NWA Powerrr Results (3/23/21): Strictly Business & Chris Adonis vs. Aron Stevens, JR Kratos, and The Pope

NWA Powerrr Results 3/23/21
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Commentators: Joe Galli, Tim Storm and Velvet Sky

Strictly Business Interview 

Kyle Davis: Thank you very much. Joining me right now, Strictly Business, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis, as well as, Thomas Latimer and Kamille. And the big news is, there’s a 3-Way Match, you guys need a partner, and I see Thom here, and I see Kamille, unless you plan on being the third, I don’t know who it’s going to be.

Thomas Latimer: Shut your mouth, Kyle, we’re not here to talk about that. Pope, you know it and I know it, with no tv time limit, I would be the champion right now. You ought to be embarrassed to call yourself the champion. And mark my words, Pope, we will meet again for that TV Title. And when we do, it will be all mine.

Kyle Davis: My apologies. Since we’re interrupting here, Kamille, is there something you would like to share? You’re the new number one contender.

Kamille: Now, give it up for your number one contender for the Women’s Championship. Now, after I beat down Serena Deeb, there might not be enough room for all of us to stand up here with all of this hardware.

Kyle Davis: You know, speaking of championships, Trevor Murdoch recently being hospitalized, that’s got to be really weighing on you.

Nick Aldis: First of all, it’s a 6-Man Tag, Kyle, get it right, read the format. Secondly, don’t try to calm this man down, you don’t put a saddle on a mustang, you know what I mean. All we’re going to do is turn the heat down just a little bit, because we’re gonna keep that on a little rolling boil for later tonight when we take out our opponents in that 6-Man Tag Team Main Event. But, hey, we’re going to add a little levity to the situation. It’s a celebration. NWA Powerrr is back. And I proved, once and for all, that I’m not just an animal in the weight the room, I’m not just an animal in the bed room, now I proved that I’m an animal in the board room, because FITE TV brought out the big check, brother, and they secured NWA Powerrr, and now we are here, and we’re going to deliver just like we do every single time, for you in all of your homes around the world.

And tonight, yes, you asked me about Trevor Murdoch. I will go on record and say that I don’t condone that type of behavior, but you know me, what is the name of our group? Strictly Business! If there’s no business to be done, we don’t concern ourselves with that. What we have to concern ourselves with tonight is victories, because I had to leave my broom in the back because I had a prop and I was gonna come out here and brag about the big clean sweep that Strictly Business had because I wanted that man to be standing here with the Worlds Television Championship. And let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before you’re looking at the Worlds Women’s Champion. And then everything will be right in the universe. Strictly Business will be on top. And the NWA will be back to where it needs to be.

First Match: Kamille vs. Alex Gracia 

Gracia with a running dropkick. Gracia with forearm shivers. Kamille catches Gracia in mid-air. Kamille PowerBombs Gracia. Kamille applies the cravate. Kamille with clubbing blows to Gracia’s back. Kamille talks smack to Gracia. Kamille stomps on Gracia’s back. Kamille applies The Torture Rack. Kamille throws Gracia into the canvas. Kamille punches Gracia in the back. Kamille with clubbing blows to Gracia’s chest. Kamille nails Gracia with a throat thrust. Kamille repeatedly whips Gracia into the turnbuckles. Kamille with a Vertical Toss. Kamille connects with Two Spears to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kamille via Pinfall 

– Kyle Davis interviewed NWA Worlds Television Champion, The Pope. Pope was not happy about the conclusion from Back For The Attack. Pope talks about his personal relationship with the pope upstairs. He’s prepared to go after The Ten Pounds Of Gold. Pope gets interrupted by Austin Idol and Tyrus. Idol takes credit for the success of Nick Aldis. Idol plans on helping Tyrus to becoming the next NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

– Austin Idol Vignette.

– May Valentine had a backstage interview with Slice Boogie. Boogie tried to flirt with Valentine.

Second Match: Fred Rosser vs. Matt Cross vs. Marshe Rockett In A Triple Threat Match. The Winner Will Become The Number One Contender For The NWA Worlds Television Championship 

Rosser and Cross gangs up on Rockett. Double Back Elbow Smash. Rosser kicks Cross in the gut. Rosser with a Pendulum BackBreaker for a two count. Rosser hooks the outside leg for a two count. Rosser with a toe kick. Rockett drops Rosser with a shoulder tackle. Rosser with a knife edge chop. Rosser HeadButts Rockett. Rockett reverses out of the irish whip from Rosser. Rockett dropkicks Rosser for a one count. Cross dives over Rockett. Cross with a HandSpring Back Elbow Smash. Cross with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block for a one count. Rosser hooks the outside leg for a one count. Rosser with a knee strike. Rosser rakes the back of Rockett. Chop Exchange. Rockett drives his knee into the midsection of Rosser. Rockett with the irish whip. Rosser avoids The Helluva Kick. Rosser with a running knee strike. Rosser delivers the chop block.

Rosser with a Leg Drop. Rosser kicks Rockett in the back. Rosser stomps on Cross chest. Cross reverses out of the irish whip from Rosser. Cross scores the elbow knockdown. Cross with a chop/forearm combination. Rockett Powerslams Cross for a two count. Rosser with a flurry of toe kicks. Rockett answers with a blistering chop. Rockett whips Cross across the ring. Cross ducks a clothesline from Rosser. Cross hits The Handspring Cutter. Rosser with a Leaping Leg Drop. Cross kicks Rosser in the face. Cross denies The Gut Check. Rosser drives his knee into the midsection of Cross. Rosser puts Cross on the top turnbuckle. Rosser HeadButts Cross. Rosser and Cross are trading back and forth shots. Cross denies The SuperPlex. Cross sends Rosser crashing into the canvas. Cross goes for The Shooting Star Press, but Rosser ducks out of the way. Cross knocks Rockett off the ring apron. Rosser connects with The Gut Check to pickup the victory.

Winner: Fred Rosser via Pinfall 

Third Match: Mike Parrow vs. Jordan Clearwater 

Parrow starts things off with a running forearm smash. Parrow is throwing haymakers at Clearwater. The referee admonishes Parrow. Parrow throws Clearwater into the turnbuckles. Parrow with a corner clothesline. Parrow with The Full Nelson Slam. Parrow follows that with a Senton Splash for a two count. Clearwater with forearm shivers. Parrow clotheslines Clearwater. Parrow goes for The Powerslam, but Clearwater lands back on his feet. Parrow avoids The Midas Touch. Parrow Chokeslams Clearwater for a two count. Clearwater uses his feet to create separation. Clearwater kicks Parrow in the face. Clearwater with a Running NeckBreaker for a one count. Parrow with forearm shivers. Parrow connects with The Spike PileDriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mike Parrow via Pinfall 

– Kyle Davis Interviewed Thunder Rosa. Rosa talks about how she represented the company with honor when she was the champion. She doubts that would happen if Kamille ever became the champion. Davis brings out Melina. Melina said Rosa reminds her of everything she was able to accomplish. Melina told Rosa that she’s there for her if she ever needs her. Rosa was flattered, but she needed to do things on her own.

Fourth Match: Strictly Business & Chris Adonis vs. Aron Stevens, JR Kratos, and The Pope In A 6-Man Tag Team Match 

Chris Adonis and Aron Stevens will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Stevens backs Adonis into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Adonis kicks Stevens in the gut. Adonis scores two left jabs. Adonis applies an arm-bar. Adonis grabs a side headlock. Stevens reverses the hold. Adonis whips Stevens across the ring. Adonis drops down on the canvas. Adonis with a fireman’s carry takeover for a two count. Adonis drives his knee into the midsection of Stevens. Adonis punches Stevens in the back. Adonis with a knife edge chop. Stevens answers with an eye poke. Adonis tees off on Stevens. Adonis whips Stevens across the ring. Stevens ducks a clothesline from Adonis. Stevens clotheslines Adonis. Stevens with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count. Stevens applies an arm-bar. The referee gets distracted by Strictly Business. Adonis rakes the eyes of Stevens. Adonis clotheslines Stevens. Adonis tags in Latimer. Latimer repeatedly stomps on Stevens chest. Aldis punches Stevens in the chest. Latimer with the lateral press for a two count. Latimer fish hooks Stevens. Latimer with two haymakers. Latimer tags in Aldis.

Aldis is putting the boots to Stevens. Aldis whips Stevens across the ring. Aldis drops down on the canvas. Aldis with a Running Clothesline. Aldis with a Leg Drop for a two count. Aldis applies a side headlock. Aldis tags in Latimer. Latimer punches Stevens in the ribs. Double Irish Whip. Latimer with a running forearm smash. Following a snap mare takeover, Aldis with The Flying Elbow Drop. Pope breaks up the pinning opportunity. Stevens is displaying his fighting spirit. Latimer with a drop toe hold. Latimer with a GutWrench Suplex for a two count. Latimer tags in Aldis. Aldis stomps on Stevens chest. Aldis with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Kratos is getting frustrated with Stevens. Aldis tags in Adonis. Adonis with a Flying Axe Handle Strike. Adonis repeatedly stomps on Stevens chest. Stevens with rapid fire bodyshots. Adonis kicks Stevens in the gut. Adonis applies a front face lock. Latimer tags himself in. Latimer with clubbing blows to Stevens back. Stevens sweeps out the legs of Latimer. Stevens drops Latimer with The DDT. Pope and Adonis are tagged in.

Pope clotheslines Adonis. Pope with a back elbow smash. Pope sends Aldis to the corner. Pope with The Stinger Splash. Pope with a Flying Forearm Smash. Pope unloads a series of bionic elbow smashes. Double boot into the midsection of Pope. Double Irish Whip. Pope delivers The Double DDT. Pope rolls Adonis over for a two count. Pope with The Running Bulldog for a two count. Aldis is throwing haymakers at Pope. Pope dumps Aldis out of the ring. Latimer brings a steel chair into the ring. Pope kicks Latimer in the gut. Pope uppercuts Latimer. Adonis hits The SpineBuster. Kratos with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Kratos clotheslines Adonis. Latimer Spears Kratos. Stevens with a Lou Thez Press. Stevens transitions into a ground and pound attack. Aldis applies The King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. Stevens SuperKicks Aldis. Stevens with The Rolling Elbow. Adonis pulls Stevens out of the ring. Adonis with a forearm smash. Pope with a Modified STO. Kratos tags himself in. Stevens snatches the chair away from Kratos. Adonis rolls Kratos over with hand full of tights to pickup the victory. After the match, tensions continues to brew with Stevens and Kratos as the show closes.

Winner: Strictly Business & Chris Adonis via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez