NWA Powerrr Results (1/7/20): Who’s The Third Man?

NWA Powerrr Results 1/7/20
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Joe Galli Interviews Tim Storm 

Joe Galli: Hello everyone, welcome to another exciting episode of NWA Powerr. We got a lot in store on this episode. Let’s get right to it. My guest at this time, Tim Storm. Welcome to the program Storm. Tim I know you got a lot on your mind, but I want to talk to you about the NWA Television Title Tournament. You’re continuing on, what are you thoughts?

Tim Storm: First off, let me kind of reset the picture here. Honor and a privilege to carry any title that the NWA has. The NWA Television Title has been the workhorse throughout history and some of the greatest names in wrestling have carried that. I would be proud to represent the company doing that, but this is interesting. This is a unique situation. I wanna make sure everybody understands this. They’re going to be six people from the NWA Powerrr roster that are moving forward through the tournament. This has been a blind draw.

Now, here’s where it really gets interesting, I mean for me personally. There’s going to be two open invitation spots, which means that my next opponent drawn could be an NWA Legend. It could be anybody. It could be somebody from another promotion. Kind of like the Crockett Cup. It could absolutely be anybody. Now let me talk to you about that blind draw. Because I stood right there and I watched my name get drawn out of the hat and then I watched the next name that came out. It was Nick Aldis, but i’m telling you right now, the NWA fans are the best in the world. And the NWA fans deserve to see the best and you deserve to see that match and it didn’t happen.

You deserve the best and that’s what should have happened in that match. Well, thank you for saying that, but Nick is our world champion. That may be, i’m not gonna say that, i’ll let you say it, but what we didn’t get was the best possible match and that’s completely on Nick Aldis. He says Strictly Business, that becomes personal. All right, so here’s where we stand. I don’t know where Nick’s head is right now. I care because he didn’t show up for the match and you guys deserve that match.

– Kamille snatches the microphone away from Joe Galli. She will be taking over this interview without asking a single question.

Tim Storm: Alright, I don’t know why you’re out here and let’s be completely honest, I don’t really care. Now, let’s talk about the person that you come out with, who’s supposed to be our world champion, who’s supposed to be the face of this company. If you did speak, I would ask you what’s going on in his head right now? How can he be the face of this company and no show a main event for these people? They deserve to see the man that’s on those posters. They deserve to see the man that owns the ten pounds of gold. Who do you represent? Is he a coward?

Kamille slaps Storm in the face to close the segment.

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Trevor Murdoch & The Dawsons Segment

David Marquez: Before we pulls those names, I have a question for you sir. Can you give us an update on your hand?

Zane Dawson: Don’t worry about this. Doc says I’m good to go.

David Marquez: Trevor, tell us what you think about all the men in this tournament?

Trevor Murdoch: Well, just like every other show, the NWA has brought the top talent together for you guys. I’ve been going down the list and I think I could beat every single of them.

David Marquez: Okay Anastasia, will you reach in? Let’s pick the next participant. Alright, let’s see. Zane Dawson. All right, who’s he gonna be facing? Dave Dawson. Obviously this means only two more names. That’s Tom Latimer and you Trevor Murdoch.

Trevor Murdoch: Well, it looks like my first fight is gonna be one hell of a fight. Thomas Latimer ain’t no joke, but just like every other time, I guarantee imma pull this one out folks.

First Match: Zicky Dice vs. Caleb Konley in a NWA TV Title Tournament Qualifying Match 

Konley ducks a clothesline from Dice. Konley with a back slide cover for a two count. Konley with a leg sweep for a one count. Konley follows that with The La Magistral for a two count. Konley with two deep arm-drags. Dice retreats to the corner. Dice needs a rest bit. Dice tells Konley to bring it. Dice drives his knee into the midsection of Konley. Dice pulls Konley down to the mat. Konley with the small package for a one count. Dice kicks Konley in the gut. Konley drops down on the canvas. Konley leapfrogs over Dice. Konley goes for a dropkick, but Dice holds onto the ropes. Dice poses for the crowd.

Konley dropkicks Dice to the floor. Dice is regaining his composure on the outside. Konley pulls Dice back into the ring. Konley unloads two knife edge chops. Konley whips Dice back first into the turnbuckles. Konley with a Back Body Drop. Dice sends Konley to the ring apron. Konley with a shoulder block Konley with a SpringBoard HeadScissors TakeOver. Konley blocks a boot from Dice. Konley sweeps the legs of Dice. Konley hits The Senton Splash for a two count. Konley mocks Dice. Dice reverses out of the irish whip from Konley. Konley kicks Dice in the face. Dice catches Konley in mid-air.

Dice with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Dice delivers The Snake Eyes. Dice goes for a Running Cannonball Strike, but Konley lands back on his feet. Konley side steps Dice into the turnbuckles. Konley with three forearm smashes. Konley connects with The Face Wash. Konley dumps Dice back first on the canvas. Konley goes for a Double Jump MoonSault, but Dice ducks out of the way. Dice plants Konley with The Snake Rattle and Roll to pickup the victory.

Winner: Zicky Dice via Pinfall 

Joe Galli Sit-Down Interview With Aron Stevens & The Question Mark?

Joe Galli: Ladies and gentlemen, i’m joined right now with the first ever, is it third degree national champion? I want to make sure I have it right.

Aron Stevens: Congratulations, you have it right.

Joe Galli: All right, the first ever third degree national champion, is it fair to call The Question Mark your sensei?

Aron Stevens: It’s not only fair, it’s a fact. This man has taught me not just about martial arts, but has taught me more about life. Has taught me more about who I am as an individual. Who I am as a person and I in my benevolence have decided to bring him to this country. Feed him. As you can see, clothe him. I don’t want to use the word civilize him, but get him accustomed to life on our side of globe.

Joe Galli: You asked for this time because you have some issues with the current title picture here on NWA Powerrr. What are your thoughts?

Aron Stevens: Yeah, bottom line and you know if you look at my career, I really never needed a title to be a star, but as my shift has focused because of the mental training I received from him, know the best need the belts. And as you can see here, I have you know what was formerly know as, the NWA National Title, now the first ever NWA Third Degree National Title. We have James Storm, Eli Drake, Colt Cabana, and Ken Anderson? Okay, so these people, these just random strangers coming together and saying, oh we want some gold? No, this is a bond. Forged in combat and this is a student/teacher relationship and that’s a very strong bond and this man is going to be pretty much the first ever, he is a tenth degree black belt in Mangrovian Karate.

The Question Mark: KARATE !

Aron Stevens: Yes and he’s soon going to be a tenth degree television champion and the two of us are going to be the tag team champions. And eventually when the planets are right and I feel right, I’m gonna go after the NWA World Title.

Joe Galli: You want all the gold, everything that is here?

Aron Stevens: No, not want. Deserve, big difference. When we come out, these people who are hooting, hollering, and screaming and this place is shaking. When everyone else comes out, yeah they’re alive, but it ain’t us.

Joe Galli: I don’t think you could say that you deserve that shot until you put this title on the line. When are you gonna do that?

Aron Stevens: As I see, what I’m getting is a signal, so we’re wrapping this interview up. As far as this goes, when I find the right opponent, i’ll make my decision and we’ll go from there, but just understand this, the gold is coming here because we deserve it. You know how old this title is? The history and I just made it better. Third degree black belt, third degree champion, karate man.

The Question Mark: KARATE!

Second Match: ODB vs. Thunder Rosa 

Allysin Kay joins the commentary team for this match. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rosa applies a hammerlock. Rosa transitions into a front face lock. Rosa with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Rosa applies a wrist lock. ODB reverses the hold. ODB drives her knee into the midsection of Rosa. ODB blocks The Round House Kick. ODB with a straight right hand. ODB bounces Rosa head on the top turnbuckle pad. ODB is lighting up Rosa’s chest. ODB slaps Rosa in the face. Rosa paint brushes ODB. ODB kicks Rosa in the gut. ODB with an open hand chop. Rosa responds with a knife edge chop. ODB with a forearm smash. Rosa kicks the left hamstring of ODB.

Rosa thrust kicks the midsection of ODB. ODB clotheslines Rosa. ODB tells Rosa to get up. Rosa drop toe holds ODB into middle rope. Rosa with a Running Boot. Rosa stomps on ODB’s back. Rosa transitions into a ground and pound attack. ODB punches Rosa in the chest. ODB goes for a ShotGun Meteora, but Rosa ducks out of the way. Rosa dropkicks ODB. Rosa stands on ODB’s chest. Following a snap mare takeover, Rosa kicks ODB in the back. Rosa applies the cobra clutch. ODB backs Rosa into the turnbuckles. ODB uses her hips to create separation.

Forearm Exchange. ODB drops Rosa with a shoulder tackle. Rosa kicks ODB in the gut. ODB reverses out of the irish whip from Rosa. Rosa kicks ODB in the face. ODB catches Rosa in mid-air. ODB with a Fallaway Slam. ODB plays to the crowd. ODB goes for a Flying Axe Handle Strike, but Rosa ducks out of the way. Rosa with a Running Dropkick for a two count. Rosa talks smack to ODB. Rosa with clubbing chest kicks. ODB goes for The Samoan Drop, but Rosa counters with The BackStabber. Rosa connects with The Flying Double Foot Stomp to pickup the victory.

Winner: Thunder Rosa via Pinfall 

Joe Galli Interview With Nick Aldis

Joe Galli: I’m not gonna waste any time here, ladies and gentlemen, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis. All right, I’ve got some business for you right over here.

Nick Aldis: Look who it is, Mr. Broadcast Journalist.

Joe Galli: Hold on, do you see this? That is a stack of questions I have for you and Strictly Business.

Nick Aldis: Let me guess what’s first on your agenda, go ahead. I bet you want to ask me about Kamille.

Joe Galli: Let’s start right there. Kamille, coming out here slapping Tim Storm in the face, what’s going on?

Nick Aldis: Kamille like I said is no longer, look people are trying to suggest that I get some sort of swerve on everybody. Like we had some sort of subterfuge going on. No, I told the truth. Hey pipe down, the grown ups are talking. I told the truth. I said Kamille was no longer my insurance policy. so what I said was true because she is a fully fledged member of Strictly Business. She’s a member of the team, Joe and her actions like all of the members of my team, we look out for our own.

Joe Galli: How can you justify the actions of Strictly Business towards Tim Storm?

Nick Aldis: How can you justify the actions of Tim Storm? Trying to insert himself in my business. He had his shot. His time has come and gone and all he is now is a relic in my rearview mirror. That’s why he got punked out by Kamille. You want to talk about another relic? What about another carny trying to make a payday off of my hard work, Rick Morton? Yea, you heard me right. Hey, you keep your mouth shut, show me some respect. He’s a legend in the tag team division, but that’s as far as it goes.

Speaking of tag teams, I see all these people around here. Eli Drake. James Storm. Trying to do what they always do, trying to jump to the front of the line without earning it. Getting themselves in line for the World Tag Team Championships. Let me tell you something, The Wild Cards are absolutely in that mix. I’ve got enough stroke around here. Speaking of stroke, Stroke Daddy. Ricky Starks, my opponent here tonight.

A lot of people including that guy from the past, Tim Storm, were trying to suggest that I didn’t want to be part of that TV Title Tournament because they don’t think I can’t get the job done in six minutes. Hey, there’s only one place that I don’t get the job done in six minutes and that’s the bedroom because I go all night. All night long. But the reason why I’m wrestling Ricky Starks here tonight is twofold, Joe are you ready?

Number One: I want to prove to everyone once and for all that I of course can beat an athlete like Ricky Starks. High caliber though he may be, in six minutes.

Number Two: I’m the national treasure and the real world’s champion. I keep the lights on around here. And like many of you know, l have professed the potential greatness of Ricky Starks. I’m like the Oprah of wrestling, i’m making people left and right. How about this? We’re in Atlanta, I’m like the Tyler Perry of wrestling, I make books. Get a license first, then we’ll talk about it. So tonight, Ricky Starks gets made at the hands of the national treasure in six minutes, five seconds.

Third Match: Nick Aldis vs. Ricky Starks in a 6:05 Exhibition Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Aldis applies a side headlock. Aldis drops Starks with a shoulder tackle. Aldis cartwheels around Starks. Aldis is playing mind games with Starks. Starks applies a side headlock. Starks with a leaping shoulder tackle. Starks dropkicks Aldis. Starks taunts Aldis. Starks rolls Aldis over for a two count. Starks applies a front face lock. Starks kicks Aldis in the gut. Aldis reverses out of the irish whip from Starks. Aldis with a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Aldis hooks the outside leg for a two count. Aldis with clubbing crossfaces. Starks kicks Aldis in the chest. Aldis with an Inside Out Lariat for a two count. Starks with heavy bodyshots. Aldis scores the elbow knockdown.

Aldis kicks Starks in the face. Aldis with a Fallaway Slam for a two count. Aldis applies a rear chin lock. Starks gets back to a vertical base. Starks blasts Aldis with a knife edge chop. Starks hits The SlingBlade. Starks with a corner spear. Starks goes for a Tornado DDT, but Aldis blocks it. Starks kicks Aldis in the face. Starks delivers a Missile Dropkick for a two count. Aldis regroups on the outside. Starks lands The Suicide Dive. Starks rolls Aldis back into the ring. Starks goes for a MoonSault, but Aldis ducks out of the way. Starks with an inside cradle for a two count. Aldis with a single leg takedown. Aldis locks in The King Lynn’s CloverLeaf as time expires.

Match Result: Time-Limit Draw 

Fourth Match: Eli Drake & James Storm vs. Colt Cabana & Mr. Anderson 

Drake and Cabana will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Drake applies a side headlock. Cabana transitions into a wrist lock. Cabana with a side headlock takeover. Drake answers with the headscissors escape. Cabana floats over into the side headlock. Drake scores the elbow knockdown. Following a snap mare takeover, Drake with a running elbow drop for a two count. Drake applies a wrist lock. Drake reverses out of the irish whip from Cabana. Cabana crawls under Drake. Cabana flips Drake over for a two count. Cabana applies a wrist lock. Anderson tags himself in. Anderson delivers a gut punch. Anderson with two haymakers. Drake ducks two clotheslines from Anderson. Drake with a Flying Clothesline. Drake tags in Storm.

Double Elbow Knockdown for a one count. Storm is throwing haymakers at Anderson. Storm skins the cat. Storm ducks a clothesline from Anderson. Storm with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Storm tees off on Anderson. Anderson pulls Storm down to the mat. Anderson with a Diving Clothesline. Anderson tags in Cabana. Cabana and Anderson are double teaming Storm. Cabana with a High Elbow Smash. Cabana blasts Storm with a knife edge chop. Cabana tags in Anderson. Anderson kicks Storm in the gut. Following a snap mare takeover, Anderson applies a rear chin lock. Storm drops Anderson with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Storm tags in Drake. Drake ducks a clothesline from Anderson. Drake hits The Side Russian Leg Sweep. Drake PowerSlams Anderson. Drake follows that with The ELI Drake Elbow Drop for a two count.

Anderson reverses out of the irish whip from Drake. Drake kicks Anderson in the chest. Anderson attacks Drake from behind. Anderson tags in Cabana. Cabana with two forearm smashes. Cabana whips Drake back first into the turnbuckles for a two count. Cabana applies a rear chin lock. Drake gets back to a vertical base. Drake decks Cabana with a JawBreaker. Drake clotheslines Anderson off the ring apron. Drake kicks Cabana in the face. Drake creates distance with The Missile Dropkick. Anderson slams the right leg of Storm across the edge of the ring frame. Cabana kicks Drake in the jaw. Cabana connects with The SuperMan for a two count. Anderson rips the referee’s shirt which forces the disqualification.

Winner: Eli Drake & James Storm via Disqualification 

Strictly Business & The Rock N Roll Express Segment 

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Author: Josh Lopez