NWA Powerrr Results (2/25/20): Strictly Chaos

NWA Powerrr Results 2/25/20
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

David Marquez Interviews Tim Storm

David Marquez: Okay guys, thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Tim Storm. Okay Tim, welcome back to the program. Now, last week you put yourself in a position to meet one of the top contenders in Tom Latimer and there was all that mess with that phony Mamma Storm and I know that got to you. Actually, to be very honest with you, it got to all of us, not just yourself. It just wasn’t fair. So, I just want to know and I know the people want to know, what’s on your mind?

Tim Storm: Well, obviously that didn’t go the way I planned. You know, as a competitor, you got out there and pour your heart out. You give your body up and you plan to win every match. Tom Latimer is a true competitor. I’m not close to giving up, right. I hate to get all, Waterboy on y’all, but Mamma Storm didn’t raise any quitters. I’m going to continue to give everything I’ve got in every match. I go into every match planning to win. And I have to be honest, the whole fake Mamma Storm thing was ridiculous. I think we all agree in this, we all have our hot buttons. Guess what mine is? Mamma Storm is the hot button, don’t mess with Mamma Storm. As far as the rest of that, the whole strictly business, I respect them. I understand what they are, but I’ve got my own path to walk. It’s not with them, it’s against them. That’s fine, but we’re gonna get this done.

David Marquez: Tom, what do you need?

Thomas Latimer: Shut your mouth, nobody cares. I already kicked your ass once. And the fact that Mamma Storm came out here, has nothing to do with the fact that, you loss. Strictly Business is done with you. You’re old news, alright? And the fact that, you keep driving a wedge between me and Nick for the 10 pounds of gold, brother, I’m his best bloody mate. I was his best man on his god damn wedding day, okay and we fought a million times. If it ever got to that point, well, may the best man win.

Tim Storm: This is the point where Mamma Storm comes out, is that where we’re at? Because that’s what’s been happening. No, I come up here and that happens.

– Danny Deals joins the conversation. Deals was the man portraying, the fake Mamma Storm.

The segment ends with Danny Deals confronting Tim Storm. Danny Deals blames Tim Storm for stealing his clients NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. We see the return of Jax Dane.

Matt Cross Interview 

David Marquez: Okay everybody, welcome back to NWA Powerrr. Standing by here with Matt Cross. Matt, it’s great to have you here in the National Wrestling Alliance. I haven’t seen you since before you showed up here. Why don’t you tell the people here watching in the studio, what’s going on with Matt Cross?

Matt Cross: It feels good to be here. Let me tell you, when I think about this organization, when I think about this legacy, I think about three things, right. I think of history. I think of heart. I think of spirit. And the thing is, those words apply to Matt Cross. You have history, you have heart, you have spirit. Just like all the legends from the past, I hit the road. I made a name for myself because that’s what you had to do. But now, I want to do that in the United States Of America. You know what Dave? This feels like the time. This feels like the place. Those feel like my people. Cause there’s a word here that we’re not afraid of and that word is, wrestling. In that ring, I could live forever because, wrestling is forever and Matt Cross is forever.

First Match: Ricky Starks vs. Matt Cross vs. Zicky Dice in a Triple Threat Match 

Dice starts playing mind games with Starks after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Starks applies a side headlock. Dice trips Starks from the outside. Dice pulls Starks out of the ring. Dice and Starks are brawling on the outside. Dice sends Starks face first into the steel ring post. Dice with clubbing blows to Starks back. Forearm Exchange. Cross lands The Suicide Dive. Cross rolls Dice back into the ring. Starks with an O’Connor Roll for a two count. Starks knocks Dice off the ring apron. Cross with a straight right hand.

Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline. Dice hooks the outside leg for a two count. Dice rolls Starks over for a two count. Dice whips Cross to the corner. Dice lands The Stinger Splash. Dice side steps Starks into Cross. Double boot to the midsection of Dice. Double Back Body Drop. Starks kicks Cross in the gut. Cross negates The Stroke. Cross ducks a clothesline from Starks. Cross hits The Rebound Cutter. Cross connects with The Shooting Star Press. Dice dumps Cross out of the ring. Dice goes on to steal the victory.

Winner: Zicky Dice via Pinfall 

May Valentine’s Diary 

Joe Galli Interviews Aron Stevens 

Joe Galli: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our NWA National Champion, Aron Shooter Stevens. Why do you do this?

Aron Stevens: Before we get started, can I just take a second? Honestly, as wrestling fans, how good am I, seriously? How good am I?

Joe Galli: I’m gonna cut you off, right here. Hold on a second, you’ve only had two title defenses.

Aron Stevens: Successful defenses.

Joe Galli: Because you chickened out and went running.

Aron Stevens: No.

Joe Galli: Yes. I was sitting over there and I saw it each and every time. When things got tough, you went hightailing. Left your sensei, high and dry. This crowd saw it. I saw it. We all know it. Okay, hold on. You’re obviously a fighter. You’re a master of martial arts.

Aron Stevens: This is the largest third degree black belt in the world and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

Joe Galli: Congratulations. Don’t you want to be considered a fighting champion?

Aron Stevens: I am a fighting champion. You don’t get the 3rd Degree NWA National Title by not fight. The fact is, Scott Steiner tried to take this belt away from me and could not do it. Trevor Murdoch tried to take this belt away from me and could not do it. Now, as much as we all would like to have me out here for the whole show and talk about me, you need to do your job as a reporter and talk about the man who trained me, my sensei, The Question Mark.

Joe Galli: What’s he doing fight Trevor Murdoch?

Aron Stevens: The Question Mark is a tenth degree black belt in Mongrovian Karate.

The Question Mark: KARATE !!

Aron Stevens: And he has a match coming up, now.

Second Match: Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark? w/Aron Stevens 

Murdoch is throwing haymakers at Mark. Murdoch with three clotheslines. Murdoch whips Mark across the ring. Mark side steps Murdoch into the turnbuckles. Murdoch avoids The Mongrovian Spike. Murdoch connects with The Flying Bulldog to pickup the victory. After the match, Stevens attacks Murdoch from behind. Stevens slams Murdoch’s head on the middle turnbuckle pad. Stevens repeatedly stomps on Murdoch’s chest. Mark is putting the boots to Murdoch. Stevens with clubbing elbow smashes.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch via Pinfall  

Nick Aldis & Marty Scurll Segment

Sean Mooney: Wow, the war of words continues between Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll. Now, we do know there’s a deal in place, but this feud keeps heating up. And with that, please welcome the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis. You know Nick, you’ve already accomplished so much here in the NWA. Recently, you and Royce Isaacs took care of The Rock N Roll Express. Clearly, you’re now focused on Marty Scurll. And many are wondering at this point, what’s next with Villain Enterprises?

Nick Aldis: Well first things first Sean, let’s take a moment. You’re an intelligent man, am I fresh as a daisy today or what? I mean, I’m dressed like i’m going to the Kentucky Derby because i’m the ultimate thoroughbred in this business. In case Marty Scurll needs to be reminded, i’m wearing Hugo Boss because i’m in charge and i’m the sharp end to the stick now. If there was anymore proof needed, not only did I heroically beat Flop Gordon at Hard Times, and proved why i’m the ultimate worlds champion in all of pro wrestling the real worlds champion, yes you are correct sir. Then, myself and Royce Isaacs get the big W over The Rock N Roll Express.

It’s just further proof that, I am the man that everyone knows, from all the wrestlers back there and everybody in this building and everybody watching at home, who’s pulling the wagon and who is driving the NWA forward. It ain’t Trickle-Down Economics, it’s Nickel-Down Economics. I know it’s gotta have Marty Scurll absolutely second guessing himself at this point, for accepting my deal. So, with that being said, I know Marty Scurll is in the building today. I know he’s back there. Keep it in your pants. So I am giving Marty one chance to come out here and he can back out of the deal. He could walk away. All he has to do is, admit in front of the world that, I am the better man.

Sean Mooney: Gentlemen, let’s keep this civil. Marty Scurll, Nick Aldis believes you walk into his world, he feels disrespected, are you still up for this challenge?

Marty Scurll: Let’s get one thing straight Nick, I’m not backing out of anything. You know what? I don’t want to waste anymore time. I don’t want to give you the chance to kick me out, like you did at Hard Times. Let’s do away with the talking. Let’s do this, right here and right now. Come on. Let’s do this now. Oh, are you worried about ruining your little uniform? Let’s do this.

Nick Aldis: Are you sure you want to do this?(Royce Isaacs Appears) I’ll ask you again, are you positive you want to do this? (Thomas Latimer Appears) I’ll asking you again, final answer, are you sure you want to do this?

The segment ends with Strictly Business brawling with Villain Enterprises.

Eddie Kingston, The Pope and The Bouncers Segment 

Next Week On NWA Powerrr 

– Ricky Starks (c) vs. Zicky Dice For The NWA Worlds Television Championship

– Eli Drake & James Storm (c) vs. The Bouncers w/The Pope For The NWA World Tag Team Championship

Third Match: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Melina For The NWA Women’s World Championship 

Melina talks smack to Rosa after the bell rings. Rosa shoves Melina. Rosa tells Melina to bring it. Melina exits the ring. Melina is playing mind games with Rosa. I guess Melina doesn’t want to fight because she got herself intentionally counted out. After the match, Melina starts backing away from Allysin Kay. Kay with a forearm smash. Kay rolls Melina back into the ring. Kay tells Melina to get up. Kamille Spears Kay to close the show. Kamille stares down Thunder Rosa.

Winner: Still NWA Women’s World Champion, Thunder Rosa via Count-Out 

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Author: Josh Lopez