AEW Dynamite Results (5/6/20): Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs. Kenny Omega & BROKEN Matt Hardy

AEW Dynamite
May 6, 2020
Daily’s Place
Jacksonville, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Commentary Team (Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone)

Ring Announcer: Dasha Gonzalez

First Match: (15-6-1) Cody Rhodes vs. (6-8) Joey Janela 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rhodes backs Janela into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Strong lockup. Rhodes applies a side headlock. Rhodes with two shoulder tackles. Janela drops down on the canvas. Janela with a deep arm-drag. Rhodes responds with The La Magistral for a one count. Rhodes reverses out of the irish whip from Janela. Sunset Flip Exchange. Leg Sweep Exchange. Janela unloads two knife edge chops. Rhodes is pissed. Rhodes with an overhand chop. Janela drives his knee into the midsection of Rhodes. Janela whips Rhodes across the ring. Janela with a blistering chop. Rhodes tells Janela to bring it. Rhodes pump kicks the left wrist of Janela. Rhodes delivers a back chop. Rhodes applies a wrist lock. Rhodes sends Janela to the corner. Rhodes with a forearm smash. Rhodes hammers down on the back of Janela’s neck. Rhodes follows that with a Delayed Front Suplex for a two count. Janela blocks a boot from Rhodes. Janela dumps Rhodes face first on the canvas. Janela with a Spin Kick.

Janela rakes the back of Rhodes. Janela with a straight right hand. Janela slaps Rhodes in the back. Janela with forearm shivers. Janela repeatedly whips Rhodes into the turnbuckles. Janela with a Flying Back Elbow Smash. Rhodes applies a Full Nelson Lock. Janela negates The CrossRhodes. Janela sends Rhodes throat first into the middle strand. Janela with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Janela stomps on the back of Rhodes neck. Following a snap mare takeover, Janela applies a bodyscissors hold. Rhodes is displaying his fighting spirit. Janela with a big haymaker. Rhodes heads to the outside. Janela with a Flying Clothesline off the ring apron. Janela whips Rhodes into the ringside barricade. Janela is lighting up Rhodes chest. Rhodes with a forearm shot across Janela’s back. Rhodes repeatedly slams Janela’s head on the ramp. The slugfest heads towards the stage. Janela scores the right jab. Janela starts running out of the right tunnel. Rhodes side steps Janela into the ropes.

Rhodes hits The Disaster Kick. Rhodes lands The MoonSault off the stage. Rhodes takes a swipe at Shawn Spears. Rhodes rolls Janela back into the ring. Rhodes delivers his combination offense. Rhodes nails Janela with The Pump Kick. Janela SuperKicks Rhodes. Janela with The Flying Elbow Drop for a two count. Janela poses for the crowd. Rhodes attacks Janela from behind. Rhodes with The Reverse SuperPlex for a two count. Rhodes goes for The CrossRhodes, but Janela counters with a snap mare takedown. Janela with a Spinning Back Elbow Smash. Rhodes PowerSlams Janela for a two count. Rhodes goes for The Disaster Kick, but Janela counters with The German Suplex. Janela with an Inside Out Lariat. Rhodes avoids The MoonSault. Rhodes connects with The Cody Cutter for a two count. Rhodes tells Janela to get up. Rhodes and Janela are trading back and forth shots. Janela slaps Rhodes in the face. Janela with a back hand. Janela with forearm shivers. Rhodes plants Janela with The CrossRhodes to pickup the victory.

Winner: (16-6-1) Cody Rhodes via Pinfall 

Second Match: (9-4) Nyla Rose vs. (0-0) Kenzie Paige

Rose drives her knee into the midsection of Paige. Rose sends Paige face first into the canvas. Rose with a Big Biel Throw. Rose is choking Paige with her boot. Rose with clubbing shoulder blocks. Paige side steps Rose into the turnbuckles. Paige ducks a clothesline from Rose. Rose denies The Sunset Flip. Paige punches Rose in the chest. Rose clotheslines Paige. Rose with a Release German Suplex. Rose connects with The Swanton Bomb for a two count. Rose argues with the referee. Rose with Two PowerBombs. Rose plants Paige with The Beast Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: (10-4) Nyla Rose via Pinfall 

MJF Promo 

I’m noticing a lot of the younger talent in professional wrestling are starting to claim to be the next big thing, even though they’re almost 30, but that’s cool. Hey, that’s cool. You want to know what’s really cool though? Just being the big thing. After having only been on national television for five/six months, I’m the guy. And that’s just the fact, but nobody seems to want to admit it because they all hate my guts. So, what do they do? Well, to quote my illustrious mentor, they moved the goalpost. Even though I’ve only been in the sport for a coup of coffee, they start comparing me to legends. Yea, MJF is great, but he’s no Flair.

Yeah, he’s great, but he’s no Rock. Yeah, MJF is great, but he’s no Piper. You know what that stems from? It’s a neat little word called, insecurity, the same insecurity in fact that every single top guy in my sport has once they realize that a 24 year old kid, as they would so eloquently put it, has taken their spot. Well, that 24 year old kid is ratings, that 24 year old kid is a prodigy, bell to bell, that 24 year old kid is going to be a champion before a blink of an eye, and that 24 year old kid has more it in his pinky than you do in your entire damn body.

Newsflash, that 24 year old, he ain’t a kid. He’s not The Rock, he’s not Piper, he’s not Flair, he’s something this sports has never seen before. And that’s exactly why that 24 year old man can afford to miss some television, sit back, relax, lick his wounds, sip on some fine wine and watch some old school wrestling. Because he knows damn well that when he comes back to work, his spot at the throne will be right where he left it, without a solitary scratch. Because that man’s name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he’s better than you, and you know it. See, I am injury free. And next week, I sit back on my throne.

Shawn Spears Promo 

His career is over, it’s over. There was blood everywhere, and no man takes a beating like that and comes back like you’re untouchable. But out of all the parties involved, I blame one man. I don’t blame Dustin Rhodes for competing in the match, I don’t even blame Lance Archer for what he did to Dustin during it, I blame one man for how that match ended. I have a brother, he’s 11 years younger than me, and if at any point in his life that he was in any danger, especially physical danger, I would do everything in my power to prevent that from happening.

I would shield him, I would protect him, but you decided not to do that, didn’t you Cody? You alone could have stopped that onslaught, Lance Archer was destroying your brother, Dustin, and all you had to do was throw the towel that you had in your hand into the ring and you could have stopped it all, but you decided not to. Why? Is it because you’re selfish? Or is it because you alone think that you can carry on The Rhodes Legacy? Dustin’s career is over. Now, I could care less what happens to you or you brother, but as a brother, I don’t think I could live with that. But you, Cody, I think you already proven that you can.

Third Match: (14-2-1) Jon Moxley vs. (16-6) Frankie Kazarian 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Moxley backs Kazarian into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Kazarian shoves Moxley. Test Of Strength. Kazarian with a drop toe hold. Kazarian floats over into a side headlock. Kazarian drops Moxley with a shoulder tackle. Kazarian grabs another side headlock. Moxley applies a hammerlock. Kazarian reverses the hold. Chain grappling exchange. Moxley stomps on the left shoulder of Kazarian. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Kazarian with a straight right hand. Moxley drives his knee into the midsection of Kazarian. Moxley with a forearm smash. Moxley with a blistering chop. Moxley with a snap mare takedown for a one count. Moxley applies a hammerlock. Kazarian transitions into a side headlock. Stalemate in the corner.

Second Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Kazarian with a side headlock takeover. Moxley with a BackBreaker for a one count. Moxley puts his knee on Kazarian’s back. Moxley applies a rear chin lock. Moxley with clubbing crossfaces. Moxley with clubbing shoulder blocks. Moxley follows that with a Pendulum BackBreaker for a two count. Kazarian talks smack to Moxley. Forearm Exchange. Kazarian dives over Moxley. Kazarian with a side headlock takeover. Moxley answers with the headscissors escape. Kazarian with a deep arm-drag. Kazarian drops Moxley with The Spin Kick. Moxley with a Belly to Back Suplex onto the ramp. Kazarian starts favoring his left knee. Kazarian crawls away from Moxley. Moxley tees off on Kazarian. Moxley sends Kazarian crashing to the floor.

Kazarian is trying to get feel back in his left knee. Kazarian is throwing haymakers at Moxley. Moxley sends Kazarian chest first into the ringside barricade. Moxley with a Side Russian Leg Sweep into the barricade. Moxley hits The X-Plex for a two count. Moxley applies The Cobra Clutch. Moxley drills Kazarian with The Regal Knee Strike. Kazarian nails Moxley with The Pump Kick in mid-air. Kazarian with a SpringBoard Dropkick. Moxley reverses out of the irish whip from Kazarian. Kazarian side steps Moxley into the turnbuckles. Kazarian kicks Moxley in the gut. Kazarian drops Moxley with The SlingShot DDT for a two count. Moxley negates The Unprettier. Moxley with a Release German Suplex. Moxley ducks a clothesline from Kazarian. Kazarian dodges the back elbow smash. Kazarian slips over Moxley’s back. Kazarian with The BackStabber. Kazarian connects with The Unprettier for a two count.

Forearm Exchange. Moxley HeadButts Kazarian. ShotGun Dropkick Exchange. Kazarian negates The Death Rider. Kazarian applies The Knee Bar. Kazarian launches Moxley over the top rope. Kazarian with The Guillotine Leg Drop. Kazarian paint brushes Moxley. Kazarian goes for The SlingShot Suplex, but Moxley lands back on his feet. Moxley applies a Full Nelson Lock. Standing Switch Exchange. Kazarian with a Release German Suplex. Kazarian with two haymakers. Kazarian with a Spinning Back Kick. Kazarian kicks Moxley in the chest. Moxley answers with a forearm smash. Moxley with a Big Lariat. Moxley goes for The Double ChickenWing FaceBuster, but Kazarian rolls him over for a two count. Kazarian with The La Magistral for a two count. Kazarian decks Moxley with a back elbow smash. Kazarian with a Snap Vertical Suplex into the turnbuckles. Kazarian with rapid fire elbow smashes. Kazarian dives over Moxley. Moxley sends Kazarian chest first into the turnbuckles. Moxley plants Kazarian with The Roll Through Death Rider to pickup the victory. After the match, The Dark Order lays out SCU. Brodie Lee walks down to the ring. Lee connects with The Discus Lariat. Lee wants to challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title at Double Or Nothing. Moxley accepts Lee’s challenge. Lee drops Moxley with a Running Boot.

Winner: (15-2-1) Jon Moxley via Pinfall 


Fourth Match: (4-0) Lance Archer w/Jake The Snake Roberts vs. (4-8) QT Marshall w/Brandi Rhodes

Forearm Exchange before the bell rings. Archer poses on the middle turnbuckle. Marshall with forearm shivers. Archer tells Marshall to bring it. Archer launches Marshall to the corner. Marshall side steps Archer into the turnbuckles. Marshall with a corner mount. Archer drops Marshall with a forearm smash. Archer transitions into a ground and pound attack. Archer is choking Marshall with his boot. Archer kicks Marshall in the gut. Archer with Three Running Elbow Smashes. Marshall sends Archer tumbling to the floor.

Marshall goes for The SlingShot Pescado, but Archer counters with The ChokeSlam on the ring apron. Archer stares down Brandi Rhodes. Archer has complete control of the match during the commercial. Archer with a SpringBoard Twisting Splash for a two count. Marshall is displaying his fighting spirit. Archer drops Marshall with The Big Boot. Britt Baker hits Marshall with her boot behind the referee’s back. Brand throws Baker’s shoe into the bleacher inside Daily’s Place. Marshall with a SpringBoard Clothesline into the back of Archer’s neck.

Archer and Marshall are trading back and forth shots. Marshall hits The HandSpring Enzuigiri. Marshall lands The Stinger Splash. Archer reverses out of the irish whip from Marshall. Archer denies The Saito Suplex. Marshall with a Vertical Suplex. Marshall dives over Archer. Archer delivers The Pounce. Archer puts Marshall on the top turnbuckle. Archer connects with The BlackOut for a two count. Archer plants Marshall with The EBD Claw to pickup the victory. After the match, Baker attacks Brandi from behind. Baker plants Brandi with The DDT on the floor. Baker rolls Brandi into the ring. Jake Roberts puts his snake on top of Brandi.

Winner: (5-0) Lance Archer via Pinfall 

Updated AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Match Card 

– MJF vs. Jungle Boy

– The Casino Ladder Match. The Winner Will Get A Shot At The AEW World Title

– Cody Rhodes vs. Lance Archer For The Inaugural TNT Championship

– Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brodie Lee For The AEW World Championship

Lineup For Next Weeks AEW Dynamite 

– Brodie Lee vs. Christopher Daniels

– MJF will return to in-ring action

– The Best Friends vs. The Jurassic Express

– Lance Archer & Jake The Snake Roberts Will Speak

– Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Kris Statlander vs. Penelope Ford in a Fatal Four Way Match

– Chris Jericho vs. Pineapple Pete

Fifth Match: (11-3-1) Chris Jericho & (10-13) Sammy Guevara w/The Inner Circle vs. (20-7) Kenny Omega & (0-0) BROKEN Matt Hardy In The Street Fight

Hardy starts biting Guevara’s fingers before the bell rings. Omega slugs it out with Jericho. Jericho kicks Omega in the gut. Jericho dumps Omega out of the ring. Hardy repeatedly slams Guevara’s head on the three turnbuckle pads. Jericho sends Omega crashing into the steel ring steps. Hardy with the irish whip. Omega kicks Jericho in the gut. Omega punches Jericho in the back. Omega sends Jericho chest first into the ringside barricade. Guevara with an Apron Enzuigiri to Hardy. Omega tees off on Jericho. Hardy with The VT Bomb for a two count. Double Irish Whip. Omega with a Modified Poetry In Motion. Hardy ducks a clothesline from Jericho. Hardy clotheslines Jericho over the top rope. Omega with a Rolling Senton. Omega goes for The MoonSault, but Guevara gets his knees up in the air.

Jericho throws Hardy into the right entrance tunnel. Jericho and Guevara starts double teaming Omega. Guevara with a corner clothesline. Jericho unloads two knife edge chops. Double Vertical Suplex. LeSex Gods Pose. Omega is trying to fight from underneath. Jericho scores the elbow knockdown. Jericho lands The LionSault. Hardy with two clotheslines. Hardy with a Back Body Drop. Hardy follows that with The Side Effect. Guevara with a pump knee strike into the midsection of Hardy. Short-Arm Reversal by Hardy. Hardy with The Side Effect on Guevara for a two count. Hardy kicks Jericho in the gut. Hardy hits The Twist Of Fate for a two count. Hardy denies The Pump Kick. Guevara with a Spin Kick to Hardy. Omega avoids The Spinning RoundHouse Kick. Omega drills Guevara with The Snap Dragon Suplex. Jericho attacks Omega with a baseball bat.

Guevara goes for The Shooting Star Press, but Omega gets his knees up in the air. Hardy dumps Jericho out of the ring. Hardy delivers another Twist Of Fate. V-Trigger 1. Hardy puts Guevara through a table with a Flying Splash off the ladder. Jake Hager pulls the referee out of the ring. Omega kicks Hager off the ring apron. Hager catches Omega in mid-air. Hager dumps Omega face first on the apron. This brawl heads towards TIAA Bank Field during the commercial break. Hardy attacks Hager and Jericho with a steel pipe. Jericho throws a bag of ice into Hardy’s face. Hager and Jericho puts Hardy inside the ice machine. Omega delivers multiple trash can shots. All hell is breaking loose in Jacksonville. Omega tees off on Guevara. Omega sends Guevara face first into a pillar. Omega is raining down haymakers. Omega BuckleBombs Guevara into the steel garage door.

Omega side steps Hager into Guevara. V-Trigger 2. Omega whips Hager into a stack of barricades. Jericho uses the yellow cart as a weapon. Jericho with a Vertical Suplex on the barricade. We see a backdrop of TIAA Bank Field. Jericho repeatedly hits Omega with a red cone. Omega cracks Jericho with a stop sign. Hardy escapes The Ice Machine. Hardy and Omega attacks The Inner Circle with The Golf Cart. Hardy is raining down haymakers. Omega lands The MoonSault off The Scissors Lift. Omega gets Jericho in position for The One Winged Angel. Santana and Ortiz attacks Omega from behind. Inner Circle has the ultimate numbers advantage now. Inner Circle puts Hardy through a table with The Cerberus PowerBomb. Jericho PowerBombs Omega on top of the golf cart. Jericho connects with The Judas Effect to pickup the victory. The Inner Circle logo appears on the TIAA Bank Field Scoreboard. The Inner Circle gives the TV Audience the middle finger salute to close the show.

Winner: (12-3-1) Chris Jericho & (11-13) Sammy Guevara via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez