NWA Powerrr Results (11/19/19): The Phoenix Rises

NWA Powerrr Results 11/19/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Nick Aldis Interview

David Marquez: Thanks a lot guys. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, The National Treasure, Nick Aldis. Okay Nick, I want to ask you a question you’re not necessarily going to like. I got to know about Kamille?

Nick Aldis: What do you need to know about Kamille?

David Marquez: Everything that’s going on. There’s a lot of controversy, people are talking about it in the back, people are talking about it in the stands, the internet’s talking about.

Nick Aldis: Oh, well if the internet’s talking about it, then it’s definitely gonna be at the top of list of my priorities. Here’s all you need to know David. If you don’t see Kamille by my side, then just assume that her actions and her decisions are her own and nothing to do with me. That’s it, that’s the end of it. What i’m here to do tonight is get us back on track because this is the NWA and we wrestle. We take care of business in the squared circle. With that being said, while we try to figure out just who is making their way to the front of the pack in terms of contenders for sweet Charlotte, the ten pounds of gold, the real world’s championship.

I decided in the meantime, i’m gonna step in there and do what I do best and that’s continue to prove why I am the real world’s champion and the greatest NWA Champion of the modern era. Tonight, somebody I have a great deal of respect for, Mr. Trevor Murdoch, I remember meeting this man when I went to Harley Race’s camp back in 2007 and tonight we come full circle. He gets to wrestle me, but it won’t be for the world’s championship, it will be an exhibition.

– The studio audience is not happy with that decision.

David Marquez: You can’t call this just a practice match.

Nick Aldis: Please don’t put words in my mouth, David. Please don’t be mistaken, I am not suggesting that this is a tuneup of any kind. I’m just saying that, Trevor is coming off a long sabbatical. He is not at the front of the line yet as far as contenders go for the world’s championship, so tonight will be an exhibition and that’s it. Nothing but love and respect for Trevor. Like I said, we go way back all the back way to the late great Harley Race and as many of you know, Harley Race may go down as the greatest NWA Champion of all-time. I know that Trevor looked at the ten pounds of gold behind the glass and who knows maybe that’s as close as he’ll ever get, but tonight I give him a chance to come one step closer, that’s it.

First Match: Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch 

Nice display of sportsmanship after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Aldis applies a wrist lock. Murdoch reverses the hold. Aldis with a roll through escape. Murdoch with a single leg takedown. Murdoch with two shoulder blocks. Hammerlock Exchange. Aldis backs himself in the ropes. Murdoch kicks the middle rope. Murdoch ducks a clothesline from Aldis. Murdoch with two haymakers. Murdoch drops Aldis with a Running Clothesline.

Murdoch follows that with Three Bodyslams. Aldis decks Murdoch with a back elbow smash. Murdoch hits The Full Nelson Slam. Murdoch ascends to the top turnbuckle. Murdoch connects with The Flying Bulldog for a two count. Aldis had his foot on the bottom rope. Aldis and Murdoch are trading back and forth shots. Murdoch HeadButts Aldis. Murdoch slips on the top rope. Aldis makes Murdoch tap out to The King’s Lynn.

Winner: Nick Aldis via Submission 

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The Rock N Roll Express & The Wildcards Segment

David Marquez: Yes fans, they’re back. No introduction really needed, but please welcome, The Rock N Roll Express.

Ricky Morton: I’m going to give you something to talk about. Now we are talking about the NWA World Tag Team Titles and guess who’s got a shot at that? Whoa! 8-time fixing to be 9-time World Tag Team Champions. Understand me, Wild Side. Brother we’ve fought them all. We’re not taking nothing away from you. All we got to do is take something that belongs to us by the way. You hear me? 9 time World Tag Team Champions. You got it? Rock N Roll!

Thomas Latimer: We’ve already kicked Homicide and Eddie Kingston’s asses. For those two old fools, we’ll kick their asses cause there’s no way they’re getting their bloody hands on these. Right Royce?

David Marquez: They say 9 times.

Royce Issacs: 9 times? I could care less about 9 times because you look at Tom, you look at Royce and you see two machines that were created to wrestle and to win World Championships. That’s what we’re here to do. That’s what we’ve done and now we’re just gonna defend them.

Thomas Latimer: Rock N Roll Express can kiss my ass.

Royce Issacs: Birds of a feather, flock together.

Thomas Latimer: What’s you bloody question?

David Marquez: I got to ask, what’s your relationship with Kamille?

Thomas Latimer: Oh, we’re just friends.

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Second Match: Ricky Starks vs. The Question Mark? 

Colt Cabana joins the commentary team for this match. Mark with Three Mongolian Chops. Mark delivers a gut punch. Mark punches Starks in the back. Starks side steps Mark into the turnbuckles. Starks ducks a clothesline from Mark. Starks decks Mark with a JawBreaker. Starks with a Running Dropkick. Starks with forearm shivers. Mark reverses out of the irish whip from Starks. Mark HeadButts Starks. Mark unloads a series of strikes.

Starks dumps Mark out of the ring. Starks lands The Suicide Dive. Starks is bringing the fight to Mark on the outside. Aron Stevens attacks Starks from behind. After the match, Stevens repeatedly slams Starks head on the ring apron. Mark connects with The Exclamation Point. Stevens cartwheels around the ringside area. Mark and Stevens runs away from Colt Cabana.

Match Result: No-Contest 

Tonight’s main event will be Aron Stevens & The Question Mark vs. Ricky Starks & Colt Cabana.

Eli Drake & Mr. Anderson Segment

Joe Galli: Amazing tag-team contest that will surely be and speaking of main events, here’s a man who considers himself always the main event man. Ladies and gentlemen, Eli Drake.

Eli Drake: We ain’t gotta waste any time here, let me talk to you. Last time I stood out here, Ken Anderson wanted to come out here and he wanted to make some noise. Seems like everybody around here, all they’ve been doing is making noise. You want to make noise? Eli Drake gets distracted by Question Mark chants. Like a bunch of dummies, but i’ll put it you like this. You wanna make noise? Make noise, but i’m gonna give you something to chew on.

Not noise because, Ken Anderson, I ain’t a hard man to find as you found recently. But here’s the deal, if you want to find me, you might find yourself shipped back to Minnesota. Yeah, you’ve been around the world, you’ve done it all, but you walk in here maybe just a little past your sell by date. I just start to wonder, should you really be bringing yourself in front of a man, the caliber of Eli Drake?

Mr. Anderson: You know Eli, you’re right. I have been around the world. I’ve been on the smallest stages, bars, armories, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and I’ve been on the grandest stage of them all and what better place to be than right here in Hotlanta for the rebirth of the NWA? Let me tell you that i’m sick and tired of you out here running your jibs. You know what? Let’s do it right now. What do you say?

Drake drives Anderson face first into the steel ring post. Drake attacks Anderson with a turnbuckle hook.

Third Match: Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle 

Vox is trying to calm down Kay. Vox and Belle will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Vox applies a side headlock. Vox transitions into a waist lock. Vox with a drop toe hold. Vox with a Running Senton Splash for a two count. Belle nails Vox with The Pump Kick. Belle repeatedly stomps on Vox’s back. Belle tags in Rosa. Rosa abuses the referee’s five count. Rosa blasts Vox with a knife edge chop for a two count. Rosa talks smack to Kay.

Rosa slams Vox’s head on the canvas. Rosa drives Vox face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Rosa tags in Belle. Belle kicks Vox in the gut. Belle levels Vox with a Body Avalanche. Belle with a leg sweep. Belle with a Running Hip Attack for a two count. Belle whips Vox across the ring. Vox kicks Belle in the jaw. Vox delivers a Missile Dropkick. Kay adnd Rosa are tagged in. Rosa ducks a clothesline from Kay. Rosa nails Vox with The ShotGun Dropkick.

Kay and Rosa are trading back and forth shots. Kay with The Big Boot. Kay goes for The Package PileDriver, but Rosa blocks it. Rosa with a knee lift. Rosa with a Running Boot. Kay with clubbing blows to Rosa’s back. Kay hits The SuperPlex. Melina shows up. Rosa rolls Kay over to pickup the victory. After the match, Belle clotheslines Kay. Belle dumps Vox out of the ring. Rosa lands The Flying Double Foot Stomp. Belle and Rosa are under Melina’s Power.

Winner: Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle via Pinfall 

– Austin Idol Vignette.

Fourth Match: Colt Cabana & Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens & The Question Mark? 

Stevens is playing mind games with Starks. Stevens tags in Mark. Starks trips Mark. Starks dropkicks Mark. Starks slams Mark’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Starks applies a side headlock. Starks tags in Cabana. Cabana with a knife edge chop. Cabana applies a side headlock. Cabana delivers a closed fist shot to the jaw. Cabana applies a wrist lock. Cabana with an arm-ringer. Mark fires back with Two Karate Chops. Mark tags in Stevens. Cabana with a Hip Toss. Cabana applies a wrist lock. Cabana brings Stevens to the corner.

Cabana tags in Starks. Stevens starts running away from Starks. Stevens tags in Mark. Mark is mauling Starks in the corner. Mark is choking Starks. The referee calls for a clean break. Mark with a Back Body Drop. Mark tags in Stevens. Karate Chop Party. Stevens and Mark are cutting the ring in half. Stevens moons the crowd. Starks hits The SlingBlade. Starks tags in Cabana. Cabana with three haymakers. Cabana tags in Starks. Starks drops Stevens with The FlatLiner for a two count. Cabana and Starks are double teaming Stevens.

Cabana lands The Flying Asshole. Starks follows that with a Hip Attack. Cabana tags in Starks. Starks applies a wrist lock. Stevens drives Starks back first into the turnbuckles. Stevens tags in Mark. Mark HeadButts Starks. Starks ducks a clothesline from Mark. Starks with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Starks is trying to rip off Mark’s mask. Stevens rakes the eyes of Starks. Mark connects with The Exclamation Point. Mark tags in Stevens. Stevens hooks the leg to pickup the victory.

Winner: Aron Stevens & The Question Mark via Pinfall 

James Storm & Kamille Segment 

James Storm: I am sick and tired of coming out here week after week and seeing Nick Aldis talk about how he’s a fighting champion, but all he’s done is exhibition matches against people who really don’t matter. He doesn’t put his title on the line and then you get this bullshit that we’ve got to watch out here. Did I stutter or what? You got Colt Cabana as the NWA National Champion that should be defending his title, but he’s in matches like this. When I was the champion, I was the man and I was defending the damn title.

Kamille says something in James Storm’s ear. Kamille heads to the backstage area. Storm closes the show saying sorry about your damn luck.

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Author: Josh Lopez