NWA Powerrr Surge Results (5/4/21): Jennacide vs. Skye Blue

NWA Powerrr Surge Results 5/4/21
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Commentators: Joe Galli, May Valentine, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Thunder Rosa Interview 

May Valentine: Thank you so much for being here, we talk a lot about you. You’re a huge inspiration to us and also to women in professional wrestling. You’ve done a lot for women in professional wrestling.

Thunder Rosa: Yeah, the last year has been absolutely amazing. I’ve been able to create opportunities for a lot of new women in the business, not only in a TV setting, but also in the independent scene and I’m super proud of absolutely everybody that has been part of it because they’ve believe in what I believe in and that’s women empowerment.

May Valentine: I was wondering, do you think that Kamille will have the courage to face you again?

Thunder Rosa: I mean, she thinks she’s the head hancho here, so I wouldn’t expect less from here, honestly, but I don’t know, she’s a coward in all honestly, a total coward. Again, she went against Alex Gracia, she messed her up, you know, she’s one of my girls. I don’t like it when people take things to a personal level, and she’s making this a personal issue. When someone is trying to make things personal and trying to take money out of my own pocket, money out of my family, I don’t take it very lightly, at all.

May Valentine: Now Rosa, you have your own training facility and you also have your own wrestling promotion, but what do you say to people that say that working for other promotions is kind of being disloyal to the NWA?

Thunder Rosa: Well, Business is business. I go where the money goes, you know, I’ve got to feed my family. And if they’re getting paid, I’m getting paid, we’re all happy, so they could say whatever they want, but if you’re not paying my bills, guess what, be quiet.

May Valentine: So the critics don’t bother you?

Thunder Rosa: Do you think if they bother me, I won’t be here? Absolutely not.

May Valentine: It did sound like it bothered you, a little bit.

Thunder Rosa: May, come on, man, you know me very well. Nothing bothers me. I have pretty thick skin. And when you’re in this business, you better have thick skin or otherwise, maybe you shouldn’t be doing anything like this.

May Valentine: Okay, just wondering what you really feel inside.

Thunder Rosa: I mean, you really don’t want to know what I’m feeling inside, honestly. You know, when I start speaking really fast, you know I mean business.

May Valentine: Alright, Thunder, we were so happy to have you here today.

First Match: Jennacide vs. Skye Blue 

Blue with forearm shivers. Jennacide shoves Blue into the canvas. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Jennacide sends Blue face first into the canvas. Jennacide with a Big Biel Throw. Blue side steps Jennacide into the turnbuckles. Blue with a RoundHouse Kick. Blue with The Spinning Leg Lariat. Blue slaps Jennacide in the chest. Jennacide denies The Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Jennacide with a Running Uranage Slam for a two count. Jennacide applies The Romero Special. Jennacide with a running shoulder block. Jennacide drops Blue with The Helluva Kick for a two count. Blue with forearm shivers. Blue kicks the left knee of Jennacide.

Blue ducks a clothesline from Jennacide. Blue applies The Octopus Stretch. Jennacide with The Side Walk Slam for a two count. Jennacide hits The Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Jenancide drags Blue to the corner. Jennacide goes for The Vader Bomb, but Blue ducks out of the way. Blue with a forearm smash. Blue with The Pump Knee Strike. Blue follows that with a knee smash. Jennacide reverses out of the irish whip from Blue. Blue holds onto the ropes. Blue kicks Jennacide in the face. Blue with The Flying Crossbody Block for a one count. Jennacide denies The Swinging NeckBreaker. Jennacide connects with The Tombstone PileDriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jennacide via Pinfall 

– Austin Idol Vignette.

– We get a video recap of the news coming out of the most recent editions of NWA Powerrr.

– Aron Stevens Video Package.

Trevor Murdoch Interview 

May Valentine: Trevor, thank you so much for being here with me today. I really appreciate it. I know it’s been an incredibly emotional journey for you, lots of ups and downs, and I would just love to know how you are feeling mentally and physically?

Trevor Murdoch: Physically, I’m beat up. Mentally, I’m excited, I’m tired, feeling proud is probably the biggest thing I feel right now. I have an opportunity to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion. As a young guy, coming up through the ranks under Harley, through following him and listening to him, the training I went through, the one of the constants was his NWA World Heavyweight Title that was in a box above his desk, so everyday as a young guy, you go in there and talk to Harley, you see that world title. From that perspective, it’s a very unattainable goal. You work so hard for something and you visualize it in your head, and you say I could do this, but there’s a small part of you that’s realistic and doesn’t want to get your hopes up. That’s where I’ve been my whole career. And even when I came here for the first time in the NWA, I didn’t expect much, I just wanted to make a splash, I wanted to standout, and I seem to find myself constantly moving forward up to the ranks to now where, as you’ve seen, I’ve been dealing with Nick Aldis kind of putting some obstacles in my way.

May Valentine: How does that feel?

Trevor Murdoch: It’s almost par for the course, like, that’s how my life works, there’s no easy path for me, there’s never been an easy path for me. I had a close friend of mine when I was a young guy that said, if you just realize life is hard and accept it, it becomes easier. At the end of the day, I have to look in the mirror and I have to look at myself and I have to answer to myself. On top of that, I also have two young men that I’m raising, that are watching this program and I have to be the example for them on how to be a man, how to carry yourself, how to have respect, how to treat ladies, they’re watching all of this and I want to make sure I give the best representation possible and the best example possible.

May Valentine: Well, you said, you don’t like to set any expectations, is that because you’re afraid of being disappointed?

Trevor Murdoch: Wow, you’re going deep there on that question. Of course, you know what I mean, nobody wants to put in the hard work and sacrifice everything. There’s been nights that I slept in my car, there’s been nights I had to choose between paying my rent or paying for gas so that I could get to my next wrestling show, and it always went to wrestling because at the end of the day, I didn’t want to have any regrets. I didn’t want to be an old man and look back and go, I could’ve done this. At the very least, I want to know that I gave everything I had, I tried everything I could, so I could be okay with myself.

May Valentine: Being in professional wrestling, it’s the sacrifice, would you say that’s true?

Trevor Murdoch: I think every wrestler sacrifice things when you become a wrestler, because when you’re on the road, you’re missing time with your family, you’re missing time with your friends, you’re working towards a goal of becoming a world champion. Every wrestler wants to become a world champion.

May Valentine: As exciting as that is, it hurts too, right?

Trevor Murdoch: Of course because a lot of men don’t make it. There’s a handful of guys that have made it to the top in this business if you really look at it. That falls back to Harley and me following his example. He set the pace for me, he set the standard for me and I’m just following his lead, and granted he’s not here anymore, I’m still following his path.

May Valentine: I’m hearing some sadness in your voice, would you say that you’re sad right now?

Trevor Murdoch: I mean, I’m a grown ass man here on TV. I wish Harley was here. You know, who doesn’t want the person that’s taken you to another level? Who doesn’t want that person to be there for you to show to them, you know, I did this? And it was because of you, you helped me. That’s the payoff. I don’t feel like I have any payoff to give to him because he’s not here, so it gets me emotional and it means a lot to me to be able to not only do this for him, but to show the world that I could do this. And I want to bring this home to my kids.

Nick Aldis Interview 

Joe Gallis: We just saw that incredible story about everything Aron Stevens has been going through in the recent weeks. What are your thoughts?

Nick Aldis: Well, look, it’s obviously safe to say that circumstances like the one that Aron had to deal with at Back For The Attack are certainly unusual and that kind of thing could make or break you. It could bring out the best in people or it could put you over the edge, and I think what we’re actually seeing is that this might be a really transformative moment for Aron Stevens, because I think based on everything I heard him say coming up to our match and obviously from the way he performed in our match and what I’ve seen from him since, seems to me like maybe he’s had a little bit of a wake up call, but it looks like he’s dealing with some complicated issues with Mr. Kratos.

Joe Galli: Yeah, it seems interesting because Tom Latimer came out here and selected Kratos to be part of Team Aldis. Was that your decision?

Nick Aldis: That was Tom Latimer’s decision. How dare you? Are you trying to say that Tom Latimer is incapable of making his own decisions? Are you trying to say that Tom Latimer doesn’t have enough intelligence to make a bold chess move? You forget, Tom and I have been friends since we were teenagers. Just because he might present himself as a little more rough around the edges, there’s a lot of going on inside his brain, Joe Galli. And let’s face it, he’s part of Strictly Business, we’re always playing chess.

Joe Galli: Nick, I understand you have some major announcement you’re suppose to be making here on Powerrr Surge as well?

Nick Aldis: Yes. As you may know, I have a little bit of stroke around here, just a little bit and I just got word from the brass that Tom Latimer and Chris Adonis are officially the number one contenders for the World Tag Team Championships, that’s some very big news and I’m very pleased to hear that.

– Joe Galli brings up the recent tension between Aron Stevens and JR Kratos and how it benefits Strictly Business.

Nick Aldis: Look, Joe, I’m the all seeing eye in the NWA. Nobody comes through these doors without me knowing everything about him and I mean everything, all right. So, yes, I’ve been studying Kratos, I’ve seen the dynamic emerging between him and Stevens. I keep a close on eye on everything, especially when someone like Stevens has taken me to the limit in the world championship match, look, it’s in my best interest to always be monitoring everyone very closely. But yes, in this situation, I’m very confident about the prospects of Tom and Chris Adonis capturing those World Tag Team Championships.

Joe Galli: Let’s talk about your championship. Who do you want to see challenge you for the ten pounds of gold?

Nick Aldis: I represent the NWA, I do it better than anybody. I represent the entire sport of professional wrestling, I do it better than anybody. And in that regard, I want whomever is the most qualified to step up and challenge for the world championship, because at the end of the day, it’s really not about me, it’s about you the fans, it’s about box office, it’s about the NWA, so I’m open to whomever is gonna set up and show out and prove that they deserve a shot at the ten pounds of gold.

Joe Galli: And it’s interesting you bring that up because I got a little bit of information myself that, in three weeks time, right here on FITE TV, there’s gonna be a 14 man battle royal and the winner of that match will go on to face Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. But not only did that, just so you know, the people are gonna be involved in this match are a wide variety of performers that are involved in the National Wrestling Alliance, but none of our current champions will be involved. So no Pope, Aron Stevens, JR Kratos or Chris Adonis.

May Valentine: Seems like you knew nothing about this, Nick.

Nick Aldis: Shut up, May. Listen, I really don’t like the way this is going. How is that you know all this? What is going on, Joe? Since when did you have more stroke than me?

Joe Galli: Did you miss a meeting or something?

– Nick Aldis storms out of the set to close the show.

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Author: Josh Lopez