MLW Fusion Results (5/9/20): Los Parks vs. Psycho Clown, Psicosis, Nino Hamburguesa

MLW Fusion
May 9, 2020
Auditorio Fautso Gutierrez
Tijuana, Mexico

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Psycho Clown: Like always, the best psychopath in wrestling is me, Psycho Clown. My crazy clowns you will see tonight when I will square off against that poorly LA Park. I will shut him up because I will unleash the psychopath in that ring and humble him with carnage. I have prepared for this Super Series fight and tonight you will fall to my feet. It’s your death sentence and I am the psychopath and your executioner. I am Psycho Clown.

Los Parks Promo 

LA Park: Great wrestling fans in the US, I have some news. Your loyal servant LA Park – the original LA Parka will be the next world tag team champions of MLW. You heard it right, we are the best tag team and you have seen it. You know it.

LA Park Jr: That’s right. We are the realest family and the best tag team in the world.

Alicia Atout Interviews Konnan 

Alicia Atout: Some of the best in MLW takes on some of the best in AAA. And some of these matches, who knows what the future might be, it’s very exciting times. So, Konnan, how are you feeling right now?

Konnan: Oh, incredible, over the moon, you know what i’m saying? I mean, everybody’s happy, the wrestlers are happy, the fans are happy, social media’s blowing up, record numbers, I mean, did you expect any less? MLW vs AAA, hello, I mean, come on. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t end now. We go back to MLW, the balls in your court, MLW, Boom!


– Dan Lambert and American Top Team has filed a lawsuit against Low Ki and has advised Low Ki to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the accredited behavioral science clinic.

– Court Bauer has claimed that Low Ki has no comment regarding the lawsuit.

– MLW Anthology Series will premiere next week.

Pagano Promo 

What’s up la raza? This is Pagano. I am here to bring a new style of lucha. Some call me a hardcore wrestler, but I just want to put a smile on your face. Soon I will travel from my home in Juarez and come here and start a party and it will be no laughing matter for my victims. I am Pagano and we know there’s no party without a clown.

The Lifestyles Of The Rich and Dynastic 

Gino Medina: Where the hell are we, man?

Richard Holliday: It smells like shit. This is Buck Snort, Tennessee? Who the hell would event want to live here, man? Dude, hold on, it stinks. It’s ruining the taste of my coffee, I can’t even drink that anymore.

Gino Medina: Hey, it’s a meth gator. Meth Gators, it’s a gator that does meth.

Richard Holliday: How does he even know how to do that? Listen, Gino, we have to leave, but there’s not a chance that you, eye or hammer would ever step foot in this place. Hold on, where’s Hammer?

Alexander Hammerstone: There’s raccoons over there.

Richard Holliday: Come on, get out of there. No, there’s a meth gator over there. Why are you so relaxed? This is a big deal. Listen, my father/lawyer will handle this, we’ll pure out because this is disgusting.

Alexander Hammerstone: They never let me keep raccoons, scared of meth gators.

PWI Top 10 Contenders To The MLW World Heavyweight Championship 

10.) Dominic Garrini

9.) Low Ki

8.) Mance Warner

7.) King Mo

6.) Richard Holliday

5.) Filthy Tom Lawlor

4.) Brian Pillman Jr

3.) Myron Reed

2.) Davey Boy Smith Jr.

1.) Alexander Hammerstone

Mance Warner Promo 

Dynasty, you stupid sons of bitches, man. You done pissed off Ol Mancer too many times, so Ol Mancer’s been sitting out here. You don’t know what Ol Mancer does, man, I sit down, I start drinking, I started thinking and I came up with something, man. Ol Mancer is gonna climb the ladder at MLW, not just get a little bit of gold, get all the gold. Now, I ain’t talking about a ladder match, I ain’t talking about a ladder fight a ladder contest, none of that. There’s gonna be some ladders involved tho, guys. Cause see, what Ol Mancer is talking about doing, it’s Ol Mancer and Savio Veg stepping into the ring against The Dynasty. Hammerstone, you bring that OpenWeight gold. Holliday, you bring The Caribbean gold, that you done stole from Savio, man. You stole his house too, you son of a bitch. Hey, Gino, you bring that watch you always wear because we gonna take all the gold and we’re gonna hang it at the tippy-top. You know, like I said, it ain’t a ladder match, it’s a Triple Tower Doom, baby.

Ol Mancer’s booking now. That means you take a cage ,and then you put another cage, and then you put another cage, and you start at the very bottom. See, down in the first one you got the ring, and you got a cage. Down in that one, Ol Mancer want some doors, gotta have a ladder because I’ve got to get to the second cage, right? See, down there, I’m gonna beat you up a little bit, and then i’m gonna go to the second one, see you up there Hammerstone, Holliday, Gino. Up in that one, we gonna have some light tubes and barbed wire, man. Cause down in the first one, I’m gonna take your face and run it across that cage, get a little color out there baby, cause red equals green. But in the second one, i’m gonna cut you wide open and watch all that blood drip down to the bottom.

When we get to the third one, hanging above that cage is gonna be all the gold, baby. Ol Mancer came to MLW to hit the pay window. On this night, next week, Ol Mancer and Savio, Savio is gonna get his gold back, he’s gonna get his home back too, Holliday, you son of a bitch. An Ol Mancer is gonna get the OpenWeight gold, and we’re gonna take that watch, I’ll figure out something to do with that, maybe i’ll give to Moon Man, I don’t know. Ol Mancer knows that we’re gonna tear y’all up. It may be two against three, but maybe Ol Mancer makes a phone call, maybe i’ll call up Big Sexy, maybe i’ll call up Glacier, maybe i’ll call up PN News, I don’t know, but Ol Mancer, Savio Vega and whoever else we get in there in Triple Tower Of Doom, baby, that’s three mother fucking cages and a whole lot of blood. Dynasty, we’ll see y’all, cause Ol Mancer is hitting the pay window, guys.

Feature Match: (MLW) Los Parks vs. (AAA) Psycho Clown, Psicosis, Nino Hamburguesa in a 6-Man Tag Team Match 

Big standoff before the bell rings. Slugfest in Tijuana. LA Park repeatedly stomps on Clown’s chest. Junior slams Hamburguesa head on the top turnbuckle pad. HLP dumps Psicosis out of the ring. Junior kicks out the legs of Hamburguesa. LA Park and Clown are brawling in the crowd. Junior clotheslines Hamburguesa. LA Park blasts Clown with a steel chair. Junior puts a chair in between Hamburguesa’s legs. HLP delivers the home run shot. Psicosis suffers the same treatment. LA Park launches a red bar table into the ring. LA Park throws the table at Psicosis. Los Parks has complete control of the match. LA Park rips off the table cover. LA Park drives the wood of the bar table into Clown’s face. Los Parks with a Triple PowerBomb on the bar table. Junior slams Psicosis head on the top turnbuckle pad. Junior with clubbing shoulder blocks. HLP uses the trash can as a weapon.

Los Parks with a Double Vertical Suplex into the trash can. LA Park gives Hamburguesa an old fashion whooping with the blue leather belt. Junior is lighting up Hamburguesa’s chest. Hamburguesa drops Junior with a shoulder tackle. Hamburguesa clotheslines Junior. Team AAA gives Los Parks a taste of their own medicine. Hamburguesa levels LA Park with a Body Avalanche. Hamburguesa is choking HLP with his boot. Team AAA are running in place. LA Park is pissed. Clown plays to the crowd. LA Park with an open palm strike. LA Park talks smack to Clown. LA Park with the irish whip. Corner Clothesline Exchange. Clown side steps LA Park into the turnbuckles. Clown with a Flying Crossbody Block. LA Park ducks a clothesline from Clown. Clown with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Clown dropkicks LA Park for a two count. Los Parks inadvertently delivers a double elbow drop on their father.

Team AAA unloads a cavalcade of splashes. Triple cover for a two count. Clown is hitting everything that moves with the leather strap. The referee has lost complete control of the match. Clown with a Spinning Back Kick. Psicosis drop toe holds LA Park into his sons. Psicosis hits The Bronco Buster. Hamburguesa follows that with a Running Cannonball Strike. Triple rollups for a two count. HLP shakes his hips. Psicosis gives HLP the middle finger. Psicosis thrust kicks the midsection of HLP. Psicosis kicks HLP in the chest. Psicosis drops HLP with The FlatLiner for a two count. HLP with a Spinning Back Kick. Psicosis SuperKicks HLP. HLP answers with a Flying Forearm Smash. Psicosis reverses out of the irish whip from HLP. HLP puts Psicosis on the top turnbuckle. HLP with a Step Up Enzuigiri. HLP drills Psicosis with The Draping CodeBreaker for a one count.

Hamburguesa with an Arm-Drag/Hurricanrana Combination. Junior SuperKicks Hamburguesa. Hamburguesa kicks Junior in the face. Junior with a running clothesline. Hamburguesa clotheslines Junior. Hamburguesa with a Leg Drop for a two count. Clown tells LA Park to bring it. Who’s the bigger puto? LA Park with a forearm smash. LA Park takes his sweet time in the corner. Quick shoving contest. Open Hand Chop Exchange. Neither men refuses to go down. LA Park with a Western Lariat for a two count. Psicosis back chops LA Park. Clown with a Spinning Back Kick. Clown with a Pump Knee Strike. Clown delivers a Discus Lariat. Clown drops LA Park with The Spinning Heel Kick for a two count. Clown with three open hand chops. LA Park HeadButts Clown.

LA Park with a Running Meteora for a two count. Psicosis continues to get involved with every pinning attempt. LA Park applies a waist lock. Psicosis decks LA Park with a back elbow smash. Psicosis with two running clotheslines. Psicosis with a basement dropkick for a two count. Psicosis with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Psicosis lands The Suicide Dive. Tope Party in Tijuana. Clown with a SomerSault Plancha. HLP responds with The Asai MoonSault. Hamburguesa goes for a Massive Suicide Dive, but Los Parks ducks out of the way. HLP rolls Psicosis back into the ring. Double Irish Whip. Psicosis side steps HLP into the turnbuckles. Junior SuperKicks Psicosis. Assisted German Suplex. The referee with an extremely long cover, shenanigans? Collusion, perhaps? Pagano delivers multiple chair shots. LA Park shoves Pagano out of the ring. LA Park Spears Psicosis to pickup the victory.

Winner: (MLW) Los Parks via Pinfall 

Josef Samael Promo 

We warned you that a war was coming. Tonight, that war will be waged. Some call me a megalomaniac, I consider myself a teacher. For a year, I have prophesied of a reckoning, you ignored the prophecy. Now, that prophecy comes to fruition with the final lesson. At this moment, from Mexico, to New York, Contra is striking. Paralyzing MLW at every level. The Bulldog has been broken. Here at MLW Headquarters, a hostile takeover is underway. I now sit on the throne, as the bloody boss of MLW, cowers just off camera. His castle, now mine.

While fans celebrate The Super Series in the arena, backstage all of your wonderful athletes have been taken out. At this moment, in every corner of this godforsaken company, throughout the world, our soldiers are rising up. You thought this would last forever? The days of MLW Fusion are over. The rise of Major League Wrestling, over. Contra has seized MLW. If you try to rise up, our soldiers will be waiting, and the response will be swift in violent. MLW will be rebuilt. MLW will survive in this new darkness. This will be pain, the darkness will take hold. In the end, you’ll bow before our crusaders. A new season of violence and terror begins, tonight.

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Author: Josh Lopez