NWA Powerrr Results (7/20/21): The NWA Champions Series Draft

NWA Powerrr Results 7/20/21
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Commentators: (Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

The Rules

– Team Captains will pick the matchups. 

 We didn’t get a clear explanation on the broadcast as to whether this series is a round robin tournament or whether the scoring will be treated the same like The G1 Climax is in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but you can receive points via pinfall, submission or disqualification. 

– Each member of the winning team will receive an open title shot. 

– For the winning captain, a year’s protection from all who have served beneath them or a new title shot, should they so choose. 

The Captains In The NWA Champions Series 

– Nick Aldis & Melina

– Kamille & Austin Idol 

– The Pope & Velvet Sky 

– Aron Stevens & Taryn Terrell

The Champions Series Draft

Team Nick Aldis & Melina: (Crimson, Skye Blue, Fred Rosser, Slice Boogie, and Jeremiah Plunkett) 

Team Pope & Velvet Sky: (Trevor Murdoch, Jennacide, Jax Dane, The Mystery Man, and Colby Corino) 

Team Aron Stevens & Taryn Terrell: (Tyrus, Lady Frost, JTG, Marshe Rockett, and Jordan Clearwater) 

Team Kamille & Austin Idol: (Thomas Latimer, Kenzie Paige, JR Kratos, Matthew Mims, and Sal Rinauro) 

– The NWA Champions Series will begin on July 27th next week on NWA Powerrr.

The First Set Of Matchups In The NWA Champions Series 

Block A – Team Kamille & Austin Idol vs. Team Aron Stevens & Taryn Terrell 

– Thomas Latimer vs. Marshe Rockett 

– Matthew Mims vs. JTG 

– Kenzie Paige vs. Lady Frost 

– JR Kratos vs. Tyrus 

Block B – Team Nick Alids & Melina vs. Team Pope & Velvet Sky 

– Skye Blue vs. Jennacide 

– Fred Rosser vs. Trevor Murdoch 

– Crimson vs. The Mystery Man 

– Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane 

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