NWA The Circle Squared Results (2/18/20): PJ & Luke Hawx vs. Jeff Lewis Neal & Tyson Deal

NWA The Circle Squared Results 2/18/20
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Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Billy Corgan Promo 

Hello everyone, William Patrick Corgan here for the National Wrestling Alliance, with a big announcement. This probably wouldn’t surprise you once we started the power series, we’ve heard basically from almost every independent talent in the world. And we really scratched our head and said, how can we put this together with a new series, that will allow these talents an opportunity to step into the power dynamic without necessarily being on our show? Not that they won’t have an opportunity to make our show, but we thought how can we put these dynamics together, including the live audience.

As I’ve said many times, our slate of programming doesn’t just include power and of course the vaunted ten pounds of gold series, it will include a new series. The Circle Squared will be our new series where we’ll give talent the opportunity to step into the promo circle and the square of the ring to prove to the live audience and you at home, that they belong in the National Wrestling Alliance. This is a fantastic opportunity. for any talent in the world to step into our world and be given the chance of a National Wrestling Alliance contract and the best part is, you at home will be part of the process deciding, who will go on to make our main roster.

So, go the NationalWrestlingAlliance.com, where you’ll find all the information if you want to submit yourself as a talent. As a talent myself, I love the opportunity to step into high pressure situations, in front of a live crowd and be given that opportunity to basically put it on myself to deliver. I didn’t need to prove it to somebody behind the scenes, I needed to prove it to the people out there and that’s why i’m sitting here in a theater in New York City, with three sold out shows. I was given those opportunities and I took the most of those opportunities and I hope you will too. So, NationalWrestlingAlliance.com for all information.

Sean Mooney Update 

Welcome to The Circle Squared, I’m your host, Sean Mooney. Since the debut of the NWA Powerrr, talent from all over the globe have been reaching out to get their chance with the National Wrestling Alliance. So, the circle squared was born. NWA President Billy Corgan announced in November of 2019 this new show and here tonight, you’ll get your first glimpse of the talent who will get their chance to step into the promo circle and the square of the ring to see if they have what it takes to earn a contract with the NWA. Your feedback will be crucial in determining who moves on. Now, this will be a little different than NWA Powerrr. And your voice is as important as those who are performing.

As you’ll see in this episode, we’ve asked various viewers for their instant reaction to these promos and matches. If you would like to be a part of this program or even provide your own watch along, in the description below, we put the link to the match and the promo from this episode. Record yourself watching and upload to YouTube and tag it with the circle squared reaction. You can also voice your opinion in the comment section below. This will all be taken into account during this competition. Plus, you’ll also be able to vote on who you think should stay or go. Go to NationalWrestlingAlliance.com and click, The Circle Squared. So, without any further ado, let’s meet tonight’s competitors.

Kyle Davis Interviews PK & Luke Hawx 

Kyle Davis: Wrestling fans, thank you for joining us in the NWA’s brand new concept, The Circle Squared. My name is Kyle Davis and tonight we’re going to be seeing some brand new talent that has never appeared on NWA Television here. The winner doesn’t even have to win, all they have to do is attach themselves emotionally with the audience, the fan base and everybody else. No one has any idea what’s going to happen. In fact, I don’t even know who the competitors are tonight. So, thank you for joining us and hopefully tonight you will see someone awarded an NWA Contract. On that note, let’s bring out our first competitors. Gentlemen, welcome to Circle Squared. Please introduce yourself to the fans. This is your time to to shine. If you need to get something across, introduce yourself, anything that you say could get you to where you need to be.

PJ Hawk: My name is PJ Hawx. This right here is my old man, Luke Hawx and together we are Hawx’s Aerie.

Kyle Davis: Father and son duo.

PJ Hawx: Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed of being a professional wrestler and I grew up watching my old man travel across the country and now I’m doing it with him.

Kyle Davis: That’s fantastic.

Luke Hawx: You see, there’s a lot of teams out there that claim to be the best, but we came to the National Wrestling Alliance to prove that we are the best. These other teams, they don’t walk like us, they don’t talk like us, they don’t work like us and they damn sure won’t outwork us. We are Hawx’s Aerie. The only father and song tag team in professional wrestling. We are the ABCs and the X Y Z’s and what that means is, we don’t just start something, we finished it.

Kyle Davis: Gentlemen, make your way to the ring. Your competition will be out in a moment.

Nikita Koloff Interview

Kyle Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, NWA Legend, Nikita Koloff. Nikita, I’m not sure if this is really the forum. I was expecting a tag team to be coming out her and I have to ask, why have you come to, Circle Squared?

Nikita Koloff: You know, I know a little bit about tag team wrestling. Having won the World Tag Team Belts with Uncle Ivan, a couple times the NWA belts. Two times, tag team champion. Four times, world six man champion. Coached by two of the best guys in the business, Uncle Ivan Koloff, Don Kernodle and Crusher Khrushchev, that’s exactly right.

Kyle Davis: A history lesson, I like this.

Nikita Koloff: You have an educated audience, I love this audience.

Kyle Davis: Again, I love this, I love the history lesson, I love everything else, but I gotta say, are you competing?

Nikita Koloff: So, here’s the deal. So, I was coached by two of the best. NWA Powerrr presented an opportunity. I saw an opportunity to coach somebody. So here’s how it rolls out, okay. I’ve got a lot of experience and knowledge from the past and I thought it’d be a shame not to share that with somebody in the new generation. So tonight, I’m here to introduce the best kept secret in tag team wrestling, Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean.

Kyle Davis Interviews Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean

Kyle Davis: So this is the best kept secret of professional wrestling?

Nikita Koloff: You’re seeing it right here, right now.

Jeff Lewis Neal: Every elite athlete, in any sport known to man, has had a personal coach to get to that next level. Tyson Dean and myself, Jeff Lewis Neal, we’re ready to get to that next level. And with Coach K by our side, we will get to that next level. Because we’re here to show, Tyson Dean and Jeff Lewis Neal, we’re here to show the National Wrestling Alliance, the world and Luke and PJ Hawx’s why, we are the best kept secrets in wrestling.

Kyle Davis: Gentlemen, the opportunity is yours. The ring awaits. Your opponents are there, I wish the best to everyone.

The Hawx’s Aerie vs. Jeff Lewis Neil & Tyson Dean w/Nikita Koloff 

Nikita Koloff joins the commentary team for this match. Neil and Dean attacks The Hawx’s Aerie before the bell rings. Double Elbow Knockdown. Neil talks smack to PJ. Neil with a straight right hand. PJ responds with a double leg takedown. PJ unloads a flurry of pinning combinations. PJ with a straight right hand. Neil reverses out of the irish whip from PJ. PJ is distracted by Dean. Neil scores the elbow knockdown. Neil with rapid fire haymakers. Neil tags in Dean. Dean hits The SpineBuster. Neil follows that with a knee drop. Dean with the lateral press for a two count. Dean is raining down haymakers. Dean with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count.

Dean kicks PJ in the face. Dean knocks Luke off the ring apron. Neil and Dean are cutting the ring in half. SpineBuster/Running Lariat Combination for a two count. The referee is trying to get Luke out of the ring. Neil punches PJ in the back. PJ with heavy bodyshots. PJ ducks a clothesline from Neil. PJ creates distance with a Vertical Suplex. Luke and Dean are tagged in. Luke with two clotheslines. Luke drops Dean with a Spinning Heel Kick. Luke scores the elbow knockdown. Luke with a Back Body Drop. The Hawk’s Aerie plants Dean with The Assisted PowerSlam to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Hawx’s Aerie via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez