WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (11/29/19): Roman Reigns vs. Robert Roode

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
November 29, 2019
Legacy Arena
Birmingham, Alabama

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Roman Reigns & King Corbin Segment 

Roman Reigns: I know it’s a day late, but in my household, if you still have left overs in the fridge, it’s still thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving! You see to me, Thanksgiving, it means three things. It means family, good health and happiness. I got to be honest, this time last year I had only one of those things and that was family. It was a tough year last year and to be here, to be in this ring in good health, surrounded by new family, yes sir that’s an absolute blessing. And I want to tell everybody thank you, thank you so much. And I got a lot to be thankful for because last Sunday at Survivor Series, Team SmackDown whopped some ass and I didn’t do it on my own.

Hey it’s all WWE. NXT, they’re badass too, but they didn’t get the job done, SmackDown Live did baby. And I didn’t do it by myself, I had a great team, so I have to thank the man himself, Ali. The underdog, Shorty G. And The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. But you see, we had one dummy on the team and you already know who it is. And I’m not gonna thank him. If anything, that dummy should be thanking me. So I say we bringing the dummy out here, what do you think? Let’s make the dummy apologize y’all.

King Corbin: Now let me get this straight, you think I should come out here and thank you? You must have lost your mind because it was my fearless leadership that won it for SmackDown. I eliminated two people before you selfishly betrayed your team and got me eliminated. Roman, I understand you probably had some alternative motives. I know that your ego couldn’t handle the fact that I was going to win, that I was going to be the sole survivor and then I was going to get the job done.

Roman Reigns: But you didn’t though. I SuperMan Punched/Speared you and then you got eliminated, so there’s no way you got the job done. But you have a chance here. You can do it tonight. You can try to come get the job done right here in this ring, right here in Birmingham, Alabama.

King Corbin: I knew you would say something like that, but you don’t have me fooled, like you have these people fooled. I know you’re just an ego maniac that’s a step behind. You want these people to believe that you’re some kind of a role model? You’re out here talking about thanksgiving, what you’re grateful for, family. Let me tell you people with this lack of respect what thanksgiving is like for a king. I enjoyed the fattest juiciest turkey anybody can find. I drank the finest wine. I had servants waiting on me hand in foot, they do my bidding.

Matter of fact, Roman, if I dropped a fork, there’s someone there to hand me a brand new one. But I bet you had some store bought turkey that your wife burned the crap out of, but you can’t tell the difference because you’re used to eating dog food, just like the people here in Alabama. So you know what i’m thankful for? I’m thankful that I don’t have put on a fake smile for these people.

I’m thankful I don’t have to eat the food you eat. I’m thankful I don’t live in this part of the god forsake country where the food is worst than the football. I’m a King, Roman. So you want to fight? What don’t you fight somebody else who was also victorious last Sunday. Accompanied by his partner, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode. And Roman, I got a good feeling you’re going to get wheeled out of here on a stretcher, and it’s going to be absolutely glorious.

First Match: Roman Reigns vs. Robert Roode w/King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Roode applies a side headlock. Roode drops Reigns with a shoulder tackle. Roode talks smack to Reigns. Roode grabs another side headlock. Reigns reverses the hold. Reigns drops Roode with a shoulder tackle. Roode regroups on the outside. Roode with rapid fire haymakers. Roode repeatedly stomps on Reigns chest. Corbin likes what he is seeing. Reigns transitions into a Corner Mount. Roode kicks Reigns. Reigns responds with a big haymaker that sends Roode tumbling to the floor. Reigns delivers The Drive By. Reigns is distracted by Corbin and Ziggler. Reigns rolls Roode back into the ring. Ziggler trips Reigns behind the referee’s back. Roode knocks Reigns off the ring apron. Roode hits The SpineBuster on the announce table.

Roode repeatedly whips Reigns into the ringside barricade. Roode drives his knee into the midsection of Reigns. Reigns fires back with two clotheslines. Roode reverses out of the irish whip from Reigns. Reigns with a Jumping Clothesline. Reigns with The Never Ending Story. Reigns drops Roode with The Big Boot. Reigns stares down Corbin. Reigns prepares for The SuperMan Punch. Ziggler hops on the ring apron distract Reigns. Roode avoids The SuperMan Punch. Roode rolls Reigns over for a two count. Roode kicks Reigns in the jaw. Roode hits The BlockBuster for a two count. Glorious Pose. Roode goes for The Glorious DDT, but Reigns rolls him over for a two count. Reigns with a SitOut PowerBomb for a two count.

Reigns nails Ziggler with The Flying SuperMan Punch. Roode drives Reigns face first into the steel ring post. Roode sends Reigns crashing into the steel ring steps. Roode rolls Reigns back into the ring. Roode goes for a Flying Clothesline, but Reigns counters with The SuperMan Punch for a two count. Reigns plays to the crowd. Reigns goes for The Spear, but Roode counters with a SpineBuster for a two count. Roode tells Corbin to give him the scepter. Corbin is trying to divert the attention of the referee. Reigns uppercuts Roode. Reigns clocks Corbin with The SuperMan Punch. Reigns Spears Roode to pickup the victory.

After the match, Ziggler attacks Reigns from behind. Ziggler transitions into a ground and pound attack. Ziggler is tuning up the band. Ziggler goes for The SuperKick, but Reigns counters with The Samoan Drop. Reigns sends Corbin shoulder first into the steel ring post. Roode drills Reigns with the scepter. Roode is raining down haymakers. Roode grabs a steel chair. Roode talks smack about Reigns family. Reigns avoids the vicious scepter shot. Reigns drops Roode with The SuperMan Punch. Reigns Spears Roode through the ringside barricade. Reigns has snapped. Reigns hits Ziggler with the steel ring step. Reigns dumps the announce table on top of Roode.

Winner: Roman Reigns via Pinfall 

The Firefly Fun House 

Sheamus Promo 

SmackDown used to be the land of opportunity. It also used to be the home to some of the fiercest competitors on the planet. Now I had a lot of time to sit back and watch the way of the land. The current state of SmackDown is pathetic. All I see is a bunch of misfits and cowards. A Fiend, A King, A Shorty G, whatever the hell that is. No one hungry. No one with a backbone and no one like me. SmackDown has become soft, right now is the perfect time for The Celtic Warrior to return and ravage everything and anyone who stands in my way. SmackDown will be mine.

Second Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Ali applies a waist lock. Gulak decks Ali with a back elbow smash. Gulak with a straight right hand. Gulak reverses out of the irish whip from Ali. Ali drops down on the canvas. Ali leapfrogs over Gulak. Ali shows off his athleticism. Ali dropkicks Gulak for a one count. Gulak yanks Ali down to the mat. Gulak slams Ali’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Gulak blasts Ali with a knife edge chop. Gulak HeadButts the midsection of Ali. Ali kicks Gulak in the chest. Gulak eats another back elbow smash.

Gulak throws Ali off the second rope for a two count. Gulak goes for a Back Drop Driver, but Ali counters with a Crossbody Block for a two count. Gulak with a single leg takedown. Gulak applies the single leg crab. Ali SuperKicks Gulak for a two count. Ali drags himself to the corner. Ali side steps Gulak into the turnbuckles. Ali hits The Tornado DDT. Ali lands The 450 Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via Pinfall 

Sasha Banks, Bayley and Lacey Evans Segment 

Sasha Banks: Let’s get one thing clear, we didn’t come out here for some rah-rah speech. You can leave that mess for Monday Night Raw. We came out here because we got to get some things off my chest about Survivor Series. First of all, I did not choose my team because if I did, we would have won at Survivor Series with my eyes closed.

Bayley: Don’t sugarcoat it Sasha. What happen to the SmackDown Women at Survivor Series was an embarrassment. What I hate and what makes me absolutely sick is that SmackDown did not lose because NXT is better than us. I did not lose because Shayna Baszler is better than me. SmackDown lost because the entire locker room let us down.

Sasha Banks: The truth really hurts, doesn’t it?

Bayley: It really does. And when you are role models like us and you are leaders, you gotta say what hurts.

Sasha Banks: Because a great leader, a strong leader is led by the weakest links and the weakest link on my team, was the whole damn team. Nikki Cross, she only got on the team by a fluke. Dana Brooke, she couldn’t flex her way out of a paper bag. Carmella is Money? More like, Carmella is messy. And Carmella is broke because Carmella will never be rich as me.

Bayley: And don’t forget about Lacey Evans. Lacey Evans if you weren’t so busy sipping your sweet tea on your porch and spent a little more time in this wrestling ring, we would not be standing here right now.

Sasha Banks: You see the entire SmackDown Women’s Division makes me sick.

Lacey Evans: Honey, don’t test my patience. I just spend this entire night preparing a thanksgiving dinner for 36 people to include my in-laws and I’m in no mood to take lip from two classes things that lack in enough class to even sit on the kitty table hunny. And you call yourselves leaders? Bless their hearts, I wouldn’t trust you two nasties to lead the chicken dance at a garden party. In fact, if all you are going to do is out here and hide behind these lame excuses and blame everybody but yourselves for your failures, then I think that it’s time for the SmackDown Women’s Division gets a real woman, to be the locker room leader. A woman with style. A woman with class, confidence and sophistication. A woman who wouldn’t tap out, under pressure.

Sasha talks smack to Evans. Evans drops Sasha with The Woman’s Right to close the segment.

Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt Backstage Segment 

Third Match: Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville vs. Nikki Cross 

Deville drops Cross with a forearm smash. Deville with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Deville drops Cross with a Mid-Kick. Deville with a Sliding Knee Strike for a two count. Deville applies a rear chin lock. Cross gets back to a vertical base. Cross decks Deville with a JawBreaker. Cross HeadButts the midsection of Deville. Cross nails Deville with a double throat thrust. Cross levels Deville with a Body Avalanche. Cross follows that with a Running Bulldog. Cross is fired up. Rose starts running interference.

Deville throws Cross off the top turnbuckle. Cross with an inside cradle to pickup the victory. After the match, Fire and Desire attacks Cross from behind. Rose drops Cross with a Running Pump Knee Strike. Alexa Bliss storms into the ring. Bliss with two clotheslines. Bliss kicks Deville in the ribs. Bliss drops Rose with a forearm smash. Bliss dropkicks Deville to the floor. Bliss connects with The Fake Out Slap. Bliss and Cross plants Rose with a Double DDT.

Winner: Nikki Cross via Pinfall 

Elias, Dana Brooke and Drake Maverick Backstage Segment 

Fourth Match: The New Day (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro w/Sami Zayn For The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship 

Kofi Kingston and Cesaro will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Cesaro applies a side headlock. Cesaro drops Kofi with a shoulder tackle for a one count. Cesaro grabs another side headlock. Kofi drops down on the canvas. Kofi with a double leapfrog. Kofi with a Spinning Uppercut for a one count. Kofi applies a wrist lock. Cesaro drives his knee into the midsection of Kofi. Cesaro tags in Nakamura. Nakamura kicks Kofi in the gut. Nakamura with heavy bodyshots. Nakamura goes for a monkey flip, but Kofi lands back on his feet. Kofi dropkicks Nakamura for a two count. Kofi applies a wrist lock. Nakamura delivers his combination offense. Kofi decks Nakamura with a back elbow smash. Kofi is distracted by Zayn. Nakamura pulls Kofi off the top turnbuckle. Nakamura with a Corner Knee Smash for a two count. Nakamura applies a front face lock. Nakamura tags in Cesaro.

Nakamura and Cesaro are cutting the ring in half. Cesaro kicks Kofi in the ribs. Cesaro with a GutWrench Suplex for a two count. Cesaro applies a rear chin lock. Kofi gets back to a vertical base. Kofi with shots to the midsection of Cesaro. Cesaro tags in Nakamura. Kofi is displaying his fighting spirit. Nakamura sends Kofi to the ring apron. Kofi drops Cesaro with The Big Boot. Kofi with a shoulder block to Nakamura. Zayn pulls Kofi off the apron behind the referee’s back. Cesaro with a Running European Uppercut. Coming out of the commercial break, Big E and Nakamura are tagged in. Big E with Two OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex’s. Big E ducks a clothesline from Nakamura. Big E with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Big E shakes his hips. Big E goes for a Running Splash, but Nakamura ducks out of the way.

Nakamura with clubbing knee smashes. Nakamura whips Big E across the ring. Big E drops Nakamura with a Uranage Slam for a two count. Big E plays to the crowd. Nakamura negates The Big Ending. Nakamura with a High Head Kick. Cesaro tags himself in. Nakamura with a Flying Knee Strike. Cesaro follows that with a Diving HeadButt for a two count. Cesaro goes for The Neutralizer, but Big E blocks it. Big E goes for a Back Body Drop, but Cesaro lands back on his feet. Cesaro tags in Nakamura. Cesaro with a Running European Uppercut. Kofi launches Cesaro over the top rope. Big E sends Nakamura to the second rope. Kofi nails Nakamura with an Apron Enzuigiri. New Day hits their Flying Double Foot Stomp/PowerBomb Combination for a two count. Kofi sends Cesaro tumbling to the floor. Cesaro uppercuts Kofi in mid-air.

Cesaro with a Running Uppercut to Big E. Cesaro rolls Kofi and Nakamura back into the ring. Nakamura goes for The Kinshasa, but Kofi rolls him over for a two count. Nakamura with a Step Through Heel Kick. Nakamura with a Sliding Knee Strike for a two count. Cesaro sends Big E shoulder first into the steel ring post. Nakamura tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with rapid fire uppercuts in the corner. Kofi responds with a Pendulum Kick. Cesaro avoids The Trouble In Paradise. Cesaro dumps Kofi chest first on the top rope. Cesaro puts pressure to the back of Kofi’s neck. Zayn grabs the plat of pancakes. The referee ejects Zayn from the ringside area. Kofi is getting value time to recover. Kofi connects with The Trouble In Paradise to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The New Day via Pinfall 

Daniel Bryan & “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt In-Ring Segment 

Daniel Bryan: Earlier tonight, Bray Wyatt said if I wanted another Universal Championship Match, all I had to do was let him in. And a lot of people came up and gave me unsolicited advice tonight including The Miz, who tried to talk me out it and said The Fiend will change you. Maybe, The Miz was right. Maybe I needed to be changed. That’s why at Survivor Series, I walk into that match with The Fiend as nervous as i’ve been in years because I knew, The Fiend, had a potential to change me. The way that he changed Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. And in the middle of that match, I all of a sudden felt changed.

But I wasn’t changed because of The Fiend, I was changed because of you. It was your passion. Your voice. Your energy that made me realize the person that I should’ve been this whole time. I’ve said on numerous occasions that the YES Movement was dead. Maybe just maybe, you guys brought it back to life. So, I have one question for you. Bray Wyatt challenged me to a Universal Title Match. Let me ask you this, do I accept? It feels incomplete without me doing it, YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

Bray Wyatt: Yowie Wowie! All of this new energy is so exciting. But I have to admit something. The Miz is right, if you go through this again, you will change. He will remove your mask and show everyone your true form. Besides, it’s only fair because you helped me changed Daniel. You help built this place. You remember right? Don’t you? Because he certainly does. Oh, I almost forgot the best part, I promised all of my fireflies a new face tonight. I am many things, including a man of my word.

“The Fiend” starts dragging Bryan to hell. Bray locks in The Mandible Claw. Bray starts removing pieces of Bryan’s hair to close the show.

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Author: Josh Lopez