NWA Powerrr Results (12/17/19): The Villain Effect

NWA Powerrr Results 12/17/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Aron Stevens & Colt Cabana Segment 

David Marquez: Alright, thanks fellas. Happy holidays everybody and coming out here in a second is the NWA National Champion. This is Aron Stevens. Do I have permission to look at you?

Aron Stevens: Not in the eyes.

David Marquez: Not in the eyes, okay. Remember folks, don’t look him square in the eyes.

Aron Stevens: Look, shut up we have a lot to talk about. I’m a very dangerous man. I’ve been trained for the last three or so weeks almost a month of grueling training, I am pleased to announce that I am the first american to ever earn after three weeks, a third degree black belt in Mongrovian Karate.

The Question Mark?: KARATE !!

Aron Stevens: Thank you for your applause, I appreciate it. It was not easy. But this is not the only belt — we can go back to our normal positions, they should have tape instead of wood. Do not call this man a mark, he’s a dangerous assassin, he’s not a mark, you’re the marks, so shut up and let me finish.

David Marquez: Okay, hang on a second.

Aron Stevens: This isn’t the only belt that I have. I am supposedly the NWA National Champion. Look, we all know what a great actor that I am. De Nero, Scorses, Stevens it rolls off the tongue. This belt means what a dirt tough hunk of a man I am. Look at the people that’s held this belt. Ric Flair, Jack Brisco, Dick The Bruiser, but you know what? When I think about those guys and when I think about me, I’m at a different level, so shut up I’m about to make history. I am not the NWA National Champion. I am a third degree black belt in you know what. I am the first ever third degree NWA National Champion. Look at the stripes. And with accolades like this, from now on, you will all address me appropriately as, Shooter Stevens.

David Marquez: Shooter Stevens? Are you for real with this? This is not a put on, right?

Aron Stevens: I am as real as the stripes or degrees on my NWA 3rd Degree National Title, thank you very much.

David Marquez: So who you have your eyes set on next in the National Wrestling Alliance?

Aron Stevens: Who do we have our eyes set on? It’s not who, it’s what. Do you understand who the two of us are? We have our eyes set not on people, but on belts and yes I said belts. I am looking directly at the camera and I’m saying belts, belts, belts, belts. I have a third degree belt in Mongrovian you know what. I have a third degree NWA National Title Belt. And if I wasn’t on a thirteen and a half day juice detox, I would have my eyes set on the NWA World Title Belt. Before the yuletide season is upon us, we will have our eyes set on the NWA National Tag Team Title Belts. He has eyes his on the NWA TV Belt.

David Marquez: Well, it looks like we have somebody out here who may have something to say about that. Ladies and gentlemen, Colt Cabana. Thank you for saving this.

Colt Cabana: Yea, you’re welcome. Unbelievable. All we’re doing is sitting here talking. Fine, I will admit in the record books it does say that you are the NWA National Champion.

Aron Stevens: No, I am the NWA 3rd Degree National Champion.

Colt Cabana: On paper, you hold that title Stevens, but everybody knows out there and watching the pay-per-view, it was basically a singles match. One-On-One, Colt Cabana vs. Ricky Starks with Aron Stevens hiding behind a christmas tree. And at the pay-per-view, somehow, someway, you won the match. Everybody knows that, without The Question Mark, you would never be a champion. You would never be a National Champion. You would never be a Tag Team Champion and you would never be a World Champion.

I am a third degree champion. You know something, I understand I’m no longer a part of your life. We have no business together anymore. You’re not gonna be around me and that’s tough. May I suggest, you get a hobby. Try some jiu-jitsu. Maybe, for the price, $29.95 a week, if you ask him really nicely, you two can learn the secrets of karate.

Melina, Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle Backstage Segment 

First Match: Zicky Dice vs. CW Anderson vs. Sal Rinauro in a Triple Threat Match. The Winner Will Qualify For The NWA Television Championship Tournament 

Dice pie faces Anderson and Rinauro. Rinauro with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Anderson drops Dice with a forearm smash. Rinauro rolls Anderson over for a two count. Anderson with a double leg takedown for a two count. Rinauro responds with a sunset flip for a two count. Dice applies a waist lock. Dice with an O’Connor Roll for a two count. Anderson with a school boy rollup for a two count. All three men are knocked down after a triple clothesline. Dice shakes his hips. Anderson and Rinauro punches Dice. Forearm Exchange. Rinauro dropkicks Dice. Rinauro hits The Stunner. Rinauro follows that with a Diving Corner Clothesline. Anderson nails Rinauro with The SpineBuster. Dice dumps Anderson out of the ring. Dice connects with The Snake Rattle and Roll to pickup the victory.

Winner: Zicky Dice via Pinfall 

Zicky Dice Post Match Interview 

David Marquez: Alright fans, here he is, Zicky Dice. Impressive victory.

Zicky Dice: Outlandish Zicky Dice. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Outlandish Zicky Dice. You think it was luck that got me to the NWA? Some might call it luck, I call it well luck I guess, but I don’t need luck cause you’re looking at your future Television Champion.

The Dawsons Promo 

Zane Dawson: Now look, we don’t need to talk. We know you people can’t stand us and frankly we can’t stand y’all either. But enough of that, listen. Right now Dave, we are out here to expose some truth. James Storm had it right. There’s a conspiracy around this place and you want to know how we know? Cause we were apart of it.

Dave Dawson: We did all the dirty work for The Wild Cards. We were promised title shots. We were promised a lot of money. Ever since they lost at Into The Fire, now they don’t want to pick their phone up. Right now, exposed the truth. Are you ready?

The Wild Cards runs after The Dawsons with steel chairs.

David Marquez: Wow, just like everybody here, The Villain, i’m just as shocked as you are. What are you doing here at the National Wrestling Alliance?

Marty Scurll: So this is the NWA, is it? How funny you should ask me that question because to be honest with you, that’s all I’ve heard all year. That’s all I’ve heard for the past two months. The Villain, Marty Scurll, what’s going on with you? Where are you gonna end up? Are you going to this place or that place? What are you doing? Well the truth is, everyone seems to know what I’m doing, but the truth is I do whatever the hell I bloody well like.

If I want to show up at the NWA and cause some noise, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Now, The National Treasure, Nick Aldis calls himself the real worlds champion. Let’s not boo now, I’ve gone back with Nick a hell of a long time. I started out with Nick in this business. And this man over here, Stu Bennett, we’re talking maybe 15 years ago. And back earlier this year at the Crockett Cup, I gave Nick Aldis the fight of his life. Not just career, but his life. Even though I came up short in that match, I know deep down in my heart, what is left in my broken heart that I can beat you Nick.

And it’s a damn crying shame that after everything I’ve done, after everything I’ve achieved, that I haven’t became the World Heavyweight Champion. So you’re asking, what am I doing? I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know. The only thing I’m concentrating on doing, is becoming World Heavyweight Champion. So Nick Aldis, it’s about bloody time isn’t it? Nick Aldis, I’m here waiting. I’ll do it anytime, any place, give me a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Second Match: The Rock N Roll Express vs. Zach Mosley & Sean Sims 

Eddie Kingston has joined the commentary team for this match. Gibson and Mosley will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Gibson applies a side headlock. Gibson drops Mosley with a shoulder tackle. Mosley drops down on the canvas. Gibson with a Hip Toss. Gibson tags in Morton. Gibson delivers a gut punch. Morton follows that with a running knee lift. Morton with a Hip Toss to Sims. Mosley and Sims have a meeting of the minds in the center of the ring. Morton rolls Mosley over to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Rock N Roll Express via Pinfall 

Joe Galli Interview With The Rock N Roll Express 

Joe Galli: First of all, congratulations on retaining the gold at Into The Fire against The Wild Cards. How are you guys doing?

Ricky Morton: I’ve always been good. But the first thing you need to understand is, we built this city on NWA Wrestling. Along that road, some of the other world tag team champions such as The Midnight Express, The Four Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA, and us being part of that group. Nine times, NWA World Tag Team Champions.

Joe Galli: You guys are experts when it comes to tag team wrestling. You’re also experts when it comes to the National Wrestling Alliance. You’ve been there for 30 years, so I got to ask, what are your thoughts on the trajectory for Nick Aldis especially after his victory over James Storm at Into The Fire?

Ricky Morton: I mean you got to understand, it speaks for itself. He beat James right there in the middle of the ring on pay-per-view and he proved to himself and to a lot of the fans that he is the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Joe Galli: Well, I think Nick Aldis has made it really clear. He wants to be one of the greats. He wants to be on the mount rushmore of the best worlds champions of all-time. What did you think he needs to do to be there or is he already there?

Ricky Morton: I am not here to disrespect anybody, but when you come and compare yourself to Harley Race and Ric Flair, son you got a long road to get there.

Third Match: The Dawsons vs. The Wild Cards 

Zane Dawson and Thomas Latimer will start things off. Rockers Punches. Latimer drives his knee into the midsection of Zane. Latimer is throwing haymakers at Zane. Latimer tags in Isaacs. Zane is displaying his fighting spirit. Wild Cards with a double boot to the midsection. Zane kicks Latimer in the chest. Zane drops Isaacs with a knife edge chop. Zane inadvertently chops the steel ring post. Latimer stomps on the right hand of Zane. Latimer rolls Zane back into the ring. Isaacs transitions into a ground and pound attack.

Isaacs with a straight right hand. Isaacs with clubbing shoulder blocks. The Wild Cards are cutting the ring in half. Latimer continues to tee off on Zane. Latimer makes another quick tag to Isaacs. Wish Bone Attack. Isaacs with a chop/forearm combination. Isaacs slams Zane’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Isaacs tags in Latimer. Latimer kicks Zane in the gut. Zane fires back with heavy bodyshots. Latimer bites Zane’s fingers. Dave enters the ring to make the save. The referee is trying to get Dave out of the ring. Wild Cards connects with their Death Valley Driver/SitOut PowerBomb Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Wild Cards via Pinfall 

Meet The TV Title Tournament Field 

David Marquez: Okay folks, welcome back to NWA Powerrr, i’m standing here with Zicky Dice. As you saw earlier, Zicky defeated two men to enter the tournament for the NWA Worlds Television Championship. I’m going to introduce to you folks, the participants in that tournament.

– Ricky Starks

– Caleb Konley

– Colt Cabana

– Trevor Murdoch

– Thomas Latimer

– The Question Mark?

– Eddie Kingston

– Tim Storm

– The Dawsons

– Nick Aldis

Next week on NWA Powerrr, we’ll see Ricky Starks vs. Eddie Kingston and Colt Cabana vs. The Question Mark? in separate qualifying matches for the upcoming NWA Worlds Television Championship Tournament.

Nick Aldis Promo 

David Marquez: Well you never know what’s gonna happen out here. The Worlds Champion, Mr. Aldis.

Nick Aldis: First things first, camera man, zoom in here one time for me. Just look at this, the devil is in the details boys. And I’m here to make a statement. If you’re gonna be the one to knock me off the top of the NWA, you’re gonna have to be willing to show the level of commitment that I show to this company. Now, I understand the big question on everybody’s mind is why would the Worlds Champion, the Real Worlds Champion, why would he be entered into the new TV Title Tournament?

It’s very simple. The reality is that I’ve ran through and ridiculed the entire roster and I got no more challengers left. I’m not just here to make money, guys. I’m here to make history. So I want to be the first man in history to simultaneously hold the Worlds Championship and the Television Championship. It’s a beautiful belt, almost as beautiful as, Sweet Charlotte, the 10 Pounds Of Gold, the Real Worlds Championship.

Let’s talk about Ricky Starks. You are correct sir. Very high caliber of athlete entering this tournament. Case and point, a man I have said on many occasions is my draft pick in professional wrestling He’s proven himself time and time again. And who knows, he might just have a shot at making all the way to the finals and losing to me for the Television Championship. Now unless there’s anything else.

David Marquez: Let’s talk about Into The Fire. What are your thoughts on the end of the major pay-per-view when Marty came down to the ring after you made your statement?

Nick Aldis: Children, the grown ups are talking, thank you very much. Here’s my comment on Marty Scurll insinuating himself into my business, no comment. Because I’m a little sick and tired, David. I look around this place, I think about the two years I spent building this place, carrying this place on my back.

And isn’t it just funny how in professional wrestling, everybody is always got comments, everybody’s got hot takes, everybody’s got their little side way things to say about stuff when you get it started. Suddenly once you get it off the ground, once you get it cooking, once you get it on a nice rolling boil, suddenly all these guys come out of the woodwork, hey brother. Oh hey brother, let me talk to you for a minute.

Do you have any spots for me? I see all these ham sandwiches walking through the back trying to make a name for themselves. And then you talk about, undeniably, the hottest free agent in professional wrestling, my very good friend, “The Villain” Marty Scurll, but he decided to insert himself into my business and try to work himself into another worlds championship match and it’s not the way we do things in the NWA.

David Marquez: Now earlier on, you heard Ricky Morton out here. He had a few words about you.

Nick Aldis: I didn’t hear what Ricky Morton had to say, but I will go back and listen. I’m sure it was something very complimentary. Ricky and I have a very respectful relationship, but I will go back and I will check out what he had to say. I’m a busy man.

David Marquez: Of course. What about Kamille and her actions?

Nick Aldis: Let me make this unequivocally clear, I realized over the last couple of weeks and especially after the actions of last night, that I need a little more than just an insurance policy. I need to assemble a real team. And you will see that unfold over the coming weeks, but as for Kamille, Kamille is no longer my insurance policy.

– Melina, Thunder Rosa, and Marti Belle will battle Allysin Kay, ODB, and Ashley Vox in a 6-Woman Tag Team Match next week on NWA Powerrr.

Stu Bennett’s Sit-Down Interview With Marty Scurll 

Fourth Match: Eli Drake vs. Mr. Anderson in a No Disqualification Match 

Tim Storm joins the commentary team for this match. Drake attacks Anderson before the bell rings. Drake with rapid fire haymakers. Anderson drives his knee into the midsection of Drake. Anderson punches Drake in the back. Anderson runs Drake into the turnbuckles. Anderson blasts Drake with a knife edge chop. Anderson whips Drake across the ring. Drake with a running clothesline.

Drake ducks a clothesline from Anderson. Drake with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Anderson decks Drake with a back elbow smash. Drake clotheslines Anderson over the top rope. Drake and Anderson are brawling in the crowd. The action spills towards the top of the GPB Studios. Drake throws a trash can at Anderson. Drake rams Anderson face into the steel guard rail. Drake plays to the crowd. Anderson low blows Drake.

Anderson nails Drake with the steel door. Drake tumbles down to the stairs. Anderson sends Drake crashing into the steel ring steps. Anderson talks smack to Drake. Anderson grabs a steel chair. Anderson rolls Drake back into the ring. Drake negates The Mic Check. Drake drop toe holds Anderson into the steel chair. Drake transitions into a ground and pound attack. Drake connects with The Gravy Train to pickup the victory.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez