NWA Powerrr Results (4/27/21): The Pope vs. Tyrus

NWA Powerrr Results 4/27/21
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Commentators: Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Nick Aldis & Trevor Murdoch 

Kyle Davis: Thank you very much. What better way to start NWA Powerrr than to right now bring out the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, The National Treasure, Nick Aldis. Now, champ, obviously you get what you want. And you asked for this time to start the show, and to be completely honest, I have absolutely no idea what it could pertain to.

Nick Aldis: Well, you know, I think we all saw what happened last week, so we got something serious that we need to address. On a scale of 1-10, am I an 11 today or what? I mean, I may not dive, I may not flip, but you can’t touch this level of drip, you know what I mean, jelly bean? That’s why I’m The National Treasure and The Real Worlds Champion. And most importantly, don’t forget, that I’m the dealer and I hold all the cards and I don’t fold. And I hope Trevor Murdoch that finally understands that point after he seemed to fail to understand just what he was dealing with for the last couple of weeks. So, I know that ever since Trevor decided to insert himself into my business and run his mouth, I know there’s been some kind of energy floating around in the air, you know where I’m driving at here, what I’m putting down? So, I’ll just go ahead and say it. It’s time that we address Trevor Murdoch and Chris Adonis for the National Championship, one more time.

Kyle Davis: I’ve got to be honest with you, I kind of thought you were going into that direction, but a little bit different. With Trevor Murdoch, it just seems a little bit personal, I mean, the man is making a living. I don’t know what your history is with him. But Strictly Business, yourself, it’s almost like you don’t want him to be here.

Nick Aldis: It’s seems to me like you’re projecting, Kyle. Maybe you don’t want Trevor Murdoch here. Are you some kind of elitist snob who thinks that you can decide who does and who doesn’t come to the NWA? Wow, I expected better of you, Kyle, I really did. I mean, you couldn’t even wear a tie for today, you know, all the way around, you’re just disappointing me left and right. Let’s address it, right now. I have an idea, respectfully, Mr. Murdoch, come on out, no funny business, no physicality, no problems, I have an suggestion.

Trevor Murdoch: The only reason I don’t kick your ass, right here, right now, is because I’m not willing to lose out on a future opportunity with the NWA and deal with the consequences of what I might do to you. But I certainly have something to say. Ever since I walked into here, you’ve called me stupid, I’ve made bad decisions, that I’m not championship material. I’ve given my life to this business. I’ve done everything that everybody has asked me to do, including stand up to you, week in and week out. And now, I hear you calling me out in front of the world, because you’re the dealer, because you’ve got something to tell me? The only thing I want to hear from you is an apology.

Nick Aldis: The only thing that I’m sorry for is that I didn’t put you in your place a hell of a lot sooner. Now, just think what we’re dealing with here, Trevor. I’m giving you one more chance to reach your mountain top, The National Heavyweight Championship.

Trevor Murdoch: What are you offering, champ? What’s on your mind?

Nick Aldis: Well, funny you should ask, I’ve already talked it over with the boys. And we’ve agreed that a good idea would be to set up a little 6-Man Tag Team as the main event of NWA Powerrr. Hey, don’t worry, I won’t be in the match, I won’t even be at commentary, I won’t even be anywhere in the ringside area, I will watch as a fan. Tom Latimer, Chris Adonis and a third partner to be revealed, that’s a little cliffhanger. So, if you could put a team together, if Team Murdoch wins, you get what you’re really looking for, you get one more shot at the National Heavyweight Championship.

– Trevor Murdoch says that Aldis back peddling because he won’t put the 10 pounds of gold on the line.

Nick Aldis: If you win, you get a shot at The National Championship. If you don’t win, you go home for 30 days. And we have don’t hear from you, we don’t have to see you on our televisions, we don’t have to hear you running your mouth and blaming me for all your problems. That’s it, go home, 30 days without pay. How bad do you really want it?

Trevor Murdoch: I told the NWA, I told the people, and I’m gonna tell you, I’m here to fight and I’m here to fight at any time, any place. So, you know what? I’m gonna take that opportunity, but I sure as hell hope you’re watching, Nick.

– Austin Idol Vignette.

– Next week on NWA Powerrr, Slice Boogie will battle Jax Dane.

– There was a Women’s Summit Segment with Thunder Rosa, Melina, Kamille and Taryn Terrell. Melina is representing Thunder Rosa and Taryn Terrell is representing Kamille. Rosa wants a rematch with Kamille. Terrell says that she’s bringing a list of demands next week before this match is made official.

First Match: JR Kratos vs. Sal Rinauro 

Rinauro slides under Kratos. Kratos denies the schoolboy rollup. Kratos rocks Rinauro with a forearm smash. Kratos is putting the boots to Rinauro. Kratos with a straight right hand. Kratos with two elbow drops. Kratos follows that with The Delayed Vertical Suplex. Kratos transitions into a ground and pound attack.

Kratos gets distracted by May Valentine and Danny Deals. Kratos Chokeslams Deals. Kratos repeatedly stomps on Rinauro’s face which forces the referee to call off the match. After the match, Aron Stevens checks on Rinauro. Kratos tried to pick a fight with Tim Storm. We also find out that Kratos will be on Team Strictly Business in tonight’s 6-Man Tag Team main event.

Match Result: No-Contest 

Second Match: The Pope (c) vs. Tyrus w/Austin Idol For The NWA Worlds Television Championship 

Pope side steps Tyrus into the turnbuckles. Pope is playing mind games with Tyrus. Pope applies a side headlock. Tyrus launches Pope to the corner. Pope with a waist lock go-behind. Tyrus backs Pope into the turnbuckles. Tyrus with two hip smashes. Pope dodges The Body Avalanche. Idol runs interference. Tyrus levels Pope with The Body Avalanche. Tyrus with an elbow drop for a two count. Tyrus hooks the outside leg for a two count. Tyrus hits The Exploder Suplex for a two count. Pope with a chop/haymaker combination.

Tyrus shrugs off the leaping shoulder tackle. Tyrus rakes the eyes of Pope. Tyrus whips Pope into the turnbuckles. Tyrus is mauling Pope in the corner. Tyrus with a corner clothesline. Tyrus toys around with Pope. Tyrus applies The Bear Hug. Pope with a thumb to the eye. Pope with forearm shivers. Pope ducks a clothesline from Tyrus. Pope dropkicks the left knee of Tyrus. Pope drops Tyrus with The DDT. Pope delivers The Missile Dropkick. Pope with The Flying Crossbody Block off the ring apron. Idol pulls Pope out of the ring. The referee has ejected Idol from the ringside area. Pope is pissed. Tyrus applies The Mandible Claw on the floor as time expired.

Match Result: Time-Limit Draw, But Still NWA Worlds Television Champion, The Pope

Third Match: Trevor Murdoch, Aron Stevens, and Tim Storm w/Sal Rinauro vs. Strictly Business & JR Kratos In A 6-Man Tag Team Match. If Team Murdoch Wins, He’ll Get A Future NWA National Championship Match. If Team Murdoch Loses, He’ll Go Home For 30 Days Without Pay 

A pier six brawl ensues before the bell rings. Forearm Exchange. Murdoch and Latimer are brawling on the floor. Adonis with a knee lift to Stevens. All hell is breaking loose in The GPB Studios. Latimer with clubbing blows to Storm’s back. We have a standoff with Steven and Kratos. Storm tags himself in. Latimer is throwing haymakers at Storm. Latimer kicks Storm in the gut. Latimer with a throat thrust. Latimer with the irish whip. Storm clotheslines Latimer. Storm kicks Latimer in the gut. Storm with a Running Boot. Storm drops Latimer with a NeckBreaker for a two count. Storm applies a side headlock. Storm tags in Murdoch. Murdoch unloads three knife edge chops. Murdoch levels Latimer with a Body Avalanche. Murdoch with a snap mare takedown for a one count. Murdoch tags in Stevens. Stevens kicks Latimer in the gut. Stevens with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Stevens with The Question Mark Elbow Drop for a two count. Latimer answers with a throat thrust. Latimer with two haymakers. Latimer bodyslams Stevens. Latimer tags in Adonis.

Adonis goes for an elbow drop, but Stevens ducks out of the way. Stevens repeatedly drives his knee into the midsection of Adonis. Following a snap mare takeover, Stevens with a knee drop for a two count. Stevens applies a front face lock. Stevens tags in Murdoch. Murdoch with a gut punch. Murdoch with The Vertical Suplex for a two count. Adonis backs Murdoch into the turnbuckles. Latimer tags himself in. Latimer with clubbing shoulder blocks. Murdoch kicks Latimer in the face. Murdoch tags in Storm. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown for a two count. Storm with forearm shivers. Following a snap mare takeover, Storm with The Running Boot for a two count. Storm applies a front face lock. Storm tags in Stevens. Stevens kicks Latimer in the gut. Latimer reverses out of the irish whip from Stevens. Stevens kicks Latimer in the chest. Adonis clotheslines Stevens behind the referee’s back. Latimer repeatedly stomps on the midsection of Stevens. Latimer tags in Adonis.

Adonis stomps on Stevens chest. Adonis repeatedly drives his knee into Stevens back. Adonis applies a rear chin lock. Adonis with a Seated Senton. Adonis applies a front face lock. Latimer tags himself in. Haymaker Exchange. Latimer with a drop toe hold. Latimer with an elbow drop for a two count. Latimer applies the chin bar. Stevens decks Latimer with a JawBreaker. Latimer stops Stevens in his tracks. Latimer tags in Adonis. Adonis with three elbow drops for a two count. Adonis with clubbing blows to Stevens back. Stevens is displaying his fighting spirit. Adonis delivers the eye poke. Adonis slams Stevens head on the top turnbuckle pad. Adonis with a knife edge chop. Adonis tags in Latimer. Latimer kicks Stevens in the chest. Latimer with a forearm smash. Latimer with a running elbow smash. Latimer follows that with a corner clothesline. Latimer hits The GutWrench Suplex for a two count. Latimer applies a key lock. Stevens avoids The Stinger Splash. Storm and Adonis are tagged in Storm with a series of clotheslines. Murdoch with a running forearm smash. Storm drops Latimer with The Big Boot. Murdoch runs Latimer into the ring apron. Storm gets distracted by Rinauro. Adonis connects with The Full Nelson Slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: Strictly Business & JR Kratos via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez