shoulder tackle. Nakamura drops down on the canvas. Nakamura with a Flying Mid-Kick. Nakamura with a Knee Drop for a two count. Crews dumps Nakamura face first on the top rope. Crews clotheslines Nakamura. Crews bodyslams Nakamura over for a one count.

Crews with the irish whip. Nakamura drives his knee into the midsection of Crews. Nakamura puts Crews on the top turnbuckle pad. Crews avoids The Running Knee Strike. Step Up Enzuigiri Exchange. Nakamura with a Running Knee Strike. Nakamura with a single leg dropkick for a two count. Crews denies The Reverse Exploder Suplex. Crews goes for a Bodyslam, but Nakamura lands back on his feet. Nakamura with The GTS. Nakamura delivers The Roundhouse Kick for a two count. Azeez pulls Nakamura out of the ring which causes the disqualification. After the match, Nakamura drops Azeez with The Roundhouse Kick. Nakamura throws Crews into Azeez.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via Disqualification 

Third Match: Tamina vs. Tegan Nox w/Shotzi Blackheart 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Tamina denies the deep arm-drag. Tamina goes for The Samoan Drop, but Nox lands back on her feet. Nox with a jumping knee lift. Nox clips the back of Tamina’s neck. Nox uppercuts Tamina. Tamina with a running clothesline. Tamina HeadButts Nox. Tamina sends Nox to the corner. Nox side steps Tamina into the turnbuckles. Nox with a single leg dropkick. Nox repeatedly stomps on Tamina’s chest. Nox with Two Reverse Senton Splashes for a two count. Tamina avoids The Shiniest Wizard. Tamina SuperKicks Nox. Tamina prepares for The Samoan Drop. Shotzi Blackheart shoots a nerfball into the ring. Nox connects with the sunset flip over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Tegan Nox via Pinfall 

Edge & Seth Rollins Segment

Edge: Well, thank you, Tampa. So, for my understanding, Seth Rollins isn’t here tonight, go figure. In fact, he’s apparently nowhere near here, and I don’t blame him. To be honest, if he were here, it wouldn’t work out too well for me, because with what I do to him, I’d be in jail. See, I was willing to let the past be just that, until Seth Rollins literally cost me the Universal Championship at Money In The Bank. But, here’s the thing, if the roles were reserved, I would’ve done the same thing. When I look at Seth, it’s like looking in a mirror of my past. When I look in his eyes, I know and he knows, that this does not end well for either of us, but it’s gotta end. And if he were here tonight, it would end.

Seth Rollins: Well, if isn’t The Ultimate Opportunist, himself. You really think you’re something else, don’t you? You think you’re so smart, you think you’ve got everything figured out, well, except last week, when I smashed your face with a camera. You didn’t have that figured out. And truth to be told, it was right out of your playbook, because you’re right, Edge. We really are a lot alike. And we’re drawn together in this inevitable dance, but that’s where the similarities end. Because if The Ultimate Opportunist was half a man that The Architect is, he would know, that you always have to have a Plan B.

Edge: I got a Plan B. What about you and I, on one one, for the first time ever at SummerSlam?

Seth Rollins: Hey, cool your jets. I mean, look, I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger, you’re eating out of the palm of my hands. I call the shots around here, not you, do you understand me? You and me at SummerSlam? You know what, let me just think about it. While I’m mulling it over, maybe you should think about it. What are you getting yourself into, man? You know what it’s like to have my boot on the back of your neck. And you know what happens when I stomp somebody’s face into the mat who has a perfectly healthy neck. What do you think is going to happen when I stomp somebody’s face into the mat, who’s neck has been fused, not once, not twice, but three times? I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, man. Your little comeback, it’s over. Your career is probably done. I mean, I don’t know what kind of future you’re gonna have as a husband and as a father, I mean you got two little girls at home, I know what that is like.

Edge: You shut your mouth. You don’t talk about my family, get their names out of your mouth. See, you want to sit up there, you think you’re the mastermind, you’re the architect, right? You keep circling back to me. You’re infatuated with me, but it never works out for you. See, I helped eliminate you at the 2020 Royal Rumble, did you forget about that? I eliminated you from the 2021 Royal Rumble. All because you didn’t finish the job done in 2014 when you had the chance, and now its biting you in the ass.

Seth Rollins: You don’t get to spin the narrative here, pal.

Edge: You’re damn right, I do, because what really bothers you about me, you know, you’re trying to walk in my footsteps, but you can’t fill them. Because at the end of the day, you’re just Edge-lite, kid.

Seth Rollins: Shut up. Shut your mouth. That’s it, I’ve had enough. I’m not a lite version of you. I am better than you, in every single way, and you know it. You want me, one on one, at SummerSlam? You’re on.

Fourth Match: The Street Profits vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler 

Montez Ford and Robert Roode will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Roode applies a side headlock. Hammerlock Exchange. Following a snap mare takeover, Roode avoids The PK and The Standing MoonSault from Ford. Roode kicks Ford in the gut. Roode with the irish whip. Ford showcases athleticism. Ford with two dropkicks. Roode drops Ford with The Uranage Slam for a two count. Roode tags in Ziggler. Short-Arm Reversal by Roode. Roode drives his knee into the midsection of Ford. Dropkick/Side Russian Leg Sweep Combination for a two count. Ziggler rakes the eyes of Ford. Ziggler tags in Roode.

Roode with another toe kick. Roode taunts Dawkins. Roode talks smack to Ford. Ford with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Dawkins and Ziggler are tagged in. Dawkins clotheslines Ziggler. Dawkins with The 360 Stinger Splash. Dawkins with a Face Plant to Roode. Ziggler kicks Dawkins in the gut. Dawkins denies The Famouser. Dawkins with the sunset flip for a two count. Dawkins ducks a clothesline from Ziggler. Dawkins hits The Spinning NeckBreaker for a two count. Rood sends Ford crashing to the outside. Dawkins clotheslines Roode over the top rope. Ziggler connects with The Roll Through Famouser for a two count. Dawkins sends Ziggler to the corner. Dawkins with The Anointment. Dawkins tags in Ford. Ford plants Ziggler with The Frog Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Street Profits via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: Bianca BelAir vs. Zelina Vega In A Championship Contenders Match 

BelAir drops Vega with a shoulder tackle. BelAir slings Vega across the ring. Vega sends BelAir shoulder first into the steel ring post. Vega with a ShotGun Meteora for a one count. Vega transitions into a ground and pound attack. BelAir with a double leg takedown. BelAir is raining down haymakers. BelAir tugs on Vega’s hair. BelAir drives Vega face first into the tree turnbuckles pad. Vega decks BelAir with a back elbow smash. Vega rolls BelAir over for a two count. BelAir ducks a clothesline from Vega. Vega denies The Glam Slam.

Vega sends BelAir face first into the middle rope. Vega applies The Octopus Stretch in the ropes. Vega tugs on BelAir’s ponytail. The referee admonishes BelAir. BelAir dropkicks Vega off the ring apron. Vega regroups on the outside. BelAir goes for a Bodyslam, but Vega lands back on her feet. BelAir shoves Vega off the apron. BelAir gets Vega in position for The Military Press. BelAir gets distracted by Sasha Banks. Vega with a Flying Hurricanrana on the floor. Vega rolls BelAir back into the ring. Vega hooks the outside leg for a two count. Vega has complete control of the match during the commercial break.

Vega applies the straight jacket hold. BelAir launches Vega to the corner. Vega goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takeover, but BelAir lands back on her feet. BelAir with a running shoulder tackle. Vega stomps on the left foot of BelAir. Vega applies The Triangle Choke. BelAir denies the sunset flip. BelAir sends Vega face first into the canvas. BelAir bodyslams Vega. BelAir hits The Handspring MoonSault for a two count. Vega sends BelAir face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Vega kicks BelAir in the face. Vega applies The Sleeper Hold. BelAir backs Vega into the turnbuckles. BelAir with a Deadlift Vertical Suplex. BelAir goes for The Delayed Vertical Suplex, but Vega counters with The DDT for a two count. Vega with a Running Knee Strike. BelAir catches Vega in mid-air. BelAir swings Vega into the ringside barricade. BelAir connects with The KOD to pickup the victory.

Winner: Bianca BelAir via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin 

Corbin wants a microphone. Corbin apologizes for what happened last week, but he’s completely desperate at this point. Balor does not accept Corbin’s apology. Balor tees off on Corbin. Balor with clubbing shoulder blocks. Balor repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Corbin. Balor unloads two knife edge chops. Corbin sends Balor back first into the turnbuckles. Balor side steps Corbin into the turnbuckles. Corbin drives Balor face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Corbin with an Outside In Suplex.

Corbin with rapid fire bodyshots in the corner. Corbin rocks Balor with a forearm smash. Balor drops Corbin with The Overhead Kick. Balor with a double leg takedown. Balor transitions into a ground and pound attack. Balor with a Standing Double Foot Stomp. Balor plays to the crowd. Balor repeatedly stomps on Corbin’s chest. Balor denies The Chokeslam BackBreaker. Balor continues to kick the left hamstring of Corbin. Balor hits The Slingblade. Balor delivers The Shotgun Dropkick. Balor connects with The Coupe De Grace to pickup the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor via Pinfall 

Updated WWE SummerSlam 2021 Match Card 

1.) Roman Reigns (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. John Cena For The WWE Universal Championship

2.) Nikki Cross (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley In A Triple Threat Match For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship

3.) Bobby Lashley (c) w/MVP vs. Goldberg For The WWE Championship

4.) The Usos (c) vs. The Mysterio Family For The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

5.) Bianca BelAir (c) vs. Sasha Banks For The WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

6.) Edge vs. Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns & Finn Balor Segment 

Finn Balor: Three years ago, what happened last week, I would have smiled and accepted it. But that Finn is dead. This Finn isn’t smiling. This Finn wants to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship And if I have to go through John Cena to do it, then that’s what I’m willing to do.

Roman Reigns: My special counsel has already addressed my position on last week. And, Finn, I can understand why you’re upset. I can even understand why you’re out here running your mouth about John Cena. But you need to remember that, I tried to help you, I tried to give you an opportunity. So when you come out here, in my ring, on my show, keep the head of the table’s name out of your mouth.

Reigns throws the microphone at Balor. Balor shoves Reigns out of the way. Balor tells Reigns to bring it. The Usos attacks Balor from behind. Jey goes for The USO Splash, but Balor ducks out of the way. Balor with a double leg takedown. Balor is raining down haymakers. Balor repeatedly stomps on Jimmy’s chest. Balor with forearm shivers. Balor launches Jey over the rope. Balor lands The SomerSault Plancha.

Balor taunts Reigns. Reigns marches to the ring. Balor kicks Reigns in the chest. Balor with heavy bodyshots. Reigns drives his knee into the midsection of Balor. Reigns whips Balor across the ring. Balor hits The SlingBlade. The Usos runs interference. The Bloodline gangs up on Balor. Reigns delivers The Superman Punch. Jey follows that with The Twisting Uso Splash. Reigns transitions into a ground and pound attack. Reigns makes Balor pass out to The Guillotine Choke to close the show.

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Author: Josh Lopez