NWA Shockwave Results (12/1/20): Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bennett

NWA Shockwave Results 12/1/20
Ocean View Pavilion
Port Hueneme, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Joe Galli: Hello wrestling fans, I’m Joe Galli, and thank you so much for welcoming the National Wrestling Alliance back into your homes on Tuesdays nights, right here on YouTube for NWA Shockwave. And it’s Monday nights for you folks that are pitching in and helping out on our patreon. But, we’ve got some incredible action and we’re gonna go through it right now.

First Match: Eli Drake vs. Jordan Cruz 

Drake talks smack to Cruz. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Drake applies a side headlock. Drake with a side headlock takeover. Cruz reverses the hold. Drake brings Cruz down to the mat. Drake with a deep arm-drag. Drake applies an arm-bar. Drake drives his knees into the left shoulder of Cruz. Drake applies a wrist lock. Drake hammers down on the left shoulder of Cruz. Cruz grabs a side wrist lock. Drake with a single leg pick. Drake with an elbow drop. Drake applies a waist lock. Front Face Lock Exchange. Hammerlock Exchange. Drake decks Cruz with a back elbow smash. Drake drops Cruz with a shoulder tackle. Cruz drops down on the canvas. Misfired Hip Toss. Drake with a shot to the midsection of Cruz. Tip Up by Cruz. Drake with a Running Clothesline.

Drake goes for a Bodyslam, but Cruz lands back on his feet. Cruz goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Drake holds onto the ropes. Drake with The Swinging NeckBreaker. Drake whips Cruz across the ring. Cruz with the sunset flip for a two count. Cruz ducks a clothesline from Drake. Cruz goes for a Hip Toss, but Drake rolls him over for a two count. Drake kicks Cruz in the gut. Drake with the irish whip. Cruz side steps Drake into the turnbuckles. Drake launches Cruz over the top rope. Cruz slams Drake’s head on the top rope. Cruz is throwing haymakers at Drake. Cruz with a forearm smash. Drake shoves Cruz. Cruz dropkicks Drake. Cruz with a corner dropkick. Cruz kicks Drake in the gut. Cruz sends Drake to the corner. Drake with a Running Lariat. Drake ducks a clothesline from Cruz. Drake with The Side Russian Leg Sweep. Drake whips Cruz across the ring. Drake PowerSlams Cruz. Drake hits The ELI Drake Elbow Drop. Drake connects with The Gravy Train to pickup the victory.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall 

Second Match: Kamille vs. Heather Monroe w/Halston Boddy 

Kamille tells Monroe to bring it. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kamille backs Monroe into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Kamille is keeping Monroe trapped in the corner. Monroe ducks a clothesline from Kamille. Kamille denies The Deep Arm-Drag. Kamille ducks a clothesline from Monroe. Monroe applies a side headlock. Kamille whips Monroe across the ring. Kamille drops Monroe with a shoulder tackle. Kamille is distracted by Boddy. Monroe applies The Sleeper Hold. Kamille backs Monroe into the turnbuckles. Kamille with heavy bodyshots. Kamille scores the elbow knockdown. Kamille kicks Monroe in the chest. Kamille with two uppercuts. Kamille nails Monroe with a throat thrust. Kamille repeatedly stomps on Monroe’s chest. Kamille with a Big Biel Throw. Kamille applies the cravate. Monroe puts her foot on the bottom rope which forces the break. Kamille punches Monroe in the back. Kamille uppercuts Monroe. Kamille whips Monroe into the turnbuckles. Kamille hits The GutWrench Suplex. Monroe avoids The Spear. Monroe regroups on the outside. Monroe shoves Boddy into Kamille. Kamille catches Monroe in mid-air. Monroe repeatedly drives Kamille shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Monroe continues to use the ring post as a weapon. Monroe stomps on Kamille’s back. Kamille with heavy bodyshots. Kamille connects with The Samoan Drop. Monroe responds with The Arm-Breaker. Monroe hammers down on the right shoulder of Kamille. Monroe is mauling Kamille in the corner. Kamille drives her elbow into the midsection of Monroe. Monroe punches Kamille in the back. Monroe applies The Fujiwara Arm-Bar. Kamille grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Monroe slams the right shoulder of Kamille on the middle rope. Monroe with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Monroe with a Double Foot Stomp. Monroe hooks the outside leg for a one count. Monroe with clubbing blows to Kamille’s back. Kamille side steps Monroe into the turnbuckles. Kamille ducks a clothesline from Monroe. Kamille with a Swinging Arm-Ringer. Kamille levels Monroe with a Body Avalanche. Kamille PowerSlams Monroe for a two count. Monroe with The Sole Food across the right shoulder of Kamille. Monroe hits The SpringBoard CodeBreaker for a two count. Kamille avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Kamille applies The Torture Rack. Kamille blocks a boot from Monroe. Kamille with a big haymaker. Kamille with The Swinging Fisherman’s NeckBreaker for a two count. Boddy continues to run interference. Monroe with a Knee Lift. Kamille negates The Twist To Kill. Kamille Spears Monroe to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kamille via Pinfall 

Third Match: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett For The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship 

Bennett with forearm shivers. Machine Gun Chops. Bennett continues to dish out forearms. Bennett inadvertently spears the referee. Aldis regroups on the outside. Bennett with a chop/forearm combination. Bennett slams Aldis head on the ramp way. Bennett is lighting up Aldis chest. Aldis drills Bennett with The TombStone PileDriver on the ramp. Maria attends to her husband. The referee is still laid out. Aldis tells Maria to step aside. Maria is standing her ground. Kamille arrives. Maria backs away from Kamille. Bennett with a Flying Crossbody Block off the stage. The original referee is brought to the backstage area. Aldis and Bennett avoids the referee’s ten count. Haymaker/Forearm Exchange. Aldis hits The MMD for a two count. Aldis uppercuts Bennett. Aldis whips Bennett across the ring. Aldis goes for a Bodyslam, but Bennett lands back on his feet.

Bennett SuperKicks Aldis. Bennett with a Ripcord Elbow Smash/Lariat Combination for a two count. Bennett with clubbing elbow smashes. Aldis connects with another TombStone PileDriver. Aldis lands The Flying Elbow Drop for a two count. Aldis is shocked. Bennett has Aldis perched on the top turnbuckle. Bennett with a blistering chop. Bennett with The SuperPlex. Bennett Spears Aldis for a two count. Aldis negates The Hail Mary. Bennett back drops Aldis. Bennett SuperKicks Aldis. Bennett follows that with The Hail Mary for a two count. Aldis had his foot on the bottom rope. Bennett is displaying his frustration. Maria gives Bennett the Ten Pounds Of Gold. The referee admonishes Bennett. Bennett kicks Aldis in the gut. Bennett goes for The Hail Mary, but Aldis blocks it. Bennett kicks Aldis in the face. Bennett goes for a Missile Dropkick, but Aldis counters with a double leg takedown. Aldis makes Bennett pass out to The Kings Lynn CloverLeaf.

Winner: Still NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis via Referee Stoppage

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Author: Josh Lopez