IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/4/20): Tessa Blanchard Responds To Ace Austin

IMPACT Wrestling Results 2/4/20
Fronton Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Tessa Blanchard Promo 

I came out here tonight because I heard everything that Ace Austin has been saying. Ace, you like to play mind games. You like to try to get under my skin. Listen, you don’t got to play games with me. I didn’t become the world champion by running from a fight. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, I may be hard to kill, but I’m not hard to find. And I know we got our match scheduled for February 27th at Sacrifice, but sometimes I get a little impatient. So, come on out.

First Match: Tessa Blanchard vs. Adam Thornstowe w/Ace Austin & Luster The Legend 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Thornstowe shoves down Blanchard. Thornstowe talks smack to Blanchard. Blanchard applies a waist lock. Thornstowe backs Blanchard into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Thornstowe decks Blanchard with a back elbow smash. Blanchard ducks a clothesline from Thornstowe. Blanchard with forearm shivers. Thornstowe reverses out of the irish whip from Blanchard. Blanchard dives over Thornstowe. Blanchard with a running forearm smash. Blanchard is distracted by Luster. Thornstowe inadvertently knocks Luster off the ring apron. Blanchard with a chop/forearm combination. Blanchard dropkicks the back of Thornstowe. Blanchard kicks Thornstowe in the face. Thornstowe negates The Buzzsaw DDT. Blanchard with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Luster catches Blanchard in mid-air. Luster drives Blanchard back first into the edge of the ring frame.

Thornstowe slams Blanchard’s head on the ring apron. Thornstowe rolls Blanchard back into the ring. Thornstowe is mauling Blanchard in the corner. Blanchard with a chop/forearm combination. Thornstowe drops Blanchard with a forearm knockdown for a one count. Thornstowe applies the cravate. Blanchard with heavy bodyshots. Thornstowe pulls Blanchard down to the mat. Thornstowe stomps on the left shoulder of Blanchard. Thornstowe hooks the outside leg for a two count. Thornstowe with a back chop. Thornstowe kicks Blanchard in the gut. Thornstowe applies a rear chin lock on the middle rope. Blanchard is fighting from underneath. Thornstowe punches Blanchard in the back. Thornstowe bodyslams Blanchard for a two count. Thornstowe toys around with Blanchard. Thornstowe delivers another bodyslam. Thornstowe walks over Blanchard.

Thornstowe goes for a Standing MoonSault, but Blanchard ducks out of the way. Blanchard is trying to build momentum. Blanchard with a running clothesline. Blanchard is fired up. Blanchard with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Blanchard hits The Samoan Drop. Blanchard SuperKicks Thornstowe off the ring apron. Blanchard lands Two Suicide Dives. Blanchard follows that with a Cannonball Senton to the floor. Blanchard ducks a clothesline from Thornstowe. Blanchard connects with The Cutter. Blanchard plants Thornstowe with The Buzzsaw DDT to pickup the victory. After the match, Luster rag dolls Blanchard. Ace Austin with a straight right hand. Austin is directing traffic. Austin kicks Blanchard in the gut. Tommy Dreamer storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall 

Taya Valkyrie, Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan Backstage Segment 

Second Match: Rhino vs. Taurus 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Taurus tells Rhino to bring it. Strong lockup. Rhino applies a side headlock. Rhino runs into Taurus. Taurus shoves Rhino. Shoulder Block Exchange. Rhino drops Taurus with a shoulder tackle. Taurus ducks a clothesline from Rhino. Taurus runs around Rhino. Taurus with a shoulder tackle. Rhino regroups on the outside. Rhino pulls Taurus off the ring apron. Rhino blasts Taurus with a knife edge chop. Rhino inadvertently clotheslines the steel ring post. Taurus with a big palm strike. Taurus rolls Rhino back into the ring. Taurus works on the left shoulder of Rhino.

Taurus applies a top wrist lock. Rhino is throwing haymakers at Taurus. Chop/HeadButt Exchange. Taurus drops Rhino with The Arm-Breaker for a two count. Taurus ducks a clothesline from Rhino. Taurus takes out the left knee of Rhino. Taurus hits The Shining Wizard for a two count. Taurus goes for The Swanton Bomb, but Rhino ducks out of the way. Rhino with a chop/haymaker combination. Rhino clotheslines Taurus. Rhino scores the elbow knockdown. Rhino with a Corner Spear. Rhino follows that with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count.

Taurus reverses out of the irish whip from Rhino. Taurus with a Running Uppercut. Taurus drops Rhino with a Step Up Enzuigiri for a two count. Taurus plays to the crowd. Taurus with clubbing palm strikes. Rhino hits The SpineBuster. Rhino prepares for The GORE. Moose starts throwing haymakers at Rhino which causes the disqualification. After the match, Moose repeatedly stomps on Rhino’s chest. Moose does the same thing to Taurus. Taurus HeadButts Moose. Rhino connects with The GORE.

Winner: Rhino via Disqualification 

– Johnny Swinger talks to The Desi Hit Squad. Willie Mack will battle Mahabali Shera next week.

– This weeks IMPACT Plus! Flashback Moment Of The Week is the Motor City Machine Guns/Team 3D/Beer Money Triple Threat Match From TNA Sacrifice 2010.

Michael Elgin Promo 

Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary Backstage Segment 

Third Match: Rosemary vs. Susie Yung 

Rosemary puts her hands behind her backs. Rosemary shakes Susie’s hand. Rosemary wants Susie to choke her. Susie doesn’t seem ready to fight. Rosemary begs Susie to hit her. Rosemary slaps Susie in the face. Susie is about to cry. Rosemary nails Susie with the blood stain glove. Susie is pissed. Susie puts on the glove. Susie tackles Rosemary. Susie transitions into a ground and pound attack. Susie with a running european uppercut.

Susie is choking Rosemary in the corner. Susie applies The Mandible Claw. Rosemary heads to the outside. Rosemary side steps Susie into the steel barricade. Rosemary kicks Susie in the gut. Rosemary and Susie starts brawling towards the backstage area. The referee calls for the bell. After the match, all hell is breaking loose in the backstage area. Rosemary resurrects Su Yung.

Match Result: Double Count-Out 

Fourth Match: TJ Perkins w/Fallah Bahh vs. Vikingo 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Perkins with a single leg takedown. Perkins applies a wrist lock. Vikingo reverses the hold. Perkins maintains wrist control. Perkins drops Vikingo with a shoulder tackle. Vikingo answers with a monkey flip. Perkins with a HeadScissors TakeDown. Vikingo applies a headscissors neck lock. Perkins handstands back to a vertical base. Rollup Exchange. Open Hand Chop Exchange. Perkins avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Double Dropkick. Double Nip Up. That leads us to a big standoff. Perkins backs Vikingo into the turnbuckles. Perkins uppercuts Vikingo. Perkins stops Vikingo in his tracks. Perkins with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Vikingo shoots Perkins into the ropes. Vikingo with a SlingShot Spear. Vikingo follows that with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Perkins avoids The Baseball Slide Dropkick. Vikingo SuperKicks Perkins.

Viking dumps Perkins back first on the floor. Vikingo with a Running Shooting Star Press off the ring apron. Viking goes for a SpringBoard 450 Splash, but Perkins ducks out of the way. Perkins with a Double ChickenWing GutBuster. Perkins hits The SlingShot Senton for a two count. Perkins applies The Butterfly Lock. Perkins goes for a snap mare takeover, but Vikingo lands back on his feet. Vikingo kicks out the right knee of Perkins. Vikingo applies a standing bow and arrow stretch. Perkins with a roll through escape. Perkins delivers The Sacrifice. Perkins drops Vikingo with a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Perkins with an arm-ringer. Perkins and Vikingo are trading back and forth shots. Vikingo applies The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Perkins responds with a Muta Lock. Second Open Hand Chop Exchange. Perkins reverses out of the irish whip from Vikingo. Vikingo dropkicks Perkins off the ring apron.

Vikingo lands The SomerSault Plancha. Vikingo gets Perkins trapped on the middle rope. Vikingo with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Vikingo connects with The Draping SpringBoard Leg Drop for a two count. Perkins kicks Vikingo in the jaw. Perkins with The TombStone PileDriver. Perkins lands The Frog Splash for a two count. Vikingo knocks Perkins off the top turnbuckle. Vikingo SuperKicks Perkins. Vikingo hits The ShotGun Meteora for a two count. Vikingo argues with the referee. Vikingo repeatedly stomps on Perkins chest. Perkins delivers The SuperPlex. Perkins locks in The Cobra Twist. Vikingo reaches the bottom rope to create separation. Perkins unload his combination offense. Vikingo answers with another step up enzuigiri. Vikingo negates The Detonation Kick. Perkins makes Vikingo tap out to a Modified STF. After the match, The North attacks Vikingo from behind. Fallah Bahh storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: TJ Perkins via Submission 

Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes and Joey Ryan Backstage Segment 

Fifth Match: oVe w/Madman Fulton vs. Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr 

Dave Crist and Wagner will start things off. Wagner is playing mind games with oVe. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Standing Switch Exchange. Wagner applies a hammerlock. Dave with two sharp elbow strikes. Wagner with a drop toe hold. Wagner follows that with a running boot. Wagner with a straight right hand. Wagner repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Dave. Dave ducks a clothesline from Wagner. Dave with a forearm smash. Wagner PowerSlams Dave for a one count. Dave tags in Jake. Wagner kicks Jake in the gut. Wagner unloads two knife edge chops. Wagner with a corner clothesline. Jake answers with a Helluva Kick. Wagner clotheslines Jake. Wagner puts Jake on the top turnbuckle. Wagner hits The Leaping Cutter for a two count. Wagner tags in Daga.

Daga with a back rake. Jake drives his knee into the midsection of Daga. Daga slides under Jake. Daga avoids The Spinning Heel Kick. Daga with a Spinning Back Kick. Jake reverses out of the irish whip from Daga. Jake leapfrogs over Daga. Death Valley Driver Exchange. Daga plays to the crowd. Daga with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Jake begs for mercy. Dave clotheslines Daga on the floor. Madman Fulton is lurking in the background. Dave rolls Daga back into the ring. Jake hooks the outside leg for a one count. Jake tags in Dave. oVe are cutting the ring in half.

Daga slips over Dave’s back. Daga thrust kicks the left knee of Dave. Daga with a leaping double foot stomp. Daga nails Dave with a Hook Kick. Jake and Wagner are tagged in. Wagner clotheslines Jake. Wagner scores the elbow knockdown. Wagner hits The Samoan Drop. Wagner blocks a boot from Jake. Wagner with Two Dragon Screw Leg Whips. Wagner follows that with a German Suplex. Wagner tags in Daga. Daga and Wagner are double teaming Jake. Daga with a Tilt-A-Whirl BackBreaker. Daga drills Jake with The Brain Buster for a two count. Dave knocks Wagner off the ring apron. Jake unloads a flurry of kicks.

Jake drops Daga with The Spinning Heel Kick. Jake tags in Dave. Jake slingshots Daga into The Big Boot. Dave with a Flying Meteora. oVe connects with their Flying Double Foot Stomp/TombStone PileDriver Combination for a two count. Wagner reverses out of the irish whip from Jake. Wagner launches Jake over the top rope. Wagner with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Wagner with a Flying Cannonball Senton off the ring apron. Daga with a Spinning Back Kick. Daga plants Dave with Angel Wings to pickup the victory. After the match, Madman Fulton attacks Daga from behind. Fulton repeatedly stomps on Daga’s back. Fulton plants Daga with The End Of Days. 

Winner: Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr via Pinfall 

Lineup For Next Weeks Impact Wrestling 

– Rob Van Dam w/Katie Forbes vs. Joey Ryan

– Madman Fulton vs. Daga

– Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace For The IMPACT Knockouts Championship

– (1-0) Michael Elgin vs. (0-1) Eddie Edwards. Match #2 In The Best Of Five Series

Fifth Match: Ace Austin vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Street Fight 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Austin blasts Dreamer with a knife edge chop. Dreamer back drops Austin over the top rope. Dreamer with a running haymaker. Dreamer spits beer into Austin eyes. Austin nails Dreamer with a Pump Kick. Dreamer responds with a Vertical Suplex on the ramp. Dreamer throws a trash can at Austin. Dreamer hits Austin with a crutch. Dreamer HeadButts Austin. Dreamer and Austin are brawling in the crowd. Dreamer plays to the crowd. Austin with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Austin dumps Dreamer back inside the ringside area. Austin with a Flying Crossbody Block. Dreamer is throwing haymakers at Austin. Austin kicks Dreamer in the face. Austin handstands on the ring apron. Dreamer avoids The SuperKick. Dreamer sweeps the legs of Austin. Dreamer wraps a steel chair around the left wrist of Austin. Conchairto.

Dreamer goes for a DDT on the chair, but Austin blocks it. Austin delivers the paper cut. Dreamer is busted open. Austin catapults Dreamer throat first across the bottom rope. Austin with multiple chair shots. Austin wedges a chair in the corner. Dreamer kicks the chair into Austin’s face. Dreamer lands The Flying Elbow Drop. Austin and Dreamer are trading back and forth shots. Dreamer unloads a flurry of right jabs. Dreamer hits The Bionic Elbow. Dreamer starts biting the forehead of Austin. Dreamer avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Dreamer drops Austin with The Cutter for a two count. Dreamer grabs a kendo stick. Austin with a Flying Famouser for a two count. Austin sets up a table in the corner. Austin whips Dreamer with the kendo stick.

Dreamer nails Austin with a Kendo Stick Assisted Side Russian Leg Sweep. Dreamer gives Austin a taste of his own medicine. Austin with a Spinning Heel Kick in mid-air for a two count. Dreamer applies The Groin Hold. Dreamer with The DDT for a two count. Dreamer plays to the crowd. Dreamer whips Austin back into the turnbuckles. Dreamer with a Running PowerSlam through the table for a two count. Dreamer rolls a ladder into the ring. Austin hits The BackStabber. Dreamer places the ladder on the middle rope. Austin cracks Dreamer with his pool cue stick. Austin gets Dreamer crotched in between the ladder. Austin plants Dreamer with The Fold to pickup the victory.

Winner: Ace Austin via Pinfall 

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