WWE NXT Results (5/20/20): Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai

May 20, 2020
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, and Byron Saxton

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Killer Kross w/Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Liam Gray 

Kross drills Gray with The Doomsday Saito Suplex. Kross with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. Kross connects with The Doomsday Saito Suplex. Kross makes Gray tap out to The Kross Jacket Choke.

Winner: Killer Kross via Submission 

Killer Kross & Tommaso Ciampa Segment 

Tommaso Ciampa: Allow me to officially introduce myself. My name is Tommaso Ciampa. And this, that ring you’re standing in, all of this, is my home. You already knew that, didn’t you? Of course, you did. That’s why you attacked the main attraction, to make a point, I get it. Hell, part of me kinda respects it. Just standing out here in your presence, that aura, it’s special. 6’4, 265 pounds, special. And a locker room, full of the absolute best professional wrestlers in the world, you stand out, special. That entrance, a killer entrance, special. You know who else is special? Me. And that’s why I had to come out here, and look you in the eyes, and let you know. On June 7th, At TakeOver, it’s gonna be Ciampa vs Kross. Now, that’s special. Welcome to the main event.

Second Match: (2-0) Akira Tozawa vs. (1-1) El Hijo Del Fantasma. Group B Match In The Interim WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Fantasma with a quick rollup for a one count. Tozawa with a double leg takedown. Tozawa applies a side headlock. Fantasma answers with the headscissors escape. Test Of Strength. Fantasma with a back heel trip. Tozawa has the leverage advantage for a two count. Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Fantasma with a Vertical Suplex. Tozawa bridges out of the pinning predicament. Leg Sweep Exchange. Arm-Drag TakeOver Exchange. Tozawa goes for a dropkick, but Fantasma holds onto the ropes. That leads us to a quick stand off in the center of the ring. Fantasma applies a waist lock. Fantasma with a waist lock takedown. Knife Edge Chop Exchange.

Tozawa scores a right jab. Tozawa with a Pop Up Hurricanrana. Tozawa follows that with a Flying Hurricanrana off the ring apron. Tozawa resets the referee’s ten count. Tozawa hits The Tumbleweed Senton. Tozawa has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Fantasma with elbows to the midsection of Tozawa. Tozawa punches Fantasma in the back. Fantasma trips Tozawa from the outside. Fantasma kicks Tozawa in the face. Fantasma with a Frog Splash on the ring apron. Fantasma with The SlingShot Senton for a two count. Fantasma applies a front face lock. Fantasma goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Tozawa lands back on his feet. Tozawa sends Fantasma across the ring. Tozawa with a Spinning Back Kick. Fantasma dodges The 540 Kick. Tozawa crawls under Fantasma.

Tozawa with a Release German Suplex. Fantasma has Tozawa perched on the top turnbuckle. Tozawa denies The SuperPlex. Fantasma with a clubbing elbow smashes. Fantasma dumps Tozawa ribs first on the top turnbuckle pad for a two count. Fantasma with a knife edge chop. Fantasma drives his knee into the midsection of Tozawa. Tozawa ducks a clothesline from Fantasma. Tozawa drops Fantasma with a Cazadora Bulldog. Tozawa connects with The Senton Bomb. Fantasma heads to the outside. Tozawa rolls Fantasma back into the ring. Tozawa hooks the leg for a two count. Tozawa with forearm shivers. Tozawa slaps Fantasma in the face. Fantasma dropkicks Tozawa over the top rope. Fantasma lands The Arrow From The Depths Of Hell. Fantasma with a running elbow smash. Fantasma goes for The Phantom Driver, but Tozawa counters with The Octopus Stretch. Fantasma plants Tozawa with The Phantom Driver to pickup the victory.

Winner: (2-1) El Hijo Del Fantasma via Pinfall 

Timothy Thatcher Promo 

Last week, I left the Matt Riddle Circus. Matt Riddle, I enjoyed wrenching at your arm, tearing your leg, but I only got a fraction. I want to go one more time. Pinfalls don’t count, no fluke pins this time. You win by knockout or tap out. Those are the rules, Riddle, those are the rules. You know what? You pick the place. Anywhere you want, i’m ready.

Shotzi Blackheart Promo 

My name is Shotzi Blackheart from Oakland, California. My motto in life is, TCB, take care of business. I am balls to the wall. Who’s your daddy? I’m your daddy. Some people like to take Ubers, some people like to drive cars, but I like to rock, and this is how I roll. This is my baby, The Avant Tank, with the 105 Howitzer. I call her the dirty blonde. I’m just like a tank, because tanks don’t give a shit. Bad to the bone, and indestructible. They make their own path. I was raised by my dad, who was a motorcycle riding badass. He introduced me to rock and roll, which led me to punk rock, so I joined a punk rock band.

Wrestling and Punk Rock, just has that synergy. It’s ballsy, it’s rebellious. In that ring, I just feel like I could do anything to anyone at anytime. Do you wanna see what i’m gonna do to the NXT Women’s Division, watch this. I see the way Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez look at me. I make no apologies for who I am. What you see, is what you get. And ladies, trust me, what you get, you can’t handle. Oh, that sounded like, Dakota Kai. Got you, Raquel Gonzalez, eat my tank. Oops, sorry, Chelsea Green, your makeup just got crushed. Oh, Candice LeRae, looks like I squished a pixie. If you get in my way, prepare to get crushed.

Third Match: Mia Yim vs. Santana Garrett 

Garrett with a waist lock. Yim reverses out of the irish whip from Garrett. Garrett dives over Yim. Deep Arm-Drag Exchange. Double Dropkick. That leads us to a quick standoff in the center of the ring. Garrett drives her knee into the midsection of Yim. Garrett whips Yim into the turnbuckles. Garrett with a HandSpring Back Elbow Smash. Garrett follows that with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Standing Switch Exchange. Yim with a Release Dragon Suplex. Yim with Kawada Kicks. Yim connects with The Protect Ya Neck to pickup the victory. After the match, Yim gets into a brawl with Candice LeRae. Johnny Gargano sends Yim tumbling to the floor. Gargano runs away from Keith Lee.

Winner: Mia Yim via Pinfall 

– Cameron Grimes Vignette.

– Next week on NXT, Adam Cole will have a one year championship celebration.

Fourth Match: Roderick Strong w/The Undisputed Era vs. Dexter Lumis 

Strong talks smack to Lumis. Strong applies an arm-bar. Lumis answers with a wrist lock. Strong reverses the hold. Strong applies a side headlock. Lumis backs Strong into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Lumis is playing mind games with Strong. Strong signals for the test of strength. Lumis denies the ankle pick. Strong applies a waist lock. Lumis with a side headlock takeover. Strong regroups on the outside. Lumis with a drop toe hold. Lumis is throwing haymakers at Strong. Lumis bodyslams Strong. Lumis follows that with a Running Leg Drop. Lumis with a running forearm smash. Strong drives his knee into the midsection of Lumis. Strong with two haymakers. Strong blasts Lumis with a knife edge chop. Lumis reverses out of the irish whip from Strong. Strong kicks Lumis in the face. Strong with a straight right hand. Lumis once again reverses out of the irish whip. Lumis with a Running Bulldog. Strong heads to the outside.

Lumis kicks Strong in the gut. Strong answers with a knee lift. Strong kicks Lumis in the jaw. Lumis uppercuts Strong. Strong sends Lumis chest first into the steel ring steps. Strong with a Belly to Back Suplex on the ring apron. Strong has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Strong unloads Two Running Forearm Smashes. Strong hits The Pendulum BackBreaker for a two count. Strong applies the sitting abdominal stretch. Strong fish hooks Lumis. Strong punches Lumis in the back. Strong with a knee smash. Strong and Lumis are trading back and forth shots. Short-Arm Reversal by Strong. Strong buries his knee into the midsection of Lumis. Strong connects with The Olympic Slam for a two count. Strong toys around with Lumis. Strong repeatedly stomps on the midsection of Lumis. Lumis negates The Strong Hold. Strong with clubbing blows to Lumis back.

Strong goes for The Olympic Slam, but Lumis lands back on his feet. Lumis drops Strong with a Lou Thez Press. Lumis transitions into a ground and pound attack. Lumis with two haymakers. Lumis uppercuts Strong. Lumis with a Back Body Drop. Lumis tees off on Strong. Lumis with The SlingShot Suplex for a two count. Strong with a Discus Back Elbow Smash. Strong kicks Lumis in the face. Strong with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Strong unloads four knife edge chops. Lumis wants more punishment. Strong obliges with forearm shivers. Lumis with The SpineBuster. Strong decks Lumis with a back elbow smash. Strong rolls Lumis over to pickup the victory. After the match, Lumis applies The Head/Arm Triangle Choke on the floor. The Undisputed Era arrives. Lumis refuses to let go of the hold. Cole prepares for The Last Shot. The Velveteen Dream attacks Cole from behind. Dream throws Bobby Fish into the steel ring steps. Dream SuperKicks Cole. Dream lands The Purple Rain Maker.

Winner: Roderick Strong via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs. Ever Rise 

Burch and Parker will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Burch applies a side headlock. Burch drops Parker with a shoulder tackle. Parker drops down on the canvas. Burch with the ankle pick in mid-air. Burch with a corner clothesline. Burch follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Burch delivers a Missile Dropkick. Parker tags in Martel. Burch ducks a clothesline from Martel. Burch HeadButts Martel.

Burch tags in Lorcan. Double Knife Edge Chop. Lorcan uppercuts Martel. Martel applies a side headlock. Parker tags himself in. Lorcan scores the elbow knockdown. Lorcan blocks a boot from Parker. Lorcan drops Parker with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Lorcan with a Running European Uppercut. Lorcan hits The Running BlockBuster. Burch gets Martel trapped in The CrossFace. Lorcan makes Parker tap out to the single leg crab.

Winner: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan via Submission 

Keith Lee Backstage Interview 

Sixth Match: (2-0) Kushida vs. (1-1) Drake Maverick. Group A Match In The Interim WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kushida backs Maverick into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Kushida applies a side headlock. Maverick ducks a clothesline from Kushida. Maverick rolls Kushida over for a one count. Kushida avoids the leg sweep. Kushida taunts Maverick. Kushida applies a modified omoplata. Kushida drops Maverick with a shoulder tackle. Maverick drops down on the canvas. Kushida with a basement dropkick. Maverick with forearm shivers. Kushida kicks Maverick in the back. Kushida and Maverick are trading back and forth shots. Kushida with a HandSpring Back Elbow Smash. Kushida with a drop toe hold. Kushida drops his weight on Maverick’s shoulders. Maverick with heavy bodyshots. Kushida answers with an arm-ringer. Kushida with a Corner Dropkick.

Kushida buries shoulder into the midsection of Maverick. Kushida slams the left shoulder of Maverick on the canvas. Kushida hits The Cartwheel Dropkick. Forearm Exchange. Jake Atlas is scouting the match from the ringside area. Kushida reverses out of the irish whip from Maverick. Maverick dives over Kushida. Maverick drop toe holds Kushida into the middle turnbuckle pad. Maverick with a Running Boot. Maverick delivers a Missile Dropkick. Maverick connects with The Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Kushida ducks a clothesline from Maverick. Kushida with a big haymaker. Kushida unloads Two Shotei’s. Kushida applies a side wrist lock. Kushida with a knee drop on the left shoulder of Maverick.

Kushida dumps Maverick out of the ring. Maverick gets back in the ring at the count of six. Maverick with heavy bodyshots. Kushida bodyslams Maverick. Kushida stomps on the left elbow of Maverick. Kushida applies The Kimura Lock. Maverick reaches the bottom rope which creates separation. Maverick is throwing haymakers at Kushida. Kushida slaps Maverick in the face. Kushida goes back to The Kimura Lock. Maverick refuses to quit. Kushida with a Running Shotei. Maverick slaps Kushida in the face. Kushida applies The Kimura Lock on the top turnbuckle. Maverick with a straight right hand. Maverick goes for an Avalanche Cazadora Bulldog, but Kushida counters with The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Maverick rolls Kushida over to pickup the victory.

Winner: (2-1) Drake Maverick via Pinfall 

Damian Priest Promo 

A key to infamy, multiple targets. I clearly have a desire to be a champion, and championships will come. But Finn Balor returning to NXT, that’s a possible target that turned into an opportunity. Finn Balor put this place on the map. And for that reason, I’m coming for him. I’m not gonna do it on just any other stage, i’m gonna do at the place he made a name for himself, TakeOver. At TakeOver, the name Finn Balor, will turn to ash. While the name Damian Priest, well, you know, it’s gonna live forever.

Seventh Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai 

Shirari dropkicks Ripley. Quick slugfest. Ripley drives her knee into the midsection of Shirai. Ripley whips Shirai across the ring. Shirai kicks Ripley in the chest. Shirai tells Ripley to bring it. Ripley catches Shirai in mid-air. Shirai rakes the back of Ripley. Ripley is pissed. Ripley with three short-arm clotheslines. Ripley dropkicks Shirai. Ripley kicks Shirai in the gut. Ripley with Two Face Plants. Ripley goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Shiriai lands back on her feet. Ripley goes for a German Suplex, but Shirai counters with The Standing Double Foot Stomp for a one count. Test Of Strength. Shirai ducks a clothesline from Ripley. Shirai shows off her athleticism. Shirai taunts Ripley. Shirai goes for a Hurricanrana, but Ripley blocks it. Shirai with the sunset flip for a two count. Shirai applies The CrossFace. Ripley backs Shirai into the turnbuckles. Shirai kicks Ripley in the face.

Ripley is throwing haymakers at Shirai. Ripley with clubbing blows to Shirai’s back. Ripley goes for The SuperPlex, but Shirai blocks it. Ripley with a series of headbutts. Ripley hits The SuperPlex for a two count. Forearm Exchange. Ripley goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Shirai lands back on her feet. Shirai locks in The CrossFace. Ripley grabs the bottom rope to create separation. Shirai connects with The 619. Shirai follows that with a SpringBoard Missile Dropkick. Shirai lands The Suicide Dive. Charlotte Flair walks down to the ring. Shirai with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver into Charlotte. Shirai rolls Charlotte back into the ring. Shirai with The ShotGun Meteora for a two count. Shirai with forearm shivers. Shirai drills Ripley with The Leaping DDT for a two count. Charlotte drops Shirai with The Big Boot which causes the disqualification. After the match, Charlotte Spears Ripley. Charlotte stands tall as the show goes off the air.

Winner: Io Shirai via Disqualification 

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Author: Josh Lopez