NWA Powerrr Results (11/26/19): Step Into The Fire

NWA Powerrr Results 11/26/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Joe Galli: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to a very special episode of NWA Powerrr. I’m Joe Galli and for all of you wrestling fans who are watching in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving to you and to yours. And as things are heating up inside your kitchens, things are always heating up as we get closer and closer to Into The Fire. We’re less than three weeks away from our pay-per-view and on this episode we’re going to be making some very special announcements as to the card for that pay-per-view event and of course the biggest question I think on everybody’s mind is who will face Nick Aldis for the 10 Pounds Of Gold? Nick Aldis opponent for the 10 Pounds Of Gold will be revealed during this program, but I do have some breaking news in regards to that match in particular.

We want to make sure that there is a definitive winner, so much like the NWA 70th Anniversary Show, when Nick Aldis was able to regain the 10 Pounds Of Gold from Cody, this will be a Two Out Of Three Falls Match, but who will he face? There’s a lot of top contenders out there. Guys like Ken Anderson, Colt Cabana, Aaron Stevens, they all want a shot at the 10 Pounds Of Gold, but so does this man who’s always wanted a shot at Sweet Charlotte. Eli Drake talks with my colleague David Marquez at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

Eli Drake Promo

Eli Drake: Let me talk to you. First of all i’m going to tell you, we’re gonna get some things out of the way first because you know what i’ve notice since i’ve been on NWA Powerrr? I’ve noticed that people say that I remind them of people. People said that I remind them of a guy who does an eyebrow and he drops an elbow for the people. You don’t have to boo him. People said that I remind them of a guy who drinks beer and gives fingers. People said that I remind them of a guy who wears a sparkly robe, has blonde hair and goes, WOOO! I don’t mind any of those comparisons as you know very successful men in this business, but then there’s one comparison that just kind of chat my ass i’ll be honest with ya.

On NWA Powerrr, you got Nick Aldis who says the following, “Well mate, the one man who wants to be just like me is Eli Drake. Cheerio.”

Well let me put to you like this, of all those comparisons you got, that’s the one comparison that just doesn’t make a lot of sense and i’m gonna tell you why because here I stand right now in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Regardless of where I started because this is the place where I actually became me because the bottom line is nine years ago, I walked into this ring. It was NWA Hollywood. Now its Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Nothing has changed, just the affiliations, but the bottom line is this, I left the NWA to go on and do other things and who comes in and fills the spot, that’s Nick Aldis. Nick Aldis thinks, well you know what, i’m here carrying this championship, that makes me the man and he’s right. It does make him the man. He is the man.

Nick, you’re the man, I’m gonna say it right now. Yet for whatever reason, Nick Aldis had the gaul and the audacity to say well I don’t see anybody who stepped forward to be championship caliber. Hey dummy, you’re looking at me. Hey dummy, have you seen this guy? You saw it yourself. You’re the one who said, hey man we need to bring in somebody to the NWA like, Eli Drake. I’m going to put it you lie this man, I’m gonna put that on the back burner. Why because I am a patient man and I picked my spot because right now what you got is Mr. Ken Anderson. Mr. Ken Anderson must also see something another guy who’s talking about comparisons because I’ve heard some of these people. I’ve heard some of the people on twitter say, man that’d be like a dream match.

Mr. Ken Anderson/Eli Drake they’re like so similar. I don’t see it. No I don’t see it because when I look at me, I see a world-class athlete. I see a guy that’s out of stone. I see a guy print the print. I see a guy that’s championship material. Here’s how it goes man, Ken Anderson, you and I we’ve been to some of the same places. Hell we’ve even been fired from some of the same places, but the bottom line is this, you can talk a good game, you can walk a good game, but the difference between me and you is there’s one thing that I have that you don’t have and that’s I can’t stop it. I can’t stop the undeniable kavorka. I can’t stop the gravy train and I can’t stop being, Eli Drake. Which means you’ll never be and that’s not an insult, that it’s just a fact of life.

Joe Galli: Eli Drake, he’s never shot on strength, ego or words. He had some strong words for the champ Nick Aldis and also for Ken Anderson. Now folks at home, we want to know who you want to see challenged for the 10 Pounds Of Gold? Just use the hashtag #NWAPowerrr, that’s right with three R’s to let us know who you want to see in the main event at Into The Fire? Now for a moment, we’re gonna change gears right now and talk about our women’s division, specifically talking about the return to pro wrestling of Melina.

That’s right she came back to pro wrestling last week, you saw it when she teamed with Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle. Coming up later in this broadcast, I have an exclusive interview with Melina to talk about her aspirations here at the National Wrestling Alliance, but before we get to that, we’re gonna go from into the fire to into the cage. We’re talking about Thunder Rosa and her professional mixed martial arts debut.

David Marquez Interview With Aaron Stevens and The Question Mark 

David Marquez: Okay folks, main event time. I’m standing by here with The Question Mark and Aaron Stevens. Am I allowed to look at you?

Aaron Stevens: No.

David Marquez: Oh okay, so from what I understand Aaron, you are in a curious main event.

Aaron Stevens: Oh curious? That’s what you’re calling it? Really? Well, why don’t we call this what it is. Maybe it’s some kind of punishment. How about that?

David Marquez: Well the only punishment I can see is that we’re not gonna punish this crowd, so we’re gonna do this in an empty studio.

Aaron Stevens: Well genius, there is no crowd, someone needs to go back to school now don’t they? Anyway, a punishment for what we did to Ricky Starks? Rick Starks attempted to make me look a fool. Trust me, nothing or no one could make me look like a fool. However, what we did, we simply balance the scales of justice and we’re being punished for it. Huh? Here’s the kick in the butt. If we lose and trust me we will not lose, this man has to unmask. Is he or not is he? That is the question.

Well let me explain something, I had no idea who this man was until we had little confrontation with Mr. Starks. Afterwards, I found out about him. He hails from the deepest darkest regions of Monrovia. This man is an expert in karate. Excuse me, this man is an expert in karate. This man actually helped me get ready for my newest project, Shogun Of Malibu, but that’s besides the point. It’ll be available in about six months, but point being tonight, we don’t have a friendship, we have a brotherhood and we are going to battle with those poisonous bunch back toads, The Dawson’s.

See I use my mind, Dave. It’s something you try. By the way, did you know that there’s no people here? So if they want to add a stipulation, we’ve added a stipulation of our own. When we win and I assure you we will win because this man is a karate expert, those fools will have to recite Shakespeare. They want to make fun of me for what I do with a business that has been so good to me? Acting, of course, out in Hollywood. Very soon, you fools are going to have to recite Shakespeare and everyone will know that acting ain’t easy.

David Marquez: Friends, its main event time. The man from Hollywood entering the ring with The Question Mark.

The Question Mark? w/Aaron Stevens vs. Zane Dawson w/Dave Dawson in an Empty Arena Mask vs. Shakespeare Match 

Mark side steps Zane into the turnbuckles. Mark with rapid fire karate chops. Mark attacks the midsection of Zane. Mark hammers down on the back of Zane’s neck. Zane with a running knee lift. Zane with a straight right hand. Zane rams Mark’s face across the top rope. The referee calls for a clean break. Mark nails Zane with a throat chop. Mark delivers a Missile Dropkick. Mark connects with The Monrovia Spike to pickup the victory. After the match, The Dawson’s proceed to recite Shakespeare with David Marquez. It’s so bad that Stevens starts vomiting.

Winner: The Question Mark? via Pinfall 

– Colt Cabana will battle Ricky Starks next week.

Into The Fire Match Card 

1.) The Question Mark? vs. Trevor Murdoch.

2.) Eli Drake vs. Mr. Anderson

3.) Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox vs. Melina & Marti Belle w/Thunder Rosa

4.) Nick Aldis vs. James Storm in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match For The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Joe Galli’s Exclusive Interview With Melina 

Joe Galli: Welcome back wrestling fans, NWA Powerrr has a huge roster of female stars and just got a whole lot brighter. It’s Melina. You’ve joined us here on NWA Powerrr. I’m so happy that you’re here, I’ve followed your career since I think the very beginning. What makes you love pro wrestling so much?

Melina: Oh my goodness, it’s a multitude of things. It’s like one, I loved wrestling since you know since I was a kid and watching it for the stories and what people were fighting for. And for me, I love when people fight for something and granted nowadays people are still fighting, they’re fighting for their ego. They’re fighting which is great, but back in the day, people fought for more than that. They fought for their family, for their name, for things that they came from you know what I mean? From hardships that they struggled and the only way that they could survive is in that ring. Beautiful stories that you hear like that, I love stuff like that and the way people present themselves. It makes you look at them and say I want to be that person because of the confidence that they exude. I want to be that and one day I will and sure enough one day I did.

Joe Galli: It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen you compete on television. Tell me a little bit of why you wanted to come to the NWA and why now?

Melina: Well the thing is that, when it comes to Melina, I don’t do just any place. When I wrestle, when I come out for any appearances, it’s not just anywhere. It has to be worthy of my name and for me i’ve been an innovative person and when it comes to innovation, it sets you apart from leaders and followers. I like to be part of something that’s like no other and that’s why I had to be here.

Joe Galli: You use the term revolutionize and I think just as an outside observer, your work in the ring helped revolutionize women’s wrestling. Do you feel that you played that pivotal role to make it to where it is today?

Melina: Well actually I do. I don’t like to hoot my own horn, but before me you didn’t see people care about their entrances. You didn’t see people use their flexibility. You didn’t see people do certain moves and then all of a sudden I started doing it and people thought, oh well mmm that’s not that great, but then I see you trying to do the exact same thing i’m doing. To me it’s just like I feel like I didn’t get the credit I deserved in what I’ve accomplished in the industry, but I see it. And to me, that’s just as good as somebody telling me thank you.

Joe Galli: Let’s talk a little bit right now about Allysin Kay, the NWA Women’s World Champion. What’s your plans with Allysin Kay?

Melina: Well i’m looking at her and I see how she treats people. I’m like hmm she thinks she’s everything. She thinks she’s the best and you really aren’t the best as you’ve heard until you’ve beaten the best and until you’ve beaten somebody who made you feel like you weren’t worth something, that’s when you know I’ve accomplished something because that person made me feel like I couldn’t do it, but in my head, I wanted to prove to myself that I can. When you beat somebody like that. Oh my goodness, that feeling of accomplishment. She’s carrying around that title as if it’s just an accessory.

I mean I may be a bitch, but the thing is that when it comes to that championship, no matter how I treat people, I make people work for that. Even though they lost to me, the champion, I make that known that this title means something and that those girls that she’s telling, oh it’s not your time. Their champion worthy just for the fact that they keep getting up and keep trying to go for that title, but she acts like that title is nothing. And for me, when I see champions like that, I’m like you don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve it. You’ve never fought the way I have fought and I get judged all the time because I’ve done photoshoots, I came from Hollywood, I walked the red carpet, I like to do my nails, I like to get dressed up and because I’ve done modeling, they think that I’m not worthy of being in the ring.

That I was a joke. Well my titles, everything that I’ve accomplished, that is not a joke. There was never shortcuts in what i’ve achieved. I’ve never had it easy. I had to earn everything just like everybody else and what. Everybody sees what I’ve accomplished that is legendary. I used to think like one day, I want to be a legend, no right now I am a living legend. When I look at that title, I think that title deserves more than what Allysin is doing. That title deserves a lot more and I believe that I am the person to either make her appreciate what she has or when she loses appreciate what she had.

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Author: Josh Lopez