MLW Fusion Results (1/20/21): Jacob Fatu vs. ACH

MLW Fusion Results 1/20/21
Tier Nightclub
Orlando, Florida

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Commentators: Rich Bocchini & MSL

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Daivari vs. Zenshi 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Daivari applies a side headlock. Daivari with a side headlock takeover. Zenshi with heavy bodyshots. Short-Arm Reversal by Daivari. Daivari starts grabbing Zenshi’s mask. Daivari with another side headlock takeover. Zenshi decks Daivari with a JawBreaker. Zenshi targets the midsection of Daivari. Zenshi applies a side headlock. Daivari whips Zenshi across the ring. Zenshi drops Daivari with a shoulder tackle. Zenshi dives over Daivari. Daivari denies The Hip Toss. Daivari launches Zenshi to the corner. Daivari with two corner clotheslines. Zenshi reverses out of the irish whip from Daivari. Daivari with an Inside Out Lariat for a one count. Daivari slams Zenshi’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Daivari is lighting up Zenshi’s chest. Daivari whips Zenshi into the turnbuckles. Daivari with a Back Body Drop for a two count. Daivari applies a wrist lock.

Daivari hyperextends the left shoulder of Zenshi. Daivari applies an arm-bar. Zenshi with two haymakers. Zenshi with a JawBreaker. Zenshi whips Daivari across the ring. Daivari denies the deep arm-drag. Daivari with a wrist lock takedown. Daivari works on the left shoulder of Zenshi. Daivari with a Hammerlock Slam for a two count. Daivari applies a double wrist lock. Zenshi headbutts the midsection of Daivari. Daivari punches Zenshi in the back. Daivari dumps Zenshi out of the ring. Daivari avoids The Tiger Feint Kick. Daivari kicks Zenshi in the gut. Daivari hits The Hammerlock Slam on the ring apron. Zenshi with a shoulder block. Zenshi repeatedly slams Daivari’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Zenshi drops Daivari with The SlingShot NeckBreakr for a two count. Daivari reverses out of the irish whip from Zenshi. Zenshi with a Seated Senton. Zenshi with The Reverse DDT for a two count. Zenshi goes for The 450 Splash, but Daivari gets his knees up in the air. Daivari connects with The Hammerlock Lariat to pickup the victory.

Winner: Daivari via Pinfall 

– Myron Reed says that CONTRA will get much deserved justice.

– Savio Vega challenges Richard Holliday to a Caribbean Strap Match

– In two weeks, Alexander Hammerstone will battle Mads Krugger In A Baklei Brawl Match.

Second Match: Simon Gotch vs. Jordan Oliver 

Gotch with a running clothesline. Forearm Exchange. Gotch unloads a flurry of strikes. Gotch uppercuts Oliver. Gotch runs into Oliver. Oliver delivers his combination offense. Oliver with a shoulder block. Second Forearm Exchange. Gotch ducks a clothesline from Oliver. Gotch hits The Back Drop Driver. Oliver side steps Gotch into the turnbuckles. Oliver with The Bridging German Suplex for a two count. Oliver maintains waist control. Oliver with a Float Over Suplex for a one count. Oliver pie faces Gotch. Gotch slaps Oliver in the face. Oliver with a knife edge chop. Oliver repeatedly stomps on Gotch’s chest. Oliver is choking Gotch with his boot. Gotch avoids The Baseball Slide Dropkick. Gotch kicks Oliver in the back. Gotch with The Flying Elbow Drop off the ring apron.

Gotch rolls Oliver back into the ring. Gotch hooks the outside leg for a one count. Gotch repeatedly drives his knee Oliver’s back. Gotch uppercuts Oliver. Gotch puts the left leg of Oliver on the middle rope. Gotch with a throat chop. Gotch kicks Oliver out of the ring. Gotch blasts Oliver with The PK. Gotch rolls Oliver back into the ring. Oliver unloads two knife edge chops. Gotch with a Step Up Enzuigiri for a two count. Gotch applies The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Oliver grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Gotch with clubbing knee strikes.

Gotch with a monkey flip. Gotch wraps his legs around Oliver’s neck. Gotch and Oliver are trading back and forth shots. Gotch goes back to The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Gotch transitions into The Heel Hook. Oliver rolls Gotch over for a two count. Gotch with a sharp knee strike for a two count. Complete slugfest in the corner. Oliver kicks Gotch in the chest. Oliver dropkicks Gotch. Oliver hits The Shining Wizard for a two count. Oliver drops Gotch with The Big Boot for a two count. Gotch negates The Clout Cutter. Gotch makes Oliver pass out to The Rear Naked Choke. After the match, Gotch plants Oliver with The Gotch Driver. Gotch is putting the boots to Oliver.

Winner: Simon Gotch via Referee Stoppage 

Mads Krugger Promo 

Kings Of The Colosseum was only the beginning. Hammerstone, I am the face of fear, I am the black hand of CONTRA, I will be your demise. I can feel you, Hammerstone. I can feel your body breaking. I can feel your soul trembling, because you know, when you look into my eyes, you have met your equal. In two weeks time, I will finish what I have started. In two weeks, Hammerstone, it will be your end. HAIL, CONTRA !!!!!

Third Match: Jacob Fatu (c) w/Daivari vs. ACH For The MLW World Heavyweight Championship 

Fatu starts things off with a running haymaker. Fatu stomps on ACH’s chest. Fatu HeadButts ACH. Fatu with two haymakers. Fatu talks smack to ACH. Fatu with a straight right hand. Fatu delivers a gut punch. Fatu targets the injured ribs of ACH. ACH cartwheels out of the irish whip from Fatu. ACH dropkicks Fatu to the floor. Fatu catches ACH in mid-air. Fatu drives ACH back first into the steel ring post. Fatu dumps ACH chest first on the ring apron. Fatu rolls ACH back into the ring. Fatu with clubbing blows to ACH’s chest. Fatu with Two SpringBoard Seated Senton’s. Fatu tees off on ACH. Fatu goes for a Bodyslam, but ACH lands back on his feet. ACH dropkicks the left knee of Fatu. ACH with a chop/forearm combination. Fatu hits The Samoan Drop. Fatu with another Seated Senton. Fatu is raining down haymakers. Fatu repeatedly drives his shoulder into the midsection of ACH.

Fatu continues to throw haymakers at ACH. ACH avoids The Running Stinkface. ACH goes for a Fallaway Slam, but Fatu counters with a Crossbody Block for a two count. Fatu applies a nerve hold. Fatu HeadButts ACH. Fatu whips ACH into the turnbuckles. Fatu levels ACH with a Body Avalanche. Fatu goes for The Bronco Buster, but ACH ducks out of the way. ACH kicks the left hamstring of Fatu. ACH with another chop/forearm combination. Fatu reverses out of the irish whip from ACH. ACH ducks a clothesline from Fatu. ACH sweeps out the legs of Fatu. ACH with a basement dropkick. ACH blasts Fatu with The PK. ACH rolls Fatu back into the ring. ACH connects with The SlingShot Cutter for a two count. Fatu goes for a PowerBomb, but ACH counters with a Hurricanrana. ACH with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Fatu fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Fatu thrust kicks the midsection of ACH. Fatu with The Pop Up Samoan Drop. Fatu plants ACH with The MoonSault to pickup the victory. After the match, Injustice attacks CONTRA Unit on the stage to close the show.

Winner: Still MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez