AEW Dark Results (12/24/19): Shawn Spears vs. Joey Janela

AEW Dark Results 12/24/19
American Bank Center
Corpus Christi, Texas

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

– Colt Cabana will be joining Excalibur on commentary this week.

First Match: (3-6) Sammy Guevara vs. (0-4) Brandon Cutler

Guevara is basking in his own glory. Guevara applies a waist lock. Guevara leapfrogs over Cutler. Guevara dropkicks Cutler. Guevara strikes a pose. Guevara ducks a clothesline from Cutler. Guevara applies a side headlock. Guevara backs Cutler into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Guevara slaps Cutler in the face. Guevara blasts Cutler with a knife edge chop. Cutler dives over Guevara. Cutler delivers a ShotGun Dropkick. Cutler mocks Guevara. Cutler with a Release German Suplex. Cutler lands The SomerSault Plancha. Cutler rolls Guevara back into the ring. Guevara drops Cutler with a Corkscrew Plancha. Cutler wraps this sequence with a Suicide Dive.

Cutler unloads two knife edge chops. Guevara kicks Cutler in the face. Guevara with a Flying Double Foot Stomp on the ring apron. Guevara rolls Cutler back into the ring. Guevara talks smack to the Corpus Christi crowd. Guevara drives his knee into Cutler’s chest. Guevara hits The Samoan Drop for a two count. Guevara kicks Cutler in the back. Following a snap mare takeover, Guevara teases a dive. Guevara applies a rear chin lock. Cutler rolls Guevara over for a one count. Cutler scores The Windmill Kick. Forearm Exchange. Guevara with a Running Knee Strike. Cutler reverses out of the irish whip from Guevara. Cutler clotheslines Guevara. Cutler drops Guevara with a High RoundHouse Kick. Cutler follows that with a Spinning Full Nelson Slam.

Guevara fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Guevara goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Cutler holds onto the ropes. Cutler delivers The Phenomenal Forearm for a two count. Guevara with an inside cradle for a two count. Guevara nails Cutler with The Hook Kick. Guevara rams his shoulder into the midsection of Cutler. Guevara with an Apron Enzuigiri. Guevara connects with The SpringBoard Cutter. Guevara drops Cutler to the corner. Guevara lands The Shooting Star Press for a two count. Cutler with a rolling crucifix for a two count. Guevara with a Jumping Knee Strike. Guevara plants Cutler with a Torture Rack/GTS Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: (4-6) Sammy Guevara via Pinfall 

Second Match: (4-3) Santana & Ortiz vs. (4-3) Best Friends vs. (4-7) Private Party vs. (0-3) The Hybrid 2 in a Fatal Four Way Match 

Santana and Marq Quen will start things off. Santana applies a waist lock. Santana drops down on the canvas. Santana leapfrogs over Quen. Quen lunges over Santana. Santana with a running elbow smash. Santana blocks a boot from Quen. Santana goes for The Tip Up, but Quen lands back on his feet. Quen tells Santana to bring it. Quen dropkicks Santana. Evans and Beretta are tagged in. Side HeadLock Takeover Exchange. Beretta goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Evans lands back on his feet. Beretta avoids The High RoundHouse Kick. Beretta blasts Evans with a knife edge chop. Evans kicks Beretta in the face. Evans goes for a SlingShot DDT, but Beretta counters with The Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Beretta tags in Taylor.

Double Shoulder Tackle. Angelico attacks Best Friends from behind. Best Friends with Stereo Fallaway Slams. Quen hits The Manhattan Drop on Ortiz. Kassidy follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Kassidy applies a camel clutch. Quen with a Running Foot Stomp across the back of Ortiz neck. Pier six brawl ensues. The referee has no sense of control in this match. Ortiz whips Taylor into the steel guard rail. Evans stomps on Taylor’s back. Following a snap mare takeover, Evans with a running low dropkick. Evans is putting the boots to Taylor. Evans whips Taylor to the corner. Taylor kicks Evans in the face. Kassidy tags himself in.

Kassidy with forearm shivers. Evans cartwheels around Kassidy. Evans drops Kassidy with a Cartwheel Kick for a two count. Evans repeatedly stomps on Kassidy’s chest. Evans slams Kassidy head on the top turnbuckle. Evans tags in Angelico. Evans applies The Last Chancery. Angelico kicks Kassidy in the forehead for a two count. The referee admonishes Santana and Ortiz. Kassidy reverses out of the irish whip from Angelico. Ortiz tags himself in. Ortiz ducks a clothesline from Kassidy. Ortiz applies a waist lock. Santana dives over Kassidy. Santana with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Ortiz with a Running Senton Splash. Santana follows that with a MoonSault off Ortiz back. Ortiz with a Running Splash for a two count. Ortiz rakes the back of Kassidy. Ortiz tags in Santana.

Santana rakes Kassidy’s back. Kassidy negates Three Amgios. Santana tags in Ortiz. Ortiz with a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Ortiz makes another quick tag to Santana. Santana and Ortiz goes for a Double Back Body Drop, but Kassidy lands back on his feet. Kassidy with a Spinning Enzuigiri. Santana launches Kassidy over the top rope. Kassidy drops Santana with a SlingShot FlatLiner. Santana responds with a Rolling Kick for a two count. Santana starts brawling with Angelico. Kassidy tags in Taylor. Taylor with rapid fire clotheslines. Taylor with a Standing Slice Bread #2. Angelico kicks Taylor in the chest. Taylor side steps Santana into the turnbuckles. Beretta is lighting up Ortiz chest. Ortiz reverses out of the irish whip from Beretta. Beretta with a Spinning DDT. Beretta follows that with a Half and Half Suplex. Santana and Ortiz denies The Stereo Topes.

Santana pulls out Orange Cassidy from under the ring. Private Party with Stereo SlingShot Pescados to the floor. Best Friends Hug. Best Friends with Stereo Plancha’s. Evans with a SpringBoard Reverse Asai MoonSault. Orange Cassidy lands The Trust Fall. Beretta puts Santana on the top turnbuckle. Santana and Taylor with an Electric Chair Drop/SuperPlex Combination for a two count. Taylor kicks Ortiz in the gut. Ortiz dumps Taylor out of the ring. Kassidy side steps Ortiz into the turnbuckles. Beretta goes for a Half and Half Suplex, but Kassidy blocks it. Private Party hits The Silly String. Santana SuperKicks Kassidy. Quen with a forearm smash. Ortiz attacks the remaining competitors with the slap jack. Santana delivers a low blow. Santana and Ortiz plants Kassidy with The Street Sweeper to pickup the victory.

Winner: (5-3) Santana & Ortiz via Pinfall 

Third Match: (5-4) Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs. (3-5) Joey Janela 

Spears attacks Janela before the bell rings. Janela unloads three knife edge chops. Spears kicks Janela in the gut. Janela ducks a clothesline from Spears. Janela puts the santa hat on Spears head. Janela is throwing haymakers at Spears. Janela clotheslines Spears over the top rope. Janela lands The Suicide Dive. Knife Edge Chop Exchange on the outside. Spears inadvertently chops the steel ring post.

Janela repeatedly throws Spears into the steel guard rail. Spears knocks Janela off the top turnbuckle. Spears with a Pendulum BackBreaker for a one count. Janela rolls himself to the other side of the ring. Spears is getting flustered. Spears cartwheels around the ring. Spears gives the Corpus Christi crowd the middle finger salute. Janela uppercuts Spears. Janela with a Flying Knee Strike off the ring apron. Janela tosses Spears over the steel barricade.

Janela with a Running Clothesline off a steel chair. Janela rolls Spears back into the ring. Spears hits The SpineBuster. Spears dumps Janela out of the ring. Spears goes for The Spike PileDriver, but Janela blocks it. Janela sends Spears face first into the steel ring steps. The referee is distracted by Tully Blanchard. Spears rolls Janela over for a two count. Janela negates The C4. Janela drops Spears with The Discus Forearm Smash. Janela with a Running Lariat. Janela connects with The Flying Elbow Drop to pickup the victory. After the match, Janela drops Spears with The Stunner to close the show.

Winner: (4-5) Joey Janela via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez