NWA Powerrr Results (6/15/21): JTG vs. Fred Rosser vs. El Rudo

NWA Powerrr Results 6/15/21
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Commentators: (Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, The Pope and Tim Storm)

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Trevor Murdoch Interview 

Kyle Davis: Obviously, Trevor, the crowd is well behind you. We all saw what happened. Obviously, a misunderstanding cost your opportunity at gold. I know this was your dream, and I hate to go that far, but what’s it feel like to not being able to obtain that as of yet?

Trevor Murdoch: Kyle, you have no idea how angry I was, you have no idea how angry I am, but you know what, man? I went back home to Missouri, I was angry there. And I went and seen my beautiful wife, my queen, my center. You know, women, wives, they have this amazing ability to make you feel like an idiot. My wife brought up a very important aspect to this match. She looked at me, and she said, you had him beat. Not only did you have him beat, you used his own finishing maneuver on him, to beat him. That changed my whole idea about this. Nick, I have found your chink in your armor. You know as well as I do, I beat you in that match.

When you go to that tailor and get that pretty suit of yours, and he looks at you, he knows I beat you. When you go to that fancy restaurant, and that waiter is there,  and they’re looking at you, they know I beat you. When you go home to your wife, and we all know who she is, she’s looking at you and knows that I beat you. You have made this personal. You have made this an endeavor that I’m not going stop. Nick, you think I’m done? We just got started. I have never, never wanted to hurt somebody so bad in my life more than you, Nick. And I’m not gonna stop, I’m not gonna quit, I’m not gonna give up, I’m gonna be in every corner because I am not done until I become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

– May Valentine had a backstage interview with Tyrus and Austin Idol. Idol starts complaining about the NWA Fans. Idol says that Tyrus will beat anybody in the wrestling world and they want the title match. Tyrus gloats about destroying The Pope at When Our Shadows Fall. Jordan Clearwater interrupted the interview on behalf of Mr. Jeez. Mr. Jeez wants to have a conversation with Tyrus and Idol in the conference room. Tyrus says that he’ll meet with Clearwater and Mr. Jeez in the ring next week.

First Match: Melina vs. Jennacide vs. Kenzie Paige In A Triple Threat Match

Paige ducks a clothesline from Jennaice. Paige kicks Jennacide in the gut. Paige with clubbing blows to Jennacide’s back. Jennacide is pissed. Melina kicks Jennacide in the ribs. Melina with forearm shivers. Jennacide denies the double irish whip. Jennacide with a double clothesline. Jennacide with forearm shivers. Jennacide blasts Paige with a knife edge chop. Jennacide scores the elbow knockdown. Jennacide with The Stinger Splash. Melina dumps Jennacide out of the ring. Melina with a Spinning Face Plant for a two count. Paige with an inside cradle for a two count. Paige with three forearm smashes.

Paige ducks a clothesline from Melina. Paige SuperKicks Melina. Paige yanks Melina off the top turnbuckle for a two count. Jennacide sends Paige to the corner. Jennacide with a running elbow smash. Jennacide with a corner clothesline. Jennacide follows that with a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Jennacide applies The Sharpshooter. Melina responds with The Sleeper Hold. Jennacide backs Melina into the turnbuckles. Jennacide dumps Melina back first on the canvas. Paige sends Jennacide shoulder first into the steel ring post. Melina rolls Paige over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Melina via Pinfall 

– Austin Idol Vignette.

– May Valentine had a backstage interview with Kamille. Kamille is pissed about Melina interrupting her championship coronation. Kamille says that Thomas Latimer will win the National Heavyweight Championship. Kamille will be looking outside the NWA for competition.

– Colby Corino sounds off on PJ Hawx and Sal Rinauro about getting title opportunities before him. There will be a triple threat match in the coming weeks to determine the No. 1 Contender for the NWA Worlds Television Championship.

Second Match: Aron Stevens vs. PJ Hawx 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Stevens backs Hawx into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Strong lockup. Stevens with a fireman’s carry takeover. Arm-Bar Exchange. Wrist Lock Exchange. Following a snap mare takeover, Stevens hooks the outside leg for a one count. Back to the collar and elbow tie up. Standing Switch Exchange. Stevens with an arm-bar takedown. Hawx applies the double wrist lock. Second Wrist Lock Exchange. Hawx with the fireman’s carry takeover. Stevens regroups in the corner. Hawx crawls under Stevens.

Hawx with a double leg takedown. Hawx applies a side headlock. Stevens backs Hawx into the ropes. Stevens with a corner clothesline. Stevens HeadButts Hawx. Stevens with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Stevens with a knee smash. Stevens rocks Hawx with a forearm smash. Stevens levels Hawx with The Body Avalanche. La Rebellion attacks Stevens and Hawx from behind which causes the referee to call off the match. After the match, Luke Hawx tries to make the save. La Rebellion connects with their PowerBomb/Flying BackStabber Combination. La Rebellion wants a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

Match Result: No-Contest 

– May Valentine had a backstage interview with the mysterious masked wrestler. Slice Boogie and Marshe Rockett joins the conversation. Boogie pokes fun at the masked wrestler.

– Strictly Business and Parrow state their case as to why they will win the NWA National Championship Tournament.

Third Match: JTG vs. Fred Rosser vs. El Rudo In A Triple Threat Match. The Winner Will Qualify For The NWA National Championship Tournament 

Rudo is trying to form an alliance, but neither JTG or Rosser are budging. JTG and Rosser tees off on Rudo. JTG repeatedly stomps on Rudo’s chest. JTG is choking Rudo with his knee. Rosser applies a side headlock. JTG whips Rosser across the ring. JTG drops down on the canvas. JTG goes for a dropkick, but Rosser holds onto the ropes. Rosser with a Leg Drop. Rosser with a corner clothesline. Rosser sends Rudo to the ring apron. Rudo denies The Belly to Back Suplex. Haymaker Exchange. JTG with a Running Clothesline. Rosser clotheslines JTG. Rosser talks smack to JTG. That leads us to a quick shoving contest. Rudo kicks Rosser in the gut. Rudo with a straight right hand. Rudo slaps JTG in the chest. Rudo with The SpringBoard Double BlockBuster.

Rudo is fired up. Rudo repeatedly stomps on Rosser’s chest. Rudo with two haymakers. Rudo slams Rosser’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Rudo with a corner clothesline. Rudo with an overhand chop. Rudo follows that with another corner clothesline. Rudo starts choking Rosser. Rudo rams his boot across Rosser’s face. Rudo is choking Rosser with his boot. Rudo with The Butterfly Suplex. Rudo with clubbing blows to Rosser’s chest. Rudo and Rosser are trading back and forth hots. Rosser reverses out of the irish whip from Rudo. Rosser with a Back Body Drop. JTG clotheslines Rudo over the top rope. Rosser rolls JTG over for a two count. Rosser Powerslams JTG for a two count. Rudo dumps JTG out of the ring.

Rosser with rapid fire haymakers. Rosser HeadButts Rudo. Rudo reveres out of the irish whip from Rosser. Rudo ducks a clothesline from Rosser. Rudo drops Rosser with The STO for a two count. JTG punches Rudo in the back. Rudo reverses out of the irish whip from JTG. JTG with a drop down uppercut. JTG drops Rudo with The Reverse SlingBlade for a two count. Rosser with Two HeadButts. Rosser with a blistering chop. JTG ducks a clothesline from Rosser. JTG with The NeckBreaker for a two count. Rudo is raining down haymakers. Rudo drills JTG with The BrainBuster for a two count. Rudo drives his knee into the midsection of Rosser. Rudo dumps Rosser out of the ring. Rudo toys around with JTG. JTG connects with The Brooklyn’s Edge to pickup the victory.

Winner: JTG via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez