WWE Raw Results (7/27/20): The Road To SummerSlam

July 27, 2020
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Randy Orton Promo 

20 years, I’ve been here in the WWE. For 20 years, I have been called several different names. The Apex Predator. The Viper. The Legend Killer. I was the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion in history, and I went to win that title, twelve more times. I have been a part of many of the iconic teams that ever step foot in a WWE ring. Legacy, The Authority, and let’s not forget, Evolution. Now, when I think about the greats that this industry has turned out, I think about Stone Cold Steve Austin, I think about The Rock, but Rock and Austin can’t hold a candle to my resume. They can’t hold a candle to my longevity, my consistency. Rock and Austin can’t hold a candle to my accomplishments, my accolades, and my title reigns.

I have done what I want to do, when I want to do it and to whoever the hell I want to do it to, my entire career. and that people will NOT ever change But, something is missing, I haven’t been quite able to put my finger on it, as of late. But I woke up this morning, and I’ll tell you what, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I know what’s missing. I know what I need. I know what I desire. And I desire to become WWE Champion, again. So, I guess that means I gotta bring Drew McIntyre into the conversation. But if I did that, if I compared resumes with the one and only, Drew McIntyre, that would be a very short conversation. Now, I do know 10 years ago. that Drew McIntyre was called The Chosen One. But I also know, 10 years ago, he had his head so far up his ass, the only thing that Drew McIntyre chose to do was get his ass fired.

Now, that being said, he did fight and claw to get his way back into a WWE ring. It started at NXT. He showed hunger, he showed ambition, he showed hustle. And you know what else he has? He has my respect. Drew has my respect because I saw at WrestleMania when he beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. And not only did he beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, he did it in quick fashion. Drew, I’m talking to you now, buddy. Listen, you got a problem. And that problem, Drew, is that you have what I want. I have a tendency to take things from people that I want to take, in the biggest way possible, in the biggest environment, the grandest atmosphere possible. So, this is what I want, Drew, I want a WWE World Championship Match at SummerSlam. When I RKO you, Drew, when I RKO you, and I take your title, and put it above my shoulder, believe me when I say, brother, you will never see it coming.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Segment 

Nia Jax: I heard Randy just talking now, waking up, and wanting to be WWE Champion. And I know exactly how Randy feels, because I woke up this morning, and I want to be Raw Women’s Champion. Last time I had a championship match against Asuka, I was screwed out of winning the title by a certain referee. And when I went for my rightful rematch, Charlotte Flair decided to but in line, surprise, surprise. But, has anybody seen Charlotte Flair since? Didn’t think so. Now, I know that Sasha Banks has a match tonight against Asuka.

– Shayna Baszler comes out to interrupt Nia Jax.

Shayna Baszler: Nia, nobody gives a damn what you want.

Nia laughs at Baszler. Nia drops Baszler with a forearm smash. Nia slings Baszler across the ring. Jax and Baszler are trading back and forth shots. Both ladies get separated by the referees to close the segment.

First Match: Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega vs. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. The Viking Raiders In A Triple Threat Match. The Winners Will Challenge The Street Profits For The WWE Raw Tag Team Titles At WWE SummerSlam 2020 

The Street Profits joins the commentary team for this match. Almas and Garza attacks The Viking Raiders before the bell rings. Garza throws his pants at Angelo Dawkins. That leads us to a big standoff on the outside. Alexander and Ivar will start things off. Alexander applies a side headlock. Ivar whips Alexander across the ring. Alexander slides under Ivar. Ivar slips over Alexander’s back. Ivar launches Alexander to the corner. Alexander side steps Ivar into the turnbuckles. Alexander dives over Ivar. Ivar goes for a Bodyslam, but Alexander lands back on his feet. Alexander dropkicks Ivar. Ivar drops Alexander with a shoulder tackle. Alexander tags in Ricochet. Ricochet and Alexander avoids the double clothesline. HeadScissors TakeDown/Step Up Enzuigiri Combination. Stereo Dropkicks. Ivar tags in Erik. Following a brief standoff, Viking Raiders, Ricochet, and Alexander starts ganging up on Almas and Garza. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown. Alexander kicks Garza in the ribs. Ivar bodyslam Almas on the floor. Erik bodyslams Ivar on top of Almas.

Ricochet and Alexander are lighting up Garza’s chest. Alexander with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Ricochet with a straight right hand. Alexander follows that with a Snap Vertical Suplex. Ricochet hits The PK. Viking Raiders with a SpringBoard Clothesline/German Suplex Combination to Garza. Ricochet dropkicks Ivar to the floor. Erik yells at Ricochet. Almas attacks Erik from behind. Almas and Ricochet starts double teaming Erik. Almas poses for the crowd. Double Irish Whip. Almas with a Rising Knee Strike. Ricochet with a Running European Uppercut. Following a snap mare takeover, Ricochet hooks the outside leg for a two count. Ricochet is not happy. Almas tells Ricochet to calm down. Almas punches Ricochet in the back. Almas stomps on Ricochet’s chest. Ivar unloads a flurry of strikes. Short-Arm Reversal by Ivar. Ivar with a PumpHandle Suplex. Ivar with a Side Slam. Ivar follows that with The Love Splash for a two count. Almas side steps Ivar into the turnbuckles. Ivar with a Leaping Seated Senton. Garza SuperKicks Ivar. Erik with a running forearm smash. Erik with an Exploder Suplex. Garza reverses out of the irish whip from Erik. Erik dives over Garza. Erik with a Running Double Knee Strike. Almas and Garza regains control of the match during the commercial break.

Garza SuperKicks Ivar. Almas with clubbing blows to Ivar’s back. Almas and Garza whips Ivar into the ringside barricade. Garza throws Alexander into the barricade. Almas hits The ShotGun Meteora for a two count. Erik rocks Almas with a forearm smash. Garza and Ricochet are tagged in. Ricochet delivers his combination offense. Ricochet with a running knife edge chop. Ricochet with a running shoulder block in the corner. Ricochet slams Garza’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Ricochet kicks the top turnbuckle pad into Garza’s face. Ricochet with a SpringBoard Clothesline. Ricochet follows that with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Ricochet tags in Alexander. Garza denies the double irish whip. Garza SuperKicks Ricochet. Alexander nails Garza with The Pump Kick. Ivar cartwheels around Alexander. Ivar clotheslines Alexander. Almas connects with The Discus Back Elbow Smash. Erik delivers Death Rowe. Erik goes for The Suicide Dive, but Garza counters with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Ivar wipes out everybody with The Cannonball Senton. Garza plants Alexander with The Winger Clipper to pickup the victory. After the match, Almas and Garza attacks The Street Profits.

Winner: Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza via Pinfall 

Second Match: Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler 

The referee is trying to calm down both ladies before the bell rings. Baszler kicks the left hamstring of Jax. Baszler and Jax are trading back and forth shots. The slugfest is on. Jax dumps Baszler over the top rope. Baszler with a RoundHouse Kick. Jax drives Baszler back first into the ringside barricade. All hell is breaking loose on the outside. Jax repeatedly slams Baszler’s head on the plexiglass. Baszler runs Jax into the LED Board. Both ladies get counted out. After the match. Jax and Baszler are laying out the security detail. Jax rolls Baszler back into the ring. Pat Buck is trying to play peacemaker. Jax shoves Buck into Baszler. Jax delivers a gut punch. Jax starts tearing away at Buck’s button down t-shirt. Jax kicks Buck out of the ring. Baszler tells Jax to bring it. Jax knocks Baszler off the ring apron. The referees finally leads Baszler to the backstage area.

Match Result: Double Count-Out 

Seth Rollins & Dominic Mysterio Segment 

Seth Rollins: At Extreme Rules, I defeated a legend, Rey Mysterio. And last week on Raw, I defeated Aleister Black. The Monday Night Messiah is on a roll. And I should be in a great mood, but i’m not. I am not, and I’ll tell you why. Because Dominic Mysterio is here tonight, and he plans to confront The Monday Night Messiah. And it seems to be a reoccurring theme, every single time the greater good takes two steps forward, somebody stands in my way, and we are forced to take a step backwards. And the ugliness in all of this, is the fact that someone seems to get hurt, every step of the way. Kevin Owens stood in my way and broke his ankle. We know what happen to Rey Mysterio in the Eye For An Eye Match. And last week, Aleister Black, who continues to be a thorn in my side, has injured his arm. That’s not how I want things to be. I don’t want to be the person that hurts people. That’s not who The Monday Night Messiah is.

And the last time Dominic said he was coming to Raw to confront me, he jumped me from behind, and things got a lot more violent than I would prefer. Tonight is going to be different. Tonight is going to be different because I don’t want Dominic to have to hide in the shadows and jump me from behind. I don’t want there to be violence, I want to do this the right way. I have a soft spot in my heart for The Mysterio Family. So, what I would like to do now, to avoid any confrontation that may turn violent, I would like to ask Dominic, to come to the ring, and confront me, face to face, man to man, and let’s talk this out. Dominic, I know that you’re here, so please, don’t be afraid, come into my ring, let’s do this the right way. Dominic, you don’t have to stay up there. Please, come to the ring.

I promise you, Dominic, I will not hurt you. Hey, don’t put those thoughts in his mind, it’s okay, come down here, Dominic. You don’t have to be afraid, come into the ring. Murphy, please, help him with the ropes. It’s okay, I understand you’re in pain, Dominic. Please, come in this ring, say what you’ve got to say, this doesn’t have to be like it has been. Please, it’s okay, standing right here, we can do this, face to face, man to man. I understand why you wanted to come to Raw. It’s been over a week, I understand your father’s condition has gotten better, but you still got something to get off your chest. Dominic, I want to give you that opportunity. I am a benevolent man, I understand that this is difficult for you. And if it’s not possible for you to articulate how you’re feeling, I just want you to understand that I am here for you, Dominic.

– Dominick tackles Rollins. Dominic transitions into a ground and pound attack. Murphy attacks Dominic from behind. Rollins and Murphy starts brutally beating down Dominic on the outside. Rollins and Murphy throws Dominic into the ringside barricade. Rollins yells at Dominic. Rollins whips Dominic into the side of the announce table. Aleister Black comes to the aid of Dominic. Rollins starts targeting the injured right shoulder of Black. Black decks Murphy with a back elbow smash. Rollins repeatedly throws Black into the barricade. Murphy drops Black with The V-Trigger. Murphy repeatedly stomps on Black’s chest. Rollins plants Black with The Curb Stomp on the floor. Rollins scolds Murphy. Rollins slaps Murphy in the face. Murphy gives Black the steel ring steps treatment. Dominic violently whips Rollins and Murphy with the kendo stick to close the segment.

The VIP Lounge With Special Guest: Mustafa Ali 

MVP: Once again, MVP is in the ring, and that could only mean, one thing. Big things are popping, little things are stopping, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the view, because The VIP Lounge is for people like me and the Executive Order of The Hurt Business, people who are better than you. All right, last week, I tried to have a little celebration with my boys, so we could celebrate my victory at Extreme Rules, where I became the real United States Champion. The night didn’t go the way it was supposed to go, but that’s okay because I had the opportunity to meet a young man that I never met before. A man, who’s been gone for like seven months?

Where he’s been, what he has been doing, I don’t know, and I really don’t care. What I do care about is trying to help this young man. He’s a man that talks about, chasing the light. And tonight, I’d like to help him, see the light. So please, help me welcome my guest to The VIP Lounge, ladies and gentlemen, Mustafa Ali. Mustafa, I would like to welcome you to The VIP Lounge. I would like to give you an opportunity to experience a little bit of the good life, you know, this is where made men, congregate. Where, you know, you could make good decisions and good things happen. And when you make the wrong decisions, you become a dissatisfied client of The Hurt Business, kinda like your little friends, Cedric and Ricochet.

Mustafa Ali: Dissatisfied? Dissatisfied, like the stockholders of The Hurt Business, considering me and my little friends put The Hurt Business, out of business? I’m sure they weren’t too happy. But, do you know who is happy? Me. I am happy, y’all. I’m happy that I am back. I’m happy that I am on Raw. I’m happy that I finally have the opportunity to climb the ladder. I’m happy that I have an opportunity to become a champion, a real champion.

MVP: You mean a real champion like me, the real United States Champion, that’s what you meant, right? Of course you did. And you know what? I’ll give you credit, you are a talented individual, and I see wonderful things happening for you. All of those things that you mentioned, they could happen, but it comes down to you making the right decisions. And, when you hang with the right people, the right things happen.

Mustafa Ali: I know what you’re trying to propose, and i’m not buying. Just because you’re able to brainwash these two meatheads, into doing whatever it is you want to do, that’s fine, it’s not gonna work with me. I think for myself, I always have, and I always will.

MVP: Well Mustafa, you’re not thinking very clearly, right now. You do realize that tonight, you’re going one on one with “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley, The CEO of The Hurt Business? All right, let me help you out here because I really want to help you out. Apollo Crews, kinda went down the path that you did, he thought a lot like you did. And right now, Apollo Crews, is at home sitting on the couch, watching us have this conversation. Now, you can join us here on The VIP Lounge and party like a rockstar or you could sit next to Apollo Crews at home, on the couch? You could be a champion or you could be chum in water with predators? It’s your call, brah, make a decision.

Mustafa Ali: No. I don’t care what the proposal is. I don’t care what it is you’re trying to force my way. I said, no, and the more I think about it.

R-Truth tackles Shelton Benjamin out of the ring. Truth is trying to recapture the 24/7 Title. Truth rolls Benjamin over for a two count. Truth runs away from Lashley to close the segment.

Third Match: Bobby Lashley w/The Hurt Business vs. Mustafa Ali 

Felling out process after the bell rings. Lashley tells Ali to bring it. Ali talks smack to Lashley. Lashley shoves Ali down to the canvas. Ali is throwing haymakers at Lashley. Lashley with an Inside Out Lariat. Lashley with a Big Biel Throw. Lashley follows that with a Corner Spear. Lashley with a straight right hand. Lashley stands on Ali’s face. Lashley with clubbing elbow smashes in the corner. Lashley with a forearm smash. Lashley whips Ali across the ring. Lashley sends Ali chest first into the canvas. Lashley with a big haymaker. Ali denies The Vertical Suplex. Lashley launches Ali to the corner. Lashley kicks Ali in the gut. Lashley punches Ali in the back. Lashley is choking Al with his boot. The referee admonishes Lashley. Lashley hits The Delayed Vertical Suplex. Akira Tozawa is trying to steal the 24/7 Title. Benjamin throws Tozawa into the ringside barricade. The Hurt Business destroys The Ninja Club. Ali lands The Suicide Dive. Lashley regains control of the match during the commercial break.

Lashley with clubbing crossfaces. Lashley applies an illegal choke. Lashley whips Ali across the ring. Ali kicks Lashley in the chest. Lashley goes for The One Arm SpineBuster, but Ali lands back on his feet. Ali sends Lashley to the corner. Lashley blasts Ali off the ring apron. Lashley drives Ali face first into the steel ring post. Lashley throws Ali into the ringside barricade. Lashley resets the referee’s ten count. Lashley rolls Ali back into the ring. Lashley hooks the outside leg for a two count. Lashley with clubbing elbow smashes. Lashley applies a nerve hold. Ali with heavy bodyshots. Lashley connects with The FlatLiner for a two count. Lashley hooks both legs for a two count. Lashley is displaying his frustration. Ali struggles to get back on his feet. Lashley goes for The Military Press, but Ali lands back on his feet. Lashley kicks Ali in the gut. Ali negates The Dominator. Ali kicks Lashley in the face Ali drops Lashley with The Satellite DDT. Ali goes for The 450 Splash, but Lashley ducks out of the way. Lashley makes Ali tap out to The Full Nelson.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via Submission 

Fourth Match: Asuka w/Kairi Sane vs. Sasha Banks w/Bayley For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Sasha with a back elbow smash. Sasha lunges over Asuka. Dropkick Exchange. Asuka with a Corner Hip Attack. Asuka with clubbing mid-kicks. Following a snap mare takeover, Asuka kicks Sasha in the back. Asuka unloads another round of mid-kicks. Asuka drops Sasha with The Shining Wizard for a two count. Asuka whips Sasha across the ring. Sasha kicks Asuka in the face. Asuka applies The Fujiwara Arm-Bar. Asuka transitions into The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Sasha puts her foot on the bottom rope which force the break. Sasha side steps Asuka into the turnbuckles. Sasha with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the middle rope. Sasha blocks a boot from Asuka. Sasha hits The Draping BackStabber for a two count. Sasha is putting the boots to Asuka. Sasha applies the single leg crab. Sasha stomps on the left knee of Asuka. Sasha applies a standing leg lock. Asuka kicks Sasha out of the ring. Sasha is channeling her inner Eddie Guerrero. Sasha argues with the referee.

Asuka with a RoundHouse Kick. Sasha regains control of the match during the commercial break. Asuka with heavy bodyshots. Short-Arm Reversal by Sasha. Sasha dropkicks the left knee of Asuka. Sasha DDT’s the left leg of Asuka for a two count. Sasha applies the ankle twist. Asuka kicks Sasha in the back. Sasha kicks the left knee of Asuka. Sasha is choking Asuka with her boot. Sasha wraps the left leg of Asuka around the bottom rope. Sasha with a Modified Wish Bone Attack. Sasha talks smack to Asuka. Asuka with clubbing palm strikes. Asuka with a Pop Up Knee Strike. Sasha avoids The Running Hip Attack. Sasha trips Asuka from the outside. Sasha repeatedly slams the left leg of Asuka on the ring apron. Sasha with the cover for a two count. Sasha kicks Asuka in the chest. Sasha poses for the crowd. Sasha with The Running Meteora for a two count. Sasha applies the single leg crab. Asuka uses her feet to create separation. Sasha uses the middle rope as a weapon. Asuka decks Sasha with a back elbow smash. Asuka applies The Knee Bar. Asuka transitions into The Ankle Lock.

Sasha drives Asuka face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Sasha hits The ShotGun Meteora. Sasha goes for The Flying Meteora, but Asuka counters with The CodeBreaker. Asuka with forearm shivers. Sasha dodges The Spinning Back Fist. Sasha with The O’Connor Roll for a two count. Asuka kicks Sasha off the middle turnbuckle. Asuka with a Release German Suplex. Asuka connects with The Running Hip Attack for a two count. Asuka puts Sasha on the top turnbuckle. Quick slugfest. Sasha HeadButts Asuka. Sasha lands The Frog Splash for a two count. Sasha locks in The Bank Statement. Sasha negates The Asuka Lock. Sasha dumps Asuka out of the ring. Asuka avoids the baseball slide dropkick. Asuka with forearm shivers. Sasha with The Knee Crusher onto the announce table. Asuka gets back in the ring at the count of nine. Sasha is displaying her frustration. Asuka rolls Sasha over for a two count. Sasha applies The Bank Statement. Asuka refuses to quit. Asuka applies The Ankle Lock. Sasha catapults Asuka to the middle turnbuckle. Asuka delivers The Missile Dropkick. Asuka preparing for The Asuka Lock. Asuka gets distracted by Bayley who’s destroying Kairi Sane in the backstage area. Asuka leaves the ringside area and gets counted out.

Winner: New WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks via Count-Out 

Fifth Match: Buddy Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo 

Murphy runs Carrillo into the turnbuckles after the bell rings. Murphy with clubbing shoulder blocks. Murphy repeatedly stomps on Carrillo’s chest. The referee admonishes Murphy. Murphy stomps on Carrillo’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Carrillo with forearm shivers. Murphy reverses out of the irish whip from Carrillo. Carrillo ducks under two clotheslines from Murphy. Carrillo with a SpringBoard Back Elbow Smash. Carrillo slams Murphy’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Carrillo repeatedly stomps on Murphy’s chest. Murphy denies the irish whip. Murphy sends Carrillo to the ring apron. Carrillo with a shoulder block. Carrillo slips over Murphy’s back. Carrillo ducks a clothesline from Murphy. Carrillo drops Murphy with a SpringBoard Enzuigiri. Carrillo lands The Suicide Dive.

Carrillo repeatedly slams Murphy’s head on the ring apron. Murphy sends Carrillo crashing to the outside. Murphy shoves Carrillo into the ringside barricade. Murphy rolls Carrillo back into the ring. Murphy kicks Carrillo in the back. Murphy with a forearm shot across the back of Carrillo. Murphy applies a rear chin lock. Carrillo runs Murphy into the turnbuckles. Murphy kicks Carrillo in the face. Carrillo decks Murphy with a back elbow smash. Murphy has Carrillo tied in the tree of woe. Carrillo SuperKicks Murphy. Forearm Exchange. Murphy delivers his combination offense. Carrillo with a Step Through Enzuigiri. Murphy launches Carrillo over the top rope. Carrillo with an Apron Enzuigiri. Carrillo lands The Missile Dropkick for a two count. Murphy rolls out to the ring apron. Carrillo nails Murphy with The Pump Kick. Murphy fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Murphy with a forearm smash. Carrillo answers with a back elbow smash. Murphy connects with The V-Trigger. Murphy plants Carrillo with Murphy’s Law to pickup the victory.

Winner: Buddy Murphy via Pinfall 

WWE SummerSlam 2020 Match Card 

1.) The Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega For The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

2.) Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton For The WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre Promo 

Sixth Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler In A Extreme Rules Match For The WWE Championship 

McIntyre slaps Ziggler in the face before the bell rings. Ziggler delivers an eye poke. McIntyre snags the steel chair out of Ziggler’s hands. Ziggler SuperKicks McIntyre. Ziggler sends McIntytre face into the steel ring post. Ziggler slams McIntyre’s head on the plexiglass. McIntyre decks Ziggler with a back elbow smash. McIntyre blasts Ziggler with a knife edge chop. McIntyre runs Ziggler into the ring post. McIntyre lawn darts Ziggler into the plexiglass. McIntyre repeatedly hits Ziggler with a kendo stick. McIntyre with an Assisted Kendo Stick Russian Leg Sweep into the barricade. McIntyre is picking Ziggler apart. McIntyre dumps Ziggler back inside the ring.

McIntyre launches multiple chairs into the ring. McIntyre pulls out a table. McIntyre drops Ziggler with a knife edge chop. McIntyre stands on the right hand of Ziggler. McIntyre delivers a massive chair shot. Ziggler begs for mercy. Ziggler with the low blow. Ziggler gives McIntyre a taste of his own medicine. Ziggler rams the kendo stick across the eyes of McIntyre. Ziggler with an Assisted Kendo Stick Russian Leg Sweep into the plexiglass. Ziggler kicks the left knee of McIntyre. McIntyre sends Ziggler to the ring apron. McIntyre catches Ziggler in mid-air. McIntyre drives Ziggler back first through the barricade.

McIntyre rolls Ziggler back into the ring. Ziggler kicks the middle rope into the nether region of McIntyre. Ziggler kicks McIntyre in the chest. McIntyre clotheslines Ziggler. McIntyre whips Ziggler across the ring. McIntyre with Two OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex’s. McIntyre with a Flying Clothesline. McIntyre pops back on his feet. Ziggler negates The Future Shock DDT. Ziggler hits The Famouser. McIntyre has Ziggler perched on the top turnbuckle. McIntyre is throwing haymakers at Ziggler. McIntyre with The SuperPlex. Ziggler responds with The Zig Zag for a two count. McIntyre connects with The ClayMore through the table to pickup the victory. After the match, Randy Orton plants McIntyre with The RKO. Orton poses with The WWE Title to close the show.

Winner: Still WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez