MLW Anthology: Mance Warner

MLW Anthology: Mance Warner
May 23, 2020

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Description: Mance Warner is one of the most unorthodox southern wrestlers in the sport today.  Known for creating carnage in bars and in the ring, this Bucksnort brawler has a reputation for pummeling anyone that gets in his way. Anthology will journey back to his debut inside the historic 2300 Arena in Philadelphia and then plunge into a wild battle of two friends pitted against each other in a loser leaves MLW clash as ol Mancer and Sami Callihan fight all over the arena in Milwaukee.

The arena would literally never be the same after this vicious war. Witness Mance Warner’s bloody battles with Jimmy Havoc culminating in the last tangle in Texas: a no ropes barbed wire bout as Jimmy Havoc has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide as he rumbles with Tennessee’s toughest wrestler. Kick back, pop open a light beer and see Mance Warner raise hell and throw some lariats as only ol Mancer can on this week’s MLW Anthology.

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Rich Bocchini: Nearly 20 years, Major League Wrestling has showcased some of the greatest athletes, legends and classic title fights in our sport. This week, we look at someone who’s taken the league by storm. Leaving opponents and light beers in his wake, the hard hitting and hard living, Mance Warner. Warner had a baptism by fire when he entered MLW, immediately getting on the wrong side of LA Park. When Salina De Le Renta was granted the opportunity to be the executive producer of an episode of MLW Fusion, she put Mance and his unlikely ally, Sami Callihan, in a no-win situation. Right now, we take you back to a do-or-die moment for the man known for lariats and light beers, with his job on the line.

First Match: Mance Warner vs. Sami Callihan in a Loser Leaves MLW Match – MLW Fusion – June 2019 – Waukesha County Expo Center – Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Pier six brawl on the outside. Callihan repeatedly hits Warner with a trash can lid. Callihan drives a chair into the midsection of Warner. Warner with clubbing blows to Callihan’s back. Callihan throws his jacket at Warner. Callihan kicks Warner in the gut. Callihan blasts Warner with a knife edge chop. Callihan launches Warner into the crowd. Callihan throws water at Warner. Callihan slams Warner’s head on the merchandise table. Warner with a straight right hand. Warner HeadButts Callihan. Callihan whips Warner into the concession stand. Callihan throws a garbage can at Warner. The brawl spills up to the bleachers. Warner repeatedly slams Callihan’s head on the steel. Callihan hits The Brain Buster for a two count. All hell is breaking loose in Wakesha.

Warner uses the garbage can as a battering ram. Callihan side steps Warner into the steel fence. Callihan throws a chair at Warner. Callihan takes a bow. We have an old fashion brawl where things are flying all over the place. Callihan and Warner stabs each other with plastic knifes and forks. Warner forces Callihan to drink tabasco sauce. Callihan spits the sauce into Warner’s eyes. Callihan sends Warner face first into the garbage can. Callihan rolls Warner back into the ring. Callihan brings out a staple gun. Warner ducks under two clotheslines from Callihan. Warner goes for a sunset flip, but Callihan counters with a staple gun shot. Callihan lands the home run shot. Warner is busted open. Callihan talks smack to Warner. Warner slaps Callihan in the face. Callihan staples dollar bills into the Warner’s forehead and shoulders. Warner delivers an eye poke.

Warner ChokeSlams Callihan on the garbage can for a two count. Warner pulls out an MLW Board. Warner blasts Callihan with the trash can lid for a two count. Warner places the board in between two chairs. Callihan applies a groin claw. Callihan connects with an Avalanche PileDriver through the board for a two count. Callihan throws another MLW Board into the ring. Callihan plays to the crowd. Warner Spears Callihan through the board for a two count. Warner and Callihan are trading back and forth shots. Spit Exchange. Warner with rapid fire haymakers. Warner HeadButts Callihan. Callihan has Warner perched on the top turnbuckle. Callihan with The TombStone PileDriver for a two count. Callihan staples Warner’s tongue to the board. Warner breaks free. Warner repeatedly hits Callihan with the board. Warner with a Running Knee Strike for a one count. Warner plants Callihan with The Board Assisted Knee Strike to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mance Warner via Pinfall 

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– Next week on MLW Anthology, the spotlight will be on Low Ki.

Second Match: Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc w/Priscilla Kelly in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Match – January 2020 – MLW Fusion – NYTEX Sports Centre – Dallas, Texas 

Stick and move display after the bell rings. Havoc with a waist lock go-behind. Warner decks Havoc with a back elbow smash. Havoc rakes the eyes of Warner. Havoc tries to jam Warner’s face into the bottom barbed wire rope. Havoc with a Discus Forearm Smash. Warner repeatedly whips Havoc into the wire. Warner with a straight right hand. Warner drop toe holds Havoc into the barbed wire. Havoc is busted open. Warner blasts Havoc with a steel chair. Havoc with a SitOut DDT. Havoc follows that with a snap vertical suplex into barbed wire.

Warner’s left leg gets trapped in the wire. Havoc delivers a big chair shot. Havoc stabs Warner with the wire. Priscilla Kelly gives Havoc a staple gun. Havoc with multiple staple gun shots. Havoc staples a shirt to Warner’s back. Havoc rips the shirt off Warner’s back. Havoc starts cutting off layers. Havoc wraps the wire around Warner’s forehead and mouth. Warner is busted open. Havoc stomps on the back of Warner’s neck. Havoc attacks Warner with a barbed wire baseball bat. Warner is swinging at air. Havoc with The Curb Stomp for a two count.

Havoc kicks Warner in the face. Havoc gives Warner the middle finger salute. Assisted Barbed Wire Pony Ride. Havoc staple guns the nether regions of Warner. Warner fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Warner with The Urange Slam on the chairs for a two count. Warner brings multiple boards into the ring. Havoc with a Running Death Valley Driver through the board for a two count. Warner ChokeSlams Havoc through another board for a two count. Warner wraps barbed wired around his forearm. Havoc low blows Warner. Warner blinds Havoc with powder. Warner connects with The Bucksnort Lariat. Warner throws a chair into Havoc’s face. Warner plants Havoc with The PileDriver on the chair to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mance Warner via Pinfall 

– The show concludes with Episode 2 of MLW Roll Call: featuring Los Parks, Gino Medina, Dan Lambert, Mance Warner, Myron Reed, The Dynasty, Filthy Tom Lawlor, King Mo, The Von Erichs, Jordan Oliver, etc.

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