WWE 205 Live Results (12/13/19): Danny Burch vs. Tony Nese

WWE 205 Live
December 13, 2019
Fiserv Forum
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Ariya Daivari vs. Raul Mendoza 

Daivari talks smack to Mendoza. Quick shoving contest. Mendoza applies a side headlock. Mendoza drops Daivari with three shoulder tackles for a two count. Mendoza blasts Daivari with a knife edge chop. Daivari responds with a gut punch. Daivari with a straight right hand. Mendoza ducks a clothesline from Daivari. Mendoza with a Running Hurricanrana. Daivari launches Mendoza over the top rope. Mendoza with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block for a two count. Mendoza follows that with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Daivari sends Mendoza face first into the steel ring post. Daivari rolls Mendoza back into the ring. Daivari stomps on Mendoza’s chest. Daivari drops Mendoza with a knife edge chop. Daivari whips Mendoza chest first into the turnbuckles.

Daivari with the cover for a two count. Daivari applies a rear chin lock. Mendoza gets back to a vertical base. Mendoza with heavy bodyshots. Mendoza kicks Daivari in the chest. Daivari scores the elbow knockdown for a two count. Daivari goes back to the rear chin lock. Mendoza decks Daivari with a JawBreaker. Mendoza with a Running Enzuigiri. Mendoza unloads a flurry of jabs. Mendoza with a Spinning Back Kick. Mendoza clotheslines Daivari. Mendoza dropkicks Daivari. Mendoza follows that with another Running Enzuigiri. Mendoza delivers a Missile Dropkick. Mendoza lands The SpringBoard Corkscrew Body Press.

Mendoza rolls Daivari back into the ring. Mendoza with a Spinning Suplex for a two count. Daivari SuperKicks Mendoza. Daivari puts Mendoza on the top turnbuckle. Daivari hits The Iconoclasm. Daivari lands The Persian Lion Splash for a two count. Mendoza side steps Daivari into the turnbuckles. Daivari kicks Mendoza in the face. Mendoza responds with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Mendoza with a SpringBoard FrankenSteiner for a two count. Mendoza drags Daivari to the corner. Mendoza goes for The Phoenix Splash, but Daivari ducks out of the way.

Daivari with a Uranage Slam for a two count. Mendoza with forearm shivers. Daivari reverses out of the irish whip from Mendoza. Both men are knocked down after a Double Crossbody Block. Daivari and Mendoza are trading back and forth shots. Mendoza blocks a boot from Daivari. Mendoza blocks a boot from Daivari. Mendoza goes for The Spinning FlatLiner, but Daivari blocks it. Mendoza avoids The HammerLock Lariat. Mendoza rolls Daivari over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Raul Mendoza via Pinfall 

Second Match: Joaquin Wilde vs. James Tapia 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Wilde applies a wrist lock. Tapia reverses the hold. Wilde with a leg sweep for a one count. Wilde starts playing mind games with Tapia. Wilde signals for the test of strength. Wilde ducks a clothesline from Tapia. Wilde slides under Tapia. Wilde with an arm-drag takedown. Wilde applies an arm-bar. Tapia launches Wilde to the second rope. Wilde with Two HeadScissors TakeOver. Wilde follows that with a deep arm-drag takeover.

Wilde applies a standing arm-bar. Wilde dropkicks Tapia. Wilde with a running elbow smash. Wilde slaps Tapia in the chest. Tapia reverses out of the irish whip from Wilde. Wilde side steps Tapia into the turnbuckles. Tapia with a leaping forearm smash. Tapia goes for The SuperPlex, but Wilde blocks it. Wilde PowerBombs Tapia. Wilde hits The Rolling CodeBreaker. Wilde connects with The Wilde Thing to pickup the victory.

Winner: Joaquin Wilde via Pinfall 

Third Match: Danny Burch vs. Tony Nese 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Nese stops Burch in his tracks. Nese flexes his muscles. Burch is not impressed. Lockup in the center of the ring. Burch applies a wrist lock. Burch transitions into an arm-bar. Wrist Lock Exchange. Following a snap mare takeover, Burch mocks Nese. Burch tells Nese to bring it. Test Of Strength. Burch with a leg sweep. Burch stomps on the left hand of Nese. Burch applies another arm-bar. Nese backs Burch into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Nese decks Burch with a back elbow smash. Nese dives over Burch. Nese ducks a clothesline from Burch. Burch blocks a boot from Nese. Burch with two side headlock takeovers. Nese grabs Burch’s left ear to escape the hold. Burch applies a side headlock. Nese drops down on the canvas. Burch dumps Nese face first on the canvas. Nese uses the bottom rope to create separation.

Nese dumps Burch out of the ring. Nese cartwheels off the ring apron. Burch with three uppercuts. Burch throws Nese back first into the ringside barricade. Burch resets the referee’s ten count. Burch with an uppercut forearm. Nese reverses out of the irish whip from Burch. Burch with a back elbow smash. Nese pulls Burch off the second rope. Nese transitions into a ground and pound attack. Nese stomps on Burch’s back. Nese poses for the crowd. Burch with heavy bodyshots. Nese nails Burch with a throat chop. Nese with a Running Bulldog across the top rope. Nese follows that with a SpringBoard MoonSault for a two count.

Nese applies a bodyscissors hold. Nese is mauling Burch in the corner. The referee admonishes Nese. Burch kicks Nese in the face. Burch delivers a Missile Dropkick. Burch with forearm shivers. Burch uppercuts Nese. Burch scores the elbow knockdown. Burch with a corner clothesline. Burch follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Burch hits The Exploder Suplex. Burch drops Nese with a straight right hand for a two count. Nese uses the middle rope for leverage. Nese goes for The PumpHandle Driver, but Burch lands back on his feet. Burch HeadButts Nese.

Burch goes for a Release German Suplex, but Nese lands back on his feet. Nese with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Burch has Nese perched on the top turnbuckle. Burch drills Nese with The Tower Of London. Burch applies The CrossFace. Nese puts his foot on the bottom rope to force the break. Nese kicks the left shoulder of Burch. Nese sweeps Burch off the apron. Nese hits The Fosbury Flop. Nese goes for The 450 Splash, but Burch ducks out of the way. Burch gets Nese trapped in The CrossFace. Nese rolls Burch over for a two count. Nese with a DeadLift BuckleBomb. Nese connects with The Running Nese to pickup the victory.

Winner: Tony Nese via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez