NWA Powerrr Results (12/23/19): Not A Christmas Movie

NWA Powerrr Results 12/23/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

The Pope, Trevor Murdoch and Zicky Dice Interview 

David Marquez: Before we talk about the TV Title tournament, I understand you have some news not just for me, but everybody watching in the studio.

Trevor Murdoch: You guys know that I come out here and I work my backside off for you, right? You guys know that every time you see me step in the ring, someone’s getting hurt, right? Well it seems like all that hard works paid off boys because I got a contract today. I don’t smile very much, but i’m ear to ear.

Zicky Dice: Stop. Wait a minute. How rude is this? Please keep it down, I’m a little bit hungover. I haven’t gotten much sleep since my victory. You see as soon as I won my match, I spent the night with Dusty. Yeah, she’s a dancer down the street. I still got some of her litter on my suit.

Trevor Murdoch: You should probably give her couch linens back.

Zicky Dice: You better start showing me some respect because you’re looking at your future Television Champion.

Trevor Murdoch: That’s the second time i’ve laughed today.

David Marquez: Oh look, it’s The Pope. What are you doing here in Atlanta?

The Pope: Davey, Pope is here live and in living color in public, if you will. Allow Pope and his congregation to have their moment. Now, Pope shall speak. Now the NWA has created change, if you will across the professional wrestling landscape. And when you talk about change, you gotta talk about the trendsetters, you gotta talk about the trailblazers. Those that have paved the way, if you will. You got to look at The Briscoes.

You got to look at The Funks. You got to look at The Road Warriors, The Rock N Roll Express, Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff, The SuperPowers. And then there’s this. Pope don’t mean to misguide you, mislead you. All Pope is trying to get you to understand is that, Pope is here looking for his superpowers. Pope is here searching for his horsemen. And when Pope get them together collectively, we’re gonna run a new trail across the professional wrestling landscape as well as the NWA.

Zicky Dice: Well Pope, is outlandish Zicky Dice the talent that you’re looking for.

– Pope leaves the interview set.

First Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Ricky Starks in a NWA TV Title Qualifying Match 

Pope joins the commentary team for this match. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kingston shoves Starks. Kingston tells Starks to bring it. Kingston applies a side headlock. Kingston drops Starks with a shoulder tackle. Kingston grabs another side headlock. Kingston whips Starks across the ring. Starks kicks Kingston in the face. Starks with a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Starks follows that with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count.

Starks kicks Kingston in the chest. Starks with clubbing blows to Kingstons back. Starks chops Kingston in the back of the neck. Kingston is displaying his fighting spirit. Starks with a RoundHouse Kick for a two count. Kingston reverses out of the irish whip from Starks. Kingston with an Exploder Suplex. Kingston talks smack to Starks. Kingston is raining down haymakers for a two count.

Kingston kicks Starks in the face. Kingston is choking Starks with his boot. Starks ducks two clotheslines from Kingston. Starks hits The SlingBlade. Starks decks Kingston with a back elbow smash. Starks drops Kingston with The Tornado DDT for a two count. Starks with a sunset flip for a two count. Starks connects with The Big Boot. Starks plants Kingston with The SitOut Double UnderHook FaceBuster to pickup the victory.

Winner: Ricky Starks via Pinfall 

James Storm, Royce Issacs and May Valentine Interview 

David Marquez: Okay friends, welcome back. I know you’re supposed to hear from Nick Aldis about what happened with Tim Storm last week. But right now, Royce Issacs has asked for some time. Welcome Royce, you’ve asked for this time.

Royce Issacs: You know Dave, you know me. Some people might describe me as a bit of a grump, but today i’m in a little bit of a different mood as you can see from my demeanor. You know why that is? Today i’m a different mood because i’m happy to introduce to all of you lucky people, thank me later. The newest and certainly the prettiest member of The National Wrestling Alliance, May Valentine.

David Marquez: Alright. Hello, May. Welcome to the NWA.

May Valentine: Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

David Marquez: It’s a pleasure to meet you. You have any holiday plans?

May Valentine: Not really. Do we have any plans, babe?

Royce Issacs: The holiday plans are our plans and we can worry about that. That’s okay. You know actually one other thing though.

– Issacs whispers something in Marquez ears.

David Marquez: Why would you say that? Why would you tell me that? There’s no reason. That’s a way totally lightwave personal stuff. We’re on television. You don’t talk like that on TV.

May Valentine: It’s okay, he just gets very excited about it and also it’s nothing to be ashamed of. My mom says that I should be proud of it, okay.

Royce Issacs: Absolutely. Hey you know what though, enough about me, back to me. Excuse me, that’s rude.

David Marquez: What you said was rude.

Royce Issacs: Shut up. Now, y’all know me as, Royce Issacs, of The Wild Cards. The baddest tag team here in the National Wrestling Alliance, but I got a new girl. As you saw from the business with Nick Aldis, that’s a big deal, we’re doing some global expansion there. Pardon my reach, but you know I would like to show off my girl. That I can do things mano a mano, too. I want to show that I am a singles competitor too. So, I would like to fight someone one on one and show my girl what I can do.

– James Storm arrives.

David Marquez: You ask and you shall receive.

Royce Issacs: Yeah, cute Dave.

James Storm: Did I just hear you say, you would fight anybody? Well, seeing that I got my beer on ice back there cooling down. How about we get in the ring and I kick your ass? Then afterwards I can tip her ass?

– Highspots Ad.

Second Match: James Storm vs. Royce Issacs w/May Valentine 

Issacs takes forever to get in the ring. Issacs gets a shoulder massage from Valentine. Storm is throwing haymakers at Issacs. Storm slams Issacs head on the ring apron. Storm with an open palm strike. Storm and Issacs continues to brawl around the ringside area. Storm rolls Issacs back into the ring. Storm with a forearm smash. Storm with rapid fire palm strikes. Storm plays to the crowd. Issacs avoids The Last Call SuperKick. Issacs heads to the backstage area. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: James Storm via Count-Out 

Eli Drake Interview 

David Marquez: Okay ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to NWA Powerrr and please welcome, Eli Drake. Hey look at there, merry christmas indeed.

Eli Drake: Ho, Ho, Ho! Yeah! Dave Marquez, excuse me one second. Don’t go anywhere, I know you hate when this happens. Don’t you leave, you get so hot about it, yeah. Let me talk to ya, I’m gonna break down the fourth wall for a second. Here you can hold this again. This guys comes out here and he does a comedy show between the whole damn thing before we’re doing our takes here. How about a couple drinks?

Excuse me a second, but this guy’s out here doing all this comedy stuff. When i’m here, you don’t do comedy okay? I got to tell you, Christmas time is here again, yeah. And that means we got a new year coming around the corner, right. Now 2020 coming along it’s a new decade. It’s a new year and what that means to me is new girls, but I wanted to make new year’s resolutions. What I believe in is, new year, new goals.

Guess what i’m looking at, goals. What’s that sound like, gold, yeah. Take a look at something. Cameraman, make sure you get this. You see these shoes on my feet here, these right here are the shoes of a champion. This jacket right here, shoes of a champion. Did I say shoes of a champion? Yeah! Oh boy. I’ll put it to you like this, one on one, two on one, 32 on one and 100 two on one, I’ve got it all night. And that’s not an insult, that it’s just a fact of life.

Nick Aldis & The Rock N Roll Express Segment 

Nick Aldis: Merry Christmas. to you Dave, Feliz Navidad. Tis the season and boy oh boy I am feeling festive. In fact, speaking of which, guys I got some little giftskis for you here. Okay, so that part is done. Go ahead, ask me anything you want.

David Marquez: Anything I want. Well the obvious question is …

Nick Aldis: Oh! Who had one minute before he asked about Kamille? Get your mind out of the gutter, Marquez. Here’s all you need to know about Kamille. Everything you’ve seen over the last few weeks, all the questions, all the mystery, it was all part of the plan. We got every single one of you. We worked you. We worked them. We worked every single one of you watching at home. We worked James Storm. We worked Tim Storm. You all fell for it and this is the final result.

David Marquez: Should we continue? Alright. Ricky Morton, now you’ve had time, your thoughts?

Nick Aldis: It’s like I talked about before. I spent two years breaking my back to build this place. Hey everyone of you can have anything you want to say, but the fact of the matter is you know the only reason any single of you are out here right now in this ring, in this building, watching all this, you’re looking at it. Cameraman, zoom in here one time. I did first, it’s my gimmick. The NWA sits on my heart because I built this place and then anytime you’re wondering, all you got to do is ask this question.

What’s causing all of this? You’re looking at it. Now, you want to talk about Ricky Morton. Before we address that, i’d like to ask Mr. Morton and Mr. Gibson to come on out. I had a chance to watch the tape back from what you had to say. You know Ricky, I think i’d like to give you this one opportunity and i’d like to just advise you to just take a look around. I’d like to ask you just one time, please clarify your comments from previously.

Ricky Morton: So what you’re asking me is to clarify what I said earlier, huh? Okay. I was asked my opinion and I gave my opinion. You represent the greatest wrestling lives ever. You are the World’s Heavyweight Champion. To answer your question, you even trained under Harley Race and you said earlier that you spent two years building this business, but Harley Race, Ric Flair, us, we spent our whole life building this business. If I said anything to you, anything that upsets you, it’s Christmas Eve, dude you don’t got be Scrooge tonight, okay bud? If I said anything, I apologize to you. Shake my hand.

Nick Aldis: Just one more thing. You saw what happened to James Storm. You saw what happened to Tim Storm. I’d think very carefully before you open your mouth again.

Third Match: Allysin Kay, ODB, and Ashley Vox vs. Melina, Marti Belle, and Thunder Rosa in a 6-Woman Tag Team Match 

ODB and Rosa will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rosa applies a hammerlock. Rosa transitions into a side headlock. ODB drops Rosa with a shoulder tackle. ODB slaps Rosa in the chest. ODB tags in Kay. Kay with clubbing bodyshots. Kay goes for The Razor’s Edge, but Rosa lands back on her feet. Rosa with a Hangman’s NeckBreaker. Rosa tags in Belle. Belle with a Running Knee Strike for a two count. Kay hits The Samoan Drop. Kay with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Melina and Vox are tagged in.

Vox ducks a clothesline from Melina. Vox knocks Rosa off the ring apron. Vox delivers a gut punch. Vox with a Running Dropkick. Vox is fired up. Melina rakes the eyes of Vox. The referee is trying to calm down Kay and ODB. Melina and Rosa are double teaming Vox. Melina with a short elbow drop for a two count. Melina applies an arm-bar. Melina tags in Belle. Belle works on the injured left shoulder of Vox. Belle repeatedly stomps on Vox’s chest. Belle with a Running Hip Attack. Belle slams Vox head on the top turnbuckle pad. Belle tags in Rosa. Rosa is mauling Vox in the corner.

Rosa blasts Vox with a knife edge chop. Rosa with clubbing shoulder blocks. Rosa tags in Melina. Melina with a running shoulder block. Melina follows that with a DDT for a two count. Vox is displaying her fighting spirit. Vox rolls Melina over for a two count. Vox tags in Kay Kay ducks a clothesline from Melina. Kay unloads two knife edge chops. Kay with a Running Pump Kick. Melina responds with a JawBreaker. Rosa and ODB are tagged in. Vox made a blind tag. ODB with a Fallaway Slam. Vox delivers a Missile Dropkick. Belle charges into the ring. Melina and Belle dumps Kay chest first on the top rope. Vox locks in The Real Catch. Rosa connects with The ShoulderBreaker. Rosa plants Vox with The SitOut ShoulderBreaker to pickup the victory.

Winner: Melina, Marti Belle, and Thunder Rosa via Pinfall 

Tim Storm Promo 

You know guys, you don’t mind if I get personal for just a second, right? Mama Storm turned 95 this week and that’s a shoot. I got to spend time with my mom over the holidays and I asked her mom didn’t retire until she was 78 years old. She got up to a little over eight dollars an hour. She’s retired and she says every time i’m there, how much longer are you going to do this wrestling thing? I told her for the first time ever, I’m actually wondering how long i’m gonna do this.

I told her I said, mom, I got my work ethic from you. You’re the reason why I work the way I work. No she reminded me. I said mom at 78 you had to have been tired and she said absolutely. She reminded me that when my dad left took every penny with him and she said there were days that I didn’t want to go to work and there were days that I was sick and I had to go anyway. She said I didn’t go for the money, I went because I have something left to prove.

She would love right now if I said I was done wrestling, but she reached over and put her hand on mine and she said you still have something left to prove. I’m gonna quote one of my influences. One incredibly great NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion and i’m gonna paraphrase a little bit. He said “my belly may be big, my heinie may be a little bit big.” Well here’s the deal, I may be a little bit old and my body may be a little bit broke down, but I am bad and they know I’m bad I will be mama’s storm baby boy to the day I die, but we have something left to prove and it starts with Nick Aldis.

Fourth Match: Colt Cabana vs. The Question Mark? in a NWA TV Title Qualifying Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Cabana kicks Mark in the gut. Caban with two arm-drag takeovers. Cabana ducks a clothesline from Mark. Cabana with a knife edge chop. Mark responds with a karate chop. Mark tells Cabana to bring it. Mark is playing mind games with Cabana. Cabana is lighting up Mark’s chest. Cabana grapples around Mark. Cabana rolls Mark over for a two count. Mark runs after Cabana. Cabana is trying to score an early victory. Mark decks Cabana with a back elbow smash.

Cabana and Mark are trading back and forth shots. Cabana nails mark with Two Bionic Elbows. Cabana lands The Flying Asshole. Cabana follows that with a Flying Splash for a two count Mark side steps Cabana into the turnbuckles. Mark with Two Jumping Karate Chops. Cabana responds with another Bionic Elbow. Cabana ascends to the top turnbuckle. Mark connects with The Mongrovian Spike to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Question Mark? via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez