NWA Super Powerrr Results (5/11/21): Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane

NWA Super Powerrr Results 5/11/21
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Commentators: Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Strictly Business Interview 

Joe Galli: Kyle, Tim, Velvet, thank you very much. I am here with all the members of Strictly Business. And last week on Powerrr Surge, I mean, Nick you kind of left in a puff. Well, let’s talk about the future and the future is who’s challenging you for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. You were really upset when you found out about the 14-man battle royal.

Nick Aldis: I’ll tell you what, I think Billy Corgan wants to go back to The Attitude Era because he sure as hell doesn’t want to live in The Gratitude Era. After I’ve carried this company on my back, after all the media request I do, all the appearances, all the matches, all the PPV’s, all the televisions, and then you drag me out to that desk to listen to you (Joe Galli) with your mush mouth beady eye questions and I have to sit there while May Valentine undresses me with her eyes every chance she gets, it’s very distracting, I’m not a piece of meat, I’m the Worlds Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

But now I have to deal with the injustice of being told that there’s gonna be a 14-man battle royal, yeah, you heard me, battle royal, do not adjust your sets, it’s the year 2021 and we’re having a battle royal to find out who’s gonna be the number one contender for the most prestigious worlds championship in the sport today, the ten pounds of gold held by the likes of Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and The National Treasure, The Real Worlds Champion, Nick Aldis. Yeah, we’re just gonna have 14 jabrones, throw them in the ring and see who gets it. Great. What are we even doing here? Now, that’s bad enough, but the fact that I had to find out that information from you, like you’re some Geraldo Rivera, Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper and you think that you’re just gonna get one over me? I don’t know what your problem is, but if you don’t adjust yourself real quick, I’ll bounce you back to San Antonio and you can deal with old folks homes and hurricanes.

Joe Galli: I take each one of those as a compliment, by the way, I hope that you understand that. But let’s talk about tonight, in the main event, it’s your boys Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer, they are the number one contenders for the World Tag Team Titles. What are your thoughts on that?

Nick Aldis: It’s only a matter of time, I mean, let’s talk for a moment. Has there been a meteoric rise in the National Wrestling Alliance in recent history than Chris Adonis, coming in after just a few short weeks, your National Champion? If it wasn’t for the fact that Pope did his belt Usain Bolt impression and spent the whole match running at Back For The Attack, we would be looking at the new World Television Champion and the biggest workhorse in the NWA, Thom Latimer. And let’s not forget, the clock is ticking and soon you’ll be looking at the new NWA World Women’s Champion in “The Brick House” Kamille.

Joe Galli: And champ, I’m glad that you brought that up because Kamille, I understand you’re gonna be making a major announcement in a match up that could involve Thunder Rosa in the near future. Do you want to make that announcement now?

Kamille: No. It is so good to see you, I feel like it’s been a long time. I feel like we’re pretty close, you know, we follow each other on social media, so you think we’re pals, don’t you?

Joe Galli: Well, I don’t know about pals, but definitely colleagues.

Kamille: All right, Joe. Well, everybody, later on tonight’s episode, I will announce my answer to Rosa, face to face. So make sure you tune in because we’re gonna be making news.

Joe Galli: Making news right here on NWA Powerrr. Champ you seem to be thinking about something?

Nick Aldis: Well, you know, there’s only one problem. As usual, Billy Corgan is moving the goal post because he doesn’t want Strictly Business to do the inevitable and that is to acquire all the power here in the NWA. So I heard a little scuttle butt about current champions not being able to compete in this battle royal, so I’ve had a moment to think about it and as of now, that tag team title match is off. We’re gonna think about the team. Let me finish, we got to think about the team first, we got to think about priorities. You guys think you’re gonna drive a wedge in Strictly Business, it ain’t gonna happen. Consider this off, we’ll talk about it later, and you’ll see them in the battle royal. You’re not getting one over me, Corgan, Strictly Business is here to stay.

First Match: Matt Cross vs. Mims In A NWA Television Championship Qualifying Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Wrist Lock Exchange. Mims applies a side headlock. Cross whips Mims across the ring. Mims drops Cross with a shoulder tackle. Cross drops down on the canvas. Cross leapfrogs over Mims. Cross denies The Hip Toss. Cross ducks a clothesline from Mims. Cross nails Mims with The Pump Kick. Cross goes for a Handspring Back Elbow Smash, but Mims blocks it. Mims goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Cross lands back on his feet. Mims scores the elbow knockdown.

Mims sends Cross back first into the turnbuckles. Mims with heavy bodyshots. Mims levels Cross with a Body Avalanche. Cross decks Mims with a back elbow smash. Cross dives over Mims. Lariat Exchange. Cross with The SpringBoard Crossbody Block for a one count. Mims reverses out of the irish whip from Cross. Cross kicks Mims in the face. Mims yanks Cross off the top turnbuckle. Mims kicks Cross in the gut. Mims goes for The PowerBomb, but Cross lands back on his feet. Mims hits The SpineBuster for a two count. Mims whips Cross across the ring. Cross connects with The Handspring Cutter to pickup the victory.

Winner: Matt Cross via Pinfall 

– The Pope refused to shake Austin Idol’s hand. Idol was trying to congratulate Pope on being four victories away from getting a NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Shot.

– May Valentine had a backstage interview with Aron Stevens. Stevens wants to focus on maintaining his legacy and finishing his career with NWA. As far as the Kratos situation is concerned, they’re not best friends, but Stevens is hoping that Kratos sees the light and does things by the book going forward.

– Austin Idol Vignette.

Second Match: JR Kratos vs. Sal Rinauro 

Kratos shrugs off a dropkick from Rinauro. Rinauro with rapid fire haymakers. Kratos sends Rinauro chest first into the canvas. Kratos stomps on Rinauro’s chest. Kratos rocks Rinauro with a forearm smash. Kratos whips Rinauro into the turnbuckles. Rinauro kicks Kratos in the face. Kratos clotheslines Rinauro. Kratos goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Rinauro lands back on his feet. Rinauro side steps Kratos into the turnbuckles. Rinauro goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Kratos counters with a Jumping Knee Strike for a two count. Kratos drags Rinauro to the corner. Kratos connects with The Deadlift German Suplex to pickup the victory.

Winner: JR Kratos via Pinfall 

– Kamille announced the terms for her next match with Thunder Rosa. If Kamille Wins, Thunder Rosa must work exclusively for the NWA. If Thunder Rosa Wins, She’ll Become The Number One Contender For The NWA Women’s World Championship.

Third Match: Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane In A Falls Count Anywhere Match 

Haymaker Exchange. Dane drives his knee into the midsection of Boogie. Dane HeadButts Boogie. Dane levels Boogie with a Body Avalanche. Boogie reverses out of the irish whip from Dane. Dane with an Inside Out Lariat. Dane with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Boogie regroups on the outside. Boogie side steps Dane into the steel ring post. Boogie slams the left hand of Dane on the ring apron. Boogie thrust kicks the left knee of Dane. Boogie nails Dane with The Pump Kick for a one count. Boogie punches Dane in the back. Boogie with a double sledge. Boogie and Dane starts brawling in the podium area. Boogie hooks the inside leg for a one count. Boogie stomps on Dane’s back. Boogie hammers down on the back of Dane’s neck. Chop Exchange. Boogie buries his knee into the midsection of Dane. Boogie with clubbing blows to Dane’s back. Dane with a Vertical Suplex on the floor for a two count. Boogie dumps Dane face first on the apron for a two count.

Boogie makes Dane sit on a chair. Boogie is throwing haymakers at Dane. Dane drops Boogie with The Body Block for a two count. Dane uppercuts Boogie. Dane slams Boogie’s head on the apron. Dane talks smack to Boogie. Boogie drives Dane face first into the steel ring steps. Dane catches Boogie in mid-air. Dane drives Boogie back first into the ring post for a two count. Boogie sends fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Boogie sends Dane face first into the ring post. Boogie with a Running Knee Strike. Boogie with a Top Rope Plancha for a two count. Boogie delivers multiple chair shots. Crimson appears. Boogie dares Crimson to throw the towel. Boogie drives the chair into the midsection of Dane. Boogie wraps the chair around Dane’s neck. Boogie gets distracted by Crimson. Dane inadvertently knocks Crimson off the apron. Dane checks on Crimson. Dane surprisingly throws the towel into the ring. After the match, Dane brings Crimson to the backstage area.

Winner: Slice Boogie via Forfeit 

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Author: Josh Lopez