IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/5/21): Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan

IMPACT Wrestling Results 1/5/21
The Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton vs. Blake Christian vs. KC Navarro vs. Crazzy Steve In A Fatal Four Way Match 

Steve is playing mind games with Christian and Navarro. Austin pulls Steve out of the ring. Christian rolls Navarro over for a one count. Austin repeatedly stomps on Steve’s chest. Christian ducks a clothesline from Navarro. Christian goes for a Lifting Reverse DDT, but Navarro lands back on his feet. Navarro with a Spinning Back Kick. Christian denies The Standing Slice Bread. Navarro ducks a clothesline from Christian. Christian leapfrogs over Navarro. Navarro dropkicks the left knee of Christian. Austin now pulls Navarro out of the ring. Austin is putting the boots to Navarro. Fulton trips Christian from the outside. Austin kicks Christian in the gut. Austin with a forearm smash. Austin whips Christian across the ring. Christian avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Christian rolls under Austin. Christian kicks Austin in the face Austin dodges a flurry of kicks from Christian. Christian with a Headscissors TakeOver. Christian pops back on his feet. Austin side steps Christian into the turnbuckles. Austin with a Spinning Hook Kick. Austin repeatedly stomps on Christian’s chest. Steve sends Christian to the outside.

Steve kicks Austin in the face. Steve applies The Upside Down. Steve dives over Austin. Austin kicks Steve in the gut. Austin with a straight right hand. Steve reverses out of the irish whip from Austin. Navarro with a shoulder block. Navarro slips over Austin’s back. Navarro ducks a clothesline from Steve. Navarro with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Standing Switch Exchange. Navarro with a drop toe hold. Navarro with The Rebound Dropkick. Christian shoves Navarro off the top turnbuckle. Austin with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Austin goes for The SuperPlex, but Steve gets in the way. Steve rakes the back of Austin. Steve goes for a PowerBomb, but Austin lands back on his feet. Christian is throwing haymakers at Austin. Austin goes for an Avalanche Belly to Back Suplex, but Christian lands back on his feet. Christian with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Christian lands The SomerSault Plancha. Austin kicks Christian in the face. Austin with forearm shivers. Navarro pulls Austin off the ring apron. Navarro with The Suicide Dive. Austin hits The Fosbury Flop.

Steve dodges The RoundHouse Kick. Steve with two uppercuts. Steve clubbing shoulder blocks. Steve uppercuts Austin. Steve with a forearm smash. Austin kicks Steve in mid-air. Austin with a Twisting Slam for a two count. Navarro pump kicks the midsection of Austin. Navarro drops Austin with The Modified Destino for a two count. Christian blocks the Apron Enzuigiri. Christian with a Tiger Feint Kick.  Christian sweeps out the legs of Navarro. Christian dives over Austin. Christian with The Standing Spanish Fly. Christian lands The Frog Splash for a two count. Steve whips Christian into the turnbuckles. Steve with two running uppercuts. Christian nails Steve with The Pump Kick. Steve gets Christian tied up in the tree of woe. Navarro kicks Steve in the gut. Short-Arm Reversal by Steve. Steve with a Running Death Valley Driver into Austin and Christian. Steve connects with The Flying DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: Crazzy Steve via Pinfall 

Second Match: Cody Deaner & Joe Doering w/Eric Young vs. Rhino & Cousin Jake 

Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake will start things off. Deaner with rapid fire haymakers. Dean slams Jake’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Deaner tees off on Jake. Deaner stomps on Jake’s chest. Deaner is mauling Jake in the corner. Deaner is choking Jake with his boot. Deaner slams Jake’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Deaner uses the middle rope as a weapon. Deaner with clubbing crossfaces. Deaner tags in Doering. Doering with repeated boots into the midsection of Jake. Doering punches Jake in the back. Doering with a forearm smash. Doering whips Jake across the ring. Jake ducks a clothesline from Doering. Doering drops Jake with a Running Crossbody Block. Deaner and Doering has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Deaner starts choking Jake. Deaner repeatedly stomps on Jake’s chest.

Doering attacks Jake behind the referee’s back. Deaner slams Jake’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Deaner with a corner clothesline. Deaner continues to stomp on Jake’s chest. Young gives out instruction from the outside. Deaner applies an illegal choke hold. Deaner goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Jake lands back on his feet. Deaner tags in Rhino. Rhino clotheslines Deaner. Rhino scores the elbow knockdown. Rhino knocks Doering off the ring apron. Rhino with a Corner Spear. Rhino with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Rhino tags in Jake. Jake pleads with Deaner. Doering pulls Rhino off the apron. Doering clotheslines Rhino. Jake is distracted by Young. Deaner delivers the low blow. Deaner connects with The Deaner DDT to pickup the victory. After the match, Young, Doering, and Deaner gangs up on Jake. Tommy Dreamer storms into the ring to make the save. Dreamer challenges Young’s Squad to a 6-Man Tag Team Old School Rules Match at IMPACT Hard To Kill.

Winner: Cody Deaner & Joe Doering via Pinfall 

– Gia Miller had a backstage interview with Matthew Palmer. Palmer says that he’s not intimidated by Moose. He’s been wrestling for 14 years and he’s ready to show the world who he truly is.

– Acey Romero confronts Johnny Swinger in the backstage area.

Deonna Purrazzo & Taya Valkyrie Segment 

Deonna Purrazzo: You know, Kim, I don’t understand what Taya Valkyrie’s problem with us is. I mean, I defeated her best friend and retain my Knockouts Championship at Final Resolution. And instead of gracefully accepting defeat, she got in our faces. And then again, when Taya cost her team the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament, she couldn’t accept it, she blamed us instead. Now, Taya wants an opportunity to take my Knockouts Championship from me.

She’s gonna get her opportunity at Hard To Kill, but I guess the only thing I don’t understand, the one question I have for Taya Valkyrie is, what happens when I lock in The Fujiwara Arm-Bar? What happens if I hit Costa Nostra? I’m gonna prove to the world once again, I am everything I say I am, Kim. I’m “The Virtuosa.” I am the greatest technical women’s wrestler in the world. I am the first ever Iron Woman of IMPACT Wrestling. And at Hard To Kill, I guess the only question Taya is, do you finally accept reality or do you continue this downward spiral of delusion and denial?

Taya Valkyrie: Deonna, Deonna, Deonna, you really are delusional. But, I’m gonna make it real easy for you. I am the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in IMPACT Wrestling history. And although your time here has been like, super impressive, you’ve never faced me. Not here, not anywhere. And although you may probably think that I’ve been just like a bit distracted with Wrestle House, The Wedding, The Trial, The Tag Tournament, I’ve never lost focus of what I want. And what I want is that Knockouts Championship.

Deonna Purrazzo: You mean the Knockouts Championship you lost to Jordynne Grace, right? The Knockouts Championship that I won from Jordynne Grace at Slammiversary, this one, my title? Let’s be real for a second, Taya, let’s be real. Your husband is gone, your manager wants nothing to do with you and I guess it’s only a matter of time until your best friend Rosemary leaves your side too. I know for a fact that you were an amazing Knockouts Champion, I know that. But your time has come and gone. Look around, look around, Kim, look at what I’ve done, look at what I’ve cultivated in this Knockouts Division since I’ve been here. We should call this, The Age Of The Virtuosa. And the last thing you have to cling to, Taya, I’m the longest reigning Knockouts Champion of all-time. But when I defeat you at Hard To Kill, when I break your arm at Hard To Kill, not even that one last accolade that you cling to will matter anymore.

Taya Valkyrie: Oh, a husband jab, how original from The Virtuosa? I was hoping for something a little bit more, creative. You know, Deonna, I just think you’re scared. You’re scared of me, you’re scared of the unknown, and you’re scared because you know I’m going to humiliate you in front of everybody. At Hard To Kill, not only am I going to become a two-time IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, but I am going to end the age of The Virutosa and welcome Le Wera de le Huerra.

– Rohit Raju and Chris Bey are trying to solve The Manik Mystery.

– Rosemary has no interest in working with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb Konley.

– We meet Susan Young in the backstage area.

Third Match: Jordynne Grace & Jazz vs. Jessica Havok & Nevaeh In A Semi-Final Round Match In The Vacated IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament 

Jordynne Grace and Nevaeh will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Grace applies a side headlock. Hammerlock Exchange. Grace with a side headlock takeover. Grace with a waist lock go-behind. Wrist Lock Exchange. Nevaeh applies a side headlock. Grace whips Nevaeh across the ring. Grace drops down on the canvas. Nevaeh ducks under two clotheslines from Grace. Grace reverses out of the irish whip from Nevaeh. Grace drops Nevaeh with a shoulder tackle. Nevaeh tags in Havok. Grace runs into Havok. Shoulder Block Exchange. Grace tags in Jazz. Havok talks smack to Jazz. Havok shoves Jazz. Jazz slaps Havok in the face. Forearm Exchange. Jazz with a chop/forearm combination. Jazz kicks Havok in the gut. Jazz with forearm shivers. Jazz repeatedly stomps on Havok’s chest. Havok reverses out of the irish whip from Jazz. Havok with a corner clothesline. Havok tags in Nevaeh.

Double Irish Whip into the turnbuckles. Body Avalanche Party. Following a snap mare takeover, Neveah hooks the outside leg for a two count. Jazz rakes the eyes of Nevaeh. Jazz hammers down on the back of Nevaeh’s neck. Jazz tags in Grace. Jazz applies a front face lock. Jazz tags in Grace. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown for a two count. Grace tees off on Nevaeh. Grace with clubbing shoulder blocks. Grace tags in Jazz. Jazz repeatedly stomps on Nevaeh’s chest. Jazz hits The Butterfly Suplex for a two count. Jazz applies a front face lock. Jazz tags in Grace. Grace punches Nevaeh in the gut. Double Vertical Suplex. Grace applies a front face lock. Jazz with clubbing blows to Nevaeh’s back.

Jazz applies the cravate. Nevaeh with bodyshots. Jazz brings Nevaeh to the mat. Jazz hooks the outside leg for a two count. Levin applies a wrist lock. Grace with a Flying Crossbody Block. Grace tags in Jazz. Jazz with a gut punch. Nevaeh with forearm shivers. Jazz whips Nevaeh across the ring. Jazz with The Swinging NeckBreaker. Grace and Havok are tagged in. Grace ducks a clothesline from Havok. Havok kicks Grace in the chest. Havok with a knee lift. Havok with Two Running Boots. Havok connects with The SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Jazz delivers his combination offense. Grace rolls Havok over for a two count. Grace applies a front face lock. Jazz tags herself in. Double Irish Whip. Havok ChokeSlams Grace. Jazz kicks Havok in the gut. Havok plants Jazz with The TombStone PileDriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jessica Havok & Nevaeh via Pinfall 

Kenny Omega, Don Callis, The Good Brothers, Rich Swann and The Motor City Machine Guns Segment 

Fourth Match: Moose vs. Matthew Palmer In A Three Minute Challenge 

Palmer is throwing haymakers at Moose. Moose drops Palmer with The Uranage Slam. Moose talks smack to Palmer. Moose with another Uranage Slam. Moose transitions into a ground and pound attack. Moose kicks Palmer in the ribs. Palmer with heavy bodyshots. Moose with a straight right hand. Moose continues to kick Palmer in the ribs. Moose is putting the boots to Parker. Moose is picking Palmer apart. Moose with a Big Biel Throw. Moose tells Palmer to bring it. Palmer with a Jumping Knee Strike. Moose responds with The Big Boot. Moose PowerBombs Palmer. Moose prepares for The Spear. Moose is distracted by Willie Mack as time expires.

Winner: Matthew Palmer 

Updated IMPACT Genesis 2021 Match Card 

– Moose vs. Willie Mack In A I Quit Match

– The 2021 IMPACT Super X-Cup Tournament

– Jordynne Grace vs. Jazz

Updated IMPACT Hard To Kill 2021 Match Card

1.) Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers w/Don Callis vs. Rich Swann & The Motor City Machine Guns In A 6-Man Tag Team Match

2.) Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Jessica Havok & Nevaeh For The Vacated IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship

3.) Manik (c) vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju In A Triple Threat Match For The IMPACT X-Division Championship

4.) Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/Kimber Lee vs. Taya Valkyrie For The IMPACT Knockouts Championship

5.) Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Cody Deaner vs. Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, and Cousin Jake In A 6-Man Tag Team Old School Rules Match

6.) Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan In A Barbed Wire Massacre Match

7.) Ethan Page vs. Karate Man

Fifth Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan 

Edwards and Callihan are brawling around the ringside area. Callihan drives a steel chair into the midsection of Edwards. Callihan delivers multiple chair shots. Edwards with clubbing headbutts. Edwards inadvertently chops the steel ring post. Callihan throws a chair into Edwards face. Callihan stomps on the nether regions on Edwards. Edwards with heavy bodyshots. HeadButt Exchange. Edwards has complete control of the match. Callihan with a Belly to Back Suplex. Edwards attacks Callihan with a chair shot. Callihan clocks Edwards with the ring bell. Callihan heaves a chair into Edwards face. Edwards with a haymaker. Haymaker Exchange. Callihan with a Belly to Back Suplex on the ring apron. Callihan rakes the back of Edwards. Edwards with a blistering chop. Callihan punches Edwards in the jaw. Callihan is busted op. Callihan continue to delivers Axe Kick. Callihan talks smack to Edwards. Callin repeatedly stomps on Edwards chest.

Edwards and Callihan are trading back and forth shots. Edwards HeadButts Callihan. Callihan hits The Exploder Suplex into the chair. Callihan rolls Edwards back into the ring. Rockers Punches. Edwards with forearm shivers. Edwards tees off on Callihan. Edwards shoves down the referee. Callihan with rapid fire haymakers. Callihan does the same exact thing. The referee admonishes Callihan. Running Boot/Palm Strike Exchange. Eye Rake Exchange. Edwards and Callihan shoves the referee which causes him to call off the match. After the match, Edwards is lighting up Callihan’s chest. Callihan nails Edwards with The Pump Kick. Callihan dumps Edwards out of the ring. Suicide Dive Exchange. Edwards grabs the baseball bat. Callihan begs for mercy. ICU Graphics. We see Alisha Edwards trapped in the storage area. Edwards clocks Callihan with the bat. Ken Shamrock attacks Edwards from behind. Callihan and Shamrock gangs up on Edwards. Callihan wraps barbed wire around Edwards face. Callihan nails Edwards with the bat to close the show.

Match Result: No-Contest 

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Author: Josh Lopez