AEW Dynamite Results (9/9/20): Brodie Lee vs. Dustin Rhodes

AEW Dynamite
September 9, 2020
Daily’s Place
Jacksonville, Florida

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Commentary Team: (Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone)

Ring Announcers: Justin Roberts

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: (9-4) The Jurassic Express w/Marko Stunt vs. (11-7) The Lucha Brothers w/Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade 

Jungle Boy and Fenix will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Fenix backs Jungle Boy into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Strong lock. Wrist Lock Exchange. Jungle Boy drop steps into a side headlock. Fenix sends Jungle Boy to the corner. Jungle Boy kicks Fenix in the chest. Jungle Boy with a Roll Through Cazadora Arm-Drag. Jungle Boy with a Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Fenix blocks a boot from Jungle Boy. Fenix with an open palm strike. Fenix ducks a clothesline from Jungle Boy. Fenix slaps Jungle Boy in the chest. Fenix with a Double SpringBoard Arm-Drag. Jungle Boy swats away a dropkick Fenix. Jungle Boy goes for a basement dropkick, but Fenix counters with a leg sweep. Tat leads us to a quick stand off in the center of the ring. Fenix delivers a gut punch. Fenix applies a front face lock. Fenix tags in Pentagon. Fenix whips Jungle Boy across the ring. Fenix drops down on the canvas. Pentagon leapfrogs over Jungle Boy. Fenix dropkicks Jungle Boy. Pentagon with a Running Forearm Smash. Assisted Cazadora Splash. Pentagon backs Jungle Boy into the ropes. Pentagon with an open hand chop. Pentagon punches Jungle Boy in the back. Pentagon goes for The Package PileDriver, but Jungle Boy lands back on his feet.

Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy ducks a clothesline from Pentagon. Luchasaurus HeadButts Pentagon. Assisted FlatLiner for a two count. Jungle Boy Spears Pentagon. Pentagon regroups on the outside. Pentagon argues with Fenix. Cero Miedo. Luchasaurus denies The ChokeSlam. Open Hand Chop Exchange. Pentagon kicks the left hamstring of Luchasaurus. Pentagon with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Luchasaurus tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy with a Flying Hurricanrana. Pentagon tags in Fenix. Fenix dives over Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy with a HeadScissors TakeOver/Arm-Drag Combination. Jungle Boy lands The Suicide Dive. Jungle Boy with a shoulder block to Pentagon. Pentagon shoves Jungle Boy into a SuperKick from Fenix. Fenix rolls Jungle Boy back into the ring. Pentagon hooks the inside leg for a two count. Pentagon uses the middle rope as a weapon. Pentagon repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Jungle Boy. Following a snap mare takeover, Pentagon applies the bow and arrow stretch. Pentagon tags in Fenix. Fenix punches Jungle Boy in the back. Lucha Brothers goes for a Double Belly to Back Suplex, but Jungle Boy lands back on his feet. Jungle Boy rolls under a clothesline from Fenix. Jungle Boy slips over Pentagon’s back.

Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus with Two Clotheslines. Luchasaurus with a knife edge chop. Luchasaurus nails Pentagon with The Pump Kick. Luchasaurus whips Fenix across the ring. Luchasaurus hits The Pop Up Extinction. Luchasaurus goes for a Bodyslam, but Pentagon gets in the way. Pentagon blocks a boot from Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus with a knee lift. Luchasaurus launches Fenix over the top rope. Fenix with an Apron Enzugiri. Luchasaurus responds with The ChokeSlam. Luchasaurus with The Standing MoonSault for a two count. Luchasaurus drops Pentagon with The Tail Whip. Luchasaurus tags in Jungle Boy. Double Irish Whip. Fenix with a SpringBoard HeadButt to Luchasaurus. Fenix attacks the midsection of Jungle Boy. Fenix with a Gory Bomb/Leg Drop Combination. Fenix tags in Pentagon. Pentagon hits The SlingBlade. Jungle Boy sends Pentagon to the corner. Pentagon with The BackStabber. Lucha Brothers connects with their Package PileDriver/Flying Double Foot Stomp Combination. Fenix lands The SomerSault Plancha. Pentagon hooks the outside leg for a two count. Eddie Kingston is pissed. Pentagon tags in Fenix. Jungle Boy reverses out of the irish whip from Fenix. Pentagon inadvertently clocks Fenix with The Canadian Destroyer. Jungle Boy rolls Fenix over to pickup the victory.

Winner: (10-4) The Lucha Brothers via Pinfall 

Lance Archer & Jake The Snake Roberts Backstage Segment 

Matt Hardy Promo 

Wow, thank you guys, especially everyone up there. It’s so amazing to actually be in an arena, with a live audience, real people, and to feel and just reveal in your emotion. You are a part of our magic, thank you. And all the people out there, watching Dynamite across the globe, thank you. Saturday at All Out, I suffered a very scary fall. And I know it frightened a lot of people. And, over the last couple of days, the outpouring of love and support has truly been overwhelming, humbling, even mind blowing. I can’t believe how much love i’ve been shown, thank you again, thank you all, thank you. And i’m very happy to stand here in front of you, and tell you that after a myriad of tests, I am expected to make a 100% full recovery. Well, i’m not gonna lie, i’d like to sit here and say look at my shirt, you know, i’m gonna claim to be the toughest man alive, but I will take being the luckiest man alive.

Because I am a lucky man. And i’m a lucky man because I have a beautiful family, if you can look right out here, you’ll see my wife, Rebecca, with our newborn, Barty. And at home, Maxel and Wolfgang, hi baby Hardy Boys, I know you’re watching, I love you. I have this amazing family. And I want to say I am sorry for putting you through that on Saturday night. And all the wrestling fans were so concerned about me, I am sorry for putting you through that as well. You really showed us all, how much you care about all the wrestlers and performers to get in this ring, night in and night out, to sacrifice, put everything on the line for your entertainment, so thank you. And the last thing I want to apologize for, is that the Broken Rules Match isn’t what I wanted it to be.

But maybe it’s a good thing that this vendetta between myself and Sammy is over, because if it would have continued to escalate like it was, someone would have been hurt very badly. So now, it is time for me to get back to getting healthy. I’m gonna get healthy. When i’m cleared, i’m gonna get back in this ring, start wrestling matches start winning matches, I want to get ranked, and it is time for Matt Hardy to chase his first AEW Championship. You like that plan, good plan? My boys, Private Party. Most importantly for me, professional wrestling is my love, my passion. And my journey is not over. And a big part of that is because of all of you. Because without each and every one of you, there would be no me, thank you. You guys are the best. Pro wrestling fans are the best.

Second Match: (10-6) Orange Cassidy vs. (7-11) Angelico w/Jack Evans 

Cassidy is distracted by Jack Evans. Angelico with a sucker punch. Angelico ties Cassidy’s arms together. Wrist Lock Exchange. Quick standoff in the center of the ring. Angelico denies The Pocket Pose. Test Of Strength. Angelico applies The Navarro Dos Egg. Angelico drives his knee into the midsection of Cassidy. Angelico with a takeover. Cassidy rolls under a clothesline from Angelico. Cassidy goes for The Swinging DDT, but Angelico blocks it. Angelico with a drop toe hold.

Angelico grapevines the legs of Cassidy. Angelico applies The Muta Lock. Cassidy grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Angelico sends Cassidy to the corner. Cassidy dodges The Rising Knee Strike. Angelico regroups on the outside. Cassidy lands The Suicide Dive. Cassidy rolls Angelico back into the ring. Cassidy with a Flying Crossbody Block. Cassidy ducks a clothesline from Angelico. Cassidy connects with The Swinging DDT. Cassidy pops back on his feet. Cassidy plants Angelico with The Orange Punch to pickup the victory.

After the match, Santana and Ortiz attacks Cassidy from behind. Best Friends storms into the ring to make the save. Best Friends challenges Santana and Ortiz to a Parking Lot Fight.

Winner: (11-6) Orange Cassidy via Pinfall 

– The Young Bucks SuperKicks Alex Marvez.

Tony Schiavone Interviews Hangman Page 

Kip Sabian & Miro Segment 

The best man for Kip Sabian/Penelope Ford Wedding will be Miro formerly known as Rusev from the WWE. To the surprise of no one, Miro went on to shoot arrows at his former employer despite recently saying on Twitter that he had no reason to hate WWE.

Miro: What’s that? There’s a good ring to that, doesn’t it? Okay, Ten Years, in the same house, under the same glass ceiling, with the imaginary brass ring. Well, you can take that brass ring and shove it up your ass. That’s right, my name is Miro, and elite recognizes elite, elite recognizes the best. And Kip, I love you, man, and of course i’m gonna be your best man. But you pick me not because i’m a best man, I am THE best man. You tune into my Twitch channel, you know I am the best gamer. You tune into right here, you see me devour people, person after person, every day, every night, whenever you tune in. My name is Miro, and i’m all elite.

Third Match: (17-8-1) Chris Jericho & (7-5) Jake Hager vs. (13-16) Joey Janela & (10-12) Sonny Kiss In A Tag Team No Disqualification Match 

Jericho and Janela will start things off. Rockers Punches. Jericho with forearm shivers. Jericho with a knife edge chop. Jericho sends Janela to the corner. Janela with a running clothesline. Janela transitions into a ground and pound attack. Jricho drives his knee into the midsection of Janela. Jericho drops Janela with a forearm smash. Jericho whips Janela across the ring. Janela ducks under two clotheslines from Jericho. Janela with a Diving Clothesline. Janela tags in Kiss. Double Irish Whip. Double FlapJack into the ropes. Double Running Bulldog/Basement Dropkick Combination. Kiss knocks Hager off the ring apron. Jericho rakes the eyes of Kiss. Jericho with a straight right hand. Jericho puts his knee on the back of Kiss neck. Kiss slips over Jericho’s back. Kiss with a Spinning Heel Kick. Kiss tags in Janela. Stereo Missile Dropkicks. Janela clotheslines Hager over the top rope. Inner Circle regroups on the outside.

Kiss hits The PK. Janela lands The Suicide Dive. Janela rolls Jericho back into the ring. Janela drives a chair into the midsection of Jericho. Janela delivers a massive chair shot. Janela goes for a Flying Back Elbow Smash, but Jericho counters with a Belly to Back Suplex on the chair. Jericho dumps the chair on Janela’s back. Jericho poses for the crowd. Jericho drops Janela with a knee lift. Jericho drives the chair into the midsection of Janela. Jericho wedges the chair in the corner. Janela reverses out of the irish whip from Jericho. Jericho kicks Janela in the face. Jericho tags in Hager. Hager with heavy bodyshots. Hager is mauling Janela in the corner. Hager launches Janela over the top rope. Hager knocks Kiss off the apron. Jericho whips Kiss into the steel barricade. Inner Circle sets up a table on the floor. Hager goes for The PileDriver, but Janela blocks it. Janela drives Hager back first into the steel ring post. Hager drags Janela to the corner. Hager tags in Jericho.

Jericho with a Running Boot. Hager talks smack to Janela. Janela is throwing haymakers at Jericho. Jericho answers with a short knee lift. Janela sends Jericho face first into the wedged chair. Kiss and Hager are tagged in. Kiss slides under Hager. Kiss with a DropSault. Kiss with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Hager reverses out of the irish whip from Kiss. Kiss kicks Hager in the face. Hager pulls Kiss off the middle turnbuckle. Kiss rolls Hager over for a two count. Kiss SuperKicks Hager for a one count. Jericho grabs a trash can. Kiss with a Spinning Back Kick. Kiss launches Jericho over the top rope. Hager clotheslines the back of Kiss neck. Hager goes for The Vader Bomb, but Kiss counters with a trash can shot. Janela with a Running Clothesline over the top rope. Janela tees off on Jericho. Jericho throws Janela into the lighting grid. Jericho catapults Janlea into Hager. Hager with The SpineBuster through the table on the floor. Kiss with a Flying Double Crossbody Block. Kiss clotheslines Hager back into the ring. Kiss thrust kicks the midsection of Hager. Kiss with The HandSpring Axe Kick to Jericho. Kiss drops Hager with The Rolling Elbow. Jericho blinds Kiss with the fire extinguisher. Hager connects with The Uranage Slam. Hager plants Kiss with The Head & Arm Claw to pickup the victory. After the match, Jericho and Hager announces that they will be joining the AEW Tag Team Division.

Winner: (18-7-1) Chris Jericho & (8-5) Jake Hager via Pinfall 

Jon Moxley Promo 

MJF & Wardlow Backstage Segment 

FTR’s Tag Team Summit 

Fourth Match: (15-6) Nyla Rose w/Vickie Guerrero vs. (1-1) Taynara Conti 

Conti with forearm shivers. Rose with a gut punch. Rose drives Conti back first into the turnbuckles. Rose with clubbing shoulder blocks. Rose with a Big Biel Throw. Rose poses for the crowd. Conti with Two RoundHouse Kicks. Conti ducks a clothesline from Rose. Conti applies a waist lock. Conti drives Rose chest first into the turnbuckles. Conti with a running forearm smash. Conti rolls Rose over for a two count. Conti blocks a boot from Rose. Conti applies The Knee Bar. Rose rakes the eyes of Conti. Rose stomps on Conti’s chest. Rose levels Conti with a Body Avalanche. Rose dumps Conti out of the ring. Guerrero rakes the eyes of Conti. Rose sends Conti back first into the steel barricade.

Rose goes for a PowerSlam, but Conti lands back on her feet. Conti runs Rose into the barricade. Conti sends Rose face first into the steel ring post. Conti with a Pump Knee Strike. Conti rolls Rose back into the ring. Conti with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count. Conti SuperKicks Rose. Conti repeatedly stomps on Rose’s chest. Conti hooks the outside leg for a two count.  Conti with a judo takedown. Conti with a back heel kick. Conti kicks Rose in the chest. Rose blocks a boot from Conti. Rose clotheslines Conti. Rose applies an arm-bar. Rose starts biting Conti’s fingers. Rose bodyslams Conti. Rose with a Leg Drop for a two count. Conti kicks Rose in the face. Conti goes for a sunset flip, but Rose counters with a SpineBuster. Conti negates The ChokeSlam. Conti applies The Arm-Bar. Rose connects with The Beast Bomb to pickup the victory. After the match, Rose attacks Conti from behind. Hikaru Shida storms into the ring with a kendo stick to make the save.

Winner: (16-6) Nyla Rose via Pinfall 

Ricky Starks Promo 

Jim Ross Interviews Kenny Omega 

Lineup For Next Weeks AEW Dynamite 

– Santana & Ortiz vs. Best Friends In A Parking Lot Fight

– FTR w/Tully Blanchard vs. The Jurassic Express w/Marko Stunt In A Non-Title Match

– Thunder Rosa (c) vs Ivelisse For The NWA World Women’s Championship

– Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Private Party

– MJF will be in action.

– Hangman Page vs. Frankie Kazarian

Fifth Match: (9-2) Brodie Lee (c) w/John Silver vs. (15-9) Dustin Rhodes For The AEW TNT Championship

Rhodes attacks Lee before the bell rings. Rhodes is throwing haymakers at Lee. Rhodes with a knife edge chop. Lee sends Rhodes chest first into the barricade. Lee uppercuts Rhodes. Rhodes with a Back Body Drop onto a table. Rhodes uppercuts Lee. Lee with a straight right hand. Rhodes slaps Lee in the chest. Rhodes drops Silver with The Big Boot. Rhodes rolls Lee back into the ring. Rhodes with a chop/haymaker combination. Lee answers with a thumb to the eye. Rhodes and Lee are trading back and forth shots. Lee dumps Rhodes back inside the ring. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Rhodes with a straight right hand. Rhodes transitions into a corner mount. Rhodes with a knife edge chop. Rhodes continues to throw bombs in the corner. Lee rakes the eyes of Rhodes. Lee slams Rhodes head on the top turnbuckle pad. Lee with a chop/uppercut combination. Rhodes with three haymakers. Lee drops Rhodes with a Body Block. Lee catapults Rhodes throat first into the middle rope.

Lee tees off on Rhodes during the commercial break. Rhodes tumbles over the barricade. Lee poses with the TNT Title. Lee applies a rear chin lock. Rhodes with heavy bodyshots. Lee scores the elbow knockdown. Lee is choking Rhodes with his boot. Lee unloads two knife edge chops. Rhodes ducks a clothesline from Lee. Rhodes with two clotheslines. Lee reverses out of the irish whip from Rhodes. Rhodes with a drop down uppercut. Rhodes with a Running Bulldog. Lee reverses out of the irish whip from Rhodes. Rhodes PowerSlams Lee. Rhodes goes for The Canadian Destroyer, but Lee counters with a Back Body Drop. Rhodes kicks Lee in the face. Rhodes with a Flying Hurricanrana. Rhodes kicks Lee in the gut.

Rhodes connects with The Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Lee with an open palm strike. Rhodes negates The Splash Mountain Bomb. The Cross Rhodes for a two count. Lee negates The Shattered Dreams. Lee SuperKicks Rhodes. Lee PowerBombs Rhodes for a two count. Rhodes side steps Lee into the turnbuckles. Rhodes with a Running Cannonball Strike off the apron. Rhodes delivers The Unnatural Kick behind the referee’s back. Rhodes with an Inverted Atomic Drop to Silver. Rhodes PowerSlams Silver. Rhodes kicks Lee in the gut. Rhodes hits The Spike PileDriver for a two count. Haymaker/Chop Exchange. Big Boot Exchange. Rhodes with The Lariat for a two count. Lee goes for The Black Hole Slam, but Rhodes lands back on his feet. Rhodes kicks Lee in the face. Lee unloads Two SuperKicks. Lee plants Rhodes with The Discus Lariat to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still AEW TNT Champion, (10-2) Brodie Lee via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez